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05:24<gbee>Chutt: got it working yet?
05:25<clever>gbee: did you get my PM?
05:26<gbee>clever: umm, remind me?
05:26<clever>mythbackend --version
05:26<clever>Invalid argument: --version
05:26<clever>your patch moved the check from a global place, to a frontend only place
05:27<clever>breaking --version in every other myth app:P
05:27<clever>ahh, thats 2 revisions past my build
05:27<gbee>clever: actually that's not what I did at all, MythCommandLine is used by all apps
05:28<clever>just from a glance at your changes, they went from a lib to a mythfrontend cpp file
05:28<clever>i forget which ones
05:28*clever pokes firefox
05:30<gbee>nothing moved from a lib or vice-versa
05:30<clever>gbee: in 18223 you moved it from ahhh, 1 part of the lib to another
05:30<clever>i didnt read the diff close enough
05:31<clever>i just saw a change to the frontends main.cpp
05:31<clever>so it looks like somebody else forgot to make mythbackend use the preparse function
05:36<gbee>the changeover to MythCommandLine isn't complete that's all
05:37<clever>ive also got some work done on a few of my mythtv scripts, all my backends are now loging to a central folder
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06:24<gbee>Chutt: cutdown with multiline is broken, causes the text to disappear completely
06:24<gbee>probably a QT4 thing
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08:34<justinh>oh nice. ffmpeg is segfaulting
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08:41<gbee>any ideas why, despite not having socket.h defined anywhere gcc might be getting confused between QTs connect() and Socket's connect?
08:41<justinh>you lost me at 'not having' ;)
08:43<gbee>error: cannot convert ‘const char*’ to ‘const sockaddr*’ for argument ‘2’ to ‘int connect(int, const sockaddr*, socklen_t)’
08:45<gbee>or not, though I might have figured it out - but no ...
08:47<gbee>ugh :(
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09:16<peman>morrn morrn
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09:31<rooaus>gbee: When you suggested to create a class for the script info stuff did you mean something like libmyth/mythscript.{h,cpp}? ie That can be used for more than just mythtube.
09:36<gbee>rooaus: well I was just thinking of something specific to mythtube, but now that you mention it, it seems like a great idea to create something than can be shared by everything
09:36<gbee>that potentially makes things like an "Available Updates" screen in mythfrontend easier in the future
09:37<rooaus>Could see the mythweather idea of registering scripts in the DB being useful across all of mythtv. Having a script manager screen to handle the downloading/authorisation of updates for all installed scripts etc. And the db storing the "registered" scripts for quick use, that is not scanning the filesystem every time a plugin is started.
09:37<gbee>having one single class/method to get version info etc from a scripts for all plugins would be great
09:38<gbee>rooaus: yeah
09:38<gbee>sounds fantastic if you are offering to produce at least some of that :)
09:38<rooaus>ok, I can't promise anything but I will have a crack at it.
09:43<rooaus>I imagine there would be a new table that held registered scripts info, version, path, pretty name, etc. Not sure how the extra (differing) info that mythube, mythmusic, mythvideo, mythweather etc would be handled, I guess by the plugin itself??
09:48<gbee>rooaus: I imagine that each plugin would subclass it to hold their own info whilst remaining compatible
09:49<gbee>class WeatherScript : public ScriptInfo
09:52<rooaus>gbee: Just been reading a little on c++, read the chapter on inheritance so pretty sure I understand what you mean there. But what about the DB table, mythweather sources store more than just author, version etc. I guess I need to think about that some more? :)
09:54<janneg>rooaus: you could use a id, value, data table layout like the settings or videodisplayprofile tables
09:56<gbee>rooaus: I'd do what janneg suggests - have a table with three columns - scriptid, name, value - e.g. 13, Author, Roo
09:58<gbee>ScriptInfo::GetInfo() might return a map of values - info[name] = value;
09:58<rooaus>Sold... I need to start making some notes.
09:58<gbee>extensible without requiring regular db updates
10:00<rooaus>yeah, avoiding schema updates is a nice thing... that is what I was worried about (churn I mean).
