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04:15<stuarta>morning all
04:18<justinh>mornin. it's only bleddy friday :D
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07:52<gbee>guys, the frontend has upnp server capabilities in 0.21? How would they be disabled?
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08:11*laga unhums
08:12*stuarta ho hums
08:14<gbee>appear not server, but it does announce itself as a client to every machine on the subnet
08:16<gbee>since Vista etc automatically inform users of such events it's potentially embarrassing if not insecure (as Justin just found out when his work colleagues were all informed that he had started mfe on his machine)
08:16*gbee waves at justinh
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08:48<GreyFoxx>Doh :)
08:49<GreyFoxx>-d disabled upnp auto discovery, but I don't know if that stops you from announcing your presence or responding to other upnp searches
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08:52<GreyFoxx>oops :)
08:52<okolsi>colleague of mine was very impressed with auto discovery.. he's not very involved in latest Myth advances.. anyway installed Myth to his new Asus eee PC and backend was automatically found without any special configs :) It was very cool etc. he told me :)
08:54<justinh>might be worth running wireshark to see if -d is enough
09:10<gbee>GreyFoxx: not sure if auto-discovery is to blame here, it might be, in which case we obviously don't want to disable it by default
09:15<stuarta>announce is a bit different to discovery
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09:30<justinh>nah running it with -d it still sends its broadcasts oot
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09:53<gbee>slowest lossless transcode in history going on here - running at an average of 14fps
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11:24<Dubstar_04>join #mythtv-users
11:24<Dubstar_04>ooops sorry
11:29<sphery>Heh. #5670 is the "compiled without MMX support" issue/bug that allows us to see when people compile incorrectly on "real" machines.
11:29<GreyFoxx>Blue shifted preview video ? :)
11:29<GreyFoxx>does the preview video work in trunk?
11:30<GreyFoxx>Though I suppose he's likely not using trunk
11:30<sphery>On ARM, though, so danielk22 may actually have to fix the indicator, this time.
11:30<laga>maybe you can make the fix only work on ARM
11:33<GreyFoxx>hmmm screenshots do work, but with QT4 it seems myth must have focus
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11:44<gnome42>Hi, looks like #4810 can be closed. User resolved the issue by upgrading.
11:45<laga>gbee: your theme is being uploaded now
11:45<iamlindoro_>laga: You're not running any private PPA w/ trunk builds, are you?
11:46<gbee>laga: great :)
11:46<laga>iamlindoro_: no
11:46<laga>iamlindoro_: it's public ;)
11:46<iamlindoro_>laga: Ah, seems the trunk repos only gives latest fixes ATM
11:47*iamlindoro_ goes to users so as to not be a hypocrite :)
11:47<laga>yeah, right
11:47<laga>just for the record: plugins doesnt build yet, i need to fix the packaging
11:52<janneg>stoth: hi, I have a Nova-S2 right next to me on my desk
11:52<janneg>but I still have to find a good place for the dish
11:53<janneg>or I have burn a building down to get free sight to the sat
11:53<stoth>burn it... BURN IT!
11:54<Dubstar_04>I've got some matches
11:54<stoth>I put some sat fixes into tree last night, after another user found a sat problem.
11:54<laga>stoth: is that a new API?
11:54<janneg>yeah, I've seen it
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11:56<stoth>laga: y
11:57<stoth>It also nas an odd dvb-t issue that I'll fix tonight.
11:57*laga wipes away a tear of joy
11:59<janneg>well, nothing is merged yet
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12:39<gbee>this new API, is there any thought that at some point in the future support will be added for the old protocols, in addition to the next gen - so simplifying things for app devs?
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12:41<janneg>gbee: old protocols should also be tuneable with the new api
12:41<janneg>so an app not caring for supporting old kernels can only use the new api
12:41<gbee>janneg: cool, that's the only question I had
12:46<gbee>there is always going to be a limit to how far back Myth can support kernels with new releases, I feel it's only reasonable that going forward it makes sense to maintain one API and not two, so as long as the new API has backwards support for first gen digital kit it should eventually replace the old support in Myth
12:47<gbee>unless of course someone steps up to maintain both and assuming both APIs continue to be maintained
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12:48<gbee>I don't see the former happening - i.e. enough people willing to support two different APIs for the same thing in MythTV
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12:49<gbee>anyway, good luck with it stoth - it was long overdue IMHO
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12:59<gbee>GreyFoxx: going to try and fix the known remaining issues with buttontree, but if I can't then I'll just commit what I've got so far, it allows deeper navigation of the tree but exposes at least one other bug
12:59<GreyFoxx>Cool. I'll try it out whenever you update it
12:59<gbee>since I don't expect the mythvideo branch to be merged before I get back it shouldn't cause problems
12:59<GreyFoxx>Vacation ?
