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04:08<stuarta>morning all
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04:16*stuarta wonders if anything interesting happened over the weekend
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06:04<gbee>recursiveNodeFinder in generictree is horribly inefficient and slow ... had to re-read it three/four times before I was even sure what it was doing because it just seems so stupid
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06:52<laga>janneg: i've added my h264 patch to trac.
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07:49<teprrr>laga, is that a backport from trnk or separate effort to merge ffmpeg changes?
07:52<laga>the latter
08:00<laga>teprrr: trunk doesnt have any additional ffmpeg changes yet
08:00<laga>except for a few minor changes perhaps
08:00<laga>if you're interested in a full resync patch, i've got one by MrGandalf on my server
08:02<teprrr>laga, okies. hmm, looks like I have deleted my h264 recordings and the olympics are over so I can't test it.. oh well, I'll wait for the trunk merge and try it then :)
08:02<laga>too bad :)
08:05<teprrr>yup, well, here in finland it'll take still some years before non-pay telly will have hd broadcasting
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08:45<cojonuo>whats the tag to center scroll on xml theme??
08:45<cojonuo>to buttonlist2
08:46<justinh><scrolltype>center</scrolltype> I think
08:47<cojonuo>where i can see all different atributes??
08:47<justinh>they've not all been documented yet
08:48<justinh>but what's been done so far is on the wiki at
08:48<cojonuo>i like
08:49<cojonuo>you send me
08:49<cojonuo>i try zoom image but not center it
08:51<cojonuo>yes, I know this document but don't show <scrolltype> tags
08:52<justinh>the only other way to find out, if gbee doesn't step in & answer is by looking in the source I'm afraid
08:52<justinh>all the mythui stuff is on ticket #12
08:52<gbee>you want the xml to create the effect in that screenshot?
08:54<gbee>I don't have it anymore, I'd have to write it again so it would have to wait until I have ten minutes free time
08:56<cojonuo><scrolltype>center</scrolltype> don't work
08:57<justinh>heh I was almost right
09:01<justinh>I think I might submit some of my new svgs to the openclipart project. some of the stuff in there is erm.. hmmm
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09:04<gbee>always felt clipart was a waste of time because the quality was generally pretty bad
09:05<justinh>some of it's very well drawn. others.. five year olds with crayons spring to mind
09:05<gbee>I remember when PC mags made sales solely by including yet another free clipart collection on their cover CD :)
09:05<justinh>just been looking for an svg drawing of some popcorn
09:06<gbee>justinh: things are probably better than they were when I last looked at any clipart
09:06<justinh>well, some of it is better
09:06<gbee>drew my own popcorn for the mythmovies icon
09:06<justinh>some of it is not ;)
09:10<cojonuo>I submit new release of MythTube
09:14<mrpockets>morning guys
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09:18<gbee>if people want to help by updating this page, formatting and adding content -
09:19<gbee>might be a good idea to have seperate pages for each widget, could get pretty big otherwise and include screenshots with examples where possible
09:19<justinh>gbee: aye
09:20<stuarta>top level page with links to the other stuff, most likely categorized by some logical system.
09:22<gbee>started that page to convey a specific example to Paul, so the documentation of the buttonlist widget is far from complete
09:22<mrpockets>Someone want to help me understand some things before I spend some serious time reading up on MythTV?
09:23*justinh points at the channel topic
09:23<mrpockets>yeah i read that
09:23<mrpockets>had some more general questions than real how-to
09:23<mrpockets>but thats cool
09:23<gbee>mrpockets: so long as you understand that this is the Developers channel and that we'll only answer questions directly related to development here - if it's a user question you need #mythtv-users
09:24<gbee>that includes prospective users :)
09:24<mrpockets>question pertained moreso to general program ability as opposed to how to use or configure said program, so I wasn't sure if that was out of bounds in a developer chan
09:25<justinh>yep that's what #mythtv-users is for
09:25<justinh>and the documentation
09:26<cojonuo>i add a xml list with channels on new release MythTube
09:26<gbee>mrpockets: we like to keep things on topic since the devs tend to read back through the IRC logs each day to stay informed about what everyone is doing, that's made _much_ harder if we permit general questions in here
09:26<gbee>signal/noise ratio etc
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09:26<gbee>cojonuo: cool
09:26<cojonuo>please add channels to list
09:30<mrpockets>gbee, i gotchya, thanks for the point in the right direction though
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09:36<tony_>i have no my.cnf file, anyone know why?
