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05:04<justinh>morning :)
05:05<cojonuo>I will work to add MiroGuide suport to MythTube, It don't interfere with Mythtv?
05:06<justinh>so long as it's just a feed, not the you-know-what
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05:08<cojonuo>MiroGuide is the guide system to Miro (old DemocrazyPlayer)
05:08<cojonuo>Is an extense feed guide with more 5000 channels and GPL non-profit
05:09<cojonuo>And provide an API for developer
05:09<justinh>I can't see any harm in adding that
05:09<stuarta>depends what's in the channels
05:10<justinh>one way to find out. let's have a look
05:12<justinh>if it's all GPL, non-pirated, safe to distribute.... I don't know how they can guarantee that
05:12<stuarta>my little alarm bell is ringing
05:14<gbee>even youtube can't guarentee it, what matters is their policy on removing infringing content
05:14<bkero>By miro you mean softcore porn, right?
05:15<stuarta>my big alarm bell is ringing
05:15<cojonuo>bkero: I dont understand
05:16<bkero>It's a joke. There used to be a really bad pseudo-porn problem on democracyplayer.
05:17<cojonuo>aaaah jejeje
05:17<cojonuo>please add smile on final if is a joke, my english is soo bad
05:17<justinh>apparently miro moderate all their feeds
05:18<stuarta>well that's a start
05:18<justinh>better than nothing & probably stops blatant adding of "teh star trekz0r channel" & such
05:22<justinh>I think they'll be erring on the side of caution. they're no youtube & probably can't risk being sued
05:22<gbee>for the second night in a row I've have an insect bite on my forearm, since the right arm is still swollen I now have a popeye look going on
05:22<stuarta>gin & tonic
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05:26<cojonuo>ok, then no problem, right?? because heir policy content
05:27<justinh>in theory, no problem
05:27<gbee>cojonuo: looks fine for now
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05:29<cojonuo>ok, thanks guys
05:30<Dubstar_04>cojonuo: Where can I post bug reports / feature requests for mythtube?
05:32<justinh>feature requests? give the guy a break
05:33<Dubstar_04>I was wondering about support for Apple Movie trailers and this
05:33<Dubstar_04>They don't bring back the artwork
05:34<cojonuo>I think track ticket is a good site to it
05:34<justinh>do Apple mind having their site scraped?
05:34<justinh>I bet they do
05:34<Dubstar_04>Ok. Would you like any particular information attaching?
05:34<Dubstar_04>justinh: everyone does it!!!
05:35<justinh>and that makes mythtv safe from lawsuits? I don't think
05:36<Dubstar_04>It is already in use on the apple movie trailers script
05:37<justinh>so? that doesn't mean it'd be ok for something else to violate a site's T&Cs
05:37<justinh>even a glimmer of that & it won't stand a chance of becoming official
05:37<Dubstar_04>OK i will have a look into it
05:38<Dubstar_04>Maybe if if was capable of fetching all the information and the user had add the channel themselves?
05:40<cojonuo>Dubstar_04: attach info if you think is needed
05:40<Dubstar_04>cojonuo: Thanks. Amazing plugin, I love it...
05:40<justinh>Dubstar_04: might not even be a problem if the site's T&Cs don't disallow what's happening
05:41<justinh>I'm just making an assumption they forbid it - which is a fair assumption
05:41<Dubstar_04>It might be best if i look into it before i add a ticket on track. find out what they actually allow.
05:43<justinh>"You may not use any \u201cdeep-link\u201d, \u201cpage-scrape\u201d, \u201crobot\u201d, \u201cspider\u201d or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Site or any Content, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Site or any Content, to obtain or attempt to obta
05:43<justinh>oops. sorry
05:44<Dubstar_04>Ha ha I was just about to post that myself
05:44<cojonuo>who is the T&Cs Site??
05:44<justinh>so that's a pretty damn solid NO
05:44<cojonuo>ok ok, I'm idiot xD
05:46<Dubstar_04>How does XBMC and Media Portal Get away with it then?
05:47<cojonuo>they use apple trailers??
05:47<justinh>Dubstar_04: they're naughty
05:48<cojonuo>but apple trailer no provide a json with trailers??
05:48<Dubstar_04>Its crazy. They just include it in the core app!!
05:48<justinh>some projects just don't give a flying fig about the legality/morality of what they do, simple as that.
05:58<cojonuo>Dubstar_04: about don't thumbnail provide from tekzilla
05:59<cojonuo>is because (I think) they no provide correct RSS format
05:59<cojonuo>they and other site
05:59<justinh>Dubstar_04: btw re that character... no way would I sully a theme of mine with it. no offence. still keep thinking we need a cutesey kid friendly theme though
05:59<Dubstar_04>I'm offended!! Thats my best work todate!!
