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05:04*dih hugs Rubidium
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05:17*Celestar hates stupid auto-reply systems.
05:17<@Celestar>Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss Victor Fischer
05:17<@Celestar>is it so hard to find the correct term
05:22<Doorslammer>Miss Victor, now that is classy
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05:25<@Celestar>why do people suck that badly? :P
05:27<keyweed_>it has to do with evolution i think.
05:32<Doorslammer>I blame Palin
05:33<keyweed_>yeah. i was just reading about her 'drill, baby, drill' speach at solar power plant.
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05:45<@Celestar>she's a tad ... weird ...
05:47<keyweed_>we have special programs in the netherlands to help people like Palin
05:49<Doorslammer>Sesame Street would be a good one :P
05:53<Doorslammer>What version of Paint Shop Pro are we up to now?
05:53<@Celestar>what is Paint Shop Pro?
05:55<Gekz>a program.
05:55<@Rubidium>another paid gimp clone ;)
05:55<Doorslammer>Hah, paid, not likely for me
05:55<Doorslammer>Just wanted to know what number they got up to
05:56<Doorslammer>Found a three copy of it in a bin, only downside is that it's PSP 5 :S
05:56<Doorslammer>Three = free
05:56<@Rubidium>5 == April 1998
05:57<Doorslammer>Oh dear
05:57<@Celestar>I think gimp is quite decent meanwhile tbh
05:57<Doorslammer>No wonder its in a charity bin :P
05:57<@Rubidium>Doorslammer: <- for more info
05:59<Doorslammer>I actually thought it was a FrontPage CD, but I didnt look at the CD inside, doid I? :(
06:00<Doorslammer>Doid has too many o's
06:01<@Celestar>the NCAP (the instutute that runs the car crash tests and similar stuff in Europe) has found that the focus should shit from mitigating the consequences of a crash to preventing crashes in the first place.
06:01<@Celestar>Maybe we should award them the nobel prize for that conclusion, it's really a breakthrough ..
06:08<Doorslammer>shit? :P
06:20<@Celestar>our "facility management" just send me a bill for my private faxes in Q1 2008: They want me to wire 6 cents
06:20<@Celestar>I'm not even sure my banking system allows that little sums
06:23<keyweed_>stop building railroad crossing for cars. no more crashes.
06:28<@Celestar>getting these 6 cents to my employee took 2 minutes
06:28<@Celestar>considering I'm a cheap worker for about 30 EUR/hour, 2 minutes are worth pretty much one EUR.
06:29<@Celestar>so they've wasted 1 EUR in workforce to obtain 6 cents for a single private fax.
06:29<@Celestar>good job :S
06:29<@Celestar>(not counting the administrative time taken)
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06:57<Kloopy_>When I moved house last time, my gas supplier wanted me to pay the remaining bill for my gas supply.
06:57<Kloopy_>It was 4p.
06:58<Kloopy_>I didn't pay straight away so they sent a second letter reminding me about the payment required.
06:58<Kloopy_>Those two letters, bits of paper etc would have cost way more than 4p.
06:58<@Celestar>bean counters ..
06:58<Kloopy_>Yeah :(
06:58<Kloopy_>Their company would be better off if they just wrote off the 4p.
06:59<@Celestar>or one of the bean counters looked into their wallets for 4c
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07:00<@Celestar>our compute center annouced that they think about charging the departments for the backup
07:00<@Celestar>on a per-tape basis
07:00<@Celestar>and *apparently* one tape costs 2000 EUR
07:00<Gekz>how can that be justified
07:00<Gekz>2000 EUR?
07:00<@Celestar>what kind of tapes are they using?
07:00<@Celestar>the ones I can buy are 2000 EUR .. for a pack of 50.
07:00<Gekz>with nylon straps
07:01<Kloopy_>If the price is for the tape, offer to provide a tape for backup yourselves :)
07:01<@Celestar>Kloopy_: I shall
07:01<Gekz>dont backup
07:01<Gekz>and when all is lost
07:01<Gekz>blame them
07:01<@Celestar>if they really come up with that
07:04<@Celestar>hm ..
07:04<@Celestar>if it goes on like this, tapes will be no cheaper than HDDs in a year or two
07:05<@Celestar>I tape is around 55 EUR
07:05<@Celestar>and has 800GB native capacity
07:05<@Celestar>that's around 7ct / GB
07:06<@Celestar>SATA disks are around 10 ct /GB
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08:57<@Belugas>zello boyh
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10:08<dih>15:02 < Ammler> dih: show me a common "open" software not using 7z :P
10:08<dih>15:05 < dih> :-D
10:08<dih>15:05 < dih> HAHA
10:08<dih>15:05 < dih> Ammler: ^
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih> you want another one?
