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06:03<jwildebo>hello everybody. anyone here from germany with a s100? I have sound problems.
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06:03<jwildebo>going to users channel
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08:54<meik1>Hi @all
08:55<meik1>I'd like to try fixing some translation issues within mythweather in 0.12-fixes. Anyone who can guide me into the right direction ( a i18n newbie)?
08:57<meik1>meant 0.21-fixes
08:58<laga>get a ts editor like qt-babel and load the .ts file for your country
08:59<laga>then get a diff (svn diff - you need a svn checkout for that to work) and file a bug in trac.
09:00<meik1>my problem is that Qt Linquist shows many disabled translations. What do they mean? e.g. the days of the week.
09:01<laga>no clue, sorry. look at the help file in qt linguist?
09:01<meik1>they are already translated but they are not shown in mythweather
09:01<meik1>oh ok, thanks
09:08<gbee>meik1: disabled translations mean that they are no longer used
09:08<meik1>ok - I'd have to find the cause of this
09:09<laga>they're probably outdated
09:09<laga>the original english string is gone or changed
09:09<gbee>the days of the week come from the grabber, not mythweather in 0.21, since all the grabbers used are English speaking sources (BBC etc) so are the weekday names
09:10<laga>gbee: you worked on mythweather, right? do you see the maps in mythweb?
09:10<gbee>I guess it might be possible to fix that
09:10<gbee>laga: haven't looked at the mythweb plugin
09:11<laga>we have a bug report about that, but i can't reproduce it because i'm too stupid to set up mythweather
09:11<gbee>hmm, mythgallery thumbnail generation is broken - wonder when that happened
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09:19<meik1>@gbee: is the right that any string from the grabber is translated?
09:20<gbee>no strings from the grabber are translated, they can't be translated
09:21<gbee>at least not directly
09:24<meik1>ok. Has such a translation been done in mythtv anywhere else so I can learn from that? I mean an indirect translation
09:34<gbee>meik1: it would mean code changes to mythweather and the grabber, creating an enum for days of the week (day to number pairings, e.g. Sunday = 0, Monday = 1) and then translating days of the week to numbers in each grabber
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09:36<gbee>it's not hard to do, but you'd need to know your way around c++ and perl
09:36<meik1>ok. I'll try to investigate at the point. Thanks for the hints.
09:36<gbee>I'll do the job eventually, but it's low priority for me at the moment
09:36<meik1>ok I will tell you if I really will do this.
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09:51<gbee_>powercut :/
09:51<gbee_>or probably more accurate, a brownout
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13:00<laga>gbee: i know how much you love talking to me about XMLTV.
13:01<laga>gbee: for the xmltv configuration in the video sources screen, wouldn't it be better to launch *another* terminal?
13:01<laga>of course, with a fallback to the existing stdout if we cant find a suitable terminal app
13:01<gbee>laga: nope :)
13:01<gbee>laga: see apiconfig
13:01<laga>gbee: do you have patches for that in the pipeline?
13:02<gbee>which is the direction we'll be taking, wrote the patch a year ago but decided it would be better to use mythui so it's stagnating in my patch collection somewhere
13:02<laga>ho-hum. yeah, apiconfig is the way to go.
13:05<gbee>was thinking recently that I'd finish it between completing mythvideo and starting work on more mythui porting
13:06<laga>hum. if that's after ubuntu 8.10, it might be able to help
13:06<laga>it's about time for me to find out how much java and c++ really differ ;)
13:06<gbee>mythvideo is taking longer than I thought
13:09<laga>i should sit down and just fix some of the usability issues i'm seeing. the dvd rip screen in mythvideo, mytharchive..
13:12<laga>so, you guys are complaining about the amount of bugsß
13:13<laga>i'm going to write a script to forward all of the mythbuntu segfaults to trac ;)
13:19<janneg>don't do that
13:20<laga>i know. i should look at the backtrace instead and forward them if these are sane
13:44<gbee>laga: what about the dvd rip screen?
