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02:46<happosade>Whats wrong whit my system:
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05:04<Tdawgedogg>hey can someone help me with the setup for myth tv
05:05<Tdawgedogg>its telling me i cant login to the database
05:07<Tdawgedogg>im running ubuntu hardy
05:08<bkero>Tdawgedogg: see topic
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05:08<Tdawgedogg>shit sorry
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05:20*stuarta sighs
05:20<stuarta>we are use to it
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07:00<JohnnyST>Hi who updates the translations in trunk?
07:00<stuarta>one of the devs, based upon tickets submitted to trac
07:01<JohnnyST>Ok here is one.
07:01<JohnnyST>stuarta, btw it was me who sent the mail about the refactoring the other day,
07:02<JohnnyST>Thanks for your replay.
07:03<JohnnyST>I think it's best to look at libmythui instead of trying to refactor the old code.
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07:46<gbee>wasn't stuarta
07:47*stuarta suspects it was gbee
07:48*rooaus wonder's what happened to Stuarts B to L
07:50<rooaus>nm, poor attempt at humour.
07:51<stuarta>np, it just didn't make any sense
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11:29<j-rod>laga_: poke
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11:34<laga_>j-rod: pole
11:34<laga_>err, poke. i need to sit down before typing
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11:34*stuarta chuckles
11:35<j-rod>laga_: wondering if you have a handy link where I could find the lirc patch(es) currently in the ubuntu kernel
11:35<i_is_cat>lirc is the shiz
11:38<j-rod>laga_: cool, thanks
11:38<j-rod>hrm, rather crufty
11:39<laga_>i don't know if there are lirc related commits in other parts of the kernel. searching the logs for something like "UBUNTU
11:40<laga_>"UBUNTU.*lirc" or so might bring these up
11:40<j-rod>looks like its just one big patch
11:40<j-rod>and said one big patch is pretty much a straight dump of lirc cvs
11:41<j-rod>complete with all the compat crap for older kernels
11:41<j-rod>and two commandir drivers
11:41<laga_>i guess yours is better then ,)
11:42<j-rod>oy. and a boatload of oddball compat stuff to resuscitate lirc_gpio...
11:43<j-rod>I dunno about "better", but "more kernel-y", certainly. :)
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11:43<j-rod>(although lirc cvs isn't all that bad anymore either, really, if you rip out the old kernel compat bits w/unifdef)
11:45<abqjp>j-rod: I was hoping you had a lirc patch that would apply to While lirc cvs will compile, I get errors trying to modprobe lirc_serial.
11:46<j-rod>abqjp: one sec...
11:47<j-rod>abqjp: here's what's in the 2.6.26.x Fedora kernels atm:
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11:50<abqjp>j-rod: thank you! I will give that a try.
11:50<Cardoe>j-rod: your commit msg is weird... talks about firewire?
11:50<j-rod>abqjp: I *think* my git tree will still work with 2.6.26.x as well, but its a currently know defect that lirc_serial doesn't work with irrecord there atm
11:51<j-rod>Cardoe: yeah, that's actually the kernel spec file changelog entry
11:51<abqjp>j-rod: does not matter to me. I have an established setup, just updating the kernel, and could not receive ir.
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11:58<Cardoe>j-rod: so.. general fedora question.. PackageKit recently upgraded the "kernel" package.. and now my suspending is hosed... how do I get it to cough up what version I had and what version I have..
11:59<j-rod>Cardoe: 'rpm -q kernel' should give you currently installed kernels, output should match up closely w/uname -r
11:59<j-rod>likely not more than 2 or 3 kernels installed
12:00<j-rod>probably the 2nd entry in /boot/grub/grub.conf is the one that was previously working
12:00<j-rod>my own laptop is currently on an oldish kernel build, since 2.6.26 fucked over acpi for me, and 2.6.27 is still a bit asplodey
12:01<j-rod>(horked acpi support == sorry, but stuff in your dock is dead to me)
12:02<j-rod>Cardoe: also curious... is that rawhide? suspend recently stopped working on my aspire one too...
12:02<j-rod>on the bright side, intel video irq handling is finally un-fucked
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12:05<j-rod>I think reading netlink code and examples is making my eyes bleed
12:06<Cardoe>j-rod: nope. just regular fedora 9
12:06<Cardoe>basically if the lid is closed and the laptop suspends itself and you unplug the power..
