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00:36<Akoz>how can I find out if an engine has "two heads" ?
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01:04<Nite_Owl>it should have two heads in the purchase window
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03:28<Akoz>*tries again* how can I find out if an engine has "two heads" from the Engine class?
03:29<Noldo>you are a patch coder?
03:29<Akoz>sort of
03:34<Noldo>ok, RailVehicleInfo has field railveh_type of tyle RailVehicleTypes
03:34<Noldo>and that is part of union inside Engine
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03:35<Noldo>relevant files are engine_base.h and engine_type.h
03:37<Noldo>usage examples can be found by searchin railveh_type from the code
03:37<Akoz>ty :)
03:42<Akoz>what did you mean by "and that is part of union inside Engine" ?
03:43<Akoz>oh right. never mind
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05:05<Yrol>hello :o) does anyone use the improved station-GUI from scoz?
05:24<planetmaker>helb, Yrol
05:24<planetmaker>yes, I do
05:24<planetmaker>and yes, it doesn't apply to current trunk.
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05:25<planetmaker>Get an update from
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05:26<planetmaker>That's up2date as of two days ago or so.
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05:32<Yrol>planetmaker, hm, sadly, i never could create meself a working compiling environment for openttd, so i cant use those diff-files, if i remember it well. and as buildopenttd seems to be still dead...
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05:38<dihedral>@seen Yexo
05:38<@DorpsGek>dihedral: Yexo was last seen in #openttd 2 days, 0 hours, 11 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <Yexo> hi frosch123, Alberth ;)
05:38<dihedral>where is he??
05:38<dihedral>@seen Yex*
05:38<@DorpsGek>dihedral: Yex* could be Yexo (2 days, 0 hours, 11 minutes, and 20 seconds ago) or Yexo_ (3 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours, 9 minutes, and 43 seconds ago)
05:39<Alberth>hai dihedral :) maybe he is away on vacation?
05:39<TrueBrain>or maybe he is scared of you? :)
05:48<Alberth>I hope not
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05:58<dihedral>i hope he's not :-P
05:58<dihedral>not yet ;-P
05:59<Akoz>how should I access functions in station_cmd.cpp from another class?
06:00<Akoz>is there an appropriate header file I can include?
06:01<@SmatZ>grep for function name?
06:01<@SmatZ>try station_func.h or station_base.h
06:02<Akoz>tried them, no success
06:02<dihedral>Akoz, windows or *nix
06:02<Akoz>win, but I looked it up and got the point
06:03<Akoz>but seraching for the function name showed no reference in any other file than the cpp
06:03<Akoz>and if I include the cpp I just end up with dozens of linking errors
06:03<Alberth>static function perhaps?
06:04<Alberth>that means you are not supposed to call it from another file, usually
06:04<Alberth>ie it implements part of some bigger functionality
06:05<Akoz>I was planning to use "static Station *GetStationAround(TileIndex tile, int w, int h, StationID closest_station)" to search for a station near a specific tile
06:06<Alberth>see in the file where it is used. Maybe you can use that function instead.
06:06<Akoz>yes.. I can just copy the body
06:06<@SmatZ>I think you can simply remove "static" and declare it in station_func.h
06:06<@SmatZ>static functions are sometimes static because of optimisation stuff
06:07<@SmatZ>like, they don't have to be emited in the object file
06:07<Alberth>what ever you do, DONT copy the body :)
06:08<Akoz>but but..!
06:08<Akoz>ok then. I'll go with smatz' idea
06:08<Alberth>you don't only copy the code, but also the bugs in it. If you later find one, you need to fix it twice, if you manage to find the second instance
06:09<Akoz>yes.. but on the other side I really like having my code in one place and not mess with any more other files than I have to..
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06:14<Yrol>hm, is it possible to somehow include information into a GRF, so the game senses, as an example, that it is "cheatbuster" (fictional system to rate and sign GRFs so they can be divided into GRFs which change only the graphics and GRFs which change gamemechanics ) signed? this way, one could use northamerican housing set/differnt water/different GUI and another player in MP could use the original/one he likes and it would still all work in MP and it would
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06:41<Ammler>Yrol: don't get your question, but you might want to read about static_newgrf.
06:46<Yrol>hm, i was just curious, if it is possible to "sign" GRFs, so the game can see, if a GRF is just changes graphics or, like a trainset, also changes values like cost and horsepower. so that maybe one day one could, in a multiplayergame, use different personally liked GUIs.
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06:46<Yrol>-liked +preferred
06:47<Yrol>im not a coder though, sorry, i only have so many ideas
06:49<Ammler>Yrol: as said, that is already possible with static newgrfs
06:51<Yrol>oh. okies :o)
07:15<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r16885 /trunk/src/ (48 files in 3 dirs): -Codechange: reduce (string) duplication with vehicle lists
07:24<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r16886 /trunk/src/ (62 files in 6 dirs): -Codechange: unify naming of some string IDs related to string codes and group them logically
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07:45<Eddi|zuHause>Yrol: most house sets do change gameplay... even if you don't notice it.
07:47<Yrol>Eddi|zuHause, hm, i see. 'twas jsut a thought, as it is now, i think, one couldnt even use a differnt GRF for a different font in multiplayer.
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07:48<Eddi|zuHause>fonts, catenary, certain road sets... that can be used as static newgrfs
07:48<Eddi|zuHause>but house sets are usually coded with "newhouses" feature, and that is not just a graphical replacement
07:48<Yrol>also thigns like a different station GUI? or does that change too much?
07:49<Noldo>that needs code changes too I guess
07:49<Eddi|zuHause>no, station grf is not possible via grf at all
07:50<Yrol>i meant the new stationbuilding GUI, not the actual station :o)
07:50<Yrol>oh.. wait
07:50<Yrol>you meant that cant be changed by a GRF anyways, right?
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09:09<planetmaker>allo :-)
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09:15<Eddi|zuHause>any suggestions on what to do with a Sound Blaster AWE32 card when none of your (working) computers have ISA slots anymore?
09:15<@Belugas>yup. give it to me
09:16<Eddi|zuHause>and how to diagnose a non-working computer that does not make a beep, and you don't have any spare parts to check which of the parts is broken?
09:16<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r16887 /trunk/src/group_gui.cpp: -Fix (r16884): erroneous semicolon.
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09:23<Eddi|zuHause>Belugas: i probably would even do that, but i guess the postage costs are higher than when you just buy one on ebay...
09:24*Belugas wonders if he has still a free slot...
09:25<Akoz>hrmpft... can a Station *s be NULL? and if not why the f not :<
09:27<yorick>Akoz: sure they can be NULL, but it might not be stable
09:28<Akoz>Im checking if its ==NULL and its not, yet looking at it theres nothing in it :\
09:28<Akoz>and then whey trying to check if s->xy != null it crashes since I cant access the variable
09:28<Akoz>is there a isvalid() command I can use?
09:29<Akoz>or.. something? :\
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09:31<yorick>Akoz: are you sure it crashes because it's null?
09:31<yorick>try *s == NULL
09:31<yorick>does that crash, then it's null :-)
09:31<@Belugas>Eddi|zuHause, just for the fun of it, can you check how much it's going to cost for shipping?
09:32<Akoz>yorick: access violation - whenever I try s->xy.. and I tried *s == NULL and it says it's not.. Im just not sure what it is instead since s->xy isnt set
09:32<Akoz>its in some undefined state
09:32<yorick>Akoz: you tried *s == NULL, or s == NULL?
09:33<yorick>and they both don't crash?
09:33<Akoz>even &s == NULL to be sure since Im not so good with pointers
09:33<Akoz>both if sentences returns false
09:33<yorick>LOL @ &s :-)
09:34<yorick>so s->xy; crashes and *s; doesn't?