09:36*stuarta points at the topic
09:37<tony_>i can't connect to mysql so i'm wondering if not having that file is the problem
09:37*stuarta points at the topic again
09:38<tony_>ah crap, attention to detail. maybe that's why the problems for me
09:39<troldrik>Wouldn't it be easier to move to #mythtv-dev? ;)
09:39<stuarta>and don't ask
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10:40<Dubstar_04>Is there any documentation on how to handle keypresses in plugins?
10:41<foxbuntu_vm>Dubstar_04, what do you mean?
10:41<justinh>there's not really a 'howto' guide
10:42<justinh>I suggest you look in the source of an existing plugin. it's not that difficult
10:43<Dubstar_04>I'm making a mythcalculator so i can learn how to write mythplugins
10:43<Dubstar_04>I have all the buttons laid out
10:43<Dubstar_04>but i can't get the plugin to change focus to another button
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10:45<gbee>Dubstar_04: mythui or old ui?
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10:47<Dubstar_04>is this something that will be in the QT4 docs?
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10:49<gbee>no need to define the left/right/up/down keys, just make sure that you call MythScreenType::keyPressEvent(event) as in the above example
10:49<gbee>that one should work pretty much exactly as you want
10:50<Dubstar_04>Ok I will give it a go
10:50<justinh>mmyers I'm very pleased with these new watermarks :)
10:51<justinh>gbee: reckon there's much point leaving radio.png in there?
10:52<gbee>justinh: except maybe for future use if someone creates a new radio plugin, but if you are creating all new watermarks then no
10:53<gbee>I'd delete the menu entries too
10:53<Dubstar_04>gbee: is there an existing plugin you can recommend i look at?
10:53<justinh>Dubstar_04: mythgallery maybe
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10:54<gbee>Dubstar_04: programs/frontend/mythappearance.cpp/h is the most basic example of a screen I can thing of - for a plugin, maybe mythnews or mythgallery
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10:54<justinh>oh yeah I need to do a thingy for the screen wizard doodah
10:55<justinh>thingIES.. for all the themes
10:55<Dubstar_04>Thanks guys
10:56<gbee>don't be tempted to copy the (action == "LEFT") stuff in mythappearance, that's a special case - in most screens left/right don't need to be explicitly handled
11:04<gbee>general order of things is this - keypresses are sent first to the currently selected widget, if the widget doesn't handle the keypress then we see if the current screen has any rules to handle the keypress, failing that the keypress is handled according to rules for all screens - (Left/Right/Up/Down/Escape) all fall into the last group, these being the most basic navigation events
11:12<Dubstar_04>OK maybe a daft question what are the identifiers for up, down, left, right? e.g. is left and right < >?
11:17<gbee>internally left is LEFT, right is RIGHT etc
11:18<gbee>see the keybindings table, action column
11:19<gbee>SELECT DISTINCT action,keylist FROM keybindings;
11:21<stuarta>meh, i still have 2 duplicate keybindings that i can't be arsed fixing
11:24<Dubstar_04>do the keys need declaring with REG_KEY or is that for special keys?
11:28<gbee>Dubstar_04: only keys which are unique or special to your plugin, for most plugins you shouldn't need it - but for a calculator plugin you might want to create PLUS/MINUS/EQUALS keypresses
11:29<Dubstar_04>OK thanks
11:29<gbee>I'd generally encourage people to think twice about adding new key events, they just make life harder for end users if they want to rebind actions
11:29<Dubstar_04>I don't think anyone actually wants a calculator anyway!!
11:30<foxbuntu_vm>Dubstar_04, you never know ;)
11:30<gbee>but they do add flexibility, e.g. the ability to bind those actions to keys which make sense on your remote and which behave differently depending on context
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11:30<gbee>Dubstar_04: probably not, I'm just continuing the calculator theme as an example ;)
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11:32<Dubstar_04>I'm going to give it a go. If I have problems would you mind looking at some code if i paste bin it.
11:33<gbee>no I don't mind, but I can't promise my immediate attention, you might have to wait for an answer :)
11:34<Dubstar_04>Thats fine. any help is always appreciated
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11:41<stuarta>we like him :)
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11:58<Dubstar_04>Could someone help me with this?
11:59<Dubstar_04>I am trying to get UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT actions to change the widget focus to a different widget
12:02<gbee>Dubstar_04: have you called BuildFocusList() from Create() ?
