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03:27<Flygon>You made me double check what network I was on about 7 hours ago. :P
03:27<Flygon>Demographic overlap of Australian furries and Gunzels is disturbingly close. :V
03:29<Greyfur>I was working on some newgrfs 2004-2007 and recently returned to that... so I wanted to have a look here
03:30<andythenorth>wb :)
03:31<andythenorth>yo V453000
03:33<andythenorth>V453000: how terribly awful is it if you can’t use TL5 for high-speed passengers?
03:33<Supercheese>most newgrfs are now oldgrfs
03:33<andythenorth>is that like the worst thing ever?
03:33<andythenorth>all kittens massacred?
03:34<Greyfur>Supercheese: I know, right? Also, many were created and never got updated with newer features...
03:34<V453000>sounds dumb andy, why would you not be able to?
03:34<andythenorth>trains that build in 2-tile blocks
03:34<andythenorth>mostly for building convenience
03:34<V453000>what did you work on Greyfur ?
03:35<V453000>32/8 now? :D
03:36<andythenorth>no wagons for this class, all engines
03:36<andythenorth>and depot builds new engines on a new line
03:36<andythenorth>then you have to drag them to make the train :x
03:36<Greyfur>I worked on CS_tram_Set and George's LongVehs - I did only graphics back then
03:36<V453000>no high speed people wagins?
03:36<andythenorth>they need power
03:36<V453000>nice Greyfur
03:37<andythenorth>you don’t get a boss train at all lengths unless power scales with length
03:37<Greyfur>Now I am working on my own bus set, both graphics and learning to code in nml
03:37<andythenorth>and the only point of this train is to satisfy player need for boss train that destroys all other trains
03:38<V453000>idintgettheproblem andy
03:38<andythenorth>need boss train
03:38<Supercheese>Build only Nyan Trains ---> Probblem Solvved
03:39<andythenorth>boss train needs ~1000hp per 8/8 unit
03:39<andythenorth>means all units have to be engines
03:39<V453000>that depends on speed and weight
03:40<V453000>you can have the engine have powered wagons
03:40<andythenorth>1000hp is example only but yeah
03:40<andythenorth>powered wagons are no-no-no
03:40*andythenorth has been told
03:40<V453000>sunset in us set works this way
03:40<andythenorth>is a TTDPatch thing, should not be used
03:40<V453000>it works fine
03:41<V453000>well then you can just get a callback which adds vehicle power based on length
03:41<V453000>no powered qagon spec
03:41<andythenorth>needs buy menu text no?
03:41<V453000>sorry am on tablet, typing is ass
03:41<andythenorth>I am on Apple device, it auto-corrects already-correct words
03:41<V453000>well yeah, 'powered wagons'
03:41<V453000>iz text
03:42<V453000>but I used powrered wagons in nuts, its fine
03:42<andythenorth>TL5 is super-important thing?
03:42<V453000>and why not use it, it's not like we are going to remove that compatibility?
03:42<andythenorth>when I played coop it was some fetish
03:43<V453000>I think 5 is kind of the default length
03:43<V453000>but you can say that about many lengths
03:43<andythenorth>I could do 40/8
03:44<V453000>more importantly I believe you should be able to configure any length you want
03:44<V453000>in integers of tiles or halftiles
03:44<andythenorth>is general principle yes
03:44<andythenorth>these high-speed trains are kind of extra bollocks
03:45<V453000>but why 2 tile blocks in the first place?
03:45<andythenorth>just easier to build
03:45<andythenorth>one click, not click-click-drag blah
03:45<V453000>wtf reason :D
03:45<V453000>just make it 16/8 then?
03:45<V453000>building whole tiles makes sense
03:46<V453000>assuming engine isn't 8/8 ... I am expecting 16/8 dualhead eh
03:46<andythenorth>is just engine-is-pax-coach
03:46<andythenorth>no dualhead
03:47<andythenorth>8/8 engine, lots of hp, 40 pax
03:47<andythenorth>and as many as you want
03:47<andythenorth>but click-drag, click-drag, click-drag is BS
03:48<andythenorth>also who needs a 1-tile 200mph train?