09:35<Akoz>well *s==NULL is checked, and doesnt crash
09:35<yorick>then s->xy must be nonexistant
09:35<yorick>have you tried compiling without optimalizations?
09:36<Akoz>so how can I check if its existant before checking its value? I tried if(s->xy!=NULL) but that crashes too
09:36<Akoz>no.. I dont even know what that means :P Im running in debug mode though
09:36<yorick>try higher debug levels
09:36<Ammler>damnit, forgot to change Type of FS#3043 to FR
09:37<Eddi|zuHause>Belugas: a quick check says 13,90€
09:37<Akoz>I found a workaround
09:38<Alberth>Ammler: that can be arranged :)
09:38<yorick>Akoz: how does it go?
09:38<Ammler>Alberth: many thanks :-)
09:38<Akoz>oh I've got plenty more for u to look at if you want yorick
09:38<Eddi|zuHause>but i don't know what the difference between "standard" and "premium" (x2 price) is
09:38<Akoz>how about this one: "NOT_REACHED triggered at line 91 of ..\vehicle_gui.h"
09:39<Ammler>and the other properities maybe too
09:39<yorick>it shouldn't do that
09:39<Eddi|zuHause>probably means "sea" and "air" transport
09:39<Alberth>Ammler: sorry, RB was first
09:39<+glx>Akoz: NOT_REACHED means invalid value checked in a switch
09:39<Ammler>I searched for
09:40<yorick>Akoz: that one is trying to open a window for a special vehicle
09:40<Alberth>Ammler: also in the closed tickets?
09:40<yorick>Akoz: what are you doing exactly?
09:40<Akoz>Im making the ultimate openttd hack patch
09:40<Akoz>its gonna pwn so bad its gonna be banned
09:41<yorick>so why are you trying to open vehicle windows on things that shouldn't be clickable?
09:41<Ammler>Alberth: no, but that is the reason to change it to FR
09:41<Akoz>Im not
09:41<Akoz>Im not opening any windows
09:41<yorick>yes you are
09:41<Akoz>Im just creating a vehicle very fast
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09:41<Akoz>Im thinking that its too fast or smth
09:41<Akoz>Im not tuching anything related to windows
09:41<yorick>that NOT_REACHED is about trying to create a window for a vehicle that does not have a correct type
09:41<Ammler>Rubi was too fast ;-)
09:42<yorick>Akoz: diff |
09:42<Alberth>Ammler: huh? it is a FR because you didn't look in the closed tickets?
09:42<Akoz>sure yorick
09:42<Alberth>Ammler: yes, RB is that :)
09:42<Akoz>I applied copypaste before I started. maybe the bug is in that gui :p
09:42<Ammler>Alberth: no, it isn't a bug like the dublicate one
09:43<Ammler>at least not the last point.
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09:44<yorick>Akoz: what copypaste
09:44<yorick>my copypaste?
09:44<Akoz>dno. the 0.7.1 version
09:44<yorick>yes, that's based on that thing :-)
09:44<Akoz>generating patch
09:45<@Belugas>Eddi|zuHause, that seems reasonnable
09:45<Ammler>oh well, nvm, that is just a windows issue, I just realized ;-)
09:45<Alberth>Ammler: just the last point imho
09:45<@Belugas>i'll check the availability on my machine
09:45<Eddi|zuHause>like i said... it's probably cheaper on ebay...
09:45<Ammler>that is why I was so suprised as I installed the game on my brothers pc.
09:46<Eddi|zuHause>i checked, and here they sold one for 7€ and free shipping
09:46<Eddi|zuHause>i don't know for ebay canada...
09:46<yorick>ooh, I wrote that documentation :-)
09:47<Akoz>nice :)
09:47<Akoz>I use it every day.. )
09:47<@Belugas>none available in ebay canada nor us
09:47<Akoz>but my intellidepot patch will trumf it easily
09:47<yorick>Akoz: as far as I can see it's only copy-paste patch, try senduit :-)
09:48<Akoz>no no its there, hit download
09:48<Akoz>it only shows the first 2k lines
09:48<Akoz>if you download u get all
09:48<Akoz>oh. or not
09:48<Akoz>I'll send it ^^
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09:49<Akoz>irc transfer.. good old days
09:49<yorick>doesn't work
09:49<yorick>I think
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09:50<Akoz> + intellidep.patch
09:51<yorick>I'll check when my firefox is responsive again :-)
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09:52<yorick>it's currently allocating memory for a huge webpage
09:53<Akoz>old computer?
09:53<yorick>at 333.440 k
09:53<yorick>but it needs 200MB for something
09:53<Akoz>lol. what webpage?
09:54<yorick>eh, file directories
09:54<@Belugas>:( new firefox seems to have wiped out my saved passwords
09:54<yorick>ooh, it freed 100.000 K there
09:55*yorick ponders killing it
09:55<yorick>it workd
09:58<yorick>Akoz: what is your intellidepot struct doing with stations
09:58<Ammler>anway, you should keep it open, if the next one will search for, he won't find a ticket, either. Or change searching in closed tickets too.
09:58<Akoz>yorick: nothing so far
09:58<yorick>and also, why can't you put the constructor at IntelliDepot(TileIndex t, Station *s) : xy(t), station(s) {}
09:59*Eddi|zuHause imagines Belugas sitting in front of his computer thinking "wtf was my ebay password now..."
09:59<Akoz>cause.. cause... no reason ;o didnt know u could do it like that
09:59<yorick>haha, you're using the command queue
10:00<@Belugas>a cookie for Eddi|zuHause
10:00<yorick>Akoz: IntD_GetVehicleCount counts special vehicles
10:00<yorick>and wagons
10:00<Akoz>thats why I used copypaste.. the command queue :p
10:01<Ammler>oh, Rubi again out of that channel?
10:01<Alberth>too much noise here ;)
10:02<Akoz>yorick: I know. but I need it to guess the right ID for the soon created train
10:02<Akoz>that part I havent quite figured out yet
10:02<yorick>the vehicle id?
10:02<Akoz>it works now as long as the vehicles are added at the end of the list
10:03<yorick>yes, that was the limiation on the command queue
10:03<Akoz>if you delete vehicles in the middle then it doesnt
10:03<Akoz>try it out
10:03<Akoz>make a new game
10:03<Akoz>make a station near some kinda resource
10:03<yorick>that was the main reason we couldn't get the stations in
10:03<Akoz>then click "buy land" and ctrl+place it next to the station
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10:04<Akoz>but since the make new vehicle command can calculate the ID of the new train, so can we .. as long as nobody else builds a train while it's in the queue :p
10:05<Akoz>worst case scenario it just doesnt start the train properly
10:05<yorick>Akoz: you'll have to look at the pool thing
10:05<Akoz>but thats not the issue atm
10:06<Akoz>it crashes with that gui bug
10:06<yorick>no, the worst case is that it tries to start/stop a train that's not yours
10:06<Akoz>which will just fail because Im not allowed
10:06<Akoz>so it wont really matter
10:06<yorick>it crashes with that gui bug
10:06<yorick>you're creating a vehicle somewhere?