12:04<Dubstar_04>no just setfocus
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12:05<gbee>you need to BuildFocusList() first, no need for setfocus if the widget you want to initially focus is also the first, buildfocuslist will automatically give focus to the first widget
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12:06<gbee>at some point I might do away with buildfocuslist, but for now it's required
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12:10<Dubstar_04>gbee: thats sorted it!! I'm smiling from ear to ear!! Thanks
12:11<Dubstar_04>3 hours i've been trying to sort that!!
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12:13<gbee>wish it was that easy to fix this compilation issue I've got :)
12:14<Dubstar_04>gbee: I wish i could help but i'm certain i can't!!
12:18<gbee>I hate it when that happens, somewhere I subconciously read something about a "bunch of errors", but I'm not sure which window
12:18<gbee>oh well
12:19<gbee>for some reason it's not building the moc_* files for this new widget
12:21<justinh> ;) getting there
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12:24<Dubstar_04>justinh: nice.
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12:29<tuxokc>I've done a fresh install of Fedora 9 on x86_64, and for the life of me I can't figure out why I consistently get "x11 support no" in the Video Output Support section. Worked fine in prior installs. I'm using svn/trunk.
12:29<gbee>reflections are looking good :) The line helps with that
12:29<justinh>the line is just a rough doodle for now
12:29<gbee>tuxokc: "yum install libx11-devel" or something
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12:29<Dubstar_04>gbee: once i have got mythcalc working properly would you look over the code. If it is all ok I would like to make a tutorial of it for the wiki??
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12:30<gbee>Dubstar_04: no problem
12:30<justinh>Dubstar_04: cool. maybe it'll shut the python advocates up. no, wait a sec...
12:30<jordo2323>I am looking to build a higher end myth tv box. I have not built or purchased any hardware as of yet. Does anyone have any link to a list of compatable hardware with Myth or offer any tips?
12:30<justinh>does anyone read the fscking topic?
12:31<gbee>jordo2323: you want #mythtv-users
12:31<tuxokc>gbee: latest libX11-devel version is installed
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12:31<gbee>tuxokc: ok, not a Fedora expert - ask in #mythtv-users
12:31<tuxokc>gbee: thanks for your moment in time
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13:31<Dubstar_04>where can i post requests / bugs for mythtube?
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13:40<GreyFoxx>Dub: To the ticket where they are still working on it
13:40<GreyFoxx>Bugs at least
13:40-!-RaYmAn-B1 is now known as RaYmAn-Bx
13:40<GreyFoxx>requests usually need to be accompanying code :)
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16:04<sphery>janneg: Any reason we're hard-coding paths into configure for the QtWebKit/QtWebView check rather than using something like: pkg-config --atleast-version=4.4.0 QtWebKit (which would allow users to specify PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/qt/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig , or whatever, to configure)
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16:11<janneg>sphery: I wasn't aware that Qt installs pkg-config files
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16:16<sphery>janneg: works for me, though we might want to factor out the test for pkg-config (since it's done 2 other times in the script) and set a variable to check
16:17<sphery>janneg: Oh, BTW, the real usage of pkgconfig in Qt is new to Qt4 (3 only seemed to use it for qt-mt)
16:18<sphery>Might also want to use the check_header stuff as a backup if pkg-config isn't installed.
16:29<gbee>are there any half decent analysis tools for linux? nothing fancy, just something I can use as a second pair of eyes?
16:33<gbee>found flawfinder, but that's mainly a security tool - it's output is pretty generic but maybe someone wants to sift through the results and see if there are things that might be improved
16:57<stuarta>laga: nice collection of h264 patches :)
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17:33<justinh>gbee: any idea why SETTINGS_INFO_CENTRE watermark isn't showing?
17:34<justinh>I spelled it wrongly but you might get the idea ;)
17:34<gbee>no idea, except that you spelt it correctly just now ;)
17:35<gbee>there is no good reason why it might not display assuming that the state exists in the theme and the image filename is correct
17:35<gbee>oh and assuming that the state isn't duplicated somewhere with no image defined
17:37<justinh>only one definition of SETTINGS_INFO_CENTER
17:40<gbee>grep'd the menus for SETTINGS_INFO_CENTER and got no results, it doesn't exist?
17:40<justinh>only menu-ui.xml
17:41<justinh>should theme.xml be ignored?
17:41<gbee>oh wait, yeah I had a filter on so only cpp/h files were being searched
17:42<gbee>it's defined in main_settings.xml
17:42<gbee>the default menu theme
17:43<gbee>doesn't seem to feature in any of the other menu themes
17:43<gbee><text>Info Center Settings</text>
17:43<gbee><depends>mythnews mythweather mythbookmarkmanager mythrecipe mythflix</depends>
17:44<gbee>so you have that menu entry, but no watermark is displayed?
