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00:04<quiznilo>this is firs
00:05<quiznilo>waiting for the engineering supplies to juice the entire network
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05:19<Wolf01> the REAL transport fever road crossing
05:21<crem>Lots of crossings look like that when watched on higher speed.
05:21<crem>Slow that one down to normal, and it becomes not exciting at all.
05:50<Wolf01> wow... looks like possessed by Cthulhu (warning, graphic images of an exploded steam locomotive)
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07:14<Wolf01>It took me 18 days to make a working 3d camera
07:15<Wolf01>And I still don't have any clue on how it works
07:16<Wolf01>(ok, I really have some clues, I know the principles)
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07:32<Wolf01> Eddi|zuHause, is that true?
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08:50<Arveen>nice sayings
08:50<Arveen>heard them all - and hate em :P
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10:26<supermop_>yo Alberth
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13:03<supermop_>yo andy
13:04<supermop_>bauxit from laterite strip mines/quarries?
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13:21<quiznilo>love how tight you can get FIRS supply chains, and if there is any kind of disruption way back near the beginning, there is this ever expanding ripple effect throughout your entire chain
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13:22<@Alberth>increase gung-ho level for more maddness :)
13:23<quiznilo>it's like flipping a switch
13:23<quiznilo>turning the lights on
13:23<dlite>yes, if your mines drop from gung-ho it is bad
13:23<quiznilo>or turning them off
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14:15<supermop_>use time tables, not full load
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14:41<andythenorth>supermop: laterite? o_O
14:42<supermop_>the stuff khmer temples are built out of
14:42<supermop_>some laterites are bauxite, and some are iron ores
14:42<supermop_>most tropical bauxite deposits are shallow or exposed laterites
14:43<supermop_>other bauxites are are usually in karsts, which also have little to no overburden
14:44<andythenorth>some are nickel apparently
14:45<andythenorth>I keep thinking that if I did ‘quarry’ tiles for all the slopes
14:45<andythenorth>stuff like this would be easy
14:45<andythenorth>a deep square quarry is quite hard to place
14:45<andythenorth>as is one that is neatly cut out of a slope
14:46<andythenorth>but sticking random cuts across a hill is easy
14:46<supermop_>i think a quarry that just looks like the top bit scraped off of whatever tiles would be nice
14:49<andythenorth>I’m going to do the same with fields, unless I reuse the base set versions
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14:49<andythenorth>it’s either that, or paint over the water on the existing quarry
14:50<andythenorth>or make everything a deep mine\
14:56<quiznilo> good for FIRS, I would think
14:57<quiznilo>not sure what to do about the tip of a train sticking out of the depot and blocking all the inbound trains
14:57<quiznilo>roro depots or riot
14:59<quiznilo>1 should read 'trains pass through depot'
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15:19<V453000>do you even automate?
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15:20<frosch123>try !password
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15:37<andythenorth>such FIRS
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15:50<@Alberth>haha, great find :)
15:51<andythenorth>slag grinding mill
15:52<andythenorth>needed for Steeltown
16:00<@Alberth>it looks almost like toyland :)
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16:00<@Alberth>big tools, full of colour :)
16:02<quiznilo>blast furnace
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16:04<andythenorth>blast furnace is done eh :)
16:05<quiznilo>can't find page for av9.8
16:08<Cubey><quiznilo> not sure what to do about the tip of a train sticking out of the depot and blocking all the inbound trains
16:08<quiznilo>ya, I should see if I can create a roro depot
16:08<Cubey>Won't the trains stay fully inside the depot until the station platform is clear if you remove the signals between the depot and the station?
16:08<quiznilo>I suppose
16:09<quiznilo>I wonder if that would block new trains coming in though... I can test this
16:09<Cubey>If the train is completely "inside" the depot (no front end sticking out), I think new trains can enter the depot
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18:33<quiznilo>have we got a writeup about how to create NewGRFs?
18:33<quiznilo>I have the nml file, need to compile it
18:40<quiznilo>reading the manpage for nmlc compiler
19:07<FLHerne>quiznilo: (but if you already have source files, reading the manpage is sufficient)
19:07<quiznilo>oh man, that's great, thanks
19:07<FLHerne>The relevant example command is `nmlc -c --grf mygrf.grf mygrf.nml` "This will encode the nml file ~/grfs/mygrf/mygrf.nml into the GRF file ~/grfs/mygrf/mygrf.grf. The -c option is not mandatory, but crops extraneous blue from sprites, reducing the filesize of the GRF file."
19:07<quiznilo>and, no, I'm writing the source pages
19:07<quiznilo>welp, this first one will be a town names NewGRF
19:10<quiznilo>oh perfect
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19:19*FLHerne -> sleep
19:22<Wolf01>I should sleep too...