10:06<Akoz>hey fire it up already :p
10:07<yorick>no :-)
10:08*yorick clones openttd trunk
10:09<Akoz>the patch is for 0.7.1
10:09<yorick>-- src/gui.h(revision 16877)
10:09<yorick><-- not trunk
10:09<yorick>not 0.7.1*
10:10*yorick arghs at the svn-based nature of openttd
10:11<yorick>lets now get 0.7.1
10:11*Belugas barks at the careless nature of openttd
10:11*Belugas barks at the careless nature of yorick
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10:11*yorick pets Belugas
10:14<Akoz>hrmft. I can go slowly through the loops in debug mode and never get the error.. when I remove all breakpoints and run it in "freefall" the error comes right back :p
10:14<yorick>Akoz: it does not patch against 0.7.1
10:15<Akoz>make a mass-replace with path
10:16<yorick>but it errors on the vcproj, so I couldn't care less :-)
10:16<Akoz>thats your copypaste btw
10:16<yorick>and all kinds of STR_CANT_ADD_ORDER_SHARED warnings
10:16<Akoz>it always gave me errors on the vcproj 90
10:16<yorick>and it's not mine anymore
10:17<yorick>not that one atleast
10:17<Akoz>ooh. I havent seen any of those warnings
10:17<yorick>20 people updated it
10:17<Akoz>0 errors, 0 warnings
10:18<yorick>you might want to patch against trunk if you want to get it into trunk(hehe)
10:19<Akoz>lol. I doubt anyone would be crazy enough to let my code into trunk :p
10:20<@Belugas>you can never know...
10:20<yorick>as long a we have belugas
10:21<Akoz>well this is not a trunk kind of patch
10:21<Akoz>have you tested i yet?
10:22<yorick>k/network_client.cpp:27:28: fout: ../autostation.h: No such file or directory
10:23<@Belugas>don't even know (and don't want to right now) what it's all about
10:23<Akoz>ehrm. delete that line
10:24<Akoz>and try again
10:24*yorick deletes that line and tries again
10:25<Akoz>its somehow related to the station thingy I think
10:25<Akoz>with no stations I cant reproduce it
10:25<yorick>when does it happen
10:26<Akoz>are you ingame?
10:26<yorick>still compiling stuff
10:27<Akoz>build a station, then select "purchase land" and ctrl+click next to it
10:27<Akoz>happens now and then..
10:27<Akoz>I think I might just know why
10:27<yorick>so what does your patch do and how does it work
10:27<Akoz>*compiles new version*
10:27<yorick>and how do I use it
10:27<Akoz>I just told you
10:28<yorick>it allows to build trains
10:28<Akoz>build a station near a resource
10:28<Akoz>and do what I told u
10:28<yorick>terraform_gui.o:terraform_gui.cpp:(.text+0x574): undefined reference to `IntD_CreateDepot(unsigned int)'
10:28<Akoz>how come it compiles for me with all these errors?
10:28<Akoz>visual studio ftw
10:29<yorick>because my compiler is better
10:29<Akoz>do you have #include "intellidepot.h" at the top of that file?
10:29<yorick>it's a linking error
10:29-!-maristo [] has joined #openttd
10:30<Akoz>uhm. I cant see the error
10:30<Akoz>the function is present in both header and cpp file
10:30<yorick>you forgot to add it in source.list!
10:31<yorick>now I have to recompile
10:31<yorick>good job
10:31<Akoz>I dont use source.list
10:32<+glx>your error
10:32<+glx>you must use source.list and run project\generate.vbs
10:32<yorick>src/intellidepot.cpp:253: let op: suggest
10:32<yorick>parentheses around arithmetic in operand of â?~|â?T'
10:32<yorick>intellidepot.cpp:113: let op: unused variable â?~eidâ?T
10:32<+glx>never modify project files yourself
10:33<Akoz>I use vs studio
10:33<Akoz>right-click -> add item
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10:33<+glx>as I said don't do that
10:34<Akoz>do you know where in the vs solution browser the source.list is located
10:34<+glx>because you also need to update the other vs project file and source.list for other compilers
10:35-!-KenjiE20 [~KenjiE20@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:35<+glx>it's not in the solution
10:35-!-KenjiE20 [~KenjiE20@] has joined #openttd
10:36<Akoz>what do I need to run vbs files?
10:36<+glx>windows :)
10:36<+glx>just double clic on it
10:37<Akoz>.....I know !
10:39<Akoz>ok. next time someone asks for a patch they'll get the right source.list version too
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10:46<yorick>Akoz: what does it need time.h for?
10:46<yorick>or stdio
10:46<Akoz>it doesnt.
10:46<yorick>then why include
10:46<Akoz>I just copy+pasted a big include list from another project of mine
10:46<Akoz>i'll filter it out later
10:46<yorick>bad you
10:47<Akoz>this patch isnt a release version:p
10:47<@Belugas>at least twice
10:47<Akoz>in fact I've hardly began
10:47<Akoz>but that error cant seem to find its way back into the closet :<
10:47<yorick>also, why does it need to keep a list of intellidedepots
10:48<Akoz>I'm getting to that later
10:48<Akoz>no current reason
10:48<yorick>you might be able to make it a subclass of Depot
10:49<yorick>you'll get a polymorphic pool
10:49<Akoz>english plz :<
10:49<yorick>who needs english
10:50*yorick will keep quiet
10:50*Akoz fires up wikipedia
10:50<yorick>might not be useful this way
10:50-!-Pygma [~quassel@] has joined #openttd
10:51<Akoz>what it does now is basically just to make a depot facing towards an adjacent station tile or connected tiles, then if theres an industry nearby it makes a train with enough wagons to fill the platform, sets it to full load and sends it off.
10:51<Akoz>although great in itself the plan is also to modify it so it keeps track of the nearby station adding more trains when needed, and deleting trains if the depot fills up
10:52<yorick>TileXY(TileX(t)-1, TileY(t)-1) -> t + TileDiffXY(-1, -1)
10:52-!-Xyzzy [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
10:53-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has joined #openttd
11:05-!-fonsinchen [] has joined #openttd
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11:09-!-OwenS [] has joined #openttd
11:17-!-Fuco [] has joined #openttd
11:17-!-[com]buster [] has joined #openttd
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11:18-!-[com]buster is now known as [other]buster
11:23-!-octernion [] has quit [Quit: woop woop]
11:27-!-paul_ [~paul@] has joined #openttd
11:34-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:35-!-paul_ [~paul@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:40-!-frosch123 [] has joined #openttd
11:43-!-fonsinchen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:44<yorick>meh, my taskbar is not autohiding again
11:44*yorick kills explorer.exe
11:44<yorick>ah, it's gone, now to get it back
11:46-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
11:51<yorick>yes :)
11:54-!-Ammler [] has quit [Quit: gone...]
11:54-!-Ammler [] has joined #openttd
11:54-!-Ammler is now known as Guest1674
11:56-!-Guest1674 [] has quit []
12:08-!-Hirundo [] has quit [Quit: Bye - http.//]
12:09-!-Hirundo [] has joined #openttd
12:10-!-Ammller [] has joined #openttd
12:10-!-Ammller is now known as Guest1678
12:14-!-Guest1678 is now known as Ammler
12:18-!-Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
12:18-!-mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
12:19-!-maristo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:31<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r16888 /trunk/src/newgrf_station.cpp: -Fix (r16864): crash when trying to build (some?) NewGRF waypoints
12:31-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:32-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has joined #openttd
12:32-!-Lakie` [~Lakie@] has joined #openttd
12:34-!-ProfFrink [~proffrink@] has joined #openttd
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12:40-!-ProfFrink is now known as Prof_Frink
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12:42-!-Lakie` is now known as Lakie
12:42-!-Mucht [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:51<_ln>good evening
12:52-!-|Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
13:16-!-oskari89 [oskari89@] has joined #openttd
13:19-!-orudge` [~orudge@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:19-!-orudge` [~orudge@] has joined #openttd
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13:37-!-fonsinchen [] has joined #openttd
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13:40-!-TheMask96 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:45-!-TheMask96 [] has joined #openttd
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: translators * r16889 /trunk/src/lang/ (6 files): (log message trimmed)
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: danish - 40 changes by silentStatic
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: french - 1 changes by glx
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: galician - 37 changes by Condex
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: german - 1 changes by planetmaker
13:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: russian - 17 changes by Lone_Wolf
13:46<_ln>Bjarni: where was that museum line of yours?