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih>
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih> want another one?
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih>
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih> more?
10:08<dih>15:06 < Ammler> a common one
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih> they are common
10:08<dih>15:06 < Ammler> I never download kernel
10:08<dih>15:06 < dih> but you run it
10:09<dih>15:07 < dih> every linux computer runs a kernel
10:09<dih>15:07 < dih> makes it pretty common if you ask me
10:09<dih>15:07 < Ammler> only linux, so that is not common :P
10:09<dih>15:07 < dih> ?
10:09<dih>15:07 < dih> where is it not common?
10:09<dih>15:07 < Ammler> software which runs only on one OS is quite uncommon, imo.
10:09<dih>sorry Ammler i just liked it so much i could not resist :-)
10:11<fjb>Time warp?
10:11<fjb>Time loop?
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10:12<@petern>bit slow :p
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11:55*Belugas is discovering The Cure - Scream, with delectation :)
11:58<@Belugas>too bad, it's the only good song on the record
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12:12<@Celestar>does anyone know a tool to annotate/comment pdfs in linux?
12:14<fjb>Hm, maybe ? I didn't use it yet.
12:19<thingwath>Okular. :-)
12:22<thingwath>(OK, it keeps comments only localy. Doesn't change the file.)
12:22<Ammler>only a viewer, afaik
12:23<thingwath>^^ :)
12:24<Ammler>well, depense what celestar means with comments
12:24<thingwath>Yes. But okular works really, really great for me :o)
12:29<Ammler>kde4 :-(
12:30<@Celestar>thingwath: okular can?
12:30<thingwath>you can put comments (yellow rectangles with text) there, underline text and few more thingies
12:33<thingwath>But if you need to really edit the file, okular can't help you :/
12:34<@Belugas>pffff.. i'm stuffed
12:34<@Belugas>fun to discuss ariund a good table, but if the converstation is too interesting, you odn't notice all that you are eating
12:35<@Belugas>you just... do
12:38<@Celestar>I'm off
12:38<@Celestar>thanks thingwath it rocks :)
12:39<@Celestar>okular I mean
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12:46<CIA-5>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r14550 /trunk/src/train_cmd.cpp: -Fix [FS#2391]: Don't assert on path look-ahead when processing a not-part-of-orders depot-order.
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12:53<Nite>Station rating - Age in years of last vehicle entering station
12:54<Nite>would be nice to be switchoffable ;) in multiplayer
12:56<dih>you want to be able to define your own rating system?
12:57<Nite>its yust that especially on goal servers players end in buying new trains constantly
12:57<dih>then you would want to configure it properly, and not just en/disable one part of it
12:57<Nite>just to get that 13% rating from new trains
12:57<dih>Nite: so?
12:58<dih>make sure they can service
12:58<Nite>it has nothing to do with service
12:58<dih>and turn autoreplace on
12:58<dih>as soon as they hit a certain age they get replaced
12:58<Nite>a zero years old train witing at station gives 13% +
12:59<fjb>Build a statue and do some advertising.
12:59<dih>buy statues, and place your HQ strategically
12:59<Nite>and therefore you have to buy new ones constantly wehen in competition
12:59<Eddi|zuHause>Nite: station ratings can be changed by newgrf, but afaik that is not implemented
13:00<Nite>dih, i know all other things to get more rating but to get that final 13% you have to have zero aged trains
13:00<dih>Nite: group the trains, make sure they pass depot lines, and use auto replace
13:00<Nite>which makes the game a replacing game - remember locomotion ;)
13:00<dih>even if it gets implemented tonight, the goal based games are running stable ;-)
13:01<Nite>ok grouping and low autoreplace is workaround but bad one - becuse then you have to replace "other" trains by hand ...
13:01<Nite>yeah they are running stable - and we are happyly replacing train after train.
13:02<Nite>nice to know that it could be changed by newgrf
13:03<dih>Nite: "afaik that is not yet implemented"
13:03<dih>+ the server admin would have to agree
13:03<dih>and if that is the case, the server admin could simply patch the server and distribute his binaries
13:04<Nite>agreeing would not be a problem i guess ...
13:04<dih>you cannot be too sure about that ;-)
13:05<Nite>well all players i talked agree that rating for trains age is rubbish
13:05<dih>all players != admin
13:06<dih>it counts as much as people voting in the forums trying to get certain patches into trunk
13:06<Nite>thx for link eddi
13:07<Eddi|zuHause>well, they DID add the renaming to path signals ;)
13:07<Nite>all those bits make me dizzy at the moment
13:09<dih>Eddi|zuHause: one thing compared to thousands of votes? :-P
13:09<Nite>where to find these "votes" - link?