03:48<andythenorth>dunno, maybe I can just scrap high-speed :D
03:50<V453000>I think you arenjust overcomplicating it for yourself
03:50<Greyfur>Is there a way to create refit menu text out of two sources? Like language file directly + pulled from a variable or another switch?
03:50<V453000>even if you just have a 300kmh pax engine with 20000 hp of power, ot is already fine
03:51<andythenorth>at that point, it’s a one-engine newgrf again
03:51<andythenorth>which apparently Nobody Wants :P
03:51<V453000>if you think it will not good when it is too weak and people use double engine, just make graphics for engine-inside train, I do that in nuts too
03:52<V453000>well if it can only carry passengers then it's fine
03:52<andythenorth>it’s more that it fucks with the progression
03:52<andythenorth>to get 1860-2020 there has to be a consistent progression of engines and wagons
03:52<andythenorth>I tried sudden big stats bumps, and it’s just weird
03:52<andythenorth>like you have a design for your network, and classes of train
03:53<andythenorth>and then ‘wtf’
03:53<andythenorth>everything is messed up
03:53<V453000>well you just make everything better but keep class logic
03:53<andythenorth>that doesn’t get to 200mph :P
03:53<andythenorth>needs a new type of train in late game
03:53<V453000>I am defeated :D
03:54<andythenorth>like some kind of new technology :P
03:54<andythenorth>I am defeated too currently
03:54<andythenorth>I took the lesson from NUTS, schema must rule
03:54<V453000>just make it modern, give high numbers, run
03:55<V453000>no powered wagon bs
03:55<V453000>in fact powered wagons get ultra powerful real fast and massively motivate megalong trains
03:56<andythenorth>means 75mph, 90mph, 110mph, 170mph, 200mph progression
03:56<V453000>+ with powered wagons it means there is only one correct way to build the engine, with non powered wagons you need to consider if you want more engines or not... usually trading capacity for power
03:56<andythenorth>just weird imo
03:56<V453000>I don't see anything wrong
03:57<V453000>iz progress?
03:57<andythenorth>weird huge jump, then small jump
03:58<V453000>well then why not 110 150 200? :D
03:58<andythenorth>not faster enough? dunno
03:58<V453000>the exact values can be changed at any point
03:58<V453000>I was changing and rebalancing nuts for many versions, see the changelog
03:58<andythenorth>dunno, I was -1 to schemas, I thought they were constricting
03:59<V453000>I had some system and tried to make it work
03:59<andythenorth>but every design problem in IH so far is solved by enforcing more clear schema
03:59<V453000>110 to 150 is big improvement, 150 to 200 as well
03:59<V453000>worry not
04:00<andythenorth>means I also have to reset wagon progression :P
04:00<andythenorth>which means I have to reset other engines :P
04:00<andythenorth>high speed is just stupid
04:01<andythenorth>monorail? o_O
04:03<V453000>why now? :D
04:04<V453000>it uses some wagons, pproblem iz?