13:47<@Bjarni>all around ;)
13:47<@Bjarni>go see the schedule yourself if you like
13:49<@Bjarni>are you planning a visit or something?
13:49<Sacro>OH YAY IT'S HIM :D
13:49<@Belugas>yup, the museum himself!
13:50<_ln>well, i was in Denmark twice during the past two weeks.
13:50<@Bjarni>and you didn't tell me?
13:51<_ln>you haven't been very online lately
13:51<@Bjarni>I have been busy
13:51<@Bjarni>but I have an email for important stuff
13:53<_ln>besides .dk i've also been to .se .de .nl .be .fr .lu lately. a road trip with some friends
13:55<_ln>we visited the Knuthenborg safari park in .dk, which had some museum railway line nearby.
13:55<@Bjarni>I know that one
13:56<@Bjarni>it's known as "the museum railroad"
13:56<@Bjarni>because it's the first one
13:56<@Bjarni>it's fairly short
13:56<@Bjarni>and the speed is quite low (25 km/h or something)
13:57<@Bjarni>but it's the place to go if you want to see something really old
13:57<@Bjarni>since they have a special permission to use outdated brakes and stuff
13:59<_ln>is it a normal practice that the level crossing signals do not indicate in any way that they are operational?
13:59<@Bjarni>you mean no white light when no trains are around?
14:00<@Bjarni>yes... I have only seen that in Sweden and Finland
14:00<@Bjarni>it's actually fairly unusual
14:00<@Bjarni>I think Norway has it too
14:00<@Bjarni>bbl dinner
14:06-!-KUDr [] has quit []
14:16-!-George3 [~George@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:20-!-fonsinchen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:29<OwenS>I somehow doubt it's real :p
14:30<_ln>it's on the internet
14:36<@Bjarni>_ln: should we trust that one?
14:36<@Bjarni>technically it's terrorism
14:36<@Bjarni>terrorism: by force make a whole group of people scared
14:37-!-George [~George@] has joined #openttd
14:37-!-KritiK [] has joined #openttd
14:39<CIA-2>OpenTTD: alberth * r16890 /trunk/src/ (window.cpp window_gui.h): -Codechange: Allow raising and enabling/disabling of widgets even if they are not used.
14:42-!-Zahl [~Zahl@] has joined #openttd
14:43<CIA-2>OpenTTD: alberth * r16891 /trunk/src/dock_gui.cpp: -Codechange: Docks toolbar uses nested widget tree.
14:49-!-George [~George@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:53-!-George [~George@] has joined #openttd
15:09-!-fonsinchen [] has joined #openttd
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15:14-!-NightKhaos [] has joined #openttd
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15:17-!-orudge` [~orudge@] has joined #openttd
15:17-!-mode/#openttd [+o orudge`] by ChanServ
15:38-!-George [~George@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:44<CIA-2>OpenTTD: alberth * r16892 /trunk/src/window_gui.h: -Codechange: Add support for nested widget tree windows to PickerWindowBase.
15:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: alberth * r16893 /trunk/src/dock_gui.cpp: -Codechange: Ship depot build window uses nested widget tree.
15:48-!-George [~George@] has joined #openttd
15:49-!-Zahl [~Zahl@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54-!-|Jeroen| [] has quit [Quit: oO]
15:55-!-nfc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:58<CIA-2>OpenTTD: frosch * r16894 /trunk/src/ (7 files in 2 dirs): -Codechange: Add [Specialised]Vehicle::Last().
15:59-!-Mucht [] has joined #openttd
16:01-!-George [~George@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:01-!-Alberth [] has left #openttd []
16:07-!-George [~George@] has joined #openttd
16:08-!-PeterT [] has joined #openttd
16:09<PeterT>ive been looking on the wiki, and i cant find what "Min Profit" means
16:09<PeterT>in the detailed performance rating window
16:10<PeterT>so what does it mean?
16:11<+glx>right click may help
16:11<PeterT>i see
16:12<yorick>PeterT: it's result 12 at the wiki
16:12<yorick>when searching for "min profit"
16:12<PeterT>i see
16:12-!-NightKhaos [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
16:12<PeterT>i have 100% in everything except min profit
16:13<PeterT>ok, well thanks all
16:15-!-PeterT [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:24-!-PeteT [] has joined #openttd
16:24-!-PeteT is now known as PeterT
16:24-!-PeterT [] has quit []
16:24-!-PeterT [] has joined #openttd
16:28-!-PeterT [] has quit []
16:29-!-Nite_Owl [] has joined #openttd
16:29<Nite_Owl>Hello all
16:32-!-nicfer [~Administr@] has joined #openttd
16:32<nicfer>one question, is there an AI that only builds roads between towns?
16:33<Nite_Owl>Hello yorick & nicfer
16:33<Akoz>hello nite_owl :o>
16:34<Nite_Owl>Hello Akoz
16:35<welshdragon>i still cannot reset my Translator password
16:35-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
16:38<Akoz>could anyone tell me how to fetch and iterate over each tile in a station?
16:38<yorick>Akoz: try looking at station acceptance calculations
16:43-!-roboboy [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
16:43-!-roboboy [] has joined #openttd
16:45-!-Jolteon [~Jolteon@] has joined #openttd
16:45<Jolteon>How do I allow more airports per town? :)
16:45<Jolteon>and is it possible to change real time, in the server, or must it be a server.cfg, server reload?
16:45<Jolteon>(or can I edit server.cfg, and load it whilst server is running?)
16:47<Ammler>Wo? - Adv. Settings - you can't change time on a MP game, do it local and reload that save on the server
16:47<Jolteon>can't change time?
16:48<Jolteon>I meant change real time, as in change it dynamically.
16:48<Jolteon>not change the servers date..
16:49<Ammler>real timre of?
16:50-!-nicfer [~Administr@] has left #openttd []
16:50<Ammler>Jolteon: anyway, you can't change the game time on the server.
16:51<Jolteon>I don't WANT to change the damned time.
16:51<Jolteon>real time = REAL TIME. As in changing things dynamically, without the need to restart things
16:51<Jolteon>I.E from console.
16:52<@Bjarni>why do I see a mental image of you two being two old guys sitting and arguing about what was said and how it should be understood....
16:53<@Bjarni>somehow your conversation fits a stereotype like that :)
16:53*Sacro prods Bjarni with a pointed stick
16:53<@Bjarni>and the question isn't about time, it's "can I change max airports in a town setting without restarting the server?"
16:53<Jolteon>Bjarni: do you know the answer? :<
16:54<@Bjarni>it's as simple as that ;)
16:54-!-TheMask96 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:54<@Bjarni>knowing the question is first step in order to finding the answer
16:54<@Bjarni>I don't actually know this, but there is always the option of doing research
16:54-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:57<Jolteon> i'm confused.
16:57<Jolteon>All I want to do, is make towns stfu about omfg no moar airports pls.
16:57-!-ecke [~ecke@] has joined #openttd
16:59<Nite_Owl>is there not a way to turn off the noise pollution option
17:00<Ammler>yes, there is
17:00<Nite_Owl>I thought it was under advanced settings but I cannot find it for some reason
17:00-!-TheMask96 [] has joined #openttd
17:01<Jolteon>I can't find it either
17:01<Ammler>station_noise_level = true
17:01<Ammler>town_noise_population = 800,2000,4000
17:01<Jolteon>Is that not in default config?