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13:14<@Belugas>democracy is just an illusion give to the powerless ones, for them to feel a bit less powerless!
13:15<Nite>democracy also is a missconception since its not prooven tht the mass/majority is always right.
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13:19<fjb>Anarchy is the only true form of government.
13:20<dih>Nite: as a bad example ->
13:22<@Belugas>anarchy is not a form of government, it's the lack of one :P
13:23<Nite>the signal control thing is really wired
13:25*SpComb hot-wires Nite's signal control thing
13:26<SpComb>no, hot-wired
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13:37<SmatZ>I don't understand the idea of manual signals
13:37<SmatZ>you can press the Ignore signals button when you want to mess things up
13:38<SpComb>trains that are currently ignoring signals should be highlighted in red or something
13:38<Nite>manual control for +100 trains - oh yeah i can handle that ;P
13:38<SpComb>whenever I have a train crash, it's because I had to tell some train to ignore signals to unstick it, and then it trundled along somewhere off of my screen, continuing to ignore signals along some bizarre path
13:39<SpComb>Nite: just crank the time down to x0.01 speed
13:39<Nite>well that would be vehicles growing along the track more than moving
13:40<@Belugas>SmatZ, you should know by now that as soon as someone pulls a crazy idea, the headless chickens are running for it ;)
13:41<@Belugas>users are demanding by nature. They cannot appreciate what they have in front of them
13:41<Nite>hey only 23% votet for the manual sigs
13:42<Nite>gets really hard to find something on the forums
13:44<Nite>i do think they apprechiate AND demand.
13:45<Nite>few would demand features for a completely dumb app.
13:48<@Rubidium>and perception of importance changes drastically over time
13:48<@Rubidium>a few months ago YAPP was the most important, now it is in trunk it's totally not important anymore
13:49<Nite>YAPP? helm me *sry*
13:51<Nite>pbs rings
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13:57<Ammler>Rubidium: why do you think, it is _not_ important anymore?
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13:58<Char>probably because it just works? :P
13:58<@Rubidium>Ammler: imperical research; the last month or so I haven't seen anyone saying that they needed PBS/YAPP
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13:58<Ammler>because they have :-)
13:58<@Rubidium>however they all say they need cargodest, IS and such...
13:59<@Rubidium>and that those features are the most important
13:59<Ammler>becuase they don't have ;-)
14:00<@petern>Ammler, have *it*
14:00<@Belugas>i guess it's all the fault of this society of consumers. NE STUFF!!! I CRAVE FOR NEW STUFF
14:00<Nite>well for me i dont want any specific new features just the train age rating switch ...
14:00<Nite>heading to cinema ...
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14:01*fjb needs YAPP.
14:01<Ammler>train age raiting switch?
14:01*fjb can not live without YAPP anymore.
14:05<@petern>Ammler, yeah, it's not a specific new feature
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14:31<@petern>spamming :O
14:31<welshdragon>you spam
14:31<welshdragon>so does your mum
14:32*SmatZ spams welshdragon
15:00<dih><Belugas> [19:00:26] i guess it's all the fault of this society of consumers. NE STUFF!!! I CRAVE FOR NEW STUFF <- covet covet covet
15:00<@Belugas>hehehe... you're already too old, dih :D
15:01<dih>how are you by the way Belugas?
15:02<@Belugas>bored to death
15:02<@Belugas>and on (as usual) an extreme rush @ work
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15:06<Eddi|zuHause>is this a bad time to tell you that there is a holiday here ;)
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15:20<@Belugas>Eddi|zuHause, i do not mind
15:21<@Belugas>i've got a pay check, me ;)
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15:26<@Belugas>although i'm not sure it is worth the efforts i put in my work ...
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16:54<@Belugas>good night
16:54<@Belugas>good weekend
16:54<@Belugas>good gaming
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17:39<Knight_Owl>Hello all
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17:54<@Rubidium>wooh :) I was in time
17:54<frosch123>try again :) night
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18:26<ben_goodger>hmm, that's only mildly in bad taste
18:27<Knight_Owl>and more then mildly racist
18:29<murray>but damned good fun :D
18:29<Knight_Owl>'than' is correct - my apologies
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19:28<Knight_Owl>Dinner is served - later all
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23:10<Char2>anyone awake?
23:31-!-glx [] has quit [Quit: bye]
23:56<thingwath>waiting for train
23:56<Aali>so what are you doing this fine but terribly cold morning?
23:57<thingwath>I hope I will not fall asleep
23:58<thingwath>especially not at the train
23:59<Aali>i believe the correct phrase is 'on the train'
23:59<thingwath>You are right :-)
23:59<Aali>i was thinking about pulling an all-nighter myself
23:59<Aali>but then i remembered how much i love my beauty sleep
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