04:07<andythenorth>wagon speeds are matched to engines
04:07<andythenorth>increasing pax wagon speed would mean increasing mail wagon speed
04:08<andythenorth>increasing mail wagon speed means increasing food wagon speed
04:08<andythenorth>increasing food wagon speed means increasing all other wagon speeds
04:08<andythenorth>increasing all other wagon speeds means increasing all freight engine speeds :P
04:09<andythenorth>then high-speed pax speed needs increased more
04:09<andythenorth>iz non-winnable :P
04:10<V453000>wagon speeds are generally bad inmmany levels, this is one of them
04:10<andythenorth>without them, the only possible conclusion is single wagon type
04:10<andythenorth>and point of horse is ‘lots of wagons'
04:10<V453000>I go make leaves gtfo off lawn, back in the evening, good luck :P
04:11<andythenorth>leaves :(
04:11*andythenorth has that task too
04:11<V453000>lots of wagons are still nice
04:11<V453000>not having giant refit menu and seein variety of wagons in purchse menu is great
04:11*andythenorth not convinced that 1 player request for 200mph pax train justifies wrecking whole set
04:11<Greyfur>well, in reality some freight trains go 80 where passengers travel at 160 kmh
04:11<andythenorth>also would have to wreck Hog and Sam
04:12<V453000>for example if you play nuts first time and use the universal wagon, you have no idea how it looks for various cargoes until you try to refit it
04:12<andythenorth>only 2 viable approaches imho
04:12<andythenorth>nuts way
04:12<andythenorth>horse way
04:12<andythenorth>one or lots
04:12<andythenorth>anything else bollocks
04:12<V453000>it's not just 1 player andy, having some late game modern stuff is nice
04:13<andythenorth>draw nice maglev track :P
04:13<V453000>is option though
04:13<V453000>but needs universal engine or track to autoreplace
04:14<andythenorth>always a new problem :)
04:14<andythenorth>this is why I don’t have dedicated high speed type :(
04:14<andythenorth>everything is awesome
04:14<andythenorth>ok build high-speed in 16/8 units
04:14<andythenorth>all happy
04:16<Greyfur>Is there a way to create refit menu text out of two sources? Like language file directly + pulled from a variable or another switch?
04:16<andythenorth>you can substring
04:16<andythenorth>to combine strings
04:18<andythenorth>you can chain switches for handling variations
04:19<Greyfur>I know I can chain them, just found out if I do a text switch, I cannot have every refit menu part go to the same switch as it then doesn't allow refit at all.
04:21<Greyfur>and I would like to keep the type subversion in the name of each refit, so I can base it on year, so my idea was to name refits as Blue, Red, Yellow and behind the color put a text switch based on year of build
04:22<andythenorth>that should work
04:22<Greyfur>Do you have any example on the substring syntax?
04:22<andythenorth>you end up somewhere returning one string per variant
04:23<andythenorth>there’s an example in docs here
04:23<andythenorth>uses ‘STR_EXTRA_PRIMARY’
04:23<andythenorth>not sure I actually understand that example :P
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04:25<andythenorth>string(STR_NAME_aberdare, string(STR_NAME_SUFFIX_STEAM))
04:26<andythenorth>in that case ‘STR_NAME_aberdare’ is not translated, and ‘STR_NAME_SUFFIX_STEAM’ is
04:27<andythenorth>nml concatenates these strings at compile time afaik, if you want to insert stuff from variables during gameplay, it needs a different approach :)
04:29<andythenorth>the english.lng file for the aberdare then has “STR_NAME_aberdare. :2-6-0 Aberdare {STRING}”
04:31<Flygon>(I'm guessing my answer to the question of "Can industries be set to only spawn within x amount of tiles of a town" is a 'No'. Tried to check around myself, but everything turned out negative)
04:31<andythenorth>FLHerne: yes, that’s relatively easy
04:31<andythenorth>there is a built-in magic flag, but it has problems
04:31<andythenorth>and it can be done with location check callbacks
04:32<andythenorth>FIRS does it
04:34<andythenorth>Flygon: you want code, or just a yes/no answer? o_O
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04:37<Flygon>Yes/No answer.
04:37<Flygon>Rather not bother the devs about it if nobody else has wanted it. :P
04:39<andythenorth>depending on the industry, it needs to check for houses rather than town sign
04:39<andythenorth>otherwise can’t build near very large cities
04:39<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: i think ECS used "within X tiles there must be at least Y population"
04:40<Flygon>Yeah. Was thinking with default or FIRS, for example.
04:40<Flygon>I see the issue tho.
04:40<Flygon>Just kinda annoying to, say.
