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04:44<francois>Hi, I would like some help. I just installed MythTV. But when I run it, it's pixelated beyond recognition.
04:44<stuarta>step 1. read the topic
04:45<francois>The topic of?
04:45<stuarta>the channel type '/topic'
04:46<francois>oops, sorry
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04:47<clever>weird, they never show up in #mythtv-users right away:P
04:47<stuarta>sometimes :)
04:49<justinh>maybe most of the time they make the right decision ;)
04:50<clever>leave and never come back?:P
04:50*stuarta chuckles
04:50<justinh>if they manage to miss the channel topic & the joining message... er.. I don't think they should be eligible ;)
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06:15<frink_>hey folks!
06:20*clever points at the topic
06:20*stuarta couldn't be arsed
06:25<justinh>lol @ the domain though
06:26<clever>stuarta's quit msg was better:P
06:27<clever>looks like a reference to REC
06:27<justinh>clever: look up fonejacker on youtube
06:27<stuarta>what rebootski?
06:27<justinh>beerski, foodski, skiski ..
06:27<clever>justinh: my firefox is running remotely thru X11 atm
06:27<clever>the sound would come out a computer in the other room
06:28<stuarta>meh, i'm trying to get Xnest to play games so i can rescan the channels on my headless prod box
06:29<clever>i dont see a need for Xnest with mythtv-setup
06:29<stuarta>it barfs lots of X errors
06:29<clever>i can run it right over raw tcp over x11
06:29<stuarta>so i'm "working around it"
06:30<stuarta>raw tcp ain't working either
06:30<stuarta>nor is tunnelled X over ssh
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06:30<stuarta>tunnelled gives me X errors
06:31<stuarta>raw X11 plain isn't working
06:31*stuarta beats it with a trout
06:31*stuarta restarts X server
06:31<clever>ive only had to restart X lately when the xauth file got trashed
06:32<clever>and i got locked out of my own local server
06:33*stuarta bizarrely can no longer log onto txt console :-/
06:36*stuarta moves random waffling to -users
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07:21<frink_>are the GF 6200s any good?
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08:02<gbee>anyone think that adding "break qFatal" to the example gdbcommands file is a bad idea?
08:02<stuarta>what's it do?
08:03<stuarta>catches qFatals when thrown?
08:07<gbee>catches qasserts, like those triggered by iterating past the end of lists - normally you can't get a location or proper backtrace from those
08:07<stuarta>makes sense then
08:07<gbee>set breakpoint pending on
08:07<gbee>break qFatal
08:08<gbee>in the commands file gives useful output :)
08:13<clever>i had to install the 200mb qt debug package and use another 100mb of ram to get a proper backtrace fro those
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08:14<tony_>i want to start fresh. do i just sudo apt-get purge mythtv?
08:14<stuarta>step 1. read the topic
08:15<tony_>fuck, wrong room. you guys should change the name of this place
08:15<stuarta>irc does not have rooms
08:16<tony_>channel? sorry, not used to real chat. i come from yahoo chat
08:16<justinh>you guys should stop wandering in by mistake :P
08:16<stuarta>we need an electric fence
08:17<GreyFoxx>We can have that, a key on the channel ;)
08:17<stuarta>nah, that prohibits prospective developers
08:17<clever>then i cant idly watch the dev talk:P
08:17<GreyFoxx>stuart: yeah, very true
08:20<gbee>shame keys can't have messages along with them, that way we could have an ffmpeg style IQ and reading test
08:20<GreyFoxx>I've seen that on some irc networks
08:20<GreyFoxx>when the join fails you are auto noticed/messaged a custom message from the channel
08:20<gbee>or just "This is the MythTV devlopers channel, if you are completely sure you want to be here enter MythTV backwards"
08:21<GreyFoxx>No idea if that applies to freenode
08:21<gbee>whatever happened to 0.21.1 ?
