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01:24<Steven_M>Hi all
01:25<Steven_M>oops wrong channel
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02:53<niklauz>hi all
02:54<niklauz>ah i'm not sure if this is the right channel for me
02:55*niklauz begs pardon
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05:04<rooaus>gbee, janneg: I forgot to say thanks for your help yesterday, thanks.
05:07<rooaus>After the discussion yesterday I was thinking something like might work. The TITLE, AUTHOR, VERSION, DESCRIPTION and TIMEOUT would be required and then other random tokens per script for things like mythweather.
05:15<rooaus>The scripts would be installed into $${PREFIX}/share/mythtv/scripts/context where context is mythtube, mythweather etc. This would be easier when updates etc are implemented I think.
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05:32<laga>great, my schema update in dbcheck.cpp segfaults. yay for me.
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08:16<cojonuo>hello, the last day I connect, they were talking about a script structure
08:16<cojonuo>decided something??
08:17<justinh>look in the logs
08:19<cojonuo>ops, i don't knew it
08:22<justinh>not a lot of people know this channel is logged & stored in a public place
08:23<gbee>mostly because, like me, a lot of them were told that it wasn't logged
08:24<justinh>the logs used to need password access though, now they don't
08:25<laga>gbee: i promised i'd do some merges for every problem found in the packaging of your theme. now i've got to do thirty merges..
08:26<laga>gbee: my XMLTV path patch is ready. yay. i'll add a patch against -fixes in a pastebin and if you like what you're seeing, i'll port it to trunk, okay?
08:28<justinh>laga: btw working on da feem updates again. got doovde lipping worky :)
08:28<laga>can i re-use existing MSqlQuery instances or will that get me into trouble?
08:29<laga>justinh: great. :)
08:29<justinh>if my patience with inkscape holds out
08:31<justinh>aha. a better way to make these edit brackets would be to subtract shapes rather than use lines. that way inkscape can't screw up the alignment (in theory)
08:32<gbee>laga: sure
08:33<laga>gbee: dbcheck.cpp segfaults here, but i have no clue why. my bt points to some qt lib. maybe you can spot where i broke it.
08:40<rooaus>cojonuo: If you are talking about the parsing script output to get a pretty name and description etc to be used in the UI... I am working on it. It is my plan to solve this in a general way so that other plugins, etc can benefit.
08:41<justinh>ooo my osd is gonna look slightly more purdy ;)
08:41<justinh>I realised earlier why my OSD is screwed up & appears in the wrong place onscreen. it's 640x480 based but its real base res is 1280x720 now. duh
08:43<laga>gbee: also, i'm not sure if the last hunk is correct or if i can't reuse MSqlQuery objects
08:44<gbee>laga: ok I'll let you know in a bit, not feeling too well today so I'm moving slowly ;)
08:44<cojonuo>rooaus: ok, this system too can used to launch and managed the scripts into plugins??
08:44<laga>gbee: take care then. :)
08:46<gbee>laga: if you pastebin the BT I might be able to make sense of it
08:48<laga>i'll pastebin my gdbcommands
08:48<gbee>query objects can be re-used, or at least they could until recently - I don't know if that has changed at all due to qt/db handling changes
08:49<laga> - here's the pastebin
08:49<rooaus>cojonuo: Wasn't planning on that, but it might make sense to extend it to do that in the future.
08:49<laga>the upgrade is run, btw
08:49<laga>it segfaults afterwards
08:55<laga>can i force the frontend to start if there is a DB schema mismatch?
08:56<rooaus>laga: There is an "expert" setting that can be used IIRC.
08:59<rooaus>laga: In libmyth/schemawizard.cpp
08:59<rooaus>That is from trunk.
09:04<gbee>laga: seen the comment by Paul?
09:04<laga>yes, i'll try it in a few
09:05<gbee>should fix it
09:06<gbee>while (thequery != NULL)
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09:10*laga summons quilt
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09:12<janneg>new ffmpeg merge patch
09:13<janneg>AC3 passthrough should be fixed, but I can't test it
09:13<janneg>only remaining issue I remember is the AC3 volume
09:14<janneg>git tree at git:// is also updated
09:14<janneg>MrGandalf: ^^^
09:15<janneg>the AC3 decoder has gained E-AC3 support
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09:26*gbee assumes that's a good thing
09:28<gbee>just HE-AAC to go then
09:29<janneg>I don't think E-AC3 is used in europe, but it is used in the usa
09:30<gbee>had to google it
09:47<janneg>laga: #5645 has way to many unrelated changes and I've looked only at the first 3 patches in the series
09:49<laga>janneg: well, you told me to apply all diffs in a changeset concerning h264.c, not just the diffs for h264.c
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09:58<laga>janneg: what would you prefer? a patch series that only applies semantically relevant patches, without all the cleanup noise?