06:00<Dubstar_04>cojonuo: I have posted on track. It brings back everything but the artwork for the individual shows!
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06:02<Dubstar_04>justinh: Are you currently working on a new 'default' theme?
06:03<justinh>besides, any new 'default' isn't my call to make
06:05<cojonuo>Dubstar_04: please you can read here
06:05<cojonuo>if is correct add <media:thumbnail> into or out of <media:group>
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06:09<Dubstar_04>the feeds supply that <media:thumbnail> attributes
06:09<cojonuo>yes but some feeds supply <media:thumbnail> into <media:group>
06:10<cojonuo>and other feeds out of <media:group>
06:10<cojonuo>now I process <media:thumbnail> out of <media:group> but I think hack it and proces out and into <media:group> for it
06:11<cojonuo>but i don't understand where is correct position because i don't see it on
06:12<Dubstar_04>is there anyway to get it to do both?
06:13<cojonuo>on last public release not
06:16<Dubstar_04>is this the only processing for the feeds?
06:17<cojonuo>you need check if thumbnail is previus get
06:21<cojonuo>no, no
06:21<cojonuo>tekzilla provide no into media:group, provide it into media:content
06:22<cojonuo>puff it is a crazy
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06:24<Dubstar_04>can you use media:group || media:content?
06:24<cojonuo>i don't now 100%
06:24<cojonuo>i don't know 100%
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06:25<Dubstar_04>I don't understand either!!
06:29<cojonuo>Ok!, now I understand namespace
06:29<cojonuo><media:group> can content <media:content>
06:30<cojonuo><media:group> represent a group of <media:content> with same content on different format
06:31<cojonuo>and <media:thumbnail> can apear on <item>, <media:group> or <media:content>
06:32<Dubstar_04>I'm glad you understand. it seems complicated!!
06:32<Dubstar_04>Can you make it work?
06:34<cojonuo>yes, is simply I need rescribe a part of parseRSS
06:35<Dubstar_04>Fantastic!! This plugin is superb. Many thanks for all your work.
06:35<cojonuo>On next release I fix this
06:36<Dubstar_04>Many thanks.
06:36<cojonuo>The next release include minor changes, then I work on MiroGuide Support
06:36<cojonuo>I think it take me a lot of time
06:36<Dubstar_04>really? miro?
06:38<justinh>I'll be installing Miro tonight to see if there's really anything worthy of watching. it'll have to work hard to convince me
06:38<Dubstar_04>ha ha
06:38<Dubstar_04>There is some cool stuff
06:38<Dubstar_04>discovey channel
06:38<cojonuo>support to use they Guide, I wait a mail with API KEY
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06:39<Dubstar_04>That is going to be fantastic a real first for a media center app!!
06:39<Dubstar_04>conjonuo: Good luck and keep up the great work
06:39<justinh>what is?
06:39<Dubstar_04>justinh: what?
06:40<justinh>what is going to be a fantastic real first?
06:40<Dubstar_04>having something like miroguide built into an app for a media center
06:41<Dubstar_04>mce 2005 had a guide but it was rubbish and you had to pay for content
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06:42<cojonuo>I think add this guide to MythTube to subscribe at your feeds
06:43<cojonuo>Now I need work on mock_up
06:45<cojonuo>If somebody have a idea or mockup can send me by trac
06:46<cojonuo>I think Guide desing is very important
06:47<Dubstar_04>I have an idea
06:47<Dubstar_04>Do you know what coverflow is?
06:48<cojonuo>The coverflow itunes??
06:49<Dubstar_04>you can access something like that to display the different channels
06:49<Dubstar_04>ok maybe not?
06:49<cojonuo>Item list is part of mythui and now no provide this
06:50<Dubstar_04>I will make a mock up
06:50<Dubstar_04>it is in mythui
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06:50<Dubstar_04>Ah justinh will know, plus he is probably the best a ui design
06:50<cojonuo>you can send to mythui developer
06:51<cojonuo>hello justinh
06:51<Dubstar_04>hello justinh
06:51<justinh>uhoh. people want something. I can smell it
06:51<Dubstar_04>I think cojonuo has a job for you!!
06:52<Dubstar_04>he wants a way to show the the items from miro guide
06:53<Dubstar_04>I suggested the coverflow module thingy
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06:54<Dubstar_04>the webpage its quite well laid out
06:54<Dubstar_04>maybe something similar to that
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07:06<justinh>I think I'll pass on that opportunity if it's all the same
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07:10<Dubstar_04>he only wants advice
07:11<^mICK>possible to ask question about a problem with livetv in myth here? or is that only in mythtv-users too?
