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00:23<Anduin>Ok, so not my fault (new video list view), just broken currently (maybe I should catch up on the commits list)
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04:00<stuarta>morning all
04:01<stuarta>somethings broken on the OSX side i noticed last night
04:01<stuarta>i updated my 0.21-fixes build the other day, and it can't find the themes
04:01<justinh>well, my laptop install is going to be broken soon. hacking on buttonlist :)
04:01<stuarta>goes looking in the build directory
04:01<stuarta>which isn't the install dir, and gets cleaned up
04:02<stuarta>so i'm gunna have to dig in there
04:02<justinh>spent hours figuring out how to get the height of the button area when m_Area.height was (I think) what I needed
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05:03<gbee>Anduin: yeah the list view is currently broken, didn't do enough testing of the tree widget, working on the fix now - wrapping in the gallery is just a optional feature which is currently missing from the list widget, should be added soon
05:05<gbee>I was thinking of having it go to browse mode with that video selected instead of resurrecting the selected page, in terms of layout they were both identical in the old theme
05:06<gbee>just a thought anyway
05:10<justinh>well, this ain't crashing but it ain't doin what it's sposed to do. heh
05:11<justinh>maybe I've misunderstood something here. is m_rows the number of rows in mythbuttonlist ?
05:11<gbee>Anduin: there are various other little jobs which need doing, I'm running short of time so the merge might have to wait
05:11<gbee>justinh: yes
05:13<justinh>ta. I'll keep plugging away til I hit something :)
05:17<gbee>justinh: well m_rows is the total number of visible rows if the list is full, it's not the number of actual items in a list
05:18<justinh>yeah I got that bit. I meant visible rows
05:19<justinh>seems to be doing $stuff, just need to tweak the maths I think
05:20<gbee>currently we calculate each button position just one, when the widget is created, instead we need to do it every time SetPositionArrowStates() is called
05:21<justinh>I had a feeling it wouldn't be as simple as I originally thought. heh
05:23<gbee>justinh: might be able to just tweak my original patch, just checked and I got further than I remembered
05:28<justinh>doh. I wasn't even playing with themedmenu.cpp
05:29<gbee>justinh: you don't want to be
05:29<justinh>mythuibuttonlist ?
05:30<justinh>yeah I was furtling around with GetButtonPosition
05:31<justinh>was / am
05:31<justinh>if nothing else, it's good to play. I might lern sumfink
05:33<justinh>I dunno how but I ended up with an unpatched mythtv overnight. had to reinstate your diff
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05:56<justinh>my problem is, I still want to be a programmer when I grow up
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06:51<ivor>you'll never grow up.
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06:53<gbee>installed mfe yet?
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07:02<justinh>heh. the beeb trial of dvb-t2 was successful, it has been alleged
07:22<gbee>configure needs to check for lXxf86vm
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08:52<janneg>j-rod: I'm killing all checkpatch errors atm
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09:38<GreyFoxx>the video metadata (for mythvideo) is spread accross a couple tables, but most is in I think "videometadata"
09:38<GreyFoxx>oops meant for the -users channel :)
09:46<j-rod>janneg: been a while since I've run checkpatch over the patch, used to be nearly silent... :\
09:46<j-rod>guess I should put that on the todo list again
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10:06<janneg>j-rod: I killed at least 30 errors, checkpatch got probably stricter
10:06<j-rod>yeah, I'd assume that'd be the case
10:18<janneg>j-rod: I'm pushing my fixes to a public place, it'll take a while with only 90kB/s
10:20<j-rod>janneg: np, I'm not in any kind of hurry (yet). :)
10:21<j-rod>janneg: speaking of the hd-pvr... I think I'm going to be purchasing one within a week or two... I haven't kept abreast of the driver progress or mythtv integration progress. Seemed it was at least sort of working a while back, based on some trac entries
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10:27<janneg>j-rod: there are still things to do but it is working
10:28<j-rod>janneg: would I be asking for trouble if I were to patch the driver into the Fedora kernels? I presume its pretty well self-contained though, so it shouldn't cause issues for anyone w/o an hd-pvr
10:29*janneg is wondering if there is a way to throttle the git push, irc over laggy ssh connection is not fun
10:30<stuarta>qos in your iptables
10:30<stuarta>however by the time you get it setup, your push will have finished
10:30<janneg>quality of service won't hep since I'm pushing over ssh to the same host
10:30<stuarta>does the git push go via a different port?
10:31<stuarta>ie. !ssh
10:31*stuarta rereads
10:32<stuarta>nm me
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11:19<j-rod>someone kill me. I'm posting s390 kernel ptrace patches now.