09:59<janneg>laga: applying only the h264.* part is unlikely to work, and I assumed that you would skip comment change changesets
09:59<janneg>iamlindoro_: E-AC3:
09:59<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks! :)
10:00<iamlindoro_>janneg: Nice! When I checked the -dev list yesterday it seemed one more patch revision away from going in-- did it finally make it today?
10:00<laga>janneg: i left these in there because it increases the change of the patches to apply cleanly.
10:02<iamlindoro_>janneg: Just answered my own question :) Looks like the last bit was OK'ed.
10:04<laga>janneg: i can throw these change sets out, but it might result in a lot of work to get patches to apply again. more work than mentally skipping these changesets ;)
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10:06<janneg>laga: I'll clean it up, I have to check each patch
10:07<laga>janneg: i'm sorry about that. i think it gets better in last hundred changesets or so. the first couple of them also annoyed me a lot.
10:08<riegersn>I'm unable to stream my hd (avg of 4 gig files) videos over lan/nfs (not giga) when using the default internal player. It stutters and freezes a lot. However when I tell mythtv to use mplayer instead it works fine so I know im transferring fast enough. How can I fix this? I'd rather use the internal player
10:10<sphery>laga / gbee : Regarding #5659, I'm pretty sure there's no way to do a DB schema update in both trunk and -fixes, now. Normally, if a fix requires a schema update, we'd apply all the trunk updates to -fixes to maintain proper series order, but there's no way the UTF-8 updates can go in -fixes.
10:10<iamlindoro_>riegersn: Step one is reading the topic
10:10<laga>riegersn: step two is to stop cross-posting
10:10<riegersn>ah sry
10:11<laga>sphery: sounds like.. pain.
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10:11<sphery>laga: Though it's "uglier" than a configpath column in videosource, perhaps you can just use a setting "XMLTVConfigPath", if it exists, or just fall back to the homeDirPath if not.
10:11<laga>sphery: a setting wouldn't work because one could have different paths
10:11<laga>maybe adding the config file into a storage group, and then let the storage groups code look for it..
10:12<sphery>then--at least for -fixes--an "enumerated" setting, like "XMLTVConfigPath:videosource:1"
10:12<laga>hum, that might be sane
10:12<sphery>even if the patch only went into Ubuntu's packages, it would mean anyone using it will be unable to upgrade their databases when 0.22 comes out.
10:13<sphery>the big problem with the enumerated setting is making sure it's cleared when it should be :(
10:14<sphery>the storage groups thing might be cleaner, though... Actually, I'm liking that better than either of the other solutions (the configpath and the setting one)...
10:16<laga>it should still be possible to use dbcheck.cpp and the extra column. just add another schema to trunk which will add that column unless it already exists, and do a bump to the 1215 version without making any changes earlier in dbcheck.cpp
10:16<laga>something like that
10:16<sphery>It's easy to add a new storage group "type"--just push it into StorageGroup::kSpecialGroups at the top of libs/libmyth/storagegroup.cpp and the rest is done for you. Then it's just a matter of changing the videosource code to use it.
10:17<sphery>actually, if you bump the DBSchemaVer to 1215 in any -fixes user's DB, they won't get the trunk 1215.
10:17<laga>i kinda forgot about that. ;)(
10:18<laga>well, one could extendthe 1215 update in trunk and add a new update to $trunk+1 to add the column if it doesn't exist ;)
10:19<sphery>I really like the storage group idea. It goes along with the idea of letting storage groups find all files. I think someone even mentioned working on a storage group for all config files.
10:20<laga>yeah, it's a good idea.
10:20<laga>in the end, gbee will have to decide.
10:21<laga>okay, now i got shot over for two of my tickets in one hour. i'll go take a break :)
10:24<sphery>Wasn't trying to shoot you. It's still good work--just a bit of an issue with getting a DB update into -fixes, right now.
10:24<rooaus>Off to court tomorrow (jury duty), time for sleep. Goodnight.
10:24<laga>i wasn't being serious.
10:24<laga>g'night rooaus
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10:27<gbee>if we're going to start using storage groups for configuration files then I think it needs discussion, traditionally configuration files are stored per-user under .mythtv, the database configuration would have to stay there since it's needed before storage groups are accessed, would making other the configuration stuff universal be a good or bad idea?
