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00:06<j-rod>bombs away!
00:06<j-rod>18000 lines of new code, coming to an lkml mailbox near you...
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00:26<j-rod>and on that note, time for some sleep
00:26*kormoc waves
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00:43<iamlindoro>janneg, for whenever you wake up, it appears the ffmpeg sync breaks --enable-libfaad, reverting to stock ffmpeg fixes it
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05:22<laga>j-rod: congratulations, you're on heise ;)
05:23<laga>the article basically mentions that you're going to integrate lirc into mainline
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05:28*janneg decides to boycott heise since he is not mentioned ;)
05:51<stuarta>poor you :(
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09:45<DHvE>wird hier auch Deutsch gesprochen?
09:46<DHvE>Anyone out there who could answer me some Questions about DVB-S2 on MythDora 5.0`
09:46<teprrr>DHvE, see topic and go to #mythtv-users
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09:47<DHvE>thanks a lot seen it already ...
09:47<DHvE>im not the fastet... ^^
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10:51<laga>for the record: there's also #mythtv-de for german speaking users
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11:05<Cyberai>I'm having a problem getting the firewire kernel modules installed. i've tried installing via the rpm's and also from source, yet an lsmod doesn't show them. Can anyone help me force these in?
11:06<justinh>try forcing yourself in #mythtv-users
11:07<Cyberai>my apologies, wrong channel, but thanks for the extra rude!
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11:52<okolsi>gnome42: you around? just attached backtrace to the ticket..
11:55<gnome42>okolsi: yup, happened to be driving by the keyboard .. I'll take a look
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12:02<okolsi>is it possible that you just can't jump immediately from frame 0, that there are some playback initializations etc. still in progress..? (just guessing here)
12:02<okolsi>with jump I mean automatic commskip
12:03<gnome42>Yeah, could be. But it's working fine for me :/
12:03<okolsi>okay.. that's good news :)
12:03<gnome42>okolsi: So, it doesn't crash the frontend, it just freezes forever?
12:04<okolsi>yeah.. exactly
12:05<okolsi>I could test without 2x deinterlacer or something like that, haven't have that much time to play around with this
12:06<okolsi>If I remember correctly, the current code has something like (framesPlayed + 2) in one if().. that looks interesting..
12:08<gnome42>Yeah, that's the bit I changed. I think it was responsible for the first commercial not getting skipped. (Not sure if that was intentional or not though)
12:09<okolsi>okay.. btw I have mpeg2 DVB-T recordings and remote fe, running through WLAN.. so little bit slower connection there
12:10<okolsi>thinking about timing issues..
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13:03<gnome42>okolsi: Yeah, I'm stumped, nothing sticks out as a problem. As a wild guess, based on the backtrace you could try this debug hack to see if it changes anything ...
13:04<gnome42>One new line added there 'debug test'
13:05<okolsi>I'll try it
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13:21<okolsi>gnome42: no luck, freezes still. Disabling interlacing didn't help, I'll see how it works in fe within backend machine
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13:37<okolsi>gnome42: same freezing in another machine (with the first patch applied)
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13:44<Gimpy>Hi all, need help with mythtv backend not starting
13:47<Anduin>Gimpy: the dev channel isn't an alternate for when things are taking too long in #mythtv-users
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13:48<Gimpy>oops ok, now i know the diff between the 2 channles
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14:14<gnome42>okolsi: ok, I'm at a loss. :) Maybe someone else has some insight into that backtrace. You could also try other videosync methods besides openGL.
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14:23<okolsi>gnome42: I'll try.. If I find something I'll update the ticket
14:23<okolsi>gnome42: thanks for looking into this!
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15:05<gnome42>okolsi: no prob! Sorry we didn't make any real progress for you. My comm skipping is good now though. :)
15:20<gnome42>okolsi: oh, one other easy check would be to run the frontend with -v all on the off chance we can deduce what it's doing when its frozen.
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15:29<Cardoe>does the frontend need the FrequencyTables?