04:40<Flygon>Start the Iceland scenario.
04:40<Eddi|zuHause>default bank uses "town must be >1200 population" and "must replace a house"
04:40<Flygon>And there's factories in, uhm... patently unfair locations. :D
04:41<Greyfur>Thank you andy, I will study a little on the strings. :)
04:41<Flygon>Er, not unfair, but... terrible.
04:41<Eddi|zuHause>or maybe it was 2000
04:42<andythenorth>there are two flags
04:42<andythenorth>3 in fact
04:42<andythenorth>bits 3,4 and 5
04:43<andythenorth>but they are not appropriate for, e.g. factories
04:43<andythenorth>Flygon: possibly a GS could also handle that
04:43*andythenorth bbl
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04:44<Flygon>Huh... yeah.
04:44<Flygon>I forgot how flexible scripts are.
04:45<Flygon>But, yeah. Was thinking of something along the lines of "Gotta be within 96 tiles of ANY house to make industry". :P
04:46<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: that's what the nearby tile loop does
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04:46<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: though performance may suffer if you make the radius that high
04:47<Flygon>Well, was mostly using it as an example.
04:47<Flygon>Point taken tho.
04:51<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: anyway, that makes the answer to your question: "yes"
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04:52<stefino>Leanden? are you here? :D
04:52<Flygon>Just need to write a script.
04:53<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: doesn't need a script
04:53<Flygon>Wait. Where in the options was it again?
04:53<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: nearby tile loop on industry creation is available in newgrf
04:54<Eddi|zuHause>though you could use a script, if the scenario is your focus
04:55<Flygon>Okay. Doesn't seem to be a feature in OpenGFX+.
04:55<Flygon>So I have to reply on the NewGRF supporting it?
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05:00<Flygon>Not reply
05:00<Flygon>Derp. I'm sorry.
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08:18<andythenorth>might work
08:20<Wolf01>Not sure about this
08:21<Wolf01>I need to make a 3-axis joystick with lego... 2 of them
08:26<andythenorth>I’ve broken the ‘one obvious choice’ rule in IH :|
08:26<andythenorth>for realism
08:26<andythenorth>might be bad
08:28<andythenorth>ok, need a name for this
08:28<andythenorth>previous generations are ‘Scooby’ and ‘Plastic Postbox’
08:29<andythenorth>‘Mail Rail'?
08:29<andythenorth>‘Pushing the Envelope’?
08:35<frosch123>bill hunter
08:36<andythenorth>‘not bad
08:36<frosch123>"tally" could also work
08:36<andythenorth>‘box machine'
08:43<andythenorth>lo mop
08:46<supermop_>last night i was wondering,
08:46<supermop_>could you recolor animated colors?
08:47<frosch123>recolornig happens before animating
08:47<Eddi|zuHause>yes, but you can't change the animation sequence, and you can't recolour based on which animation step is currently active
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08:48<supermop_>no no way to recolor flashing red to make 'ditch lights'
08:48<supermop_>or amber hazard flashers
08:49<Eddi|zuHause>no, the cycles are fixed
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08:49<andythenorth>there is a fire cycle that’s adequate for flashing amber
08:49<andythenorth>I used it in HEQS
08:50<andythenorth>could also animate on frame-by-frame
08:50<andythenorth>but sprite count would get ridiculous :P
08:51<@planetmaker>moin :)
08:51<andythenorth>hi planetmaker
08:51<andythenorth>Horse sprite count is ridiculous already in fact :(
08:51<andythenorth>26584 sprites for 186 trains
08:52<andythenorth>compile time is horrible
08:52<@planetmaker>142 per train :)
08:52<andythenorth>averages :P
08:52<andythenorth>‘Howler’ or ‘Happy Train’? (modern passenger railcar)
08:52<@planetmaker>that's 17 different looks per train, if you assume 8 side views per look
08:53<andythenorth>it’s more likely 1 look for most trains
08:53<andythenorth>and then some wagons with a *lot* of cargo support
08:53<@planetmaker>17... ok, is less than the amount of cargoes.... 3 (or 4?) loading stages... yeah, quickly gets out of hand :)
08:54<frosch123>"shaw" for pax
09:03<andythenorth>‘Pony Express’ :P
09:03<andythenorth>roster is ‘Pony'
09:04<frosch123>"pony express" for pax, mail or livestock?