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10:04<rooaus>Looking forward, how would scripts be verified / authenticated when they are downloaded? Some kind of signing of the scripts?
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10:08<gbee>I'd guess so, might need some discussion
10:11<gbee>generally downloading would be restricted to or official mirrors, signing is good for added security but then if the server (or OSUOSL mirror) is compromised then so are the source downloads of mythtv and the key checking algo with them
10:12<gbee>it might be overkill, lets see what some of the devs think
10:14<rooaus>true, it was more idle curiosity at this point. Although a large army of mythbots might be interesting... ;)
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10:20<rooaus>time for bed, 'night all
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12:02<laga>justinh: how's the theme update looking?
12:16<laga>is the latest patch in sane? i wonder if that's a good candidate for -fixes
12:32<gbee>laga: not really since ITV HD is still close to unwatchable without spatial direct support in ffmpeg
12:33<gbee>unless those changes get backported though - which you've provided the patch to do ...
12:33<gbee>so yeah, it would be a candidate for -fixes
12:35<gbee>I'd be happier if it checked network id
12:48<janneg>laga: I did forgot to backport the eit encoding override fix or has ubuntu not picked it up yet?
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13:01<quentusrex>Is there any way to give a user feed back from a clicked menu button?
13:01<quentusrex>like a pop up or something?
13:01<iamlindoro>You need MythCattleProd
13:02<iamlindoro>It's unofficial
13:02<iamlindoro>But very effective force feedback
13:05<gbee>quentusrex: you'll have to be more specific, which menu widget, what sort of feedback etc?
13:05<quentusrex>Like I want to be able to allow my mythbuntu users to upgrade the system.
13:06<quentusrex>I have a house with 4 boxes...
13:06<quentusrex>but I want to be able to give them a message if it was successful or not
13:07<Dubstar_04>gbee: how do i register user name on trac?
13:07<gbee>Dubstar_04: only devs can register atm
13:08<gbee>quentusrex: so you are spawning an external application from a main menu EXEC call and want feedback?
13:08<iamlindoro>quentusrex, How will you have your users upgrade the system when they all need to be upgraded in parallel?
13:08<quentusrex>right, I'd like to spawn a new shell window with the debian commands 'apt-get update; apt-get upgrade'
13:08<gbee>I can't think of a pretty way to do it, at least not in 0.21, you'd have to get your hands dirty with code changes
13:09<quentusrex>what about .22?
13:09<gbee>executing the external commands is one thing, very easy, feedback within a window controlled by mythtv isn't ...
13:10<quentusrex>well, it doesn't seem like it's executing my command properly
13:10<quentusrex>atleast I can't see the output...
13:10<gbee>well dependant on time 0.22 has a notification feature planned which will probably be suitable
13:11<gbee>quentusrex: sure someone can help you get it working in #mythtv-users
13:11<iamlindoro>Do it by script and utilize xosd, for right now
13:25<Chutt>gbee, where can i repro that text wrapping bug?
13:30<gbee>Chutt: so far I've only seen it while working on the mythvideo branch where it was happening with the following definition -
13:31<gbee>it only happens when the text would normally wrap
13:31<gbee>if <cutdown>no</cutdown> is used then three full lines of text are displayed
13:32<gbee>figure it should happen everywhere in mythui, mythnews might be a good place to test
13:33<Chutt>mythbrowser doesn't compile, heh
13:34<gbee>fighting to get mythvideos scanning threaded right now, having to break up everything so that we hit the event loop immediately after every updateProgress() signal
13:34<gbee>I'd hoped that direct connection signals might have been thread safe, but apparently they aren't
13:34<Chutt>they should be
13:34<Chutt>use events?
13:36<Chutt>why's mythbrowser compiled as a separate app?
13:36<gbee>hadn't even occurred to me ...
13:36<Chutt>and not a plugin?