07:11<laga>mythtv-users only
07:12<justinh>I'm not a UI expert. I made some lame themes which were allegedly popular
07:13<laga>justinh: what's the status on glass-wide? would you like to have an update for intrepid?
07:13<justinh>I dunno if any of it works with trunk yet
07:13<Dubstar_04>justinh: modest too
07:14<laga>justinh: intrepid has 0.21
07:14<justinh>really? playing it safe eh
07:15<laga>of course. 0.22 would be insane, intrepid will be released next month :)
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07:16<justinh>that soon? oof
07:16<justinh>well, gw is prolly in better shape now that it was when I originally curled it out
07:16<laga>yeah. so we can either: a) ship a new release of glass-wide b) cherry-pick the fixes c) don't do anything at all
07:18<justinh>why can't people ask me such questions when I'm not feeling quite so misanthropic?
07:18<laga>i can ask you again tonight.
07:20<justinh>would there be a deadline for it being 'ready' ?
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07:21<laga>intrepid is in feature freeze right now.. but a theme package falls under "artwork", and the UI freeze happens at September 11th
07:22<laga>ah, actually, the first artwork deadline is over, there's a second one at that date. but there are always exceptions
07:22<gbee>seems like Hardy was released just the other week ... disappointing that the last six months have gone so quickly
07:23<justinh>laga: might aswell just do a tarball now. if I find anything serious I can update it - but like I told you the other day I've been using it every day (ui.xml parts anyway) without issues/niggles
07:24<gbee>guess I should brush up metallurgy, any chance of it going in if I include license details?
07:24<justinh>oh yeah my themeinfo.xml is all bollcocks
07:24<justinh>but then they all are (of mine)
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07:26<laga>gbee: probably. if i fight for it a bit..
07:26<gbee>laga: well don't go to any trouble
07:27<laga>if you want it included, we can make it happen :)
07:28<gbee>might just reach a wider audience, I think it gets overlooked otherwise
07:28<justinh>sooner or later I'm going to be cured of wanting an audience
07:28<laga>gbee: btw, consider yourself poked. i can also create the xmltv config path patch, we should just discuss what should be changed
07:29<justinh>ugh why did I even bother with a weather-ui.xml
07:30<gbee>laga: yeah, I know :( If you can create the patch that would be great, it should be really simple but I just can't find the time and motivation
07:30<justinh>laga: not sure this is gonna happen tbh. needs serious checking & I haven't really got the time
07:30<justinh>damn things. release them & they become a bloody millstone around your neck
07:31<gbee>maybe anonymity is the way to go
07:32<justinh>well, this weather-ui.xml is copied from somewhere else. nothing to do with me, so it ain't going in
07:34<gbee>want to fix metallurgy for me ;)
07:35<justinh>how's it broken?
07:36<gbee>well broken is an exaggeration, there is a layout problem in mythmusic in the multi-bin mode, the listarea selected/unselected backgrounds need more contrast and there are some missing icons
07:36<laga>justinh: well, what needs checking?
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07:37<gbee>guess it shouldn't take more than an hour to sort those issues and draw a couple of extra icons
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07:37<justinh>gbee: the problem with mythmusic IS the multi-bin mode IMHO
07:37<gbee>justinh: well I'll agree with that ;)
07:38<gbee>new tree should be a vast improvement
07:38<justinh>waste of screen
07:38<justinh>oo you doing a new tree? variable width columns n stuff?
07:38<gbee>new tree yeah, but I see it being used a little differently
07:39<justinh>even more like a file browser would be an improvement on what there is now in that treelist thing
07:39<gbee>no variable width columns, they don't make sense since each column will hold the same info, instead it splits the given area equally between a given number of columns
07:40<gbee>but each column is a buttonlist2, you define the buttonlist once and it's used for each 'bin', so tree entries can have images etc
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07:41<gbee>generally it's based around a vertical layout since I can't see alternative layouts being much use
07:42<justinh>can't visualise it. I'll take almost anything over managedtreelist though
07:42<gbee>I'll have a screenshot by tonight maybe, just finish it up now
07:43<laga>gbee: okay, do you want your theme in or not? it'll at least need licensing information
07:43<gbee>there will be other layouts in mythmusic which don't use the tree
07:44<gbee>laga: sure, does someone have a boilerplate GPL2 license thingy I can just copy?
07:44<laga>gbee: i'd hope your linux distro comes with a copy of the GPL
07:45<laga>why not "gpl2 or later"?