17:44<justinh>not even the DEFAULT
17:44<gbee>even odder
17:44<gbee>is the image one that you drew?
17:45<gbee>QT4 won't display images that are given the wrong extension ... just a thought
17:46<gbee>give me a minute, just reapplying the patch to test
17:49<justinh>game settings aren't working either
17:50<gbee>works for me with gant, noticing an odd bug where multiple watermarks are displayed at the same time, but the watermark is being displayed which makes me believe it's something specific to that image
17:51<gbee>try using the same image for other watermarks
17:52<justinh>it's not the image
17:54<gbee>mind pastebining the menu-ui.xml?
17:54<justinh>state name="GAME" seems to be a no-goer too
17:54<justinh>sure thing
17:55<gbee>again GAME seems to work with gant :(
17:56<gbee>from="DEFAULT" is in the imagetype tag, not the state tag
17:58<gbee>which suggests a sort of bug, but not a critical one - an image can't inherit from a state, but in that case we should continue ignoring the from request
17:59<gbee>iirc we log failed inheritance
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18:00<gbee>can't see why GAME is failing
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18:01<justinh>found a bug I inherited from somebody else ;)
18:02<justinh>SETTINGS_GAME was trying to inherit from GALLERY
18:02<justinh>must be wrong in the 4:3 mythcenter too. I'll sort it ahht
18:03<gbee>gallery doesn't exists ... right I see now
18:03<gbee>always helps to have a second pair of eyes :)
18:04<justinh>sorted it here. I'll do it all oop when I make the commits
18:07<gbee>just looking at Coverity's open source scanning thing, kinda depressing that without being asked they are scanning 173 projects but no-one from those projects has registered to get the results, meanwhile projects that might actually be interested in Coverity can't even get on the ladder
18:07-!-Jimbo_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:15<sphery>gbee: Sounds like you can get included by having a project POC contact ( ).
18:16<gbee>sphery: danielk22 applied a while back but never got a response
18:16<sphery>at least we have Erik Hovland :)
18:18<gbee>I just stumbled across their site again whilst looking for an open source checker, doesn't seem to be anything promising - there are some projects listed on wikipedia but only one appears to be packaged for Mandriva so I've not tried the others yet
18:18-!-stoth [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:19<gbee>not looking for something as good as coverity, just something I can run against patches as a triple check from time to time
18:21-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
18:40-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
19:20<danielk22>gbee: I'd concentrate on uni websites, static analysis was hot some years back, probably a few Ph.D. dissertations out there with code.
19:21<danielk22>these days I think the Ph.D.'s need dynamic analysis to get any cred.
19:26-!-stoth [] has joined #mythtv
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19:39-!-noisymime [n=josh@nat/ibm/x-70895a941fab8d45] has joined #mythtv
19:50-!-xefan [n=some@] has joined #mythtv
19:50<xefan>y anyone know about the wintv 3000 card?
19:53<xefan>cx88 recognizes it
19:53<xefan>bttv loaded afterwards no real found msges
19:53<danielk22>xefan: wrong channel
19:53<xefan>i see, lemme paste a thing tho, my error i have
19:54<danielk22>xefan: wrong channel
19:54<xefan>you peeps need blazing shell or awk scripts? i'd do them
19:54<danielk22>no, but mythweb uses some scripty stuff :)
19:55<xris>mythweb *is* scripty stuff.
19:55<xris>but not that kind.
19:55<danielk22>isn't PHP pretty hacky perl ;>
19:56<xris>danielk22: I always thought of PHP as "if perl had real objects, and lacked 90% of the other features"
19:58<danielk22>seems valid enough of a description to me. btw chris can you recommend any books on php? I've always just looked at the online docs, but I like sitting down with a book once in a while. I'd like to be able to look at mythweb like a guru.
19:59<xris>I bought the oreilly book when I was learning php and opened it *maybe* once....
19:59<kormoc>A book on PHP itself isn't likely gonna help too much. PHP isn't much, it's all about the other things (HTML/CSS, Javascript, Database, etc)
20:00<xris>the online docs are really good.
20:00<xris>and what kormoc said.
20:00<xris>the ajax stuff is starting to be far more complex than the backend code itself
20:00-!-dekarl1 [] has joined #mythtv
20:00<danielk22>so i guess it's a no then :P
20:01<xris>I haven't found anything good, but haven't really been looking recently, either.
