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03:02<esperegu>someone can tell me how to ( in mythtv) change the pictures belonging to a program? when I select a specific program go down and press the browse box and select a picture then that picture appears with all programs. How should it be done?
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03:34<phantom_>anyone know why myth would delete newly recorded shows to make space instead of the oldest shows ?
03:34<phantom_>its deleting shows it recorded earlier today to record more shows today
03:34<phantom_>record priority have anything to do?
03:35<anykey_>phantom_: topic
03:35<phantom_>oh jesus
03:35<phantom_>so hard to answer a question omg
03:35<phantom_>i mean
03:36<phantom_>dont let me interupt the intense development work going on here
03:37<bkero>phantom_: your mom
04:14<stuarta>phantom_: be nice
04:19<clever>ive tracked down my problem in my frontend
04:19<clever>it looks like the SpawnDecode hasnt done its job after 20 seconds, so the StartPlayer aborts
04:19<clever>without doing StartOSD()
04:20<clever>so when SpawnDecode does kick in (after 21 seconds) the osd isnt on, so the playback continues uncontroled
04:20<clever>i dont see any way to fix it other then killing the decode when aborting
04:20<clever>or increasing the timeout
04:23<clever>2008-09-18 04:42:19.112 TV Error: StartPlayer(): NVP is not playing after 20000 msec
04:23<clever>(im getting that error but playback isnt stoping)
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09:49<adac>6050 mythtv 0 B/s 780.39 K/s 0.00 % 0.00 % mythbackend --daemon --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log --pidfile /var/run/mythtv/
09:50<adac>What is wrong with this? Its heavily writing to my hard disk since hours
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13:02<justinh>stuarta: just picking through a recording with dvbsnoop, and I see things like Running_status: 3 (0x03) [= pausing] - that isn't what I think it is, is it?
13:02<justinh>as in.. TVA data...
13:03<justinh>didn't think so
13:03<stuarta>they are an indication of the channel broadcasting or not
13:03<stuarta>it does depend on where you find it
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13:04<justinh>I was filtering on the PID of a subtitle stream in a show recorded from ITV1 last night
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13:04<justinh>seems there's all sorts of junk in there
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13:06<justinh>reason I'm snopping around is that I happened to turn subtitles on an ITV recording last night. seems they have a rather obvious marker on some shows going into & out of the ad breaks
13:07<justinh>about 2/3 shows I
13:07<justinh>checked have it
13:07<justinh>it'd make for bliddy accurate commflagging if it could be harnessed :)
13:08<stuarta>yeah, that's the channel running flag
13:08<justinh>heh nevermind. wouldn't surprise me if there was an out-of-spec marker out there somewhere too
13:09*stuarta needs a cuppa
13:09<justinh>yeah just as the pre-advert title bumper comes on, a solid white rectangle appears on the subtitle top line :)
13:09<justinh>looks like a full char width, full subtitle line height
13:10<justinh>so as far as the bitmap goes, chock full of 1's :)
13:10<clever>if you opened up the code that handles rendering the subtitles, you could make it spew the raw text to stdout thru VERBOSE
13:10<clever>then it would be trivial to find the ascii code of whatever it is
13:11<justinh>unless it's a mythtv subtitle decoding artifact...
13:11<clever>but dumping the raw text would let you confirm if its the same ascii every time
13:11<justinh>gonna try converting one to dvd subs, then to bitmaps... then look at the bitmaps
13:12<clever>are the subs text, text+fonts, or pure images the whole way?
13:12<stuarta>depends on the type i believe
13:12<justinh>Uk ones are all bitmapped, I thought
13:13<clever>the eit based subs on ntsc appear to simply be raw text
13:13<stuarta>what i'm meaning is the VBI style subs (CC) are test i believe
13:13<clever>vbi i mean
13:13<stuarta>we all seem to agree then
13:13<clever>i remember seeing chunks of the subs in -v vbi when recording from my framegrabber
13:13<clever>and the font seems to depend on the tv viewing them
13:14<justinh>apparently ffmpeg can convert dvb subs to dvd subs
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13:27<esperegu>how can I change a picture of a specific program that is going to be recorded?
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13:28<kormoc>esperegu, might want to try the correct channel ( #mythtv-users )
13:28<esperegu>kormoc: sorry wrong channel
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14:18<iamlindoro_>Hmm, pipermail archive on myth-dev seems to be hung up a few days ago
14:18<iamlindoro_>gah, no it's not, sorry
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15:31<j-rod>heads up to other packagers... latest cdparanoia breaks building mythmusic (0.21 at least)
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15:54<MrMadMoneyMan>Has there ever been discussion about making the new multiplatform XBMC the new mythTV frontend?
15:54<MrMadMoneyMan>it really seems like an ideal fit
15:54<gbee>Anduin: I'd be happy to look at adding a multiple genre/keyword stuff, like you said, it would be straightforward though it won't mean much until we have some proper search tools
15:54*kormoc blinks
15:55<gbee>I think a straight checkbox list for genres would surfice from the UI side of things
15:55<gbee>MrMadMoneyMan: err, so heavily reduced functionality?