13:45<laga>gbee: i find it hard to use
13:45<gbee>already made some changes in the branch
13:45<laga>i will have to check out trunk once it's merged back then
13:46<gbee>nothing major, but mtd is now started automatically etc - none of that "press any number to start mtd" nonsense
13:46<gbee>maybe some other tweaks, I can't really remember exactly
13:47<laga>i found a typo in a log message in mtd, i will post a patch soonish
13:47<Anduin>The biggest problem on that screen is that the options don't make sense.
13:47<laga>yeah. and that you have to use SELECT to switch options etc
13:48<laga>just using the arrow keys would be better. left/right to choose an option, up/down to go to the next widget
13:48<gbee>laga: well that's all part of mythui - consistent widget behaviour, so it should now work like that
13:49<laga>and some widgets should be hidden if you rip to iso, eg the widget where you select which parts of the dvd to rip
13:49<laga>gbee: ooooh.
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13:50<gbee>I've never used mtd, so my only experience of it was when I converted it over
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13:54<gbee>hmm, trying it now - the checkboxes you have to press SELECT, quality/track/subtitles can be changed with left/right
13:55<Anduin>Yeah, it isn't a widget inconsistency thing, the widgets work fine, just may not be the right ones.
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13:56<gbee>thing I broke the title selection stuff ...
13:57<Anduin>Maybe, I haven't actually used it since switching to your branch (and my attempt just now resulted in a segv)
13:59<gbee>well there is a bit at the bottom which says "Title 1 of 7" and I can't select another title - so that seems broken, needs a next/prev button
14:00<gbee>do the encoding options apply just to the currently selected track, or all of them? Maybe a checkbox list of titles should be used instead, on the left maybe, with encoding options on the right, or a second page
14:01<gbee>when I say 'checkbox list' I mean something like -
14:02<gbee>here's how it looks in the branch -
14:02<Anduin>Each one is a job unless you are doing ISO, or perfect, the screen is really at <alpha quality
14:03<gbee>Anduin: ok, could use a redesign then
14:05<Anduin>gbee: Yes, in need of it, I have mtd changes in my tree to make it easier (protocol changes), it has been on the list forever just needs too many other things (mtd changes) to make it really better.
14:07<gbee>I'd love to volunteer for the job, but I'm too much on my plate already
14:08<laga>it'd be neat to use vamps as an mtd backend
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14:42<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, wasn't expecting you to, I've started on it, just have little time to contribute and get side tracked with grabber stuff (or like yesterday when my mythtv time went to QProcess)
14:43<gbee>my biggest problem right now is getting sidetracked
14:43<gbee>this whole mythui thing is just one big tangent from the jobs I started a year ago ;)
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15:16<gbee>xris: maybe supress the full error handling for that 'no backend' error? Make the error string stand out more?
15:19<gbee>if you are using a custom error handler, then distinguish between E_USER_ERROR to E_USER_WARNING, handle the two differently - full backtrace for error, prettier page for warnings
15:20<gbee>just a thought anyway
15:20<jams>j-rod- you around?
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15:49<xris>gbee: the full error shouldn't show up like that.
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15:49<gbee>xris: ahh
15:49<xris>if it does, the user mucked something up in the file/config
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15:49<gbee>fair enough :)
15:49<xris>not that I've been a very good developer lately.
15:50<xris>remodel and job change has sucked up all of my free time
15:50<xris>but I have shiny new floors. :)
15:52<gbee>that error seems to have come up before, which is the only reason I bothered to make the suggestion
15:53<gbee> << Not good :)
15:56<gbee>can't see why it's happening :/
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15:58<gbee>oh ... now I do
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17:15<gbee>GreyFoxx: navigation through the tree is pretty slow but it should now be fully working, let me know if you hit any bugs
17:18<gbee>I want to change the behaviour slightly so that we descend up/down the tree without needing to navigate to the extreme right/left bins
17:18<gbee>difficult to explain what I mean there so I'll just make the change ;)
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18:32<BeBoo>anyone using an all-in-wonder hd card with their mythtv setup?
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