17:01<Jolteon>cause it's not in my thing :s
17:01<Nite_Owl>so it is in the config only
17:01<Ammler>in the console: set station_noise 0
17:02<Jolteon>station_noise is an unknown setting.
17:02<Ammler>_leve :-)
17:02<Nite_Owl>thank you Ammler
17:02<Jolteon>Command only available to a network server.
17:03<KenjiE20>I'm 99% certain that's in adv. settings
17:03<Jolteon>Not in this config
17:03<Jolteon>I've added it.
17:03<Jolteon>Any way to reload the .cfg during a server?
17:03<Jolteon>I.E without reloading it
17:04<Ammler>Jolteon: you can't
17:04<Nite_Owl>Kenji has lost it
17:04<Ammler>you need to use rcon
17:04<OwenS>You need to change the settings from the console
17:04<Jolteon>Which, as I have pointed out
17:04<Jolteon>I can't.
17:04<Jolteon>I'm apparantly not a network server.
17:04<KenjiE20>Any way to reload the .cfg during a server? I.E without reloading it <-- reload without reload o.O
17:04<Jolteon>I've tried using "set" and rcon.
17:04<OwenS>rcon PASSWORD "command"
17:04<Jolteon>Says unknown variable.
17:05<OwenS>Note the quotation marks
17:05<Jolteon>Stop presuming I'm an idiot kthx.
17:05<Ammler>he, isn't there a gui for it?
17:05<Jolteon>Ammler: I'm connecting to a dedicated server.
17:05<Jolteon>(Which I'm the admin of)
17:06<Jolteon>I'm pretty sure nor linux, nor this dedicated server has a GUI.
17:06<Ammler>[23:05] <Jolteon> I'm apparantly not a network server.
17:06<Ammler>that is kinda confusing.
17:07<Ammler>if you run it from your openttd client, you need to use rcon
17:07<Ammler>on the server, you can use the console command without rcon
17:07-!-Azrael- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:08<Jolteon>Basically, in the most simple language I can do.
17:08<Jolteon>I am connect to my dedicated server, using normal OpenTTD.
17:08<Jolteon>which means I have to use console (or RCON)
17:08<Jolteon>Which is not responding, and says nearly everything is a broken variable.
17:08<Jolteon>(well, non existant)
17:08<KenjiE20>rcon password "command arguements"
17:08<Ammler>how do you use rcon?
17:10<Jolteon>rcon password "variable 0/1/true/false"
17:12<Ammler>Jolteon: set
17:12<Ammler>set variable value
17:13<Jolteon>rcon password set variable value?
17:13<Ammler>yes, and quoted
17:13<Nite_Owl>Advanced Settings --> Stations --> Allow Town Controlled Noise Level For Airports
17:14<Nite_Owl>I knew it was in there somewhere
17:14<yorick>and I knew it was there :-)
17:14<Jolteon>Ammler: If there is no error message, does that mean success?
17:14<Jolteon>Does it not confirm it?
17:15<Ammler>2 questions, 2 answers :-)
17:15<Ammler>you can run the command without value
17:15<Jolteon>does it not confirm it "no"
17:15<Jolteon>oh right
17:15<Jolteon>I get it now.
17:15<Ammler>well, ask proper :P
17:16<Jolteon>Does "set" change the .cfg file, for next time?
17:16<OwenS>No, just the settings for this game
17:16<Ammler>yes, it should
17:16<OwenS>Hasn't for me...?
17:16<OwenS>Ammler probably has mor experience :p
17:17<Ammler>you might be right.
17:17<Ammler>if you close the server proper, it should save the config to the cfg, afaik.
17:18<Ammler>that is why you could use -x
17:19<Ammler>we didn't use the cfg many times recently, mostly loading scenarios.
17:28<Jolteon>btw, good work on the OpenGFX guys, looks awesome.
17:29-!-paul_ [] has joined #openttd
17:30-!-paul__ [~paul@] has joined #openttd
17:31-!-paul__ [~paul@] has quit []
17:31-!-paul__ [~paul@] has joined #openttd
17:33-!-paul__ [~paul@] has quit []
17:34-!-paul__ [~paul@] has joined #openttd
17:35<Jolteon>whats console set command for breakdowns?
17:35-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:36<+glx>it's a difficulty setting
17:37<planetmaker>Jolteon: open a damn cfg and look for breakdown
17:37<Jolteon>planetmaker: It's part of the normal difficulty.
17:37<Jolteon>I wasn't that dumb.
17:37-!-paul_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:37<Jolteon>I can see why I got told to ask on #tycoon and not #openttd though :|
17:37<planetmaker>please do.
17:38<Jolteon>Why don't you just go away, and let someone who actually wants to be helpful help, hmm?
17:38-!-paul__ [~paul@] has quit []
17:38-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
17:38-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has left #openttd []
17:39-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
17:39<+glx>well openttd.cfg settings and console commands are the same
17:39<planetmaker>spoon-feeding is only in #tycoon. Here you're only helped so you can help yourself
17:39-!-ecke [~ecke@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:41<Jolteon>planetmaker: So why didn't you just say "same as the cfg setting"
17:41<Jolteon>Hmm, was the really so difficult?
17:41<Jolteon>I had presumed there was an easier way than typing diff_custom = 2,2,2,4,400,2,0,2,0,0,2,0,1,0,0,0,0,0 into console
17:45<planetmaker>Nobody can mind read. But it's easy to abuse people who try to be helpful.
17:45<+glx>diff_custom has been removed
17:46<+glx>unless you still use an old version
17:46<Jolteon>glx: 0.7.1
17:46<planetmaker>I would presume to type 80(?) commands in a row is a bit tedious?
17:46<+glx>then there's no diff_custom :)
17:47<+glx>only the [diff] section in cfg
17:47-!-yorick [] has quit [Quit: Poef!]
17:48-!-Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
17:50-!-ecke [~ecke@] has joined #openttd
17:54-!-Pygma [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:55<TrueBrain> netbeans is really nice; it shows C errors in a very good way
17:55<TrueBrain>even invalid variables and stuff
17:55<TrueBrain>I am impressed ...
17:57<Sacro>yeah, i liked it too
18:04-!-welshdragon is now known as welshgirl
18:10<Akoz>anyone up for some random betatesting?
18:10<@Bjarni>there is a girl in the channel
18:10<Sacro>mmm, girl
18:11<TrueBrain>Akoz: depends ;)
18:12<@Bjarni>welshgirl: a word of advice: Sacro have a bad record for what happens to women when he is done with them... stay away from him
18:14<TrueBrain>I still love you Sacro
18:14*Akoz goes to make a patch
18:15<@Bjarni>that tells a lot about TrueBrain :P
18:21<Sacro>Bjarni: oi
18:21<Sacro>i know welshgirl quite well thank you
18:22<@Bjarni>any plans for sending her to a mental hospital as well?
18:22-!-welshgirl is now known as welshdragon
18:22<Xaroth>wait, crossdresser?
18:23<welshdragon>it was my girlfriend
18:23<welshdragon>i was AFK
18:23<Xaroth>that's what they all say
18:23<Xaroth>you were doing your dress wearing thing again eh?
18:23-!-DJ-Burtybob [burtybob@] has joined #openttd
18:23<DJ-Burtybob>hi all
18:25<Sacro>he is really
18:25<@Bjarni>so there is welshdragon and welshgirl
18:25-!-OwenS [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:25<@Bjarni>one guy and one girl
18:26<@Bjarni>all inside the same head
18:26-!-OwenS [] has joined #openttd
18:26<welshdragon>there is a welshdragon, and a welshgirl
18:26<Xaroth>I.. don't even want to know
18:26<TrueBrain>Xaroth: good choice
18:27<Xaroth>ugh this thing is killing me
18:27<Akoz>TrueBrain: Aprox how many lines of code is Openttd on in total?