08:22<justinh>enter mythtv backwards? sounds illegal in 14 states
08:22<gbee>we were going to make a point release or two pretty early on but that never happened :(
08:23<stuarta>pardon you
08:23<gbee>how rude! get out!!
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08:38<gbee>the website docs are updated automatically or does someone need to do that?
08:38<justinh>frink_: This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users.
08:39<janneg>gbee: it gets updated automatically but I'm not sure if we have already switched to the release-0-21-fixes
08:39<janneg>Chutt: ^^^
08:40<gbee>right, I thought it did but couldn't remember ;)
08:41<gbee>I'll backport this change anyway, even though I'm targetting the website more than 0.21 users (QT asserts are more common in QT4)
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09:04<gbee>gah, nigel!!
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09:37<gbee>hmm, development frontend has become unstable all of a sudden, crashing in several different places, none of which makes sense
09:38<gbee>SimpleDBStorage seems to be a favourite
09:40<gbee>3 distcleans and complete rebuilds haven't helped, wiping ccache and starting again
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10:41<Dibblah>"The LATM parser sounds interesting, we might add that for Ubuntu Intrepid." - Isn't adding unreviewed and mostly untested code into packages a bit... Forward?
10:45*gbee reminds people of the Debian SSL fiasco
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10:47<stuarta>why is the OSX build still using mysql-4.1.22 ????
10:47*stuarta wonders
10:48<laga>Dibblah: yes, hence the "we might". of course, i'd ask it to be reviewed first
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10:48<Dibblah>Heh :)
10:49<laga>the mythtv packages don't have any insane patches. yet. ;)
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10:53<migo32>hallo :)
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10:53<migo32>do i have to talk english or can i speak german as well here ?
10:54<stuarta>english please, and also read the topic first
10:55<migo32>thank you stuarta... its the wrong channel for me
10:55<migo32>take care.. bye
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11:11<stuarta>wtf is a LATM parser?
11:11<laga>let me digg up that patch
11:12<laga>Dibblah: ^^ i don't think adding those pieces to the package will result in a lot of stabbing
11:14<stuarta>it's the LATM bit that was confusing me, never heard of it
11:14<stuarta>now if they had just said, we are identifying an additional audio stream type
11:14<stuarta>it would have made sense
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11:14<laga>"parser" sounds better ;)
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15:12<justinh>gbee: going through Retro's menu-ui.xml to give it a bosh of inheritance. do you have any preferred scheme of grouping entries?
15:12<gbee>justinh: not really, what ever works for you
15:13<justinh>okees :)
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15:13<justinh>does the inheritance work only downwards in the file?
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15:13<justinh>dumb question of the day ^^^^
15:14<gbee>some of the older themes group according to menus, but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me as every menu theme is different - I guess grouping by subject is the easiest to understand and to find what you are looking for
15:14<gbee>justinh: yeah
15:15<gbee>faster/easier to parse the xml and handle the widgets in a linear motion
15:15<gbee>so I don't see that changing anytime soon
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15:37<gbee>seems some of these lighter weight frontends could benefit from -v none
15:38<laga>how come?
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15:51<gbee>any sort of output to stderr/stdout seems to use resources, redirecting to a log or -v none helps a lot
15:52<gbee>I discovered that when playing with h.264 but I've been reminded of it by helping someone to get their SD DVB-C recordings to play better on an Atom based AA1
15:53<gbee>not really sure why verbose logging would cause the problems it does, I've no idea if it's CPU or just IO related
15:54<gbee>the fact that it improves when redirecting to a log would seem to rule out disk IO
15:54<laga>i wonder if it's just the terminal?
15:55<gbee>you don't want to waste cycles on logging with an SSD, so -v none is better
15:55<gbee>laga: probably
15:55<laga>i wonder if -v none will make my stuttering issues go away.. i've always suspected these "prebuffering pause messages" were causing it :)
16:03<gbee>worth a try :)
16:08<janneg>one could try logging into /dev/null or /dev/shm/mythfrontend.log
16:09*laga adds the mysterious LATM patch to the ubuntu packages
16:10<GreyFoxx>LATM patch ? What does that do ?
