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01:21<cesman>WTF:depends=('klibc' $(basename /lib/klibc-*.so .so))
01:22<cesman>ends up with a depends of something like klibc-978random34random79834random27654
01:49<cesman>klibc does provide the .so, so I just removed the basename stuff from the PKGBUILD.
01:49<cesman>anyone see anyproblems w/ that?
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04:08*stuarta starts a campaign to lynch the next person to suggest this be named #mythtv-dev
04:12<stuarta>oh, and good morning everyone
04:16<justinh>morning stuarta, all
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04:18<kishore>what does mythtv use for recording mencoder?
04:19<kishore>what does mythtv use for recording? mencoder?
04:19*stuarta points speculatively at the topic
04:20<justinh>I'm starting to think that no matter what anybody here says, people are always going to consider what they want to walk about a 'dev' topic
04:22<stuarta>there is a fine line sometimes
04:22*justinh reads what he just typed. walk about.. lol
04:22<stuarta>i did wonder
04:23<kishore>i apologize for my query. I thought a question like that was better directed at developers than users
04:23<stuarta>guess we are different, we use this channel to discuss the dev work in progress
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04:45<ivor>stuarta: on the other hand... why not just rename the channel? hmm is there a limit to channel name length? "mythtv-dev-and-not-general-chit-chat-about-mythtv-linux-encoding-hardwaresupport-or-anything-else" lets see people join that one by mistake.
04:46*stuarta lynches ivor
04:46*ivor takes a bow
04:47<stuarta>i will admit, i've been waiting for that one....
04:48<justinh>just launch another channel, #mythtv-noobs. no ops, just a free-for-all. let em have it ;)
04:48<ivor>no they'd still join #mythtv first. less typing.
04:49<justinh>you think that these people are using clients where they have to type stuff to join channels? lol
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04:50<justinh>not very often we see a mistyped 'join #channel' in these parts ;)
04:50<justinh>and you only have to see folks quit messages to know
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07:08<bazzawill-eee>hello people
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11:04<janneg>j-rod: any progress on getting lirc into mainline?
11:04<j-rod>janneg: heh, funny you should ask, mkrufky was just prodding me about that...
11:05<j-rod>I suck and/or have been way too busy this summer, very little progress beyond making sure it works w/the latest kernels
11:05<janneg>i know, we're speaking in #v4l about it right now
11:05<j-rod>Real Soon Now
11:05<laga>wasn't superm1 interested in that, too?
11:07<janneg>j-rod: if you need help just ask. I'm working on the lirc_pvr150/zilog driver now
11:08<janneg>for HD PVR support
11:08<j-rod>janneg: cool, I was *just* poking at that code a little to see how easily I could s/pvr150/zilog/
11:09<j-rod>hrm, I don't even know where this code originated from... what source are you working from?
11:10<janneg>down on the page is a svn import of lirc cvs with the lirc_pvr150 driver
11:12<j-rod>has his code changed much (at all?) recently?
11:12<j-rod>I suspect the version I have in my tree is quite different, did some massive checkpatch cleanups on it
11:13<j-rod>(different format-wise, that is)
11:16<janneg>j-rod: last changes are from 2008-01-11 but doesn't look if it has checkpatch fixes from you
11:16<janneg>do you still have a git tree with lirc? the old one (from 2007) isn't available anymore
11:16<j-rod>crud, okay, I should sync everything up...
11:17<j-rod>yeah, I've got one, but its only on my laptop atm
11:17<j-rod>been meaning to get that published again
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11:27<clever>j-rod: the latest lirc has a lirc_serial which can change the irq/io thru module params
11:27<clever>which completely removes the need to custom compile it
11:27<j-rod>clever: how recently did that go into cvs?
11:27<clever>i think it was 0.8.3
11:28<clever>it came with ubuntu 8.04
11:28<clever>the problem
11:28<clever>it dont work!
11:28<clever>i had to move my pvr150 to a older ubuntu 7.10 and even then it didnt work right away
11:28<clever>i had to revert to an older kernel and the original working .ko files
11:29<clever>the lirc that 7.10 compiled on its own(source package) didnt work either
11:30<j-rod>I have no serial stuff myself... has this all been reported upstream?