13:00<gbee>yeah, week away in the north
13:00<gbee>need to start packing soon
13:01<GreyFoxx>hope you have fun :)
13:02<gbee>weather's not looking great - heavy rain storms ... but I've never let a bit of water stop me ;)
13:03<GreyFoxx>heh we are suppose to get what's left of the storm down south this weekend (Hanna I think it'scalled)
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15:39<[mbm]>There appearsw to be a PMT parsing bug in the ATSC/QAM/DVB code when the PMT extends over more than one frame
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15:45<janneg>[mbm]: you mean over more than one ts packet?
15:47<[mbm]>janneg: seems to be
15:49<[mbm]>(<-- silicondust) I've got a user complaining of a HDhomeRun problem on a station that sends a two part PMT
15:49<[mbm]>the problem "magically" goes away if the HDHomeRun rewrites the PMT
15:50<[mbm]>which suggests a parsing problem with the original PMT
15:50<[mbm]>far as I can determine the only odd thing about it is that it's split into two because it extends past the 188 byte mark
15:51<[mbm]>see for an explaination from the user's perspective
15:51<janneg>hmm, there is code that handles it correctly for other tables. I can test NITs and SDTs spanning multiple ts packets and it works fine
15:52<iamlindoro_>HA, I *knew* it would be the KQED guy from the users list
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15:53*janneg wonders that they stuff into the pmt to make it larger than 184 byte
15:53<iamlindoro_>The one thing I would add to that report is that it *does* seem unique to the HDHR as others in our area are able to receive it OTA with other hardware (I believe this is covered at great length on the users list)
15:53<[mbm]>a side note - it appears that the "Quick Tuning" feature that mythtv uses to program the HDHomeRun appears to be broken on whatever version the user is running
15:53<janneg>[mbm]: do you have a sample of the broken recording?
15:54<[mbm]>sure, just a sec
15:54<janneg>the breakage is in a different part as I first suspected
15:57<[mbm]>btw do you want the entire stream or just the PMT?
15:57<janneg>[mbm]: I don't know what quick tuning does for the HDHR but for ATSC/DVB over linux dvb subsystem it decides that it is on the right channel after seing a matching PMT instead on waiting for the more precise SDT
15:58<janneg>[mbm]: 1mb of the stream if it begins with PAT + PMT
15:58<[mbm]>normally MythTV does the PID handling itself, slowly building up the filters as it parses each table
15:59<[mbm]>for the HDHR there's the option of just telling the HDHR what program you want to record
15:59<[mbm]>which then sets the HDHR's PID filters and rewrites the PMT
15:59<janneg>[mbm]: the mpeg recorder handles multi packet tables, our modified libavformat mpeg ts demuxer not
16:00<[mbm]>(the PMT rewriting is because some MPEG decoders are braindead and will attempt to play streams which ahve been filtered out)
16:01<janneg>that quick tuning makes sense for devices with processor and increased latency of pid filters
16:04<[mbm]>~ 16M raw transport
16:06<janneg>thanks, I'll look at it
16:06<iamlindoro_>[mbm]: Is the HDHR capable of forgoing the rewriting and just streaming the full transport (for multirec, currently not possible w/ the HDHR)
16:07<[mbm]>iamlindoro_: sure, exactly how I captured it
16:07<iamlindoro_>Hmm, guess it's just unimplemented in the myth hdhr recorder, then
16:08<janneg>well it doesn't have to stream the full multiplex. it just have to have enough pid filters available
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16:09<[mbm]>each tuner on the HDHR has a streaming target and PID filter
16:10<[mbm]>iamlindoro_: have you poked around with the hdhomerun_config util yet?
16:11<iamlindoro_>[mbm]: I don't own one, was just curious about which side of the equation currently prevented multirec + HDHR
16:12<iamlindoro_>That said, as most available muxes in the us range from awful to really really awful, it's mostly moot ;)
16:12<[mbm]>the only caveat I see is that the Quick Tuning wouldn't be possible with multirec
16:12<[mbm]>you'd need to build the PID filters from MythTV
16:12<danielk22>there is no technical reason the hdhr doesn't support multirec
16:13<danielk22>It's only that ATSC secondary streams are not really worth the effort.
16:13<iamlindoro_>I have multiple QAM tuners and have never had occasion to use multirec as I have no interest in watching one decent channel while simultaneously recording community college TV, heh
16:14<danielk22>MythTV will seemlessly switch from using the hdhr pid filtering mechanism to it's own when the number of filters needed exceeds the capabilities of the hardware.