10:29<sphery>Maybe we need multi-user Myth, first. :)
10:31<janneg>laga: sorry, the h264 update is too messy. The frame type changes in 195 can't go in
10:32<janneg>I'm not sure if my hint to use the full changeset was helpful
10:32<laga>janneg: i can revert that
10:33<laga>janneg: i'll post a new patch soon (0-3 days)
10:33<gbee>sphery: I'm open to any solution for the problem ubuntu users have with xmltv configs, I don't really have a strong opinion or the time to work on it
10:34<laga>janneg: btw, it's just a rename. look at 339.patch, i'm actually adding these back
10:34<gbee>I wouldn't mind if someone took the ticket from me if I'm honest
10:34<janneg>please do, I think a full patch with minimal impact outside of libavcodec/h264* is enough
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10:35<laga>janneg: okay. but h264.c will get that rename if you don't mind
10:35<laga>otherwise i'll be in for a world of hurt ;)
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10:35*justinh points at the channel topic
10:36<janneg>yes it is a rename but it need changes in files not in ffmpeg's repo
10:36*sphery goes to #mythtv-users, hoping laga will catch him up on the original issue #5659 is meant to solve
10:36<laga>janneg: okay.
10:37<janneg>laga: I'm ok with a full patch, just add a patch which undoes the rename in h264.c at the end of your queue
10:40<iamlindoro_>janneg: any special options needed w/ patch to apply that diff? Even in the (seemingly) correct relative path it's not able to find the files-- trying patch -p0 --dry-run < yourdiff in the level above mythtv/ and mythplugins/
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10:41<iamlindoro_>I note that the patch mentions diff --git, and I am git-retarded so that may be an issue here
10:41<janneg>iamlindoro_: I think -p1 is needed
10:42<iamlindoro_>ah, indeed it is
10:46<iamlindoro_>Hmm, lots of hunks failed, but I *did* go a git pull of your ffmpeg sync stuff, shall I assume that stuff has already been patched up to date?
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10:47<iamlindoro_>In which case I guess I can just apply the portions of the patch that apply to plugins
10:47<eugen>will i be able to play AVCHD video with mythtv?
10:47<iamlindoro_>eugen: #mythtv-users
10:48<laga>janneg: to be clear: you do not want that rename in any files outside of h264.c and you don't want it in h264.c either?
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10:49<laga>janneg: if i add another patch which reverts the rename, i guess you can keep reviewing the other changes ;)
10:52<janneg>iamlindoro_: if you have cloned my git repo just do "git checkout -b ffmpeg_sync origin/ffmpeg/latest" after another git fetch
10:52<janneg>laga: yes, I don't want to have the new defines in avcodec.h
10:53<janneg>the patch is for svn users
10:53<janneg>the ffmpeg sync patch
10:53<iamlindoro_>janneg: yeah, just got it all working, thank you much :)
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11:54<Aughey>Is trunk usable? A few months ago I checked out trunk and it was not usable at all.
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12:00<gbee>depends what you thought made it unusable before
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14:10<iamlindoro>janneg, MLP tested and working, moving on to E-AC3 in a few here
14:15<iamlindoro>Had a crash a few weeks back so I'm having to re-rip them as I go-- hope I can remember which ones have E-AC3 :)
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14:34<justinh>a few months ago? yoiks that's like a century :)
14:44<iamlindoro>janneg, I can't recall if you do anything with AC3, and I know you mentioned that AC3 passthrough was broken, but are you aware of a oscillating "bzzt" sound in AC3 audio w/ recordings + the newest ffmpeg sync stuff? It's a soft blat in the background about every second or so, and it travels between channels somewhat too
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14:49<gbee>tree widget -
14:50<gbee>I take no responsibility for the layout of that page, I'm just copying the old tree view
14:50<janneg>iamlindoro: There shouldn't be a problem with AC3 and passthrough is hopefully fixed and I haven't noticed any audio glitches with AC3. is it strong
14:50<iamlindoro>janneg, yeah, strong signal, known to work with previous myth libavcodec, present in all my recordings
14:50<gbee>couple of bugs visible there, e.g. the inclusion of the 'upnodes', need to add the concept of node visibility to hide those in certain views
14:51<iamlindoro>janneg, libavcodec complains about "incomplete frame" and "invalid frame size" though... was never present w/ the old revision, though... :(
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14:55<janneg>iamlindoro: I can't reproduce it. stereo and 5.1 AC3 plays fine here. can upload a small sample?
14:56<iamlindoro>janneg, Sure I can-- looking at the recent changes in ac3dec.c versus the trunk version, and a new component is that a max AC3 frame size is set-- I may try tweaking that number to see if it improves things any
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15:00<iamlindoro>janneg, I take it back about it being all recordings, though, it *seems* it's per channel, though, so perhaps someone isn't following standards quite right
15:03<iamlindoro>uploading a sample for you now
15:05<janneg>thanks, I suspect it's a ffmpeg bug
15:07<iamlindoro>only about 30 seconds, but should be pretty evident
15:07<iamlindoro>yeah, I'm sure it's related to the total retooling of ac3dec
15:09<janneg>iamlindoro: yes it's very audible
15:10*janneg compiles latest ffmpeg
15:12<iamlindoro>I am trying playing with #define AC3_FRAME_BUFFER_SIZE but seems to be no help so far
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15:16<laga>janneg: i'll have a patch in a few minutes..