07:45<stuarta>gbee: there will be one on the fsf website
07:46<gbee>laga: gpl2 or later, I really don't care :)
07:46<gbee>laga: sure it does, guess I could just grep for it
07:47<laga>GPL isn't really suitable for artwork, but you're probably bound by previous licensing
07:49<justinh>even CC didn't stop somebody nicking my images without attribution so I figured wtf is the point? just give the buggers away. I know where they're from
07:50<laga>i hope you're not talking about files you didn't create ;)
07:50<gbee>laga: all original artwork
07:51<justinh>glass-wide is all original too
07:51<justinh>not all drawn in linux though, which will be too much for some to bear I know :P
07:51<gbee>if someone wants to suggest a license then, I'm not really familiar enough with the various terms and suitability
07:52<justinh>creative commons is a good one for artwork
07:52<justinh>but it's not very ubuntu-friendly
07:52<Dubstar_04>justinh: not again?
07:53<gbee>I'd probably actually prefer a license which allows distribution but prevents people modifying artwork - but that's hardly the right spirit - so I'll go with whatever people want
07:53<laga>it'll have to live in multiverse anyways due to the dependency on mythtv. i'm not a licensing guru, CC has lots of different licenses. just pick one you like
07:53<laga>gbee: maybe you'd like a license where people can modify artwork, but have to choose a different name. maybe CC can do something like that
07:54<justinh>gbee: that'd be creative commons, no derivatives
07:54<gbee>just don't want people to be lazy, it's not so much minding that people re-use my work as seeing people changing one element are re-releasing it as a new theme - that's just damaging to MythTV in the long term
07:54<justinh>I was once concerned about association - i.e. people reusing my stuff in projects that were far from worthy
07:55<laga>freedom (for bits and bytes) comes with a price :)
07:55<justinh>downloading a movie poster, leeching icons from XBMC & calling it theme?
07:56<laga>well, that's probably non-redistributable anyways
07:56<laga>as a theme "developer", i'd probably distribute that as a shell script which applies the changes :)
07:59<justinh>I just want all my old work to disappear. as quickly as possible
08:13<gbee>ok the license is sorted, just fixing the contrast issue and the missing icons - will have an updated version uploaded in about 30 minutes
08:14<gbee>fixing the contrast isn't easy though since those screens are mythui in trunk so I can't actually see what I'm doing ;0
08:14<laga>oh :/
08:14<laga>no VM with 0.21 handy?
08:14<laga>you could boot a live disk in a VM.
08:21<gbee>it's ok, I'll work it out
08:21<gbee>was mythcontrols converted to mythui before 0.21 was released?
08:26<justinh>I think it was. didn't you do it?
08:29<gbee>I converted it, I just can't remember whether it was before or after
08:29<laga>mythcontrols looks pretty mythui-ish here
08:29<Dubstar_04>I'm still having troubles with controlling widget focus via keypresses
08:30<Dubstar_04>I don't know what to put for MoveUp() or MoveDown() functions
08:32<justinh>Dubstar_04: so you're saying you don't know how your program will work?
08:32<Dubstar_04>I dont know how to make it move up or down one widget
08:32<janneg>gbee: around April so after 0.21
08:34<janneg>but started in January
08:34<janneg>so it's partly converted
08:35<gbee>hmm, no idea whether the mythui version of the mythcontrols theme in metallurgy will work then
08:36<Dubstar_04>How do I change focus to a widget directly below the current widget?
08:36<gbee>Dubstar_04: simply put you can't ... it will only move in widget order
08:37<gbee>you can get around that by making the calculator buttons use mythuibuttonlist
08:38<Dubstar_04>is there any docs for mythuibuttonlist?
08:38<gbee>some, not much - mythgallery might tell you more
08:39<Dubstar_04>or is there a way to move to a certain button?
08:39<gbee>hang on I'll get a link to what little documentation does exist
08:39<gbee>Dubstar_04: yeah, SetFocusWidget()
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08:39<Dubstar_04>ok that might work
08:48<gbee>Dubstar_04: just added a new example to that page, the image grid one - copy that but replace the imagetype with a textarea called "buttontext" -
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09:01<Dubstar_04>gbee: How do I declare buttons to become part of the mythuibuttonlist?
09:04<gbee>new MythUIButtonListItem(m_buttonlist, "Text");
09:04<gbee>where m_buttonlist is the mythuibuttonlist
09:05<Dubstar_04>Thank you
09:05<gbee>MythUIButtonListItem takes a few other arguments, e.g. foreground images, but the above will probably be enough for what you are doing right now
09:06<gbee>example of grid layout button list
09:07<gbee>well can't fix the multibin problem in metallurgy as it's a bug in the code and I've no intention of doing any work on the old stuff
09:08<justinh>gbee: I'll have a look later. might be able to work around it
09:09<gbee>I really need some additional icons, but don't really have time to work on them
09:09<justinh>which ones?