18:27<Xaroth>building a password database for all our systems
18:27*Bjarni copies Xaroth's strategy
18:27<TrueBrain>Xaroth: nasty things :)
18:27<Xaroth>or, as i want to rephrase it.. how many layers of encryption can you dump on eachother before it breaks
18:27<TrueBrain>I myself am battling MSB (memory management) of MS-Dos ... :(
18:28<@Bjarni>Xaroth: you mean a tool so all passwords can be hacked and leaked at the same time?
18:28<Xaroth>Bjarni: nope
18:28<TrueBrain>cpp: 154814 (88.19%)
18:28<TrueBrain>ansic: 19573 (11.15%)
18:28<TrueBrain>sh: 827 (0.47%)
18:28<TrueBrain>awk: 321 (0.18%)
18:28<TrueBrain>asm: 6 (0.00%)
18:28<Akoz>I knew u had the answer..
18:28<TrueBrain>$ 6,141,000 ;)
18:28<SpComb>6 lines of asm?
18:29<@Bjarni>MS-DOS memory management for win64?
18:29<TrueBrain>yes, we made a 64bit MS-Dos version
18:30<OwenS>Erm... WTF?
18:30<TrueBrain>I always learnt to say yes to idiots and morons, so don't pay any real attention to that answer :p
18:31<Xaroth>Bjarni: think of it as this, passwords can be stored, but not retrieved unless you have a key that will be physically stored in a vault.
18:31<@Bjarni><TrueBrain> I myself am battling MSB (memory management) of MS-Dos ... :( <-- you said that and then you said that you added asm for win64
18:31<TrueBrain>Xaroth: but what if I want to verify if the storing went okay? :p
18:31<@Bjarni>which to me sounds really strange
18:31<TrueBrain>creative reading
18:31<TrueBrain>sure, we go with that
18:31<Xaroth>TrueBrain: that's what betatesting is for
18:32<TrueBrain>I also said 827, I think I made 827 versions of MS-Dos
18:33<Xaroth>random name generator, 1 mil names generated, have to be stored properly, individually, and then retrieved, then that same procedure gets repeated with a few keys to see if that works as well.
18:33<@Bjarni>oh dear. WT3 is clever and uncovered problems
18:33<@Bjarni>the Danish translation uses a least 3 different words for "railroad track" :(
18:34<DJ-Burtybob>Which file would deal with deciding how much loading a vehicle/train does or doesn't do. AKA What file works out whether the train loads full all cargo or full any cargo?
18:34<@Bjarni>looks like a bit of cleanup is in order
18:34-!-Coco-Banana-Man [] has quit [Quit: Raubgut ist vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen!]
18:35<Jolteon>IS there a command to merge two companies together in multiplayer?
18:36<TrueBrain>DJ-Burtybob: loading .. sounds like something a station does
18:36<TrueBrain>so I guess station_cmd.cpp
18:36<@Bjarni>Jolteon: it was disabled/removed years ago because it caused desyncs/crashes
18:36<TrueBrain>but I guess a grep over the code for Unload would give you a nice overview too ;)
18:36<@Bjarni>and I don't think anybody ever fixed that issue
18:36<DJ-Burtybob>thanks truebrain, whats is "grep"??
18:36<Jolteon>Bjarni: oh poo.
18:37<TrueBrain>DJ-Burtybob: grep is a linux tool (ported to windows too) to search a set of files for a keyword
18:37<TrueBrain>but in this case I just refer to it as common tool
18:37<TrueBrain>not 'grep' perse
18:37<+glx>using regexp :)
18:37<TrueBrain>any sane IDE has a Find In Files
18:37-!-Nite_Owl [] has quit [Quit: Read You Soon]
18:37<DJ-Burtybob>oh cool thanks :)
18:40-!-TheMask96 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:42<Jolteon>Bjarni: Wouldn't it (theoretically) be similiar to that what happens when you buy out a company in single player? :|
18:42-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:42<Akoz>how can I access "static RailType _cur_railtype; " from rail_gui.cpp?
18:42<TrueBrain>Akoz: 'static', so you can't (if it isn't there)
18:42<TrueBrain>look for wrapper function to access it indirectly
18:43<TrueBrain>by the looks there are no wrappers; so you either try something that you shouldn't be trying, or you need to export the symbol ;)
18:45-!-TheMask96 [] has joined #openttd
18:50<TrueBrain>IntelliDepot <- a WHAT?
18:50<Akoz>intelligent depot :p
18:50<TrueBrain>PLEASE read the OpenTTD coding style
18:50<TrueBrain>and use it
18:51<TrueBrain>sorry, I can't read this
18:52-!-Exl [] has quit [Quit: Bitches.]
19:01-!-DJ-Burtybob [burtybob@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04<@Bjarni><Jolteon> Bjarni: Wouldn't it (theoretically) be similiar to that what happens when you buy out a company in single player? :| <-- it used to use the same code, but it crashed the game for some reason
19:05<@Bjarni>if you like to debug it and figure out how to get this working then I will not stop you
19:05<TrueBrain>completely new information every day .. how cool :)
19:05-!-KritiK [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:05-!-Dred_furst [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:06<Jolteon>Bjarni: I shall do that!
19:06<Jolteon> soon as I learn the language.
19:06<Jolteon>..or actually know what langauge OpenTTD is.
19:06<Jolteon>My brains tells me it'll probably be a C variant.
19:06*Bjarni marks a time to review Jolteon's diff
19:06<TrueBrain>Jolteon: in reality the problem was never because of desyncs of what ever, it simply is a problem of unfair; you join, and I buy out your company ... not really nice :p
19:06<@Bjarni>will 26th of June 2014 be ok?
19:07<Jolteon>TrueBrain: Well, I'm only wanting it as an rcon command.
19:07<Jolteon>(rcon password "merge company1 company2"
19:07<TrueBrain>yeah; but that is the reason the share-buy-out was removed
19:07-!-ecke [~ecke@] has quit [Quit: ecke]
19:07<Jolteon>Not for buying out in MP.
19:07<TrueBrain>a merge command should be relative easy: all code is there; it just needs a so called DoCommand
19:07<Jolteon>cause that'd suck uber much.
19:07<Jolteon>Bjarni: I was more thinknig 2015.
19:08<@Bjarni>I recall that whenever somebody tried to buy out other companies everybody crashed
19:08<@Bjarni>but I guess nobody was really interested in fixing the code to make it possible
19:08<TrueBrain>we always remove code when we can't get it crashfree :s
19:08<TrueBrain>that is why we removed so many features .. :s
19:08<OwenS>That reminded me of DEFCON
19:09<Jolteon>OwenS: That was actually a website for DEFCON.
19:09<Jolteon>or so, my game box claims it was.
19:09<Jolteon>Bjarni: I guess the code for it is long gone, and not just commented out?
19:09<TrueBrain>sorry Bjarni, your memory is wrong here
19:10*Jolteon grabs a copy of the OpenTTD source and shoves it another folder to play with.
19:10<@Bjarni>TrueBrain: I clearly recall getting upset at some guy because he crashed the game trying to buy out other players
19:10<TrueBrain>I wouldn't know in the few versions it was possible if the game crashed or not, I do know that it was removed for polical reasons
19:10<TrueBrain>we RARELY remove features because they crash
19:10<@Bjarni>it was disabled because it crashed. I'm sure of it
19:10<TrueBrain>(old PBS being one of those rarely cases ;p)
19:11<@Bjarni>but it's very likely that everybody agreed not to fix it for "political reasons"
19:12<@Bjarni>I recall ludde doing a quick "fix" and disabled it because it shouldn't be possible to crash everybody
19:12<@Bjarni>but it doesn't really matter who said what in 2004. The question is what we will do now and we (hopefully) agree that hostile takeovers shouldn't be allowed
19:13<Jolteon>Bjarni: surely it'd be possible so that after 75%, the final 25% can only be done after a message popped up to the owner, and they press "YES I AGREE TO THIS"
19:13<Jolteon>(or, put it server config to not possible, ask first, JUST_DO_IT_FAGGOT)
19:13<+glx>well the confirmation is bypassable ;)
19:14<Jolteon>I don't see how.