15:18<laga>for the h264 patch, tha tis
15:19<janneg>ruggles: iamlindoro the regression was before r14879
15:21<iamlindoro>Looks like it reports incomplete frame when the frame size is larger than the input buffer, which is set by AC3_BUFFER_SIZE + FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE, but doubling the size of AC3_BUFFER_SIZE doesn't fix it or help in the slightest
15:40<iamlindoro>I think there's something screwy with the stream parsing here-- ffmpeg at the same revision is reporting the AC3 track is 448 Kb/s.... there is just no way that's true
15:40<iamlindoro>Others seem to be reporting 384 (where there used to be 192)
15:41<iamlindoro>The ones that play properly are (probably correctly) reporting 128 Kb/s
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15:43<janneg>I haven't found a good revision yet
15:43<iamlindoro>It's also (in that sample I gave you) reporting a random second french audio track that doesn't exist
15:44<laga>i hate the spam blacklist in trac
15:45<iamlindoro>where it = ffmpeg r15125
15:46<laga>janneg: patch is in #5645, i hope that's what you were looking for
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16:00<iamlindoro>janneg, revision 17083 of myth references a fix for chirps and pops that was applied to ac3dec.c... am trying to adapt that to the new ac3dec.c code, but I thin kthere are two seperate issues
16:00<janneg>iamlindoro: found a good revision
16:00<iamlindoro>ah, nice
16:01<janneg>bisecting it will take some time though, 1500 revisions to test
16:02<iamlindoro>oof :( I'm sorry
16:03<janneg>it's not that bad. log2(1500) ~ 11 tests
16:03<janneg>and git does the binary search
16:04<iamlindoro>They *do* seem to have broken something in libavformat right now, though...
16:04<iamlindoro>Because that file most certainly *doesn't* have french audio
16:04<iamlindoro>nor is it 448 kb/s (I wish!)
16:05<janneg>but the french audio is more likely an error in the ts demuxer
16:05<iamlindoro>and as a result even myth wants to let me listen in french, and trying to select it makes myth silent forevermore :)
16:05<janneg>375 revisions left
16:05<iamlindoro>janneg, that's not in libavformat?
16:06<janneg>it is indeed. I've read libavcodec
16:06<iamlindoro>Well, while oyu're doing that I suppose I can go test E-AC-3
16:10<iamlindoro>yup, works
16:11<janneg>93 revisions left to test
16:11<iamlindoro>Well there ya go, Myth supports HD audio formats :)
16:12<janneg>is E-AC3 used in broadcasts in the US or only on Blu-Ray/HD DVD?
16:12<iamlindoro>BD/HDDVD only
16:13<iamlindoro>Internal w/ youy ffmpeg sync is playing them remarkably well, too
16:14<laga>mythtv can play BD rips? if someone would commit such a sin against the MPAA
16:14<iamlindoro>laga, so long as you rip them elsewhere, yeah
16:14<iamlindoro>well, i mean, *now* it can, or it will as of the next official ffmpeg sync
16:15<iamlindoro>current trunk can only play the stuff w/ AC3 audio, which is pretty rare at this point
16:15<iamlindoro>But as of this AM all the necessary formats are in ffmpeg
16:15<iamlindoro>tested MLP w/ 300 HD-DVD and E-AC3 w/ The Matrix HD-DVD
16:15<iamlindoro>and AnyDVD HD run's great in VMWare :)
16:15<iamlindoro>er runs
16:16<janneg>23 revisions left
16:16<iamlindoro>ffmpeg MLP still downmixes to 2 channel, blah, but from what I understand 7.1 is coming
16:20<janneg>2 revisions left to test
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16:22<janneg>iamlindoro: it's revision 12894
16:24<iamlindoro>ah, so it's in the parser
16:25<janneg>I doubt that the change still reverts cleanly
16:41<reynaldo>other than and and the sourcecode for mythflix is there any other source for info on/related to buttons ?
16:41<reynaldo>having a hard time trying to figure out how to implement past rollover behavior, ie over/click visual *interactivity*
16:43<gbee>reynaldo: put simply buttons don't change state to reflect clicks *yet*, it's just not been implemented because it's low priority at the moment
16:46<reynaldo>gbee: thanks. What about overing/focus changes ?