11:26*stuarta chuckles
11:28<Anduin>gbee: The passwords aren't obscured because we don't do it elsewhere, if your kids are querying your MySQL database they have already been corrupted. That said, if someone cares enough to submit a patch I'd apply it (though I don't think it is even on the crazy wiki wish list)
11:29<gbee>fair enough
11:29<Anduin>gbee: I've switched over to running your branch so if you don't mind I may commit small fixes there
11:37<gbee>Anduin: np, still a few things to do, not sure how much I'll get done before I go away though
11:39<gbee>making things like the reload after scanning/searches smoother are on that list, aim to have it keep position within the lists etc
11:41<gbee>still working on the parent controls, again got a little carried away there in order to structure it so that we can query the password with non-blocking dialogs
11:44<Anduin>gbee: Ok, I'll keep away from those, most of what I'll go after is visual/paint with minor state stuff (like initial view), and I probably won't do any of it until the weekend.
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12:02<gbee>playing with the browse screen theme atm, we could do something like this
12:02<gbee>or I could just keep that idea for my own theme ;)
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12:08<styelz>thats perdy
12:09<styelz>finnaly tweaked metalurgy, now i got w/s stream ui
12:09<styelz>never fiddled with this before
12:10<styelz>cant figure out how to make the harvest browser height bigger though :
12:11<styelz>er sorry wrong chan
12:12<Anduin>gbee: I like it as well (except the vertical space lost just for a reflection!)
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12:15<gbee>yeah, I threw in the reflection just for the sake of it
12:16<gbee>in terms of information displayed it manages everything that the old browse mode did, but I agree you could fit more in there without the reflections
12:18<gbee>I shouldn't have risen to the bait about mythui previews, just knew that however many caveats and alpha-quality type warnings I gave that people would still find reason to be unhappy
12:18<Anduin>Yeah, my only worry is about how it would look in the default theme (non-wide), it is not like that page is normally packed with info
12:20<Anduin>I like how the questions are on the dev list where presumably people occasionally look at trunk
12:21<gbee>just switched to 800x600, wouldn't look too bad except it's all stretched wrong
12:26<gbee>of course there is nothing to say that the -wide and non-wide themes have to show the same thing, in fact it's better if a HD theme makes full use of the space available rather than seeking to copy an SD resolution layout
12:27<Anduin>How does the reflection look on an actual TV? (I only ask because I was surprised at how bad my first attempts looked when I did the semi-transparent search wait screen)
12:29<Anduin>and yeah, wide themes seem to be almost identical, at one point I had considered just generating wide/non from the same source to make the video theme updates less dreadful
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12:38<gbee>I'll have to get back to you on the reflection/tv thing, last time I checked they looked great on a HD tv, but that was back when I first implemented it
12:39<iamlindoro_>Still do
12:39<iamlindoro_>(from playing w/ reflect ion both of mine)
12:39<gbee>no idea how they'd turn out on a SD res CRT TV
12:40<Anduin>Yeah, it is only SD I'd worry about, and I'm not all that worried, just suspect that it may be a waste there.
12:41<gbee>nothing lost to leave the reflections off the non-wide theme, as I said before I added them just because I could, it was really the ribbon effect browsing that I was interested in playing with
12:42<gbee>first version just showed the coverart/titles for the previous and next page, which works well enough and frees up some space
12:42<Anduin>Yeah, I like it, fixes one of browse modes big faults
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12:46<gbee>I love how wildly inaccurate or just plain bad some of these imdb descriptions are
12:52<Anduin>We just grab the first one (or shortest if using, so there may be a better one, you just don't get to pick it. If we switch to omdb you will have no complaints (most movies don't even have plot descriptions, in English)
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13:01<gbee>there's a good question, could mythtv feed back user entered descriptions to omdb? ala cddb?
13:01<gbee>I'd like to add plot and other metadata editing to mythvideo, if some of that could then optionally be uploaded again for others to benefit that would be pretty cool
13:02<Anduin>I don't know how many plots people would be willing to enter via remote, but I think it would be possible (still need to look at their REST API)
13:05<gbee>might not be many, but if we're going to use OMDB then helping to improve it wouldn't be a bad idea
13:09<Anduin>Yeah, I'm going to work on omdb support soon. I really doubt the third time I ask IMDB for permission will be the charm. Currently I'll probably remove or stub it to use and work up instructions for complying with IMDB's terms, then make changing search scripts easier (and easier to pick individually at search time).
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13:40<gbee>I might actually start using mythvideo in the future, for longer term storage of recorded films etc
13:42<janneg>j-rod: git://
13:42<janneg>4 errors, 46 warnings left
13:43<GreyFoxx>gbee: hehe My mythvideo archive is much larger than my currentl recordings :)
13:43<GreyFoxx>I've ripped all my dvd's, including all of the TV sets to individual files
13:43<GreyFoxx>and encoded some shows over the years
13:43<janneg>the errors are while loops without statements, not sure how to fix those
13:45<j-rod>janneg: cloning now... jeez, I swear I had like 4 errors, 2 warnings at one point.