09:10<justinh>oh yeah this reminds me actually
09:10<justinh>I was meaning to ask today about the possibility of storing image sources in svn
09:18<gbee>justinh: I intend doing that for the default images, the SVG(s), when I'm finished
09:18<gbee>but I'm not sure where it will go yet
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09:32<gbee>justinh: looks like some of the core themes might be missing watermarks for MUSIC_IMPORT among others
09:35-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
09:37<justinh>the ones based on existing GPL icons I can deal with
09:37<justinh>others might have to be cobbled
09:39<gbee>and lots of ARCHIVE_* ones ..., VIDEO_GALLERY
09:40<gbee>justinh: I'd just re-use existing watermarks, a bit of repetition is better than nothing
09:40<gbee>or of course you could wait for 0.22 and then the DEFAULT stuff will do the job
09:40<justinh>I'll have a look later
09:41<justinh>but then nobody has reported seeing gaps so is there even a rush?
09:46<gbee>no rush, not even that bothered but just thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to take a look
09:47<justinh>I thought I'd tackled most of the missing images a while back
09:47<gbee>MythArchive has overdone the menu entries, couldn't all this have been done from within the app?
09:47<justinh>I'm not speaking to MythArchive
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10:16<gbee>if it helps convince anyone, it's been out and relatively unchanged for at least 8 months
10:16<gbee>but I'll understand if it doesn't make the cut
10:17<laga>it'll make the cut, don't worry
10:17<justinh>gbee: get many hits from the wiki link still?
10:17<laga>i've already talked to $people
10:18<laga>i'll only include the blue icon theme, tho
10:19<justinh>people can get the others by themselves :)
10:19<laga>that's not exactly the point of packaging ;)
10:19<justinh>oh yeh it'd be terrible having people find out how to untar stuff by themselves ;)
10:20<gbee>justinh: no idea, haven't looked at the logs at all
10:20<laga>i'll make a package later, got some school stuff to do now
10:20<justinh>oh how I don;t miss emails of 'how to install your feem?'
10:20<gbee>actually haven't had many emails and none at all in the last couple of months
10:21<gbee>only a couple of contributions
10:21<gbee>it's not exactly going to pay my way to LinuxTag next year ;)
10:22-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
10:22<justinh>donations for my crap never amounted to enough to pay for a flight either
10:22<justinh>unless you count one-way trips
10:22<gbee>hehe -
10:22<Dubstar_04>gbee: doe this look correct?
10:24<gbee>does it work I guess is the question? I can't see anything immediately wrong
10:25<gbee>I'd probably drop the <imagetype> in the selected state
10:25<Dubstar_04>it gives me a green square, with a one in the top left corner. thats it!
10:25<gbee>oh and change the buttontext imagetype to <textarea>
10:28<gbee>something closer to that, you probably want a larger font, or smaller buttons and then tweak the areas to give you three buttons per row etc
10:31-!-rooaus [] has left #mythtv []
10:31<Dubstar_04>gbee: Im still just getting "1" in a green square and if i press left mythfrontend crashes
10:36-!-lyricnz [n=simonrob@conference/drupal/x-e261f8877069c6d6] has quit []
10:38-!-gustave_ [] has joined #mythtv
10:46<gbee>what version of trunk?
10:48-!-SHADOW__X1 [] has joined #mythtv
10:49<Dubstar_04>gbee: that looks better. I now have 3 buttons across the screen. nice
10:51<gbee>I'd go with a smaller button size, better background images for the button and increase the height in the <area> from 300
10:51<gbee>that should get all your buttons on screen
10:52<Dubstar_04>gbee: your unreal. massive thank you...
10:52<justinh>I still want to have a stab at a sudoku plugin
10:52<Dubstar_04>whoa you might be treading my toes abit there!!
10:52<stuarta>there must be an algorithm to generate them
10:52<justinh>yeah loads of em
10:53<justinh>take yer pick
10:53<gbee>account for <spacing> in <area>, so with 50x50 buttons and 10 spacing, you need an area of at least 180 to display three buttons
10:53<stuarta>probably made it's way into comp-sci-101 by now
10:53<laga>justinh: please add a define: GENERATE_UNSOLVABLE_SUDOKUS
10:53<justinh>I was going to nick VDR's
10:54<justinh>laga: I thought that was just for Solitaire
10:54<stuarta>we'll have to turn that on at all times :)
10:55<gbee>it has to be intelligent enough to allow multiple solutions
10:55<laga>USE="extrafun" emerge mythtv ;)
10:55<justinh>maybe I'll just confine my coding to looking at what can be done to rearrange the popup menus (investigative only)
10:56<gbee>I've solved a few where my solution didn't match the one given, but was valid all the same
10:56<justinh>gbee: wouldn't matter, so long as the checker algo verifies it
10:57<justinh>or maybe the generator code is smart enough to only allow one solution
10:57<gbee>justinh: that's what I'm saying, it would have to be that versus generating a game (and solution) then just matching the squares
10:58<justinh>yeah I'd not even considered the latter option
10:58<gbee>personally I'm hooked on KAtomic right now, although it won't last long as I'm halfway through the levels since the start of the week
10:59<iamlindoro__>That would be a neat social experiment-- release a solitaire or sudoku game and say that it is "only for advanced players," but make it generate only unsolvable puzzles
10:59<laga>iamlindoro__: and see how many people claim to have solved it?