16:46<gbee>depend which button you are talking about, single button (MythUIButton) or button list (MythUIButtonList)?
16:46<reynaldo>first one
16:46<reynaldo>gbee: :*
16:46<reynaldo>loving ya
16:47<gbee>regular-background, selected-background etc
16:47<reynaldo>thanks, a lot.
16:48<gbee>options for a single button are more limited compared to the button list, button list just completed evolved past the relatively simple widgets like MythUIButton
16:52<reynaldo>I'd like to dive into that soon
16:55<reynaldo>gbee: aren't button lists a 'construction' over buttons ?
16:56<gbee>the old buttonlist (MythListButton) used to be, the new one which is replacing it (MythUIButtonList) is not
16:57<gbee>theoretically it could go back that way, but there isn't much to be gained from it
16:58<gbee>justinh: that tree widget I was trying to describe -
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16:59<iamlindoro>gbee, if you implement that then the whole warezy-stealy community will have a big juicy orgasm
16:59<iamlindoro>Not that I wouldn't like it myself :)
16:59<gbee>iamlindoro: huh?
16:59<iamlindoro>gbee, It was a really dumb way of saying that I thought it was a cool idea :)
16:59<gbee>the tree?
16:59<gbee>already done, I'm 60 seconds from committing it
17:00<iamlindoro>oh... heh :)
17:00<gbee>that's a screenshot, not a mockup
17:00<iamlindoro>That is cool-- does this require a schema change to account for non-flat video browsing?
17:00<gbee>mythui version of the old mythvideo list screen :)
17:01<iamlindoro>ohh.... so, those are just folders
17:01<iamlindoro>thought it was metadata based
17:01<gbee>nah, I mean metadata based browsing wouldn't take long to do, I was already thinking of borrowing all that from mythmusic
17:02<iamlindoro>There you go giving me hope again
17:02<gbee>but those are folders, so not quite as cool as you thought ;)
17:02<iamlindoro>also, that is the WORST plot outline for the matrix I have ever seen :)
17:02<iamlindoro>grammatically speaking
17:02<gbee>heh, blame IMDB
17:03<gbee>they get worse, much worse
17:04<gbee>looking over these the Matrix one is probably the best ...
17:04<gbee>as in, least bad
17:05<reynaldo>gbee: got it. it just sounded more natural that way.
17:05<iamlindoro>gbee, The meta-based video browsing is what people are always creaming themselves over about xbmc
17:07<gbee>iamlindoro: well it's really very easy to do, it just depends on having quality metadata to start with, I've no idea whether what we get back from IMDB (or whatever is used) includes things like genre info
17:09<gbee>seems like it does from looking at the db ...
17:10<gbee>adding new stuff to mythvideo wasn't what I set out to do, I just made some improvements while I was converting to mythui, but if I'm in the mood and have some free time I'll add metadata browsing
17:11<iamlindoro>Very cool... seems like a natural fit with that new view
17:12<justinh>gbee: ahhh :)
17:12-!-zippytech2 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:12<quentusrex>What is the best way to display queried data? like I need to display the current system ip address, in a way easily accessed from the main menu?
17:13-!-sphery [] has joined #mythtv
17:14<iamlindoro>quentusrex, It would be a fairly simple matter to add that kind of thing to the System Status screen, it seems
17:14<iamlindoro>if you want the hacky-hacky way there is always xosd like I told you about yesterday
17:15<quentusrex>Ok, awesome. would it be easy to figure out how the system status screen query the data and display it? I'd rather not get hacky with the box. I don't understand it well enough
17:15<justinh>speaking of mockups gbee.. menu layout I'm going to be playing with:
17:15<gbee>justinh: each 'bin' is a mythuibuttonlist and you can modify the style of course
17:16<justinh>still not sure I'm a fan of bins but it's a zillion times better than managedtreelist
17:16<justinh>I think I'll always be a gallery view boy for mythvideo
17:16<gbee>justinh: well it's only to be used where a tree makes sense - e.g. file/metadata browsing, you've got three other video views to pick from
17:17<gbee>I'll be fighting anyone who wants to mis-use trees
17:18<gbee>you don't define each bin in this version, just the overall width to be used and the number of bins/spacing, it divides up the space equally
17:19<gbee>which makes more sense to me than the old one where each bin could be a different size
17:28<gbee>monkey's off my back now, tree widget and mythvideo tree screen are nearly behind me, I can find something more fun to do now
17:28<jams>i would think a having larger bin for title would make sense.