19:14<Jolteon>No press the yes, no buying it out
19:14<Jolteon>if the player isn't online, then you don't get anywhere.
19:14<Jolteon>no = don't.
19:14<Jolteon>wait no
19:14<Jolteon>press = pressing.
19:14<+glx>I mean a modified client could bypass it, or a modified server could skip the check
19:15<Jolteon>..are people in OpenTTD really that bad, or are you just being theoretical?
19:15<@Bjarni>there are people who are that bad out there
19:15<Jolteon>I've never come across anyone that horrible in OpenTTD.
19:15<@Bjarni>I don't think they show up in this channel but there are people out there who seem to spent a great deal of time ruining games for other players
19:15<TrueBrain>Bjarni: you are wrong.
19:16<+glx>luckily the servers do better checking in every new version
19:16<TrueBrain>nothing to do with ludde
19:16<TrueBrain>I removed the posibility
19:16<TrueBrain>(nice revision btw :p)
19:16<Jolteon>so anyone wanting to re-add it would get shot in the genitals then.
19:16<+glx>TrueBrain: lag between commands looks like desync cause ;)
19:17<@Bjarni>TrueBrain: then I wonder what ludde did :/
19:17<TrueBrain>Bjarni: create 0.1
19:17<TrueBrain>glx: yeah, it was disabled because of some weird desync, then disabled, then considered stupid in the first place
19:17<TrueBrain>and it never changed since :)
19:17-!-DJ-Burtybob [burtybob@] has joined #openttd
19:17<@Bjarni>he did a great deal of work with MP
19:17<TrueBrain>Bjarni: that was me, thank you very much
19:17<TrueBrain>around that time I rewrote the whole network
19:18*Jolteon backs away.
19:18<@Bjarni>yeah you rewrote quite a lot afterwards
19:19<TrueBrain>Jolteon: any sane non-hackable solution is always welcome ;) Just nobody ever wanted it :p
19:19<@Bjarni>I wonder if hostile buyouts ended up being disabled twice
19:19<TrueBrain>hard to admit you are wrong, even with the facts handed out to you
19:19<TrueBrain>oh well
19:19<TrueBrain>good night all :)
19:19<+glx>anyway I don't see a need for buyout in MP
19:19<Jolteon>Well, i'll go research things.
19:19<Jolteon>I'm wanting to seriously help out some project anyway.
19:19<@Bjarni>I lost the log for the old svn server so I can't state what happened :(
19:20<Jolteon>and I think OpenTTD has more of a future than OpenHospital...
19:20-!-paul_ [~paul@] has joined #openttd
19:20<TrueBrain>Jolteon: one suggestion: don't start with this MP buyout, if you want to contribute :)
19:20<@Bjarni>what is OpenHospital?
19:20<TrueBrain>do something ... more useful ;)
19:20-!-KenjiE20|LT [] has joined #openttd
19:20<@Bjarni>is that like open source Theme Hospital?
19:20<Jolteon>Bjarni: Well, it's OpenTH
19:20<DJ-Burtybob>yes bjarni
19:20<Jolteon>But yes, an open source Theme Hospital.
19:20<Jolteon>TrueBrain: as I said.
19:20<Jolteon>I don't wnat to enable buyouts.
19:20<Jolteon>I just want to make a console merge command
19:20<@Bjarni>never heard of it
19:20<@Bjarni>is it playable?
19:20<TrueBrain>Jolteon: that should be fine :)
19:20<Jolteon>(merge company1 company2)
19:21-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:21<Jolteon>the server then merges them into one (where the 1st company becomes the main one)
19:21<Jolteon>Even I think that should be minorly easy.
19:21<Jolteon>Which means it'll be stupidly hard, the people who test it will die from exploding computers, and I'll end up in jail
19:21<TrueBrain>easy is a big word, it needs work
19:21-!-paul_ [~paul@] has left #openttd []
19:21<TrueBrain>but doable, sure
19:22<+glx>to be safe, the second company should be uncontrolled I think
19:22<Jolteon>glx: yes.
19:22-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
19:22<Jolteon>I'll make it so it's like delete company.
19:22<DJ-Burtybob>Jolteon: There comes the harder part
19:22<TrueBrain>oh, I was going to bed ... it is late :p
19:22<Jolteon>It'll only work if the target is un-occupied.
19:22<TrueBrain>good luck Jolteon
19:22<Jolteon>I'll need it :p
19:22<OwenS>Hmm... Couldn't you make it switch the controller of the company being taken over to the company taking over?
19:22*Jolteon is still waiting for TortoiseSVN to finish.
19:23<OwenS>Aah, SVN, SVN, how I hate you're slowness and wish I could replace you everywhere with Git
19:23<Jolteon>then I need to find space on this 12GB HDD for a folder to copy it to where I do my special works.
19:23<+glx>but there will still be a problem with unprocessed commands
19:23<Jolteon>Problems are merely hurdles waiting to be jumped over.
19:24<DJ-Burtybob>Ummm... Who would I report a rather urgent problem with to?
19:24<DJ-Burtybob>sorry major not urgent
19:24<+glx>(the one solved by r1023)
19:24<+glx>all bugs go to
19:25<DJ-Burtybob>its a bug with
19:25<Jolteon>How does one do that, when one has a bug to do with it, glx?
19:25<Jolteon>I would imagine "major" means it is unusable, or something.
19:25-!-fonsinchen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25<OwenS>Erm... Is it just me... or should a HTTP server not be returning a response immediately after the GET / HTTP/1.1 line, before the end of the headers? ...
19:25<DJ-Burtybob>that is what i get when im trying to search hence major not urgent lol
19:26-!-KenjiE20 [~KenjiE20@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.0-rc2]
19:26<OwenS>Erm... Why is it throwing out SQL queries when it dies?
19:27<DJ-Burtybob>My question exactly and it is only when the "search in comments" is checked :/
19:28<+glx>hmm indeed it's strange
19:28-!-HerzogDeXtEr1 [~Flex@] has joined #openttd
19:29-!-HerzogDeXtEr [~Flex@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:31<Jolteon>gah, people in MP on my server keep building airports and trainstations with no regard to town development
19:31<Jolteon>then wonder why the town isn't expanding
19:32<OwenS>Towns are quite tollerant.. as long as you're not stupid. The fact that towns can grow on the #openttdcoop servers when half of them is covered in tracks is testament to that
19:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit []
19:33<Jolteon>Well, one one side is of this specific town is a big airport range, and on the otherside, a four track train network..