10:59<iamlindoro__>then see how long it takes for people to start a) wasting hours on it and b) claiming on the internet that they beat it
10:59<justinh>iamlindoro__: aka you thought you got hate email before...
10:59<iamlindoro__>exactly :)
10:59<gbee>iamlindoro__: you'll have people sobbing ;)
11:00<janneg>or how long it takes until the first proves that it is unsolveable
11:00<laga>iamlindoro__: we had some unsolvable sudokus (on purpose) in our student magazine.. never heard complaints as we left the school soon after
11:00<iamlindoro__>laga: hehe
11:01<gbee>works better if you announce winners each week, that way people who come to the conclusion that they are unsolvable will start to doubt themselves
11:03<stuarta>last weeks winner was "D. Duck"
11:03<gbee>Ivor Clue
11:03-!-cojonuo [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:11-!-SHADOW__X [] has quit [Connection timed out]
11:24-!-iamlindoro__ is now known as mayIWipeYourAssF
11:24-!-mayIWipeYourAssF is now known as iamlindoro__
11:25-!-Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:31-!-ivor_ [] has joined #mythtv
11:31-!-ivor_ is now known as ivor
11:34-!-jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
11:38-!-foxbuntu_vm [n=foxbuntu@] has joined #mythtv
11:54-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:55-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
12:01<Dubstar_04>how do you access the value of a button in a MythUIButtonList?
12:01<Dubstar_04>sorry access the text value
12:04<Dubstar_04>Will this work? MythUIButtonList *button = dynamic_cast<MythUIButtonList *> (GetFocusWidget());
12:04<gbee>connect the itemClicked signal which contains the item, MythUIButtonListItem - hang on I'll pastebin an example
12:07<gbee>going to take a minute because my right arm is still swelling - discovered two more bites and I'm now dosed up on antihistamines and paracetamol
12:07<gbee>that's what I get for working on the allotment last night :(
12:13-!-dekarl [] has joined #mythtv
12:15-!-foxbuntu_vm [n=foxbuntu@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
12:25-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
12:33-!-edannenbe [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
12:34-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
12:35<teprrr>btw, is there doxygenized api available online for libmyth*?
12:36<teprrr>yay, thanks
12:45-!-huhlig [] has joined #mythtv
12:46<gbee>not that the documentation is complete, but it's better than a kick in the teeth
12:46<gbee>vowed I was going to document mythui as I worked on it, but it's not as thorough as I first planned
12:51<teprrr>yup, it's way more easier than do grepping around anyway :)
13:08-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
13:09-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:09-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
13:18<Dubstar_04>Last one for today!!!
13:19<Dubstar_04>regardless of which button i press it runs the number clicked function!!
13:25<teprrr>Dubstar_04, c++/c doesn't work that way
13:25<teprrr>you have to explicitly use the comparison for each value
13:25<teprrr>better use switch-case I think.. just a minute, I'll show you
13:25<Dubstar_04>Ah so if (x = "1")
13:26<teprrr>no, that's assignment
13:26<teprrr>btw, where have you defined button_value? is it QString?
13:26-!-foxbuntu_vm [] has joined #mythtv
13:27<Dubstar_04>sorry if (x == "1")
13:27<Dubstar_04>yeah its a QString
13:27<Dubstar_04>its defined in the .h file
13:28<teprrr>in this case I'd do something like this:
13:28<teprrr>though if there are other buttons than -+= and those numbers, you may need to refine it :P
13:28<Dubstar_04>Ah! Ok thanks
13:29<teprrr>the last one could be else if too.. else if(>isDigit() ) NumberClicked();
13:30<teprrr>(assuming that button_value isn't a pointer)
13:30-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
13:33<Dubstar_04>teprrr: thats sorted it. Thanks
13:34-!-jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
13:35<teprrr>yay :)
13:44<Dubstar_04>I've made my first plugin!!!!
13:46<Dubstar_04>I've only being learning QT and C++ 2 weeks!!
13:57-!-Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:59-!-Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
14:14<gbee>Dubstar_04: nice, now could you go tell all the whiners on the -user list who want features but won't learn C++ because it's too hard or they don't have the time? :D
14:20<Dubstar_04>Ha ha
14:20<Dubstar_04>I am going to make a proper tutorial with Myth Calculator
14:21<Dubstar_04>It should be done by the weekend
14:21<gbee>great :)
14:22<Dubstar_04>gbee: Thanks for all your help and patience.