20:01<danielk22>i looked at the o'reilly bird book, but it looked pretty thin.
20:01<xris>php really isn't complex enough to require a big book, especially if you're already an experienced programmer.
20:02<xris>the only book I "swear by" is the dynamic html book, which covers html, javascript and css... but it's purely for reference, and I recently ran across a site that has the same (and more) info
20:02<xris>but I've since forgotten what that site is.
20:03<xris>that's what I have kormoc for, though. he remembers things like that.
20:03<kormoc>xris, google has all the same (and more) info :P
20:03<xris>well, and IM logs. :)
20:03<xris>kormoc: but not laid out in nice pretty fashion like the book.. esp. the browser compat stuff.
20:04<xris>anyway, everyone else went home. I think I'm going to do the same.
20:04<kormoc>I have the url at home
20:04-!-xris [n=xris@] has quit []
20:05<danielk22>I was kind of surprised to learn today that digest auth doesn't appear to be built in, I had to open the stream get the auth from mythweb and then extract the relevant bits, then close & reopen to get the file I wanted. It just made me wonder if there was something I was missing after looking at the online docs.
20:07<kormoc>danielk22, what do you mean? The auth info?
20:08<danielk22>the nonce, the domain, etc.
20:08<xefan>could u dev peeps use a configure2 script like i did?
20:09<xefan>i gotta recode some parts to be on the newest state [of art]
20:09<danielk22>with digest authentication you connect once and request the file you want and get a 401 with some info that allows you to request the file with authentication the next time around.
20:09<xefan>and complete the default listing
20:09<kormoc>danielk22, $_SERVER contains stuff like, 'PHP_AUTH_DIGEST', 'PHP_AUTH_USER', 'PHP_AUTH_PW', 'AUTH_TYPE'
20:09<xefan>wrong url, /code/snapshot/c2
20:10<kormoc>danielk22, would that be enough or d oyu need the nonce/domain?
20:10<danielk22>kormoc: I'm talking about connecting to the mythweb machine from another machine's PHP script.
20:11<danielk22>Not how to get that info within the mythweb machine's php scripts.
20:12<kormoc>danielk22, I bet stream contextes would do that jazz, but they're fairly new
20:12<danielk22>What I wanted to do was grab some stats from various mythweb instances on a server and present the info in one page.
20:13<danielk22>kormoc: stream contexts allow you to construct the messages more easily, but AFAICT you still have to go through all the steps.
20:13<kormoc>Sure, how else would you do it?
20:13<danielk22>It ends up being more verbose than the C version :P
20:14<kormoc>Ahh, I'm just not familiar with how C does it then :P
20:14<kormoc>it might be covered in PEAR or PECL too, there's a ton of extra stuff in there
20:14<danielk22>well there could be a built in fopen(http://fgdfgd) that works with digest authentication :)
20:15<danielk22>Yeah, I'm sure there must be something in PEAR or PECL, this has to be a fairly common task.
20:15<kormoc>With Digest? it's not. it seems like 99.9% of the world never heard of it
20:16-!-dekarl [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:17<danielk22>Really? The Basic auth version can be done fairly easily with stream context, but since I was targeting mythweb which would have Digest auth if installed according to the directions....
20:18<danielk22>kormoc: Is there a good reason why we don't have that turned on by default? So all they have to do is generate the password file?
20:19<kormoc>People love packages and packages tend to not work out so well when we require manual steps
20:20<kormoc>The current SVN code has a kill switch in place so it won't get indexed by google/yahoo/etc
20:20<kormoc>so it should be a little harder to find installs to screw with without requiring auth
20:21<danielk22>Hmm, maybe we could let the first person connecting to mythweb create a user and password?
20:24-!-foxbuntu [] has joined #mythtv
20:34<Chutt>i just got about a zillion bounce messages from the users list
20:34<Chutt>looks like everyone using hotmail got disabled all at on e
20:35-!-huhlig [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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21:25<t|zz>hi people. i just installed mythtv , run the setup, run the backend-daemon and now am running the frontend. i have the tv-card (analog) and can do channelscanning and it finds many channels (numbered by E1,....,Ex, S1,....,Sx) but when i try to watch tv i only have the snow-image. i can't change channels with the down/up arrows and it always begins to record, as soon as i press something on the keyboard... how can i watch a channel=
21:27<iamlindoro_>The first question you have to ask is, "How can I read the topic of the channel?"
21:27<iamlindoro_>that is to say, *this* channel
21:27<t|zz>well, you seem to be right.. sorry
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