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02:08<sigma_za>do i need a capture card to install myth tv?
02:09*justinh points at the channel topic
02:09<sigma_za>i just want to use it as a frontend to my music and videos. is that possible?
02:09<sigma_za>i cant see the topic
02:09<justinh>you're in the wrong channel. go to #mythtv-users
02:10<sigma_za>on a mobile phone irc client
02:10<justinh>" This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users"
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06:23<gbee>videolist needs a re-write, switching to the flat view triggers an unnecessary rebuild of the tree - since MythGenericTree already includes a flat version of itself that's unnecessary
06:25<gbee>videolist is overly complicated anyway, metadata pointers can be stored in the tree itself and with a schema change we could pull the information direct from the database
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07:33<Saviq>hi guys, I'm looking for some logos and up-to-date screenshots to put on some slides for a talk I'm doing on a polish linux conference, can you point me where could I get them?
07:35<justinh>make your own screeshots :)
07:40<justinh>gbee: should mythuibuttonlist::insertitem be done for every menu iteration? I still can't seem to get my button position routine to update itself for the submenus
07:41<gbee>justinh: insertitem should, yes
07:41<gbee>insertitem removeitem should trigger a button reposition when the balancing is operating
07:42<Saviq>justinh: ok, what about logos?
07:42<gbee>Saviq: there is an SVG mythtv logo somewhere on the wiki
07:43<justinh>the svg logo on the wiki sucks
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07:43<Saviq>great, thanks
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07:44<gbee>justinh: yeah, it does
07:45<gbee>what happened to the better one?
07:45<justinh>no idea. there's an EPS of the text shape kicking around somewhere
07:46<justinh>easy to make a pill-shaped button but the snag is reproducing the old 'blue' theme background in SVG satisfactorily
07:47<gbee>png version in trunk is a larger version of the one I've got, thought I might have an SVG but I don't
07:48<justinh>I have an even bigger one at home
07:48<justinh>it's like 20M or something :)
07:49<justinh>things like that background aren't easy to do in svg
07:49<gbee>not easy to reproduce at all, no matter what you use
07:49<justinh>who made the 'blue' theme originally?
07:49<gbee>none of the copies of the original are exact matches
07:50<gbee>before my time, for a while I thought it was Chutt
07:50<justinh>yeah, well I got it as close as I was able to, given that the best coy of the original was the same size it is now at
07:51<gbee>justinh: yeah, it's the best effort by far
07:52<justinh>maybe I'll have to have another shot at it now - my crayon-fu has improved somewhat since then ;)
07:55<gbee>it's the touches, like the light blue inner boarder, the gradient on the text and the position of the coil
07:55<gbee>might not hurt to rebrand though, all new logo :)
07:57*justinh suggests a logo competition, inviting everybody & their pet dog on the mailing lists to discuss the minutae of every pixel position
07:57*laga cries
07:57<justinh>it can't come out looking as bad as the mythbuntu logo, surely ;)
07:58<gbee>hmm, has anyone ever dug back into the repo to see if the old background or even a larger version of the logo are in there somewhere?
07:58<justinh>gbee: I've got the old background
07:58<justinh>from a 0.12 tarball
07:58<justinh>still doesn't help for print work
07:59<gbee>fair enough
07:59<justinh>there's only so much you can achieve with even the most fancy rescaling algorithm
08:00<gbee>new speakers setup, kinda disappointing just how quickly I've become used to the bass and quality :/
08:00<janneg>the 70cm prints I did aren't looking that bad
08:05<justinh>hrm. maybe that EPS file was on the old wiki
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08:09<klarkc>Can you help me? am needing a capture card in high definition ... No matter the TV just want to capture in high definition ... I recommend that you sign
08:10<justinh>hahaha the menu items are all on top of one another again. wth...
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08:12<gbee>justinh: be aware that I've made some changes in trunk, instead of calling SetPositionArrowStates() you want to call Update()
08:13<justinh>I haven't updated my laptop install yet. still operating on your diff from a few weeks ago
08:15<gbee>hmm, someone has softened my utf8 warnings in the wiki, not sure I like the result
08:16<gbee>I worded that message with strong emphasis because people kept ignoring it
08:16<justinh>whee I found the EPS file
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08:19<justinh>lol.. dug up an old thread where somebody was talking about car stickers
08:27<justinh>I think I need to start again with this. not getting anywhere fast
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09:02<gbee>should we be worrying if changes break win32/osx now?