14:27<Dubstar_04>Is there anyway to define a background image for the MythUITextEdit ?
14:32<gbee>yes, see mythtv/themes/default/base.xml or just add <textedit name="foobar" from="basetextedit">
14:33<justinh>I've been saying for ages how it's surprisingly easy but nobody ever listens
14:33<teprrr>Dubstar_04, in codewise, setBackgroundImage()?
14:33<justinh>ok so a lot of stuff is comparatively easy to grasp but some isn't - but that sort of stuff (video playback etc) isn't for mere mortals
14:36<gbee>teprrr: wouldn't really on things like setBackgroundImage() remaining in the public API - I've been considering removing them to prevent people getting lazy and hardcoding stuff which belongs in the theme
14:38<justinh>looking fwd to saying byebye to hardcoded stuff :)
14:39-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:39<justinh>Dubstar_04: anyhow.. feels good doesn't it? probably as little hassle as learning python would've been too I'd wager
14:40-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
14:40-!-SHADOW__X1 [] has left #mythtv []
14:40<justinh>and it's not as if you have to wait ages for stuff to compile in most cases either, so bang goes that argument too :)
14:41<Dubstar_04>Yeah it feels really good. I can make all the plugins i have ever wanted now!!
14:42<justinh>well almost
14:42<Dubstar_04>The only reason I started learning was to make something like mythtube
14:42<justinh>main thing is you won't be getting put off by the "woooooo SCARY"-ness of c++
14:45<teprrr>gbee, yup, that sounds good. perhaps setting those as virtual protecteds, so one can still force to use specific background if reimplementing the function
14:46<teprrr>imho the less change a plugin devel has to mess with the ui the better :)
14:47<teprrr>s/has to mess with/can mess with/ of course
14:54<gbee>protected is actually what I meant, at least for the most part - there shouldn't be any need to re-implement any of those widgets once we're finished - what we want to avoid this time is creating more and more widgets
14:55<gbee>if the widget doesn't do what you want, add the functionality instead of creating yet another widget which might only be used once
14:55-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:56<justinh>amen to that
15:01-!-Dubstar_04 [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
15:17-!-_gunni_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:18-!-|gunni| [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
15:18-!-gbee_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:41<gbee_>danielk22: are we wiping or otherwise modifying mplex data prior to scanning, so that when a scan fails we end up with broken information? This is in -fixes?
15:41<gbee_>a rescan failed due to timeouts and now at least the symbolrates in the db are zero making scanning/tuning impossible
15:42-!-foxbuntu_vm [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:44<danielk22>gbee: I'm not very knowledgable on the DVB side of things, the guy that wrote most of it left the project a few years back. I've just maintained it with whatever testers I could scrounge up.
15:46<gbee_>ok, maybe I should take a look - right now my db is completely screwed which shouldn't be happening in -fixes
15:51<danielk22>did you use taskset -c 0 ?
15:52<danielk22>that's the only way to get the old scanner to give halfway decent results unless you go back to Qt 3.1 or so
15:52<gbee_>right, symbolrate on those mplex's has been set to NULL - lets see if I can find the correct values without having to rescan
15:54<gbee_>ahh, every other field has been set to NULL ... guess I _have_ to wipe and start again
15:58-!-famicom [] has joined #mythtv
16:00<danielk22>The new scanner separates out scanning and insertion/update so it should be possible to make this sort of wipe behaviour impossible in that code.
16:01-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
16:10<gbee_>danielk22: that's good to hear
16:13<gbee_>little irritated because I was just trying to pick up channel updates and instead I'm spending the evening rescanning and reconfiguring all my channels :)
16:14<gbee_>no-ones fault, but these are the sorts of events that motivate me to find the problem and fix it before it affects others (or me again)
16:22-!-Mersault [] has joined #mythtv
16:22-!-reynaldo [n=rverdejo@] has joined #mythtv
16:24<Mersault>I'm building a new HD frontend, and I'm looking for advice for hardware. Ideally, I'd like to have HDMI with audio going to my TV, so something like the ASUS Xonar HDAV interests me a lot.
16:24<Mersault>Has anyone used this card, or have other suggestions for an HD frontend?
16:26-!-foxbuntu_vm [] has joined #mythtv
16:32<gbee_>Mersault: #mythtv-users
16:45-!-foxbuntu_vm [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:48-!-ScumBagBob [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:49-!-Rajpoot [] has joined #mythtv
16:50<Rajpoot>does mythtv work with webcams?