17:29<gbee>jams: in a tree it doesn't, since you can't say what's going to appear in each bin
17:30<gbee>there aren't fixed levels/depths, depending on the way the user organises their collection you could have titles in every single bin along with sub-folders
17:31<jams>got it, forget i said anything
17:36<gbee>justinh: just looking at a way to put images in the tree ala -
17:37<justinh>woooo :D
17:37<iamlindoro>gbee, would be kind of need to scale the poster up and use a negative x value for the text so that it's superimposed over the bottom right of the poster in that list
17:39<gbee>incidently that above isn't a mockup either, it's a very early screenshot of the manage videos screen
17:39-!-|chiz| [] has joined #mythtv
17:39<justinh>oh bugger. won't be developing this OSD on this machine. not with no tuner. ach well. channel editor can wait til tomorrow night
17:39<gbee>iamlindoro: can't picture what you are describing, do you mean the last image I posted?
17:40<iamlindoro>gbee, yep
17:40<iamlindoro>no worries, just musing
17:41<gbee>nah, I'm sure it's a good idea I just can't quite see what you mean :)
17:42<iamlindoro>Especially with a little reflect on the image and a tiny drop shadow on the text to give it a nice little 3d Effect
17:42<iamlindoro>more or less talking about a "text floating over the bottom right of the poster sort of thing
17:44<gbee>iamlindoro: grab the branch and you can experiment with it - what you are proposing is doable without code changes so it would take two position/area changes in the theme and a couple of extra slides to add shadow to the text and reflection to the image
17:44<gbee>slides? lines
17:45<gbee>now that's a typo
17:45*jams works on enhancing the network configuration screens
17:45<gbee>best get an early night
17:45-!-_gunni_ [] has quit ["KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia"]
17:46*jams notices this is the wrong channel...oops
17:51<iamlindoro>janneg, what code would control which PID is preferred as the default in a multi-audio-track video?
17:51<gbee>janneg danielk_camping: we are recording MHEG data for streams even though the recording profile is set to "TV Only"
17:53-!-|chiz|_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:55<gbee>MHEG rendered programme information on recording -
17:55<Chutt>gbee, tree widget is mostly the same as the old tree widget?
17:56<gbee>Chutt: the old one was used for inspiration, but how similar they've ended up I don't know, I'd have to go back and compare
17:56<Chutt>by "mostly" i meant same overall idea, that it's just a collection of lists?
17:58<gbee>fixed number of button lists which are just filled from a MythGenericTree as you navigate around
18:01<gbee>you just hand a pointer to a pre-made tree to the widget ( MythUIButtonTree::AssignTree() ), beyond that and a couple of signals which connect back to optional slots in the calling screen there is no direct interaction between the screen and widget, it's self contained
18:02-!-stoth [] has joined #mythtv
18:10<gbee>undecided whether the 'breadcrumb' textarea should be part of the tree widget or just remain something that each person adds to their code
18:15<reynaldo>gbee: once implemented, how would the onclick image property be called? active-background?
18:16-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
18:16<reynaldo>also, what's the difference between regular-background and inactive-background ?
18:17<reynaldo>oh, nevermind
18:17<reynaldo>got it.
18:17<reynaldo>the first question stands still though.
18:17<gbee>haven't thought about it, maybe clicked-background to avoid confusion with inactive
18:18<gbee>regular-background might get renamed to active-background to match up with mythuibuttonlist which has states (active, inactive, selected)
18:18<reynaldo>yup, sounds like a plan :)
18:19<gbee>inactive is for disabled buttons - SetActive(false)
18:19<reynaldo>how hard would be to implement on click feedback on buttons ?
18:19<reynaldo>gbee: yup, got that from the sample image filename right after asking
18:20<gbee>reynaldo: it would be very easy, I've just been preoccupied with finishing other widgets
18:20<gbee>maybe I'll find the time this week
18:20<reynaldo>I seem to recall I did a similar job on toggles a while back
18:20<justinh>more images? ouch
18:20<reynaldo>maybe I can doit for ya
18:20<reynaldo>justinh: is one of the more justified ones I can think of
18:21<justinh>maybe I just won't support mouseys :)
18:21<gbee>justinh: and you don't have to add it, if it's not there it will just ignore the state change
18:21<gbee>reynaldo: it's ok, I've got a picture in my mind of how it should work
18:22<gbee>it's a ten minute job at most, but I'm not tempted to start just now, I need sleep ;)
18:22<justinh>well, guess I'd have to keep up with the Jones'
18:23<reynaldo>I know, thats why I was volunteering
18:23<reynaldo>guess it would take more time from you to review my patch than to code the thing for yourself anyway
18:24<reynaldo>justinh: I didn't get the Jones' thing
18:24<reynaldo>care to elavorate ?