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15:56<laga>i will not accept xbmc if it has less than 200 checkboxes in the settings dialog ;)
15:56<MrMadMoneyMan>maybe in the short term
15:56<gbee>and just how is xbmc any more portable that mythfrontend (which is already running on linux, bsd, osx, windows and other platforms)
15:56<MrMadMoneyMan>I didnt even know it could run on windows
15:57<MrMadMoneyMan>are there any binaries available?
15:57<gbee>MrMadMoneyMan: it would be a huge step backwards, so I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon
15:57<justinh>nobody has the space to host it
15:57<MrMadMoneyMan>how big is it?
15:57<kormoc>MrMadMoneyMan, erm... you might want to address the feature reduction thing, as that's a rather big issue
15:57<justinh>apart from maybe Google :P
15:57*gbee tanks justinh for undermining his point ;)
15:57*Kazan isn't familiar with XBMC.. wtf is it
15:57<xris>justinh: anyone ever ask isaac to put it on
15:57<MrMadMoneyMan>what features would you lose in the long run?
15:57<xris>oh.. license issues.
15:58<MrMadMoneyMan>its GPL
15:58<xris>MrMadMoneyMan: mythtv is, yes.. but violates the gpl because of stuff like mp3. so can't host our own binaries
15:58<Chutt>that's not a gpl issue
15:58<kormoc>MrMadMoneyMan, erm... if we lose features in the short term, that's bad, as it means way more effort to get back to where we are today
15:58<justinh>apparently a finally compiled & working mythfrontend on windows weighs in at quite a heavyweight. like gigabytes
15:58<xris>Chutt: thought it was an issue with patent stuff and gpl.
15:58<Anduin>gbee: If you get to it, I'm really fine with only working on stuff I like or getting to people's actual patches.
15:58<Chutt>patents are different than gpl :p
15:59<kormoc>justinh, ooh? that's insane?
15:59<xris>thought the gpl had some issue with non-free patent code.. was one of the things they made explicit in v3, and the reason why mp3 was removed from most distros
15:59<MrMadMoneyMan>kormoc: yeah thats true, and really to be honest I have no idea how to do any of the work, but it does seem like a more elegant piece of software
15:59<justinh>course I have no evidence whatsoever to back that up, just regurgitating what I heard
16:00<laga>justinh, kormoc: i guess you are talking about the complete build environment
16:00<Chutt>justinh, it really shouldn't be that big for the actual compile output
16:00<MrMadMoneyMan>xris: Its probably because Mpeg owns the format
16:00<gbee>MrMadMoneyMan: if it's a better UI you want then mythfrontend is getting that already, xbmc just isn't geared around the core aspects of mythtv - the scheduling especially, but recording, post-processing, storage and even playback
16:01<MrMadMoneyMan>dont they both use FFmpeg to do the video?
16:01<gbee>MrMadMoneyMan: decoding of video, not playback and all the features MythTV layers on top
16:02<kormoc>MrMadMoneyMan, consider the instream video flagging/editing, comskipping, etc
16:02<MrMadMoneyMan>isnt flagging done on the backend?
16:03<gbee>timestretch, audio stream and subtitle support
16:03<justinh>flagging is, yes. skipping is done in the player, along with the other stuff
16:03<gbee>MrMadMoneyMan: but controlled from the frontend
16:03<kormoc>MrMadMoneyMan, auto flagging, but you can edit flags via the FE
16:03<GreyFoxx>does XBMC support timestretch thesedays ?
16:03<justinh>wipe the gloss away & XBMC is little more than a file browser with a player bolted on IMHO
16:03<gbee>sleep timers, scan modes, aspect ratio and fill control, teletext, MHEG
16:04<MrMadMoneyMan>yeah, you guys are probably right, but I think it would be nice to pair the myththTV frontend with a bigger community
16:05<justinh>so get to it :)
16:05<MrMadMoneyMan>good point
16:05<MrMadMoneyMan>the work is the hard part
16:05<gbee>XBMC is a bigger community?
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16:06<MrMadMoneyMan>I would imagine
16:06<Kazan>keyword: imagine
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16:07<MrMadMoneyMan>good news is that the xbmc people are working on mythTV integration already
16:07<justinh>another point to consider is whether or not the majority of XBMC users would even care about TV recording & stuff, considering they already have a copious supply of leet videos of their own. I imagine
16:07<MrMadMoneyMan>but I think they are just going for basic support
16:07<Kazan>*watches the horse turn to dust*
16:08<gbee>google results for MythTV - 2.5 million, XMBC - 1.4 million - not scientific I know but there is other anecdotal evidence like the number of magazine covers which feature MythTV vs those for XBMC
16:08<justinh>and last time I looked at xbmc for linux I had to track down the leet built version for the xbox to install bits it needed - which is kind of bad because those binaries are built with stolen software. not really a plus point
16:08<Kazan>does XBMC get capture card companies hiring people to make sure their hardware works with it?