09:04<andythenorth>mail :P
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09:25<andythenorth>so is the new GS made yet? o_O
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09:31<andythenorth>lo Alberth
09:31<andythenorth>such GS ideas then?
09:41<@Alberth>ideas would work, implementing them is zhe problem
09:42<@Alberth>especially with such splendid weather outside
10:04<supermop_>not much livery variation for 3/8 steeple cab
10:06<supermop_>brown with cc stripe? contrasting hoods?
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10:32<andythenorth>black window surrounds
10:33*andythenorth such gardening
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11:04<andythenorth>boss wagon
11:07<frosch123>why is it articulated?
11:07<frosch123>more axles for more weight?
11:10<andythenorth>I assume so
11:10<andythenorth>keeps axle load down
11:11<andythenorth>I would have thought the german wagons with 3-axle bogies would be more effiicient
11:11<andythenorth>distributing axles might help bridge limits though
11:15<supermop_>andythenorth I put single headlamp between cab windows, could have alternate with two on the front
11:17<supermop_>though plenty of room in the stack to randomly composite on lights for these guys
11:32<andythenorth>CC roof vs. grey roof supermop_
11:32<andythenorth>makes a fair difference
11:32<andythenorth>CC looks 'modern'
11:32<andythenorth>also you can guard wheels or not
11:32<supermop_>this is a 1890 loco
11:32<supermop_>but yeah
11:33<andythenorth>doors, or black voids
11:33<andythenorth>hog does quite a lot with trams
11:33<andythenorth>without 100% redrawing
11:34<andythenorth>now you can advise me on wagons :P
11:35<andythenorth>8/8 90mph vs. 8/8 100mph
11:35<andythenorth>need to look different
11:35<andythenorth>but not total change
11:35<supermop_>for pasengers?
11:35<supermop_>1 door per side instead of 2?
11:35<andythenorth>managed it for hoppers
11:36<andythenorth>L81 and L83 are gen 5 and gen 6 resp.
11:38<frosch123>change the windows
11:39<frosch123>slow wagons have separated windows which can be opened
11:39<frosch123>fast wagons have more continous windows which cannot be opened
11:42<andythenorth>for pax cars yes
11:42<andythenorth>generally sleeker
11:42<andythenorth>open wagons and flat wagons are hardest
11:42<andythenorth>flat wagons, I gave up :P
11:43<andythenorth>open cars, I just need 1 more generation
11:44<frosch123>the open wagons could have interior walls
11:45*andythenorth trying some 10/8 articulated wagons
11:49<frosch123>hmm, the cc somewhat hides it
11:49<frosch123>but early wagons could be made of wood, while modern ones are metal
11:50<andythenorth>twin wagons
11:50<andythenorth>these ones are huge
11:51<frosch123> <- also front and back walls can be different from side walls
11:51<andythenorth>that might be required
11:52*andythenorth will find a way :P
11:52-!-Breckett [] has joined #openttd
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11:53<@Alberth>like the flat wagons with front/back shield
11:54<@Alberth>completely flat is boring :p
11:57<andythenorth>grf is here FWIW
11:58<andythenorth>there’s not much to comment on right now
11:58<andythenorth>but eh
11:58<andythenorth>all intended engines 1860-2020 are now in (except some narrow gauge)
11:58<andythenorth>most wagons are mostly in
12:00-!-Stimrol [] has joined #openttd
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12:46<supermop_>handrails darker or lighter than body painted in same color?