13:41<Chutt>signals/slots should do the right thing if everything's a qthread, i thought
13:42<gbee>postEvent looks a lot better, I'd got hung up on signals
13:42<gbee>"Be aware that using direct connections when the sender and receiver live in different threads is unsafe if an event loop is running in the receiver's thread"
13:42<Chutt>i thought that was something they fixed in qt4 (cross-thread signals/slots)
13:43<Chutt>that's why the dialog completion stuff was an event, btw =)
13:43<gbee>apparently queued signals are completely safe
13:44<gbee>I'd thought that signals were safe too and I'd already gone down that road before I read that warning :)
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14:00<gbee>anyway, tree widget is more or less complete, list view in mythvideo is done and mythvideo should be ready for merging back in a couple of days
14:07<sphery>gbee: Is the disappearing text in menus when the area's too small the same as the cutdown problem? If so, it's easy to reproduce with "mythtv-setup -geometry 800x600" using, for example, G.A.N.T or Titivillus (Input Connections and Storage Groups are missing). Options show fine at "-geometry 1280x720" (which make it wider, since it's supposed to be a 4:3 theme).
14:08<gbee>sphery: could be
14:14<laga>janneg: i'll check in a few minutes. does it manifest on all channels?
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14:43<justinh>laga: been busy re-learning how to lip doovde so my wife can do yoga without reaching for a disc
14:44<justinh>oh and becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of codec support with distros. grr. this patent crap needs to be put to bed NOW
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15:11<janneg>laga: no, only some
15:29<sphery>janneg: Any interest in my creating a ticket/patch to change the qtwebkit check to use pkg-config, or did you want to go a different way?
15:41<janneg>sphery: could you paste the patch again? I'll fix it immidiately then
15:49<sphery>Thanks. Let me do some testing, first... I'm fixing the mythbrowser compile error and am not sure everything is set right.
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16:00<sphery>Chutt: I was getting a slightly different compile error from the one on the list when linking mythbrowser, and this patch fixes it for me: . Don't know if it would help you.
16:00<sphery>Seems that the only MythUIWebBrowser::GetUrl() function was on the #ifdef USING_QTWEBKIT side and was missing on the #else side
16:04<sphery>Anduin: I don't think it's required, yet, but I think technically the symbol visibility is broken on MythUIWebBrowser. Since the only place the class is currently used is in mythplugins (which doesn't seem to ever use symbol visibility), everything compiles/links without the patch, now, but if we ever use MythUIWebBrowser in mythtv, won't we need something like: ...
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16:39<avihayb>umm, hello. I'm heaving some problems importing my xmltv manualy into my freshly installed mythubuntu front/backend
16:39<laga>try #mythtv-users or #ubuntu-mythtv
16:40<avihayb>thanks, toough it's not realy oh, missed the subject
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16:41<janneg>laga: I'm backporting it now. [18096]
16:41<laga>janneg: ok, thanks.
16:41<laga>i guess i'll do another weekly build tonight then
16:41<laga>unless i'm watching HD ;)
16:42<Anduin>sphery: At some point it would be needed, however libmythui was never finished in my symbol visibility patch so isn't actually turned on when compiling that lib (if it were, that and many other things would be broken, the symbol really wouldn't be there and would break anything that wasn't referencing it outside the same so)
16:43<Anduin>it, outside
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16:51<sphery>Anduin: Thanks. That makes a /lot/ more sense for why it's currently working. Trying to find a linking issue in mythuiwebbrowser was my first time looking at any mythui code, so I didn't know the current state of symbol visibility in there.
16:55<janneg>laga: committed
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17:15<sphery>janneg: This one works for me: , but we might want to fall back to your original check_header if the pkg-config check fails, since the latter relies on which (to find out if pkg-config is available) and a proper PKG_CONFIG_PATH .
17:16<sphery>janneg: I also don't know if you wanted to do a single check for pkg-config and set a variable (we have 2 other locations with the same "which pkg-config" construction).
17:17<sphery>I'd be happy to make the changes. Just let me know which approach you want.
17:19<gbee>Chutt: if you don't get the chance I might find time to look at the cutdown bug, I want to add a reverse cutdown soon anyway (...oo bar. Foo bar. Foo bar.)
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19:42<justinh>gbee: thinking along these lines for the 'watch recordings' menu options...
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