18:25<justinh>it's a British expression. Keeping up with the Jones' - the neighbours get a new car, so we get a new car. they get a new TV, we get a new TV. some other theme gets fancy new onclick graphics.. ;)
18:25<gbee>been working more or less on my own with mythui for so long that I might be a little possessive ;)
18:25<reynaldo>justinh: oh, nice, I'm writing it down
18:26<reynaldo>justinh: does it work oly for british speaking dudes?
18:26<gbee>crap, playing a radio recording, or it might just be the MHEG leaks like crazy - 2040m 1.3g 21m S 0.3 64.3 18:21.02 mythfrontend
18:26<reynaldo>gbee: just a little isn't it ?
18:26<justinh>reynaldo: I don't know. never heard anybody from outside the UK use it
18:26<reynaldo>justinh: bokey, might just work with the ladies though
18:27<hads>It's used in NZ
18:27<jams>justinh- also works in the US
18:27<gbee>janneg, danielk_camping, stuarta: ^^^ in case you missed it, I'll file a ticket and dig out valgrind tomorrow
18:27<reynaldo>I've heard american girld like the british lingo
18:27<reynaldo>jams: thanks
18:30-!-samnoble [] has joined #mythtv
18:31<samnoble>I have a big chunk of videos that have language of choice (english) as the second audio track. They play fine with mplayer -aid 2, but if I set that as my video player command everything else has no audio.
18:32<iamlindoro>first off, #mythtv-users
18:32<samnoble>Can anybody think of a command that would play the second track if available and fallback to the first for everything else?
18:32<samnoble>Oh sorry.
18:32<iamlindoro>like the topic said when you came in
18:32<samnoble>and second? :)
18:33<iamlindoro>second == same as first
18:33<justinh>well, g'night all. busy day tomorrow
18:34*samnoble is _so_ surprised.
18:34<iamlindoro>as a gesture of hilarity, I just posted the answer in #mythtv-users
18:34<iamlindoro>so now you can enter there and read the messages you're sent this time and find thee archive :)
18:36*samnoble accepts his judgement, and goes off to fulfull his penance.
18:48<reynaldo>gbee: what are those check-* image properties on buttons?
18:50<gbee>reynaldo: kinda redundant images used if the button has an embedded checkbox, it was mostly added back before mythlistbutton was replaced for things like this -
18:51<gbee>but since we now have a checkbox widget and mythuibuttonlist is replacing mythlistbutton, there isn't much point to having a checkbox in mythuibutton
18:51<gbee>mythuicheckbox is currently a subclass of mythuibutton, but I intend to make it a seperate widget entirely
18:53<gbee>btw, if you are looking for toggable behaviour without text, then mythuicheckbox might just be what you want instead of mythuibutton - the checkbox will stay 'pressed' and any imagery you want can be used
18:53<reynaldo>got it
18:54<reynaldo>any reason why I wouldnt get a button's background displayed?
18:54<reynaldo>just changed the images but changes doesn't seem to be taken into account
18:55<gbee>reynaldo: which version of trunk? There was an old bug which should now be fixed
18:55<gbee>can't think of another good reason
18:56<reynaldo>should be rather recent, let me check
18:56<janneg>gbee: audio only doesn't seem to be leaking
18:57<janneg>but I'm running trunk + ffmpeg merge
18:57<gbee>janneg: confirmed that it's MHEG, I suspect recent changes - either the QT4 port or Dave Matthews recent patches
18:57<reynaldo>18198 aug/25
18:57<gbee>I'll get around to valgrinding it sometime tomorrow
18:57*gbee grumbles about changes being made to mythvideo in trunk
18:58<reynaldo>~ when was the bug fixed ?
18:58<gbee>reynaldo: further back than that
18:58*janneg can't decide which dvb-s2 card he should buy
18:59<reynaldo>gbee: no luck then.
18:59<gbee>only thing I can suggest right now is to compare against other places that the button is used
18:59<gbee>reynaldo: if that fails I'll try and help you to fix it tomorrow
18:59<reynaldo>sure, thanks
18:59<reynaldo>do you remember any place using new buttons from the top of your head ?
19:01<gbee>janneg: I was leaning towards the Hauppauge Nova-S-HD but only because their cards are generally well supported due to the numbers in circulation - last time I checked, 3 months ago, no DVB-S2 cards were supported by official drivers
19:02<gbee>but then I don't suppose that's a problem for you ;)
19:02<gbee>reynaldo: errm, mythnews edit screen, mythweather settings screens
19:03<gbee>ok/cancel popup dialogs (base.xml)
19:03<reynaldo>loving ya
19:06<janneg>gbee: that's still the case but there's hope that it will change soon
19:08<iamlindoro>janneg, Can you tell me which code controls which PIDs are selected as the defaults by the internal player? Is that all in libavformat, or..?
