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00:40<high-rez>Any devs around ?
00:41<high-rez>I'm trying to merge latest ffmpeg into fixes and having some difficulties ...
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04:07<stuarta>high-rez: that's already being taken care of by janneg
04:07<stuarta>he does that to head
04:12<high-rez>really ?
04:13<high-rez>shit man I spent all night getting ffmpeg trunk moved into myth trunk ;)
04:13<stuarta>it's non trivial
04:13<high-rez>i'm to the point where most of the libs compile, i suspect I'm 80% done
04:13<stuarta>he tracks it all the time, and was preparing a merge soon
04:13<high-rez>no kiddin ?
04:14<stuarta>no eta however
04:14<high-rez>yeah they changed a lot in ffmpeg
04:14<high-rez>i noticed a few methods were renamed, some were deprecated
04:14<high-rez>(i guess they're really members of a structure not actually methods)
04:15<stuarta>you've possibly picked the hardest thing in myth to play with
04:16<high-rez>yeah, well I'd really like to see myth working with h264/paff
04:16<high-rez>(working well)
04:16<high-rez>ffmpeg certainly works well in that direction.
04:16<stuarta>wouldn't we all
04:16<high-rez>does he hang out here ?
04:16<high-rez>maybe I could send him some diffs to speed it along
04:16<stuarta>yes. probably still in bed atm
04:17<high-rez>I'm really crappy at c/c++ but I'm sort of mulling my way through it.
04:17<high-rez>i'm to the point where avcodec avutil avformat are all merged in
04:18<high-rez>but just need to take care of some weirdness with libmythtv
04:18<high-rez>and i suspect that'll be the last major hurdle :|
04:18<high-rez>but I've been saying that all night long ;)
04:18<high-rez>(i'm sure you prolly know the tree much better than i - so I guess I can ask - am I close to the end?)
04:19<stuarta>there are myth specific customizations that last i heard conflict with some of the upstream changes
04:19<stuarta>making non trivial -> complex
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06:38<janneg>high-rez: sync to current trunk is hard ffmpeg just increased the major api version
06:39<janneg>i.e man incompatible changes
06:39<stuarta>are we going to have to go to an intermediate version?
06:40<janneg>git clone git://
06:41<janneg>I wanted to send a patch this week and threat to apply it soon if noboby complains
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10:35<gbee>miss much?
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10:37<laga_>gbee: yes, my ├╝ber awesome xmltv config patches
10:38<gbee>it's going to take a while before I catch up on my email, the plan was to read it while I was away but that didn't work out :)
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10:41<stuarta>it's good to have a break from email for a while
10:42<stuarta>however i shudder to think how many i'm going to have once i get back from honeymoon
10:44<gbee>at a glance it looks like Erik's been busy
10:45*gbee decides tea/coffee would make this job more pleasant
10:45*stuarta beers gbee
10:47<gbee>:D was given a Northumberland beers gift pack, saving that for tonight
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10:49<stuarta>fridge is stocked, girly is out, tv to watch, i'm all sorted :)
10:52<gbee>well I'm definately ok on the TV front, didn't see a thing all week so I've a full week of stuff plus the huge backlog I already had
10:52<stuarta>might even manage som development
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10:56<gbee>picked the best holiday destination, day I arrived, worst flooding in a centuary - 2/3s of the roads in the county were impassable, towns were under water, ran into dozens of motorists who had tried fording the flooded roads and ended up shorting electrics etc leaving them stranded
10:59<gbee>for the experience of seeing such flooding alone, it actually was pretty fun
11:32<high-rez>janneg: if you send the patch, and somebody complains, I swear I'll skullfuck them for it. :)
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12:02<stuarta>that bloke writing the "flash?" email can go whistle
12:04<high-rez>oh lord
12:04<janneg>stuarta: I stopped reading after "CEO"
12:04<high-rez>i was trying to pull down your whole git :)
12:05*high-rez gets gittuy
12:06<janneg>high-rez: that would work too
12:06<high-rez>you got some pretty good bandwidth, btw ;)
12:06*high-rez blows away his previous attempt as merging ffmpeg
12:06<high-rez>i got libav* merged
12:07<high-rez>I had to do a couple of macro hack tricks to make it all happy
12:07<high-rez>but I got some but errors in nuppeldecoder (iirc) last night
12:07<high-rez>and sort of lost hope :)
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12:22<gbee>danielk_busy: just glanced at it, but wasn't that guy talking about setText looking at the old UI?
12:27<high-rez>janneg: Do you want bug reports or if I find something shouold I just keep my mouth shut? :)
12:43<high-rez>2008-09-13 09:43:02.690 [h264 @ 0xb70b5a30]mmco: unref short failure
12:43<high-rez>|/root/.xinitrc: line 5: 17460 Segmentation fault mythfrontend
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13:27<gbee>danielk_busy: cc'd you my reply, let me know if you want to be kept in the loop on future correspondance
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13:28<gbee>I might even suggest it's taken to the -dev list since there is nothing here which needs to be kept private and others might benefit from what is said
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14:09<laga_>oops. embarrassing typo in my ticket. "Committer takes all plane ;)"
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14:33<gbee>plenty of them on the market with all these airlines going bust
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14:33<laga_>i hope you won't get in trouble with your land lord, though
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14:40<MrMadMoneyMan>hello all
14:40<MrMadMoneyMan>anyone on?
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14:40<laga_>they're all gone
14:42<MrMadMoneyMan>It would seem that the buttons on my mythfronend are not drawing
14:42<MrMadMoneyMan>any suggestions on how to fix that?
14:42<laga_>try #mythtv-users
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16:42<cak> could somebody walk me thru mythtv-setup to use it with composite input?
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17:08<i3ooi3oo>Having a problem with the display for mythtv/mythtv-setup where it is in horizontal lines that start in staggered order but a ss is normal
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18:49<GreyFoxx>Gbee: When you get a chance, with the mythvideo changes were you planning on using the imagecache classes again for keeping inram copies of the covers?
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22:05<Alkivar>are there any PCI-X (not PCIe) HD tuner cards?
22:06<Alkivar>i've been googling but all i can find are pci-x video capture cards not tv cards
22:08<sphery>Alkivar: /topic (= try #mythtv-users)
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23:31<reynaldo>trying to use an specific button background for regular and selected states but getting nothing but an ordinary button with no background whatsoever
23:34<reynaldo>is there anything left to be done once you describe the button on your ui xml as in: ?
23:35<reynaldo>sorry, wrong one. This is the one I'm talking about:
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