16:10<laga>i'll send a mail to mythtv-dev later, detailing what patches we're applying. before stabbings happen
16:10<gbee>GreyFoxx: not as exciting as it sounds
16:11<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok
16:11<gbee>it just adds support for aac-latm streams in DVB, ffmpeg already supports them but we weren't picking out the codec identifier from the dvb tables
16:13<gbee>makes me wonder in what other ways our mpeg support is incomplete - is there a spec for these things?
16:13<janneg>not one but thousends
16:15<janneg>well, I'm exxagerating but there a couple of mpeg related or based on standards
16:16<janneg>partly contradictionary
16:16<laga>is it normal that i can't see the complete email address in ?
16:16<laga>for paul@..
16:17<gbee>well I guessed there would be specs, but I suppose I was asking if there is an authoritative one which lists all the codec ids for example
16:17<iamlindoro__>yes, it's normal-- I believe you'll get the full addresses in e-mail updates to tickets you are subscribed to, though
16:18<gbee>laga: anti-spam measure, devs can see the full address in trac
16:19<laga>gbee: care to tell me the guys last name? assuming it's part of the address
16:19<gbee>it's not
16:19<gbee>unless his last name is kcbbs
16:19<laga>then it's "Paul ????" in the patch. ;)
16:19<gbee>which is not impossible, but seems unlikely ;)
16:20<gbee>I can give you the address so you can email him if you'd like
16:20<laga>i added a reference to the ticket.. i'd expect that patch to be committed so it'll be dropped next release anyways
16:21<laga>i'll add the address :)
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17:07<laga>gbee: see janneg's reply. LATM indeed needs another patch
17:09<laga>i wonder why he adds a patch to enable it in mythtv to trac
17:09<laga>when there's no chance it'll work without his patch (or maybe a ffmpeg resync)
17:11<iamlindoro>Isn't he one of the guys keeping their own ffmpeg resync going?
17:11<iamlindoro>Wonder if he just plum forgot since that's what he's running
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17:25<janneg>laga: the latm patch is not in ffmpeg trunk
17:26<stoth>multiproto question. Is their any support in MyTHTV right now? If so, how extensive is it?
17:26<stoth>Can anyone point me at a hg patch or something.
17:26<iamlindoro>stoth: There is a trac ticket w/ patches, but couldn't comment on support
17:36<stoth>iamlindoro: thx
17:41<Dubstar_04>How can I get the value of a button?
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17:44<Dubstar_04>I want to get the value of a clicked button into a function but it needs to be dynamic
17:44<justinh>not sure that's in mythui yet
17:45<justinh>dont take my word as gospel though
17:45<Dubstar_04>I need to clean my plugin up before I try and explain how it works in a tutorial
17:45<justinh>like.. ever ;)
17:45<Dubstar_04>ha ha
17:46<Dubstar_04>justinh: how are the icons going?
17:46<justinh>comitted em today
17:46<Dubstar_04>Any screenies?
17:46<justinh>missed mythstream & mythfm. unofficial, yada yada
17:49<Dubstar_04>they're amazing!!
17:49<Dubstar_04>Where did you learn to produce this stuff?
17:49<justinh>I didn't draw them all myself. sheesh
17:49<justinh>most are the original mythcenter icons. I found them in svg format :)
17:50<bkero>justinh: pie?!?
17:50<justinh>bkero: I wasn't in the mood to rename it
17:50<Dubstar_04>Is mythcenter going to become the default theme?
17:50<bkero>justinh: What's the cake/pie for? :P
17:51<justinh>mythrecipe. another 3rd party plugin
17:51<justinh>wonder how far the revamp of that got
17:52<justinh>Dubstar_04: I hope not
17:52<bkero>a+ idea :D
17:52<Dubstar_04>why? its better that the tripe that is default now!!