19:08<janneg>I think it's just the order in the PMT
19:09<iamlindoro>Would like to see if I can get EVOs and m2ts's the play the right audio by default, rather then the commentary track
19:09<iamlindoro>ah, ok
19:10<gbee>iamlindoro: although we automatically select the audio pid which matches the lang selected for that frontend
19:11<iamlindoro>hmm... looks the the demuxer for those formats isn't smart enough to know the languages just yet
19:11<gbee>frontend settings permit the selection of primary and secondary choices for language, defaults to Afar for some stupid reason, but you've probably selected the correct languages in the past
19:12<iamlindoro>Would be nice to prioritize the 1500 Kbit E-AC3 over the 128 kbit commentary :)
19:13<gbee>I've no idea how it's actually implemented, whether it's smart enough to know that if we don't have a language code for the stream we shouldn't just ignore it
19:13<iamlindoro>The licensed players for these formats always play the right track, so there's *something* in the stream that shows which to start with
19:13<gbee>can't even say if that's the cause of the problem you are seeing
19:13<iamlindoro>it's just going to aid 1 all the time, so I suspect janneg is correct
19:13<gbee>iamlindoro: might just pick the highest bitrate streams by default?
19:14<iamlindoro>yeah...Some sort of weighting would work... Top would be no bitrate (PCM) followed by highest bitrate
19:16<iamlindoro>I know that mplayer has some sort of cleverness for selecting the default audio track, but it's likely beyond my understanding
19:17<clever>mplayer has a -sland eng
19:17<clever>and -alang eng
19:17<clever>which would pick the sub or audio track in english
19:17<iamlindoro>that's true, but it also automatically sets a default audio track, which is not always the first
19:18<clever>the config file can also have alang=eng in it
19:18<iamlindoro>There was something in the -dev list a while back, I'll dig that up
19:18<iamlindoro>clever, not necessary, that's what I'm telling you
19:18<clever>ive also noticed my mplayer has been selecting the subtitle track lately
19:18<clever>without me telling it to
19:18<iamlindoro>yeah, recent builds seem to be doing that, I don't like it at all
19:19<clever>that could be it, i recently installed the svn trunk of mplayer
19:19<gbee>I'd imagine it's actually as simple as picking the highest bitrate (or sample rate) stream - if there are multiple streams at the same bitrate then it uses the first
19:19<clever>sounds logical
19:20<clever>something else ive thought of is to let mythtv record the same show multiple times and store each version under a single name
19:20<gbee>it's highly unlikely that sub streams, commentary, audio description etc would be higher bitrate than the primary audio
19:20<GreyFoxx>ooooh new list view ... looks like it's time I took a look at the new mythvideo hehe
19:20<clever>if for example mythbackend detects poor signal from the capture, it could flag it as 'damaged' and try to record a better one
19:22<gbee>GreyFoxx: :) A few corners to round off, polish to apply, but I'm estimating that it should be ready to merge back to trunk in 3-5 days
19:22<GreyFoxx>Cool. I'll update trunk on all my machines and tive it a shot
19:22<GreyFoxx>Just got back from a few days vacation and dealing with the email overload heh
19:23-!-Nutsy [] has joined #mythtv
19:23<GreyFoxx>apparrently the sh*t hit the fan at work Friday so I have hundreds :)
19:24<Nutsy>quickly sorry anyone know how to get mth to downsample suround to stereo? im running it on my laptop but i cant find any settings for setting audio channles
19:24<Nutsy>in myth or ubuntu
19:24<GreyFoxx>try -users
19:25<hads>Read the topic
19:25<GreyFoxx>The Channel mentioned in the topic :)
19:25<Nutsy>oh heh sorry
19:26-!-noisymime [n=josh@nat/ibm/x-5e501589480cf05e] has joined #mythtv
19:33<Nutsy>well no one is helping me there :/
19:35<iamlindoro>It doesn't *matter* if nobody is helping you there... and, in point of fact, *I* am
19:35<iamlindoro>/already did
19:35<Nutsy>oh sorry
19:35<Nutsy>wheres utilities?
19:36<iamlindoro>You are innnnn theeeee wronnnnng channeeeeeeelllll
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19:48-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
19:50<reynaldo>gbee: humm, I'm starting to think this might be a path problem
19:50<reynaldo>did you change the install path for a plugin's ui images?
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23:17<iamlindoro>gbee, That QT painter bug has either re-emerged or wasn't fixed like you though
23:33<iamlindoro>Also, and I'm sure this *is* QT being a bastard, images look nice and smooth when first drawn on the screen as buttons, but as you scroll back and forth through them, they devolve into a blocky pixelated yuck
23:36<iamlindoro>examples and
23:43-!-JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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