09:04<GreyFoxx>I don't think so
09:04<GreyFoxx>Considering that even if it breaks I have no way to test a fix
09:04<GreyFoxx>since I have no win32 dev environment :)
09:04<justinh>cool - lemme just rename all the theme files to end in dots (.)
09:05<GreyFoxx>But the tool he refers too might be useful for those who are trying to keep a handle on that sort of thing
09:07<GreyFoxx>Man, that xml interface looks very useful
09:08<gbee>I can't test either win32 or osx, although I doubt that 99% of my changes will break things since I use QT wherever it's an option etc
09:08<GreyFoxx>The Watch Recordings screen isn't mythui'd right? :)
09:09<GreyFoxx>Just curious about the idea of using an image banner rather than text for show names if a banner is available for a given show :)
09:10<justinh>assuming the guide grabber gets the name right, no problemo
09:10<gbee>GreyFoxx: doable
09:11<teprrr>on win32 it'll fail if the filename ends with dot
09:11<GreyFoxx>So on the left you scroll trhough the image banners/text to pick the show and as now on the right scroll through the text name of the episode to pick the one you want
09:12<gbee>putting the screenshot next to the show details in the list etc, all that sort of stuff -
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09:12<gbee>GreyFoxx: yeah, not really a problem
09:12<GreyFoxx>same kind of idea yeah
09:13<justinh>GreyFoxx: groups could have banner images too :)
09:14<gbee>ok, flat view switching enabled but it's hellishly slow, I just don't want to spend my time re-writing videolist.cpp/h
09:30*stuarta can test OSX builds
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09:58<j-rod>man, the appletv is maddening. so incredibly close to viable for 1080i, but not quite.
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10:22<gbee>final default theme for mythvideo browse mode - MythCenter is the theme being used, hence the blue background
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10:45<GreyFoxx>I like that
10:47<gbee>can do more interesting things with it, but I didn't want to stray too far from the existing layout that people know and love
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11:27<j-rod>gbee: very nice
11:33<jams>What a load of crap "We don't support RHEL 5 because it's not mature enough"
11:33<jams>gbee- that is very nice
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11:58<Anduin>If SetData() existed at the time it would have been used (see comment in update_flat_index, I was close to just adding it). Switching from tree to flat (as in from gallery to browse), I don't see anything that makes it less work than before, sorting is entirely different during that switch.
11:58<Anduin>But I do agree, it looks very nice
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12:12<gbee>generictree has it's own method for getting and storaging flat view without rebuilding the tree, since it's the tree rebuild that takes the time using this would save us time
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12:22<amrit|zzz>hi guys. i suddenly have no configured cards, and in running mythtv-setup i continually get the error: Unknown column 'parentid' in 'where clause'
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12:22<amrit|zzz>google suggested rebuilding after distclean to force a schema upgrade, but that didn't help (this install was working for the last few months anyway)
12:22<amrit|zzz>is also tried mysqlcheck, to no avail.
12:23<amrit|zzz>at this point i can't list any cards, and when i attempt to add any they also don't show up in the list
12:36<gbee>amrit|zzz: #mythtv-users
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12:50<fignuts>does mythtv support hdmi audio?
12:51<amrit|zzz>gbee: doh! sorry, will take it there, thanks
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12:51<iamlindoro_>fignuts: #mythtv-users, please see channel topic
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13:56<Anduin>gbee: buildFlatListOfSubnodes would need slight changing but I see what you mean
13:57<gbee>yeah, it's not quite right at the moment
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13:59<gbee>Anduin: none of what I said was any form of criticism, it's just that since the mythui changes we re-use the videolist across views, if we don't have to rebuild the tree or reload things each time then we get near-instant view changes and flat/non-flat switches
14:01<gbee>plus ifwe store metadata with in the node as a pointer in the QVariant, then a lot of videolist becomes redundant and things are simplified
14:02<Anduin>No, I understand the goal, my frustration with having to do some of the hoops I did isn't fully represented in the sparse comments, at the time I was not changing the schema and avoiding core changes where possible.
14:04<Anduin>VideoList seems to do a lot of redundant things because GT was lacking, mostly it is a place to keep everything, filters and sort changes made direct tree usage difficult.
14:04<gbee>throw in a mythmusic like schema and we can start browsing videos by directory, by series, by category with a little effort
14:05<gbee>but I'm getting carried away
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14:10<gbee>I'm more interested about adding that stuff to mythmusic right now, a month ago I didn't even use mythvideo
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14:21<Anduin>Yeah, I've often thought I was a horrible choice to maintain either (back when mythvideo/mythdvd were separate). I used them just often enough to submit patches occasionally, just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, on the bright side I did get commit access (which I almost never use to do any of the things I thought I'd get to).