16:08<Kazan>no? then it's smaller than myth
16:10<gbee>not trying to get into a pissing contest, maybe my proximity to MythTV blurs my perspective but MythTV seems to mentioned far more frequently in news and forums, the MythTV stands at places like LinuxWorld attract more attention and lots of existing users
16:12<gbee>Anduin: I'll take a look, probably after merging back the branch, the ui bits fit in with the changes I want to make to metadata editing anyway and I don't expect it would take long
16:12<justinh>gbee: btw gonna sit back down when I get some proper time & see if I can't do some more code mashing. get the noob stick ready ;)
16:14<gbee>I'm looking at the mythmusic table structure with respect to mythvideo - it's actually your bulk standard table rationalisation, but having the plugins use similar structure also means the UI could be similar which is a bonus
16:15<gbee>Chutt: when are you going to bring some of your magic back to MythTV? ;)
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16:16*gbee waits for the video to load
16:17<gbee>and then rebuffer every 5 seconds :(
16:17<justinh>gbee: pause it.. it'll load in the background
16:18<gbee>yeah, so much for that 10mbit/s connection of mine
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16:25<justinh>wow. talk about UI bling :-O
16:26<bkero>Bling bling
16:29<justinh>hard to tell from the video, but that scrolling menu thing is actually curved like a carousel might be.. some fancy touches there
16:29<justinh>and the 3d rotating stuff actually has a thickness, rounded corners, reflections.. i.e. is real 3d :)
16:30<Chutt>it's all 3d
16:30<MrMadMoneyMan>would someone be willing to give me a link to instructions for building the windows frontend
16:30<gbee>clips the top when outputting over hdmi to the lcd
16:30<Chutt>including video
16:30<stuarta>MrMadMoneyMan: try the wiki
16:30<Chutt>gbee, different aspect ratio
16:30<gbee>Chutt: right :)
16:31<gbee>wasn't really a criticism, just an observation - trust me to spot it :)
16:31<Chutt>naw, that needs fixed
16:32<Chutt>letterboxing's more acceptable than clipping
16:32<Chutt>or pillarboxing, as the case may be
16:32<gbee>anyway it looks fantastic
16:34<Chutt>yeah, opengl-es
16:34<sphery>MrMadMoneyMan: TTBOMK, there are no instructions--just some script in the source distribution that tries to do everything for you and the (supposedly heavy) comments within. Not guaranteed to work. Trunk is more likely to work, but won't work with a -fixes backend.
16:34<kormoc>Chutt, that's awesome
16:34<kormoc>all it needs is a myth frontend!
16:34<Chutt>openmax for video playback
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16:39*sphery wonders if OpenMAX is something that would be useful to MythTV (and whether we're likely to see driver support--I'm assuming driver support is required--for it on Linux)
16:40<Chutt>naw, on linux it could just wrap ffmpeg/etc
16:41<Chutt>it wouldn't be any more/less useful to myth than ffmpeg is
16:41<Chutt>it's essentially at that same level
16:43<sphery>unless it had hardware/driver support, right? are they even aiming for PC-level hardware or just embedded for it?
16:43<Chutt>embedded, mostly
16:44<sphery>too bad, might have been nice, but then again, software decoding works great for all my stuff
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16:45<gbee>now I just need a lot of time and know-how to bring that to mythui ;)
16:46<Chutt>hard to do with a remote
16:48<gbee>true, but at least some of what I've done with mythui has touchscreens in mind
16:50-!-Kazan [] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:50<gbee>maybe for 0.23 or more likely 0.24, long way to go first
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17:28<GreyFoxx>man I love the scrolling in that, especally when scrolling in the photo section how it curves a little
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17:36<gbee>GreyFoxx: been thinking about transformations and reflections, longer term I'd like to think about moving that stuff into the painters so we can take advantage of opengl if available, I need to speed test QT but if those effects can be done at draw time instead of modifying the original image then there is no need to account for them in the caching code
17:38<gbee>simplifies things just a little
17:39<Chutt>makes it all a lot more flexible
17:39<Chutt>and the Qt painter can always just not do things like that
17:40<gbee>that's what I'm thinking
17:43<gbee>it would still be nice if we could have basic reflections and transformations with QT, but I'd look for ways to do that which keep everything within the painter - maybe using the image cache from within the painter
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17:43<Chutt>have the painter create its own cache
17:44<Chutt>like the opengl painter caches text
17:45<Chutt>for instance
17:45<gbee>yeah, seems like the best idea
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17:52<gbee>would have been so much faster to just write the parental level code from scratch, might even have been able to think about something generic enough to be used throughout the frontend and plugins
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18:42<justinh>gbee: heh you mean then I could stop my wife listening to Eminem? :)
18:43<gbee>precisely what I had in mind Justin ;)
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18:55<ColdFyre>just wondering if there was any word on the hd-pvr support, the ticket for it hasnt been updated for 5 weeks
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19:34<gbee>ColdFyre: committed and working well AFAIK, though I haven't been following closely
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