11:30<clever>i havent realy talked of it outside the myth channels
11:31<clever>i hooked a scope up to the blaster and i can clearly see the signals and tell keys appart
11:32<clever>i had later tried to scope out the working and broken signals but there was too much noise
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12:09<j-rod>janneg: ok, latest upstream changes merged into my tree... have to run away for a bit, then plan to do some reorg after lunch... (will commit the rename)
12:11<j-rod>then I'll get the tree published again
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12:16<stuarta>grrrr, damn daemon function is ignoring my pidfile setting
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12:31<gbee>wee, fantastic storm here at the moment
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12:43<bacon1989>i'm new to myth tv, is there a way to control, say, a myth tv environment remotely via a mouse and keyboard on another computerz/
12:44<justinh>vnc, freenx
12:44<justinh>or X forwarding, if you're feeling patient
12:44<iamlindoro_>I control my myth box via #mythtv-users
12:44<iamlindoro_>you should check it out
12:44<iamlindoro_>like the topic says
12:44<justinh>heh didn't spot which channel I was in there. whoops
12:45<bacon1989>ah my bad
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13:16<justinh>hrm. I think I might have to take a look at button spreading
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13:24<gbee>sure, I started working on it, but other things took priority
13:25<gbee>since I'm away for a week from Sat, I probably won't be able to do any work on it until I get back, so you are welcome
13:25<justinh>going anywhere nice?
13:26<gbee>nah, just Northumberland
13:26<justinh>that can be nice
13:26*gbee insults everyone up there
13:27<justinh>nice scenery, castles & coastline etc
13:27<gbee>it's not too bad actually, just one part of England that I haven't really got to know very well
13:27<gbee>I was up there a couple of years ago, going back to see the bits I missed
13:28<justinh>I keep threatening to venture up there for a proper holiday.. my wife's from Blyth & there are places she's never seen
13:29<justinh>I'll start digging the code up tonight.. might even make some progress. hahaha
13:29*laga needs to test sphery's patch :/
13:30<laga>gbee: your theme has one ACK, it needs another one to go into intrepid
13:30<gbee>planning a trip over to Farne this time
13:30<gbee>laga: oo!
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13:31<justinh>gbee: say hiya to Bob Langley if you see him. I always see him on Lindisfarne
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13:47<gbee>yum is edging towards my most-hated list
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16:29<j-rod>janneg: after much fighting with gitweb... there should be a new and viable git tree showing up in a sec
16:34<janneg>j-rod: it's there, thanks
16:34<j-rod>janneg: hrm, summary/shortlog/etc don't seem to be working tho
16:35<j-rod>I hate gitweb
16:35<j-rod>I used to have it working just fine, then something changed and it blew up all over itself
16:36<janneg>j-rod: summary looks fine, except one missing image
16:36<j-rod>hrm, could be a proxy interfering here
16:37<janneg>but I can't clone it
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16:39<porcodildo>hi gentlemen
16:41<j-rod>janneg: git server coming "Real Soon Now"
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17:22<j-rod>gitweb is finally behaving
17:24<janneg>looks better now
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17:49<j-rod>janneg: ok, git clone git:// ought to work now
17:50<janneg>j-rod: it does, thanks
17:50<j-rod>now I just need to finish getting these bits in shape to send to lkml...
17:51<j-rod>I should probably just whip up the patch series and send them as-is, dunno when I'll have the time to actually read through all the code looking for remaining insanity
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17:56<janneg>j-rod: I'll have at least a look over the zilog driver and some pending modifications
17:57<j-rod>janneg: cool, any and all review much appreciated
17:57<j-rod>hoping to have a chunk of time this weekend to beat on it w/my wife being out of town...
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18:01*gbee read that as "time this weekend to beat on my wife"
18:01<gbee>glad I was wrong ;)
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20:32<gbee>GreyFoxx: guess that tree fix will be tomorrow then, I really need to go back and rethink the whole update path but since I'm short of time I'm just having to patch over the cracks right now
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22:45<Anduin>gbee: A number of UI quirks (some look like invalidation/paint region problems to me) that I can take care of once you merge, the list view is broken for me (probably my fault, my local tree has a number of other symbol visibility patches). I'm not in love with the gallery navigation change (no wrapping), and I'm thinking of resurrecting the selected page and making it available from INFO or the 'Video Info' menu.
22:45<Anduin>but great work
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