16:55<justinh>wrong channel. see #mythtv-users
17:06-!-Mersault [] has quit []
17:08-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
17:12-!-iamlindoro___ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
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17:18<laga>justinh: you changed the license for glass-wide. is that correct?
17:25-!-iamlindoro___ [n=iamlindo@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:26-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
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17:36-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
17:44-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
18:01-!-gbee_ [] has left #mythtv ["Konversation terminated!"]
18:01-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:04-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit [No route to host]
18:05-!-rooaus [] has joined #mythtv
18:05<gbee>laga: I think it's now ;)
18:06-!-gustave_ [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]"]
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18:32-!-noisymime [] has joined #mythtv
18:36<gbee>Chutt: MythCommandLineParser wasn't completed?
18:52-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
19:03<Chutt>no idea, not my code
19:09<gbee>oh, for some reason I though it was, sorry
19:09<danielk22>gbee: I have at least one more patch for it, but what is already committed should have worked.
19:09<gbee>danielk22: well it works, it just isn't fully utilised, e.g. mythfrontend still handles --help itself
19:10<danielk22>yeah, it's too big a job to do in one fell swoop.
19:10<gbee>since I need to move --help to occur earlier, before mfe looks for X, I thought I'd at least complete that bit but I didn't want to be duplicating work
19:11<gbee> - Invalid?
19:11<danielk22>don't worry about that
19:12<danielk22>5655 is missing 95% of the needed logs, prolly a info needed rather than invalid.
19:13<danielk22>definately not a blocker, it hasn't even been verified, and would at most be major.
19:13<gbee>ok, wondered if the multiproto patch was to blame
19:13<danielk22>oh, yeah, invalid,
19:14<danielk22>sorry missed the first part where he said he applied 3rd party patches.
19:31-!-Winkie [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:47-!-ahbritto_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:01-!-dekarl1 [] has joined #mythtv
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20:07-!-iamlindoro__ [n=iamlindo@] has joined #mythtv
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21:53-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
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21:53-!-nsaspook [] has joined #mythtv
22:23<Chutt>how stable's trunk?
22:27-!-devicenull [n=devicenu@] has joined #mythtv
22:36-!-stoth [] has joined #mythtv
23:14<clever>Chutt: my master backend abort()'s every time it trys to switch channels with back2back shows
23:14<clever>ive 'fixed' it by returning the frame grabber to work on a slave
23:16<iamlindoro>clever, *your* myth install is so tweaked that it in no way represents *actual* trunk
23:17<clever>i dont see how any of my patches are causing the problem
23:19-!-SHADOW__X [] has joined #mythtv
23:19-!-SHADOW__X [] has quit [Client Quit]
23:19<clever>my changes to NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp should have no effect on RECORDING
23:19<clever>same for tv_play.cpp
23:20<clever>and videoout_xv.cpp
23:20<clever>the one in mythcontext.cpp i beleive i got out of trac
23:20<iamlindoro>Your entire filesystem should be left read-only for your own good
23:20<clever>httprequest.cpp is simply patched to be more verbose
23:21<iamlindoro>chmod -R -rw / && passwd root
23:21<iamlindoro>then mash some keys so you don't know what you typed
23:28<GreyFoxx>passwd -l root
23:29<GreyFoxx>then logout
23:35-!-clever_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:37<clever_>[28 22:18:26] <iamlindoro> Your entire filesystem should be left read-only for your own good
23:37<clever_>[28 22:18:42] <clever> httprequest.cpp is simply patched to be more verbose
23:37<clever_>[28 22:19:41] <clever> nope, none of the 'svn diff' should have any effect on recording things
23:37<clever_>[28 22:29:21] <clever> though if it will make you feel better i could compile without it and show you that it still crashes:P
23:39-!-clever [] has quit [Connection timed out]
23:48<iamlindoro>On that note, though, I've got trunk running unmodified and haven't had a backend crash in many many weeks
23:49<iamlindoro>occasional Frontend crash on in-progress recordings, but that has improved drastically in recent weeks, too
23:50<clever_>do you have any back2back recordings on the same card?
23:50<clever_>mine was sometimes going days without crashing
23:51<clever_>depending on the schedules and number of cards it could go weeks
23:51<iamlindoro>yes, often
23:51<iamlindoro>at least three a day
23:51<iamlindoro>Daily Show/Colbert
23:51<clever_>by readding my framegrabber i was able to solve the back2back recordings
23:52<clever_>digital or analog card?
23:53<clever_>are you recording 2 shows back2back on the same analog card?
23:54<iamlindoro>yes, once again
23:54<clever_>just making shure
23:54<clever_>what revision?
23:56<iamlindoro>18129, but gotta go
23:57<clever_>i'll try to force it to crash more
---Logclosed Fri Aug 29 00:00:40 2008