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06:08<RoflCoptr>what's the best hardware i can buy for a myth based htpc?
06:09<justinh>what's the best type of baseball bat for hitting noobs with?
06:10<justinh>oh wait that's not a good comparison, because I was specific
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06:28<frink_>Whats the best cable to use to connect my mythtv box to my television?
06:28<frink_>And what colour?
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10:17<j-rod>whee, new toy on the way -- acer aspire one. very curious to see how well it handles hdtv playback in mythtv...
10:18*laga hands j-rod some h264 HD files
10:18*j-rod watches AAO croak
10:18<j-rod>1.6GHz Intel Atom proc, GMA950 video
10:19<j-rod>2x the cores barely handles h264 HD (at least at 1080p)
10:20<laga>yeah :/
10:20<j-rod>laga: did you have opportunity to play w/that igorplug, by chance?
10:20<laga>j-rod: no. we only have broken ones and i need to get my friend to fix it. i havent seen a git archive, tho
10:21<j-rod>heh, "only have broken ones", are they fragile or something?
10:21<j-rod>git archive?
10:21<j-rod>you mean that?
10:22<j-rod>s/http/git/ to clone
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10:22<GreyFoxx>j-rod: I want a couple of those myself
10:22<j-rod>I've also got it available as a patch series
10:22<GreyFoxx>though I'd rather the AMD low power board, but that's not out yet
10:22<j-rod>GreyFoxx: broken igorplugs or the AAO? :)
10:23<laga>j-rod: no, broken by design kind of. my friend made them and some things are missing to stabilize power supply i think ;)
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10:23<GreyFoxx>the Atom board :)
10:23<laga>i'm not sure if the problem applies to igor's original design as well
10:23<j-rod>yeah, I figured -- $330 for the AAO at newegg
10:24<GreyFoxx>,1997-14.html That looks really sweet
10:24<j-rod>will have to perform a wee bit of surgery on it though
10:39<janneg>j-rod: I haven't tested the lirc_serial yet
10:39<j-rod>janneg: np, I'm slightly stalled myself
10:39<j-rod>no problems whatsoever with either lirc_mceusb or lirc_mceusb2, but I haven't yet touched lirc_i2c
10:40<j-rod>and trying to get some info out of mike re: lirc_zilog and this hauppauge code, binary blobs, etc
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10:41<janneg>re lirc_zilog I think the name should stay. it is the name mkrufky suggested. lirc_hauppauge would be confusing since there are many hauppauge devices that can't use it
10:41<janneg>for the blob I don't know that to do
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10:42<janneg>I guess we could omit the blaster but I don't know if the receiver code still differs enough from lirc_i2c
10:45<janneg>I think the undistributeable blob would be fine from lkml perspective if a script can extract it from the windows driver
10:47<janneg>or if it could be moved to user space, i.e. the byte sequence it writes to the blaster is in the lirc config
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11:05<janneg>stoth j-rod: the original author of the lirc driver for the zilog raised some issues which could block the kernel inclusion of the driver
11:06<j-rod>janneg: re: the name, that's the same arg I gave back to the author. He said ultimately, he didn't really care what the name was.
11:06<janneg>it uses a blob which is basicly the ir database from the windows driver
11:07<stoth>janneg: I understand.
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11:09<janneg>j-rod: ok, so it is lirc_zliog then
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11:10<j-rod>so perhaps we need a "firmware" package for it that contains the binary blob?
11:10<stoth>Zilog is perhaps a bad choice of naming, but I'm not going to argue.
11:10<stoth>I doub't we can license the firmware.
11:11<stoth>I'd ben happy to make the .dll and any extract scripts permantly aval from if you need some hosting support though.
11:11<j-rod>didn't mean the actual firmware running on the thing, but the ir database from the windows driver, distributed as a loadable firmware, more or less
11:11<janneg>stoth: _hauppauge would be bad choice to, nad lirc_hauppauge_zilog is ridiculous long
11:11<stoth>zilog is a cpu, the module is really for the firmware running on it.
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11:12<j-rod>stoth: probably worth taking you up on the hosting support, once we figure out what needs to go where...
11:12<janneg>stoth: true, but since there aren't many ir devices using a zilog cpu it's not that bad
11:13<stoth>again, I'm not going to argue... good to have support regardless of a minor naming hangup.
11:14<janneg>stoth: the problem with the extraction script is that there is none. if I understood the the author correctly he replayed and captured all commands
11:15<janneg>stoth: I don't think lirc_zilog is perfect name but I can't come up with a better one
11:15*j-rod kidding
11:17<j-rod>but yeah, I agree with janneg's understanding of how the author got the thing working
11:19<stoth>janneg: Didn't he write a VB app that exercises the API then he captured the i2c bus using a different tool, right?
11:23<janneg>stoth: I don't know but I think at least principle that's that he did
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11:44<cojonuo>hello guys
11:45<cojonuo>a question about mythVideo, is posible get mythVideo dirs by other plugin??
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13:24<j-rod>janneg/stoth: mkrufky seems to think there's no reason lirc_zilog couldn't go in either
13:25*j-rod checks to see if there's a #lirc...
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13:25<joe>g'morning j-rod
13:25<j-rod>not particularly populated, but its there...
13:25<j-rod>joe: good afternoon to you. :)
13:26<j-rod>1:30pm over here, I should think about actually eating something...
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13:36<stoth>j-rod: Yes.
13:36<stoth>j-rod: I see no reason not to merge it.
13:37<j-rod>stoth: cool, we were just talking over in #lirc too w/mkrufky
13:37<j-rod>telephone tag
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22:52<Chutt>"But supporting 1080i on a 10" diagonal display would make no sense whatsoever."
22:52<Chutt>I guess I shouldn't be playing 1080p on a 4" display
22:53<Chutt>the users list is amusing =)
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23:37<j-rod>users is funny
23:38<kormoc>I like the talk of an online remote when mythweb comes with one
23:38<j-rod>heh, remotes
23:38<j-rod>I've got 'em on the brain
23:38<j-rod>*almost* done with the 18-patch series to send to lkml
23:39<kormoc>I'm resizing the stride/stripe-width on my main data partition on the fly... I hope beyond hope that it didn't corrupt it :P
23:40<j-rod>I'm still rockin' my 12-port 3ware card
23:40<j-rod>though some day, it'd be nice to drop down from 12 spindles
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23:40<j-rod>although for the new england winter, I could just move my backend upstairs
23:40<j-rod>heat the house
23:40<kormoc>Aye, it's on a md raid 5, but I just found out that tune2fs can change the ext3 stride/stripe-width for the filesystem on the fly, in theory helps ext3 thoughput on raid 5/6 a fair bit, and in theory, okay to do on the fly
23:41<kormoc>I love 3ware/hardware raid, but for home stuff, it's hard to justify, and it's not quite as feature complete as mdadm is these days
23:42<j-rod>that reminds me, one of the drives in my array is spitting smart errors...
23:42<j-rod>going to redo my array some day soonish, hopefully, and go ext4
23:43<kormoc>Woot. fsck finished, my data is all safe
23:43<kormoc>is ext4 production ready?
23:45<kormoc>ooh! not bad, almost 20% increase in write speed with the correct stride/stripe-width settings (21 mb/s to 25 mb/s)
23:53<j-rod>its pretty damned close to production-ready
23:53<j-rod>plus, I have our fs guys on speed dial
23:53<j-rod>and/or, just down the hall
23:54<j-rod>main guy is actually in MN tho
23:55<kormoc>Heh, yeah, that helps ya, but not so much for me :)
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