12:06<j-rod>Cardoe: ok, so the 2.6.26.x bork it then
12:06<Cardoe>it won't ever turn the screen back on
12:06<j-rod>oh, hah, that
12:06<j-rod>forgot, that was another issue w/2.6.26.x on my thinkpad
12:07<Cardoe>you have to have the lid opened when you disconnect the power
12:07<j-rod>ctl-alt-f1, alt-f7 re-lights it
12:07<j-rod>(in my case)
12:07<Cardoe>hmm. I'll try that
12:07<Cardoe>It's a Dell.. but I'm sure it's got a similar key sequence that's hidden
12:08<j-rod>but I lose half the functionality of my dock in 2.6.26.x (like, the pci-e card in it doesn't hotplug anymore)
12:08<j-rod>I should actually try a recent 2.6.27-rc, haven't given one a go in a while...
12:09<j-rod>I think the thing that was killing me way back when was the ftrace S&R bug...
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12:18*j-rod disappears for ~2hr... futbol beckons...
12:22<stuarta>i might go back to compiling my own kernels after debians latest update disable the module i need for my sata controller (& root fs)
12:22<laga_>debian unstable?
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13:22<bkero>Just roll your own
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14:49<gbee>xris: do denied icons show up in the list of possible icons shown to users? wondering if it prevents users continuing to select the wrong icons, or just blocks bad submissions
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15:31<stuarta>patch on #5643 looks quite good
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16:06<elupus>I have a charset problem with myth's tv protocol. more specifically with GET_NEXT_PROGRAM_INFO
16:06<elupus>the issue also shows up in standard mythfrontend
16:07<elupus>for some reason, the callsign of the channel is not converted properly
16:13<elupus>I think i tracked it back to TVRec::GetNextProgram
16:13<elupus>where title, subtitle, desc, category are all retrieved with QString::fromUtf8
16:13<elupus>while callsign is not
16:15<elupus>then again, i'm not sure that is the problem, as all callsigns returned are uppercased, (which is probably what breaks the utf8 data).
16:24<elupus>actually. let me make sure i've got nothing wron on my side first :)
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16:37<Anduin>elupus: it looks wrong to me, and is inconsistent with other access to callsign, create a ticket (not against trunk)
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16:52<xris>gbee, it should hide them completely
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16:53<gbee>xris: ok, cool
16:53<elupus>yea now i'm sure. when the data comes out from the protocol, utf8 multichars end up broken. letter รถ, which should be \303\266, comes out as \303\203\302\266
16:53<elupus>it must be double utf8 encoding it
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16:58<xris>oops.. missed whatever was just said to me
17:00<gbee>laga: just the -fixes patch which needs to be reviewed ASAP?
17:03<jams>xris- you didn't miss anything important. <gbee> xris: ok, cool
17:04<laga>gbee: kinda, yes.
17:07<gbee>I know the trunk patch needs to follow on pretty quickly, I'm just being lazy ;)
17:07<elupus> for the utf8 bug if anybody feels like it's their area
17:07<laga>gbee: ;)
17:12<gbee>some whitespace issues with the trunk patch, but so far the main issue is the query in videosource
17:12<gbee>I apologise, mis-read it
17:15<gbee>I'll fix the whitespace probs and commit early tomorrow if that sounds OK?
17:17<gbee>wanted to do it today, but other things came up
17:24<laga>sorry about the white spaces, i think my vim wasn't configured properly
17:24<gbee>not a problem
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17:56<elupus>Anduin, btw. would you bump version number if that utf8 think would be changed?
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18:01<elupus>anyway, I added a comment to the ticket about that it should bump protocol.
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18:04<Chutt>it shouldn't bump the protocol.
18:04-!-\S2 is now known as S2
18:04<Chutt>no protocol changes allowed in fixes, for one
18:04<Chutt>and fixing the encoding of one string isn't a backwards incompatible change
18:06<elupus>well for me it is :). since i correct the error clientside
18:06<Chutt>so, don't?
18:06<elupus>well supporting older myth backends is always nice too
18:07<Chutt>it's not going to hit terribly many people
18:07<Chutt>even in europe, most callsigns are ascii.
18:07<elupus>if the fix goes in into current, i'll lower the protocol requirement to 39 instead. then people with latest proto40 will atleast get it right
18:08<Chutt>again, no protocol changes are allowed in fixes :p
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18:08<elupus>but you said this wasn't a protocol change ;)
18:08<elupus>ie it could go into fixes
18:08<Chutt>you could just use head
18:08<Chutt>since the problem wouldn't happen there
18:08<elupus>oh. that has changed. sorry didn't check head
18:09<Chutt>all the database utf8 stuff changed for the qt4 port
18:09<elupus>argh.. probably means major rework of libcmyth then
18:09<elupus>how are they stored now?