12:50<supermop_>too bright?
12:51<supermop_>white, yellow, and 2cc are two steps lighter than 'normal'
12:51<supermop_>red is 1 step darker
12:52<supermop_>want them to stand out against cab end
12:52<andythenorth>details are tricky
12:53<supermop_>could add a solid panel like :
12:53<supermop_>then no yellow on cab or nose needed
12:57<supermop_>anyway rails get stacked
12:58<supermop_>get a chance for red, white 2cc, or yellow, or none
13:25-!-Biolunar [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:45-!-Alberth [] has left #openttd []
13:54-!-Gja [] has joined #openttd
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14:15<andythenorth>time to sell some HO trains
14:15<andythenorth>also some Lego :P
14:16<Wolf01>I want to go to the pub, but I don't want to go out :|
14:16<frosch123>you convert them to pixels to save space?
14:16<andythenorth>frosch123: possibly yes :P
14:20<V453000>is the thing with 13/8 trains that Leanden claims possible?
14:20<V453000>to override length through graphics() thing?
14:20<V453000>yeah that's what I thought
14:21<andythenorth>I should talk to CZ guys :P
14:21<V453000>I'm talking to them almost every day over skype
14:21<andythenorth>they would be better off making stuff for MS Train Simulator
14:21<andythenorth>or Mashinsky
14:22<andythenorth>OTTD is a bad model railroad simulator
14:22<V453000>I'm helping them get oriented, organized and code, but they are basically making the most ultra realistic grf ever made which I will hate the most ever
14:22<V453000>yeah but they don't like the other games
14:22<andythenorth>well they don’t like OpenTTD either, as it is :)
14:22<V453000>and trust me that you only know the tip of the iceberg for megarealism in their dimension :D
14:22*andythenorth is sitting in front of actual model trains
14:22<andythenorth>going round in a circle
14:23<andythenorth>best model trains go in a loop 1m x 2m
14:23<andythenorth>not realistic :P
14:23<V453000>they like openttd as it is, they are just doing all kinds of really fucked up realism complications for themselves
14:23<V453000>for example they have a 18/8 wagon hacked by invisible parts, which by itself is eh ... but they even make 2 tile tunnels to hide the hack, and complain about bridges fucking up :D
14:25-!-Gja [] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
14:27<Wolf01> andythenorth: trying to make this with lego, fuckload of gears and strange contraptions... also the joysticks will be a challenge
14:33*andythenorth broke it
14:33*andythenorth fixing it
14:42-!-Gja [] has joined #openttd
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14:53<Wolf01>Wow, today they finished the 13 new tracks on the Mestre station, mainly for the yard
14:57<Wolf01>No more parked trains in Venice :)
15:07<andythenorth>IH has lots of trains introduce in 1960 :P
15:07<andythenorth>they all appeared at once
15:27<andythenorth>all these wagons are either great
15:27<andythenorth>or this is the worst idea so far :P
15:30<andythenorth>first impressions are ‘worst idea so far'
15:45-!-Greyfur [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:00-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Quit: be yourself, except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn]
16:12<andythenorth>is terrible V453000 :P
16:12-!-gelignite [] has quit [Quit: I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.]
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16:25<andythenorth>I should do engine speed limits, not wagon speed limits :x
16:25<supermop_>if a variable gives a whole date, how do I use only the year?
16:26<andythenorth>there is some way to nibble it off
16:26*andythenorth looks
16:28<andythenorth>can’t find it :|
16:33<supermop_>oh well
16:36-!-sla_ro|master [] has quit []
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17:39<supermop_>is 'tramway train' a dumb name?
17:41<Wolf01> <- try to not confuse it with this
17:42<supermop_>'industrial train' just sounds like any train that goes to an industry
17:43<Wolf01>Call it tram? It's a tram
17:47<supermop_>the little locomotive seems odd to call a tram
17:50<Wolf01>Industrial tramways or light rail share a