15:30<j-rod>laga: I don't know more than 2 words of german, so I presume that post says nothing more than "this guy submitted lirc for kernel inclusion"... :)
15:32<j-rod>google makes a mess of the translation, but I think I get the gist of it. :)
15:33<j-rod>and yeah, they shoulda mentioned janneg, he's way quicker on the uptake than I am at fixing some of this stuff...
15:33<j-rod>response on lkml has been positive so far, but lots of little things to fix here and there
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15:35<Cardoe>j-rod: so lirc is really gonna get kernel inclusion?
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15:36<j-rod>Cardoe: that's the plan! :)
15:36<j-rod>but holy crap, quite a volume of stuff to fix, and that's just on patch 1 of 18... :)
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15:36<Cardoe>2.6.28 hopeful?
15:36<j-rod>mostly little things though
15:36<j-rod>I'd say a good chance for at least a few drivers in 2.6.28
15:37<Cardoe>I'm glad you got it going. good job
15:37<j-rod>janneg kicked me in the pants and finally got me moving on it again
15:37<j-rod>been carrying this lirc patch in the fedora kernels for over a year now
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16:13<laga>great stuff
16:13<laga>j-rod: yeah, you got that (the article) right
16:15<Cardoe>so seriously... anyone know if we need the frequency tables in the frontend?
16:17<Cardoe>just in the mythfrontend process
16:17<laga>why? are they taking up a lot of memory?
16:17<Cardoe>I'm trying to rework some stuff to reduce the memory usage
16:18<Cardoe>laga: 10mb of resident memory
16:18<Cardoe>or private dirty
16:21<Cardoe>but either way... if they're not necessary... there's no point it actually initializing them every single time
16:22<laga>yeah. i guess i'm not qualified to tell you if they're needed ;)
16:24<laga>*sigh* everyone has been bitching about the slow guide in mythbuntu. now i've got some fixed packages ready for testing and nobody is testing them..
16:26<Cardoe>well I'll just fix the code then
16:26<Cardoe>and load them always anyway
16:26<Cardoe>as far as I can tell they're only used in mythfilldatabase
16:27<laga>only in mfdb? what about the channel scanner in the backend?
16:27<laga>err, in mythtv-setup
16:29<Cardoe>I'm still digging
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17:31<unsympath>hi @ all
17:33<reynaldo>hey there
17:35<unsympath>is a hardware setup featuring an 1.8 GHz 64bit Celeron, 2x512 MB DDR2-800 RAM and an Intel GMA X3100 sufficient to sport a smooth HD Ready playback using MythTV?
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17:35<bkero>X3100s support hardware accelerated MPEG2.
17:35<bkero>1.8 Celery is cutting it a bit short for software decoding though.
17:36<hads>That's a question for #mythtv-users
17:36<unsympath>ah, sorry
17:36<unsympath>didn't know this channel
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17:36<unsympath>but thank you very much, bkero!
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17:37<bkero>I need to stab intel in the ribs about getting some hot hot mpeg4 decoding action going.
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17:45<janneg>Cardoe: the scanner needs them to. I'm not sure if the backend needs them. the frontend shouldn't
17:45<Cardoe>janneg: yeah I found sisscan.cpp using it
17:46<Cardoe>Just looking for some low hanging fruit wrt to memory
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17:49<janneg>j-rod: lol on the locking variable names in lirc_mceusb.c
17:51<janneg>it has a mutex called sem(aphore) and a semaphore called minor_table_mutex
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18:32<chi>how do i clear a database from mythvideo?
18:34<chi>i accidently added a bunch of music to it heh
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18:35*stuarta points to the topic
18:37<chi>oops, sorry
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22:53<sierra>hey guys, is it possible to run mythtv multiple times (for use with a tv tuner) and across a network?
22:54<sierra>for watching different channels
22:54<hads>sierra: Please read the topic.
22:54<sierra>ouch, ok hads
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23:20<kdub>is it possible to just install the mythtv backend? i want to have it automatically record things, but keep a standard desktop environment...
23:21<sphery>kdub: see topic, please (which says to ask in #mythtv-users)
23:24<kdub>gah, sorry
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