19:22<ST2>FLHerne dnt sleep - the computer only gets hard, sometimes, to connect here xD
19:25<quiznilo>nn sleepers
19:25<Wolf01>I don't think I'm going to sleep right now, maybe at 4:00
19:28<ST2>well, 4:00 always depends on the timezone :P
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19:30<Wolf01>4:00 is still 4:00, which is late night
19:30<quiznilo>24-hr clock
19:31<Wolf01>I don't use retard clocks
19:31<quiznilo>same, fam
19:32<ST2>well, some will say that atomic clock hasn't 24 hours, as we call a day
19:33<ST2>Wolf01 still scaring people about canals... and that's a 24/7
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19:34<Wolf01>I broke the interwebz
19:35<ST2>well, that was, for sure, the longest release introduction
19:35<ST2>and, at some point, you were so serious that people believed the rest xD
19:36<Wolf01>I'm already preparing the next year one, 12 pages so far
19:36<ST2>nah, you won't get so far
19:36<ST2>at page 2 you'll start laughing yourself xD
19:37<Wolf01>For the next april fool I want to prepare a mangled game release with missing features etc
19:37<ST2>it's what's called the OpenTTD "feeling"
19:38<ST2>I deal with alot of servers but not with the code itself
19:39<Wolf01>The best thing to do would be to prepare an openra mod with ottd graphics and then tell people we decided to make a twist and introduce the war
19:39<ST2>grrrr, dnt steal ideas xD
19:39<ST2>we already had one
19:40<ST2>but, openRA, 1st gets admin previligies
19:40<ST2>we're truing to change code on there, among apply some commands to it ^^
19:41<ST2>OpenTTD and openRA, such similar, right?!
19:41<Wolf01>Yeah, for the "open" part
19:42<Wolf01>But with the tiberian sun support there is space for actual trains
19:42<ST2>nah, with work, many applies to admin port
19:43<ST2>but, sadly, admin port os the forgotten children of OpenTTD
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20:03<Samu>noob question
20:03<Samu>when chosing an engine what's better, tractive effort or power?
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20:22<supermop>depends on what you want it for I guess
20:23<supermop>but generally if you have a heavy freight train, you want both
20:23<ST2>[01:09:11] <Samu> [02:03:43] when chosing an engine what's better, tractive effort or power? <<-- what's the map? need to climb hills (TE) or only acceleration?
20:24<ST2>fun fact is: Samu test all the small things... and from times to times makes this "global" questions that leaves us dumb xD
20:40<Samu>the map is server 7
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20:57<Ox4>hello guys
20:57<Ox4>could somebody help me with playing mid files in game?
20:58<Ox4>I have downloaded openmsx and put it to .openttd/data directory on my Linux machine. I can play mid files using either timidity or fluidsynth programs, but in the game not :-(
21:04<+glx>I think the right debug level should give more info
21:05<Ox4>hm, ok, just a moment
21:07<Ox4>dbg: [driver] Successfully loaded music driver 'extmidi'
21:08<Ox4>glx: ^^^
21:09<Ox4>here is the full log:
21:10<+glx>"-d driver" should be enough ;)
21:12<Ox4>ALSA lib pcm.c:8306:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred
21:12<Ox4>and nothing other lines
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21:20<Ox4>glx: I saw this article
21:25<supermop>ah man
21:25<supermop>try to look up best way to debride a steel pan after cooking something greasy
21:25<supermop>and its all pictures of gross flesh wounds
21:26<supermop>forgot that real meaning of debride is to remove dead tissue from a wound
21:26<supermop>I'm glad I decide to clean this pan after I ate my dinner
21:31<+glx>Ox4: I don't know then, maybe double check the file location
21:31<+glx>but I'm not a specialist on linux
21:36<+glx>but if openmsx is shown in options then the files are in the right place
21:39<+glx>and indeed your log tells the files are found
21:41<+glx>original_windows is also added to the list but all the files are missing
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21:43<Ox4>"log tells the files are found" and "but all the files are missing" what does it mean?
21:44<+glx>I mean openttd finds openmsx files
21:44<Ox4>yes, I see
21:44<+glx>and it doesn't finds original_windows files
21:45<Ox4>should it find?
21:45<Ox4>I am using Linux systemd
21:45<+glx>only if you have them
21:45<+glx>the file list is included in openttd but the files are not mandatory
21:46<+glx>anyway you can check in options which music set is enabled
21:47<Ox4>I set it manually through the game menu
21:47<+glx>so this is correct
21:47<+glx>the problem may be the extmidi command then
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21:50<Ox4>fluidsynth -a pulseaudio -i /home/int/dev/tmp/openttd/fluid-soundfont-3.1/FluidR3_GM.sf2 $*
21:50<Ox4>here it is ^^^
21:51<+glx>openttd uses execlp(this->command, "extmidi", this->song, (char*)0);
21:51<+glx>and by default this->command = "timidity"
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21:55<Ox4>yes, I know
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21:55<Ox4>I have tried both timidity and fluidsynth programs :-(
21:55<Ox4>but have no results yet
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21:57<ST2>btw, why is hard to have an answer for this:
21:57<+glx>using musigdriver = "extmidi:cmd=<command>" ?
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21:57<+glx>in openttd.cfg
21:57<ST2>I've already made some questions about the Installer
21:58<+glx>nobody really want to touch nsi files ;)
21:59<Ox4>glx: yup
22:05<+glx>I can't help more Ox4, you should ask later when more people is awake
22:05<Ox4>ok, thank you for the support anyway :)
22:06<+glx>the chan member are mostly in CEST timezone
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