16:14<[mbm]>iamlindoro_: the over the air ATSC isn't too bad .. it's only when you deal with the cable systems that you see the really nasty stuff
16:15<iamlindoro_>[mbm]: I live in the shadow of a giant hill in SJ in between me and the signal source, with 60 miles to Sutro tower... QAM for me!
16:15<[mbm]>oh, while we're talking about MythTV and the HDHR, I've noticed that it will fail miserably if it loses the control connection to the HDHR (doesn't seem to be smart enough to simply reconnect)
16:16<[mbm]>iamlindoro_: apartment complex, ground floor, surrounded by concrete buildings that almost completely block ATSC
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16:22<janneg>the PMT is ugly and spans multiple ts packets
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16:26<janneg>danielk22: our ts demuxer doesn't seem to handle multi ts packet PMTs
16:27<janneg>ffmpeg seems to handle it just fine
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16:32<danielk22>janneg: I don't know if it was designed to handle those when we forked the ts demuxer. It isn't normally a problem because we rewrite the PMT to only contain the streams we actually record.
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16:34<janneg>danielk22: we normally record all audio and video streams from the PMT
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16:35<janneg>and this PMT spans 2 packets since the added many descriptors for the audio streams
16:37<[mbm]>hmm what part normally rewrites the PMT? figured that was somewhat unique to the HDHR
16:38<[mbm]>(and if I remember right that feature defaults to off for recordings)
16:39<janneg>the dtv recorder class in mythtv
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17:32<danielk22>janne: I think multi-segment pmt's must have worked in the past, they are present on DVB-S streams sometimes, and multi-segment pat's are definately present on DVB-S streams, not much reason to handle the two separately during the assembly stage.
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18:19<janneg>gbee: new ffmpeg sync, I could refresh the patch if you're interested
18:21<gbee>janneg: that would be great, if you have the time
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18:22<janneg>one moment
18:31-!-jokeinthe [] has joined #mythtv
18:31<jokeinthe> how do i get knoppmyth to boot in tv-out mode
18:34<jokeinthe>anyone? :O
18:35<jokeinthe>what about xfering videos from a windows machine to the mythtv
18:35<[mbm]>try #mythtv-users
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18:39<gbee>Hasn't Erik run out of problems yet? Did he skip over a whole bunch the first time around or something?
18:44<janneg>took a little bit longer since I had to wait for compilation
18:45<gbee>janneg: great, thanks, should give me something to do :)
18:49<janneg>you're welcome. I haven't tried the libav decoder in mythmusic
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18:53<gbee>it's a bit flaky with mp3s currently, if things haven't improved then I'll postpone dropping libmad
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19:03<gbee>might be that we make the existing external lib decoders optional, using libav if they aren't available
19:13<janneg>huh, I didn't know we depend on libmad
19:17<gbee>mythmusic does
19:19<gbee>plus libvorbis, libogg, liboggfile, libflac, optionally libfaad/faac
19:19<gbee>and probably one I've forgotten
19:19<gbee>janneg: but it's done directly, not through libav
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19:24<janneg>ah, yes I know that. I had main configure in mind
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19:42<danielk22>gbee: Eric has moved on to the plugins now. :) + there were some bugs that were hidden by bugs that are now fixed so he is seeing them in new scans.
19:47<gbee>hey I'm not complaining :)
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20:48<quentusrex_lapto>Where are mythtv frontend settings stored? mysql settings? or in a flat file?
20:50<kormoc>the settings table
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23:23<Gimpy>hi all, i need some help i can't find a driver for pinnacle pci-700 card, when i run lspc the card shows up but program cant find card
23:24<iamlindoro>see topic
23:25<Gimpy>iamlindora, ok but where else to ask this is the only channle i know of that deals with video capturing
23:26<iamlindoro>Gimpy, the topic *tells* you where to go
23:26-!-rdvon [] has joined #mythtv
23:26<rdvon>is the mythtv anymore lively then mediaportal/
23:26<iamlindoro>*sigh*, read *topic*
23:26<rdvon>Just did.
23:27<rdvon>maybe you should make this support and make a separate channel for dev stuff.
23:27<rdvon>That's just me.
23:27<iamlindoro>You're the first person to mention that
23:27<rdvon>it sounds like it happens alot
23:27<Gimpy>lamlindoro, my blind *** can't see topic,
23:28<iamlindoro>"This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users."
23:29<rdvon>Ubuntu has #ubuntu for user support and #ubuntu-devel for development
23:29<clever>mythtv likes to be backwards:P
23:33<jams>my hobby is to visit #ubuntu and ask for development help
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