13:45<janneg>the warnings are 4 different classes, externs in .c files, typedefs, CVS keywords and semaphore usage as mutex
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13:46<janneg>I didn't removed the cvs keywords for further syncing
13:49<janneg>semaphore -> mutex conversion should be simple
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13:58<janneg>j-rod: the last commit was bogus, I've used commit --amend
13:59<j-rod>initial git clone still in-progress...
14:02<janneg>j-rod: you know that you just could have added that repo as remote to your repo and fetch just my changes?
14:02<j-rod>janneg: d'oh. my git-fu sucks.
14:07<janneg>j-rod: well bandwidth is free but the server is a little bit io handicapped
14:08<justinh>gbee: if I ever get tvout working on my laptop I'll let you know how the reflections look ;)
14:08<j-rod>janneg: aha. np. I'll just kill the clone and figure out how to add a remote.
14:10<janneg>git remote add NAME URL
14:10<janneg>git fetch NAME
14:28<janneg>j-rod: are you still pulling?
14:29<j-rod>I killed the clone, added a remote, then started a pull, but it doesn't seem to be doing much atm
14:29<janneg>yes, load over 25 atm
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14:42<janneg>j-rod: server is rebooting and should be comming back with more resources
14:43<j-rod>janneg: virt guest?
14:43<j-rod>or just threw in a new disk array? :)
14:46<janneg>xen domU
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14:56<janneg>j-rod: please try again
14:57<j-rod>janneg: git fetching now...
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15:00<gbee>janneg: just checking, you don't intend to do the re-sync merge in the next two days? If not I'll grab a copy of the branch so I can test the mythmusic stuff
15:01<laga>gbee: now i'm offering to pet my cats and take pictures during that just to get your package into intrepid. you owe me. ;)+
15:02<gbee>thanks then :)
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15:03<gbee>do I want to know why someone wants pictures of your cats?
15:03<laga>it's blackmail, kinda. if they don't review the package, i'm not petting them
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15:04<janneg>gbee: I do roughly weekly resyncs and I heven't done one this week
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15:05<gbee>janneg: sorry, I meant the merge to trunk svn, I just want the changes so I can play with mythmusic on holiday
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15:09<janneg>gbee: no, I won't commit it this week
15:13<j-rod>janneg: I swear I already made some of those fixes (at least the return (-EXYZ) -> return -EXYZ ones), but I guess not...
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15:16<j-rod>dunno how that dangling brace got in, thought I successfully built w/that last night
15:19<gbee>ok, guess I've got to play with git again
15:28<janneg>j-rod: no problem, it was easily fixed
15:28<j-rod>janneg: much appreciated -- I merged everything and pushed it out in my tree as well
15:29<j-rod>remaining stuff doesn't look too hairy
15:35<janneg>there are a couple of gcc warnings left, some of them look like bugs
15:36<janneg>and kcompat.h should be cleaned
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15:38<j-rod>yeah, kcompat.h should die entirely
15:38<j-rod>likely so should the lirc_serial warning spew messages
15:39<j-rod>haven't taken notice of any other gcc warnings yet...
15:39*j-rod adds more to the todo list
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15:41*janneg would have started to fix them if kbuild hadn't decided to do a full kernel rebuild
15:42<janneg>after I tried make -C drivers/input/lirc clean
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15:47<j-rod>d'oh, stupid kbuild
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17:24<janneg>j-rod: kcompat.h is almost gone
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17:56<janneg>j-rod: kcompat.h is gone
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18:38<justinh>gbee: can you remember the approx. version number your myththemedmenu.diff was taken from? I'd like to be able to continue what I started today but my install got in a mess
18:39<justinh>duh nevermind I could revert to 18120 or so
18:40<gbee>diff should say
18:41<justinh>oh stupid me
18:41<justinh>thanks gbee :)
18:44<justinh>18122 it is
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19:29<justinh>woo segfaulty. maybe it'd just be better to try & fix the patch & work from there instead
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22:15<Chutt>"Canceled recording (Recorder Failed)" :(
22:19<Chutt>2008-09-03 19:57:02.078 HDHRChan(1011bcc4/0), Error: Set request failed
22:19<Chutt> eno: Success (0)
22:19<Chutt>2008-09-03 19:57:02.078 TVRec(5) Error: Failed to set channel to 408. Revertingto kState_None
22:19<Chutt>that doesn't look right
22:21<Chutt>it works fine in livetv
22:26<Chutt>... and another recording on the same tuner / same channel works fine
22:26<Chutt>danielk22, should hdhr requests try multiple times?
22:31<Chutt>actually, looks like they've changed the libhdhomerun control code quite a bit
22:31<Chutt>in recent driver releases
22:31<Chutt>how it timesout/etc
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