17:53<justinh>I'm going to be angling to make a mega-spiffy theme to showcase mythui, so is gbee... so hopefully some themes can be left to steep in their own juices
17:53<Dubstar_04>although you probably have some wizardry pokery up your sleeve?
17:53<Dubstar_04>damn beat me to it!!
17:54<iamlindoro>gbee: Speaking of which, any thought to adding a randomize function for an image (in particular I am thinking of a background) to be pulled from a given directory?
17:54<iamlindoro>something like <imagetype>/some/dir</imagetype> maybe?
17:55<justinh>iamlindoro: bleugh. I can see that being abused
17:55<justinh>but I may have some uses for it too :)
17:55<iamlindoro>exactly ;)
17:56<iamlindoro>and for reference I DON'T mean it in an "Aeon clone" sense
17:56<gbee>MythCenter is hardly what I'd call a great theme, it's not even the best theme made within the limitations of the existing UI code
17:56<justinh>it's not even a theme :)
17:57<justinh>somebody redid the menus & icons, finito
17:57<Dubstar_04>Does anyone have any ideas regarding my above pastebin?
17:57<gbee>iamlindoro: I'll think about it, sure
17:58<justinh>it's not a theme until you've redone archive-ui.xml :P
17:58<iamlindoro>gbee: Can't ask for more than that :)
17:59<gbee>Dubstar_04: what about it?
18:01<Dubstar_04>i would like to ->GetText() from a *clickButton but I can't figure out how!!
18:01-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:02<gbee>connect the buttonPressed signals to a handleButton slot, in handleButton MythUIButton button = GetFocusWidget(); QString value = button->text();
18:03<gbee>not perfect maybe, buttonPressed might send a pointer to the button it comes from
18:04<gbee>MythUIButtonList is a little more sophisticated in that regard
18:04<Dubstar_04>Thanks I will give it a go.
18:07<justinh>Dubstar_04: anyhow, I set out to make mythcenter's watermarks less blurry & I think those did the job. as for what's next... hrm. maybe play with mythui some more & help document it
18:08<gbee>umm, that might be CurrentFocusWidget() not GetFocusWidget()
18:08<gbee>no, it's GetFocusWidget() ...
18:15<Dubstar_04>gbee: would the *button need to be declared as anything?
18:16<gbee>sorry, I'm tired and maybe just not understanding the question
18:17<Dubstar_04>I will paste bin it
18:18<Dubstar_04>when i try to build it it says unused varible button, button not declared in this scope
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18:21<gbee>you need to include { } around the else block (or if block) if it contains more than one line
18:21<gbee>so the compiler saw that button was defined in the else block, but the line following that was outside the block where button wasn't defined
18:23<gbee>your code was equivalent to this, where button isn't defined in the same scope:
18:26<Dubstar_04>It worked!! your a legend!!
18:27<jams>hear that gbee your a legend
18:27<Dubstar_04>Thats got rid of the need for a slot for each button!!
18:27-!-quentusrex [] has joined #mythtv
18:28<Dubstar_04>thats legend not leg-end
18:28*gbee resists the urge to correct grammar and takes the compliment for what it is
18:28<Dubstar_04>ha ha
18:28<Dubstar_04>I'm tired
18:28<quentusrex>Does mythtv currently support blue ray playback?
18:29<gbee>tell me about it, I've not had a decent night of sleep in ages
18:29<gbee>quentusrex: #mythtv-users
18:29<Dubstar_04>I'm terrible, once I start something i need to finish it!!
18:30<quentusrex>I'm interested in helping to develop the feature if it isn't.
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18:31<Dubstar_04>not if you knew what it was!!
18:32<quentusrex>I've read that currently the process requires the blue ray disk to be ripped before it can be played. Why?
18:33<gbee>Dubstar_04: you might think about doing the number buttons as a buttonlist in grid mode, simplifies the code and xml a little (less repetition)
18:34<gbee>but I probably shouldn't add to the confusion right now ;)
18:34<gbee>I'm off to bed
18:34<Dubstar_04>me too...
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