18:10<Chutt>utf8 in latin1 text fields
18:10<Anduin>elupus: there was much about this on the -dev list
18:10<Chutt>err, that's <= 0.21, of course
18:11<elupus>hmm.. aren't myth's lists gmaned?
18:12<elupus>so even if backend is modified. protocol hasn't changed?
18:12<elupus>cause we mainly use protocol
18:12<Chutt>protocol will be the close to the same, right
18:12<Chutt>all utf8 (barring bugs)
18:13<elupus>ah.. right... has protocol version been bumped?
18:13<Chutt>for unrelated things, yes
18:13<elupus>nice, means my check will work fine for head then
18:14<elupus>when was this discussed on mailing list, month wise, (and thread if anyboy knows by heart)
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18:15<Chutt>long time ago
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18:18<elupus>found it
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19:27<MrGandalf>high-rez: in libs/libavcodec/h264.c:xchg_mb_border() change "deblock_top = (s->mb_y > 0);" to "deblock_top = (s->mb_y > !!MB_FIELD);"
19:28<MrGandalf>or install the skiploop patch and enable it..
19:29<high-rez>gandalf: Doesn't the skiploop filter decrease image quality ?
19:30<MrGandalf>not that I've been able to detect. If you have CPU enough to not disable it, then don't.
19:30<high-rez>Oh I've got plenty of CPU.
19:30<MrGandalf>then that patch should fix your segfault.
19:31<high-rez>Oh really ? :)
19:31<MrGandalf>should :)
19:31<high-rez>One thing I'm confused about - is when libavcodec causes a segfault ...
19:31<high-rez>There's no core dump.. ?
19:32<high-rez>How am I supposed to get a stack trace ?
19:32<high-rez>I'm really quite crappy at C/C++ myself, but I can certainly provide good bug reports.
19:32<MrGandalf>"ulimit -c unlimited"
19:32<high-rez>Oh, the core size limit...
19:32<high-rez>Wow, I feel stupid. Should have thought of that.
19:33<high-rez>I got a mega patch from janneg which brings libavcodec/format/util in trunk up to date with ffmpeg..
19:33<high-rez>And it works great - except that it consistently 4-5 seconds into watching h264+paff segfaults.
19:34<MrGandalf>for trunk, yes. I need to update my merge to -fixes based on his patch.
19:34<abqjp>high-rez: Do you not get that fault when not using janneg's patch?
19:35<high-rez>abqjp: To be honest, the video is all screwy without his patch (e.g. is not displaying right).
19:35<abqjp>I get segfault with h264+paff even without his patch. I was hoping to try his patch tonight.
19:35<abqjp>I was hoping it would fix the segfaults.
19:35<high-rez>I was hoping to stock^H^H^H^H^Htrack him down to see about providing a stack trace.
19:36<abqjp>For now, I limit the HD-PVR output to 720p to avoid paff.
19:36<high-rez>Gandalf's patch for fixes works pretty darned well.
19:36<high-rez>And if the line he posted above fixes the occassional segfault I see, I'll be really quite happy.
19:36<abqjp>Please let me know, if it does.
19:37<high-rez>have you tried his patch ?
19:37<abqjp>Not yet.
19:37<high-rez>i would def give it a try.
19:37<abqjp>Do you use AC3?
19:37<high-rez>hopefully he re-releases it with the above fix. :)
19:38<high-rez>yeah, but not spdif out - i do out to my 6 channel card.
19:38<abqjp>I use S/PDIF, but also need the "re-encode" to work for timestretch.
19:39<high-rez>gandalf: actually I already have that particular code running....
19:46<abqjp>So, that did not fix the segfault? bummer.
19:48<MrGandalf>Well, I don't use trunk so I don't know what's bombing..
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19:48<MrGandalf>if you could send ne a backtrace I may be able to help.
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20:18<high-rez>mrgandalf: i'll def make it segfault tonight and send you the backtrace. :)
20:20<MrGandalf>no guanrentees though :)
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23:51<DarkDrgn2k>is mythbox capable of playing 1080p high bandwith content
23:51<iamlindoro>see topic
23:52<DarkDrgn2k>forgot to add -users
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