14:24<gbee>I've a huge list of things I'd like to do, or see done, but there just isn't the time - I've spent long enough on mythvideo, maybe too long and I need to move on
14:24<gbee>maybe I'll come back to mythvideo later
14:27<Chutt>going to merge the branch soon?
14:28<gbee>Chutt: one or two small things to fix, but yeah I don't really want to leave it much longer
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15:12<gbee>what should be the default for the browse mode, flat or directories?
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15:22<Honk>directories =D
15:23<Honk>*uses mythtv as filebrowser replacement*
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15:33<gbee>it's only the default, you can switch between flat/directory at any time and the change is saved so it will stay that way until you change it again
15:33<gbee>I can't remember what the previous behaviour was
15:35<Anduin>directory in the views that made sense
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16:12<justinh>pfft. going about this all wrong. calculating the button spacing after working out the amount of visible buttons.. daft
16:15<gbee>Anduin: cryptic ;) I'll go with flat for the browse mode though
16:16<gbee>anyone seeing a lot of socket errors in the watch recordings screen since the QT4 port? Whole thing locks up and it takes a frontend restart to recover
16:49<clever>gbee: trunk?, what revision?
16:50<gbee>any in the last 4 months, maybe since day one of the QT4 port
16:50<clever>mine hasnt been that unstable
16:50<clever>mostly connections to the master timing out and locking up in reconnect
16:51<clever>which i can probly blame on slow hardware and poor handling of timeouts
16:51<gbee>it's one of those things that happens once a week so I just learnt to ignore it
16:51<clever>and since the devs all have fast hardware, they can never test the timeout cases:P
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16:52<gbee>can trigger it reliably on a weak wifi connection with my netbook
16:52<clever>my last bug that justinh claimed was all my fault was a typo IOBOUND when writing that caused it to lock up sloid
16:52<clever>most of my wifi bugs where from a flaw in the driver, it would randomly drop the connection without warning
16:52<clever>for 20 seconds at a time
16:53<clever>and every time, mythfrontend would freeze solid and stop playing(even with it had 50mb buffered)
16:53<clever>and if it timed out, it would fake being ok by playing the buffer
16:53<clever>so i would lower my guard and not bookmark
16:53<clever>which led to another hour of fast forwarding too get back to where i was
16:54<clever>shoving an ethernet up its ass fixed the whole problem!
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17:06<gbee>janneg: nice
17:09<laga>jams: yay.
17:09<laga>err, janneg.
17:10<laga>janneg: did you add any other changesets? eg should i update my copy of the patch?
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17:34<gbee>just wondering myself whether this includes any of the performance improvements
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17:35<laga>i think it's a bit faster for me
17:36<janneg>laga: I have a patch set for the next 14 commits
17:37<laga>but it's separate. okay.
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19:05<progress0r>anyone know what could be done to speed up the responsiveness of the program guide? it takes several seconds to get the guide to update. Everywhere else mythtv is quite responsive.
19:06<kormoc>progress0r, might want to try the correct channel (#mythtv-users)
19:06<progress0r>update meaning moving around in the guide
19:06<progress0r>crap i did that again, sorry
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19:10<gbee>could someone test the country filter in mythvideo, in trunk? It's broken in the branch and I'm not sure if it's my fault - the other filter conditions I've tried work
19:11<iamlindoro>gbee, what should I be looking for?>
19:11<gbee>iamlindoro: it doesn't filter
19:11*iamlindoro wonders if he has non-us movies
19:11<gbee>e.g. on my setup setting the country to "Canada" should show just one video, instead nothing changes
19:11<iamlindoro>I guess I have Amelie, that ought to do
19:12<gbee>the filter screen correctly reports 1 video as the result of the filter, but it's just not filtering :)
19:13<iamlindoro>as of 18258 anyway
19:13<gbee>ok thanks
19:14<iamlindoro>Only tested Gallery View, if that's any help
19:17<gbee>don't think it should make a difference
19:17<gbee>couple of the other filters aren't working, which is all pretty strange :(
19:19<gbee>ok, I see a pattern now - if the filter matches only one video then no filtering is occuring
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23:38<foxbuntu>superm1, no luck, rolled back up to -21 and its still got the same problem
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