19:33<@Bjarni>I once saw a road tunnel under a station. Surprisingly the town expanded on the other side of the tunnel
19:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
19:33<@Bjarni>which left a 6 tile gap in the town
19:33<@Bjarni>I have only seen it once though
19:33<+glx>but the town won't build the tunnel by itself
19:33<Jolteon>I was about to ask if towns build tunnels themselves :p
19:34<@Bjarni>no some player did so in order to get lorries past the station
19:34<OwenS>Towns seem to consider tunnels and bridges as 1 tile roads
19:34<OwenS>You can have some serious fun with their growth with them
19:35<@Bjarni>Jolteon: tell people to make their towns tunnel out XD
19:35<OwenS>We've had some fun with the bridges to convince towns to grow in useful ways
19:37<@Bjarni>like on both sides of a station built next to a town
19:37<@Bjarni>sounds really useful
19:41<DJ-Burtybob>an if inside an if would be equal to if(cond1 && cond2) { wouldn't it
19:43<@Bjarni>if (cond1) { if (cond2) {}} == if (cond1 && cond2) {}
19:43<@Bjarni>maybe the compiler will not make the very same code, but the logical result is the same
19:44<DJ-Burtybob>couldn't "if (v->current_order.GetLoadType() & OLFB_FULL_LOAD) {
19:44<DJ-Burtybob> if (v->current_order.GetLoadType() == OLF_FULL_LOAD_ANY) {" be combined into "if (v->current_order.GetLoadType() & OLFB_FULL_LOAD && v->current_order.GetLoadType() == OLF_FULL_LOAD_ANY) { "
19:44<DJ-Burtybob>THat would make more sense wouldn't it?
19:45<+glx>file and line ?
19:45<@Bjarni>there might be something in else and stuff like that
19:45<DJ-Burtybob>economy.cpp 1465
19:45<@Bjarni>meaning we can't give a good answer based on what you just wrote
19:45<DJ-Burtybob>the else is under yet another if under the second if
19:45<DJ-Burtybob>a third if under the second if
19:46<+glx>no because the else
19:46<DJ-Burtybob>is under the second if not the third
19:47<@Bjarni>I agree with glx
19:47<@Bjarni>it will not produce the same result
19:47<@Bjarni>if (v->current_order.GetLoadType() == OLF_FULL_LOAD_ANY) {...} else if (cargo_not_full != 0) {
19:48<DJ-Burtybob>ok, i was mis-reading that else in there, sorry
19:48<@Bjarni>this is why indenting is important
19:48<@Bjarni>both when writing and reading
19:49<@Bjarni>but it's always better to say something and then go "oh my bad" rather than just moving on and ruining everything you do
19:49<@Bjarni>as long as it doesn't happen every 5th minute
19:55*OwenS wonders if the Grub developers ever check their bugtracker
19:55<OwenS>I submitted a bug and a patch to fix it over a month ago and nobody has looked at it
19:59<Jolteon>Grub is still developed
20:00<OwenS>It is
20:00<OwenS>Grub 1 is EOL, but Grub 2 is in development
20:01<OwenS>Last commit was 4 hours ago according to my server's mirror, though I forgot how often the cron runs
20:03-!-Chruker [] has quit []
20:04<OwenS>Of course Grub2 isn't quite ready yet, but Grub1 is stable anyway
20:05<Tefad>what good timing
20:05<Tefad>i'm trying to chainload linux with kboot...
20:06<Tefad>that's my goal anyway
20:06<Tefad>i'm thinking grub may not be realized
20:07<OwenS>huh? Why would you chainload grub?
20:09<Tefad>so the underlying OS doesn't get as confused
20:09<Tefad>i'm trying to make it transparent.. but i don't think that's easy.
20:09<Tefad>i'll just have to reconfig kboot each time
20:09<Tefad>the problem is i have an old laptop i want to boot from USB, but the OS lies on a real disk
20:12<OwenS>Side note: Anyone noticed any black holes arround after the impossible event of MS contributing code to the Linux kernel?
20:13<DJ-Burtybob>Night all catch ya laters
20:14<Jolteon>OwenS: they did what now?
20:14<OwenS>Contributed some drivers to Linux
20:15<OwenS>It's hardly benevolent; It's simply drivers to make it run better on Hyper-V, but still
20:15-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
20:16<Tefad>they realized that people actually use linux
20:17<Tefad>so they impoved linux in such away their VM software competitive with that of others.. eg VMware
20:17<Tefad>i accidentally the verb.
20:21-!-DJ-Burtybob [burtybob@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:24-!-Tekky [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.1/20090715094852]]
20:46-!-Zorni [] has joined #openttd
20:47-!-OwenS [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:54-!-Zorn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:06-!-Bjarni [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:06-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
21:33-!-Yrol [] has joined #openttd
21:34-!-Polygon [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
21:35<Yrol>hello everybody :o) i followed the instructions given there : but when i try to do gcc -v, it gives me an error ( sh: gcc: command not found ). how can i solve that problem?
21:36-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:37-!-DephNet[Paul] [~paul@] has joined #openttd
21:38-!-Cow [] has joined #openttd
21:39<Yrol>hello cow
21:40<Cow>im playing IS2 beta 3
21:44-!-Cow [] has quit [Quit: Bye for now!]
21:54-!-oskari89 [oskari89@] has quit [Quit: Utm A½ - Aja 35]
21:59<Eddi|zuHause>that is interesting to know.
21:59<Yrol>Eddi|zuHause? maybe you can help me with my problem?
22:00<Eddi|zuHause>Yrol: you put msys/bin and mingw/bin in your %path%?
22:00<Eddi|zuHause>(directory names may differ)
22:05<Yrol>(Eddi|zuHause) no, it wasnt written in the instructions. i will do that now
22:10-!-ccfreak2k [] has quit [Quit: changing servers]
22:10-!-ccfreak2k [] has joined #openttd
22:10-!-Netsplit <-> quits: Strid__, PhoenixII, +Patrick`, Markk, Jolteon, Lakie, +glx, TheMask96, _ln, octo, (+63 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
22:10-!-Netsplit over, joins: DephNet[Paul], Yrol, Zorni, Eddi|zuHause, HerzogDeXtEr1, KenjiE20|LT, TheMask96, Jolteon, George, Mucht (+63 more)
22:10<Yrol>"Place wget-1.9.1-mingwPORT.tar.bz2 in a folder (e.g. /home)." of which folder should /home be a subfolder?
22:10<Eddi|zuHause>/home is a unix-style folder
22:10<Eddi|zuHause>it is a subdirectory of /
22:11<Eddi|zuHause>typically it's /home/username
22:11<Eddi|zuHause>or "~"
22:11<Yrol>but... "This page contains guidelines for compiling OpenTTD in Win32 with MinGW" why does it include instructions for unix then?
22:11<Eddi|zuHause>because mingw emulates a unix environment (and thus also unix paths?)
22:12-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has quit [Quit: おやすみなさい。]
22:12<Eddi|zuHause>if you open a msys console, you should automatically start in ~
22:12<Yrol>so the answer would be ""place it into a folder called "home" which you created in C:\mingw""?
22:13<Eddi|zuHause>hm... no... i think it's part of the msys directory
22:13<Yrol>aaah, there.
22:13<Eddi|zuHause>but it says "any path"...
22:14<Eddi|zuHause>Yrol: for most purposes, / is the msys directory
22:14<Eddi|zuHause>you'll find typical unix paths such as /usr, /bin, /home, etc. there
22:14<Yrol>i see. im just trying to, without any background-knowledge, following that guide and get a working environment to compile openttd.
22:19<Yrol>hmmm. here is the next error. "cp wget.exe /usr/local/bin
22:20<Yrol> at compiling wget, step 4 results in a "cp: cannot create regular file `usr/local/bin': No such file or directory" - error
22:22-!-MizardX- [] has joined #openttd
22:23-!-MizardX [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
22:23-!-MizardX- is now known as MizardX
22:24<Eddi|zuHause>that one is simple, just create the directory
22:24<Eddi|zuHause>and also, add that to the wiki
22:25-!-mode/#openttd [+v orudge`] by ChanServ
22:25-!-mode/#openttd [+v Belugas] by ChanServ
22:25<Eddi|zuHause>i'm going to bed
22:27<Yrol>mmh,. good night :o(
22:29-!-Yrol [] has quit [Quit: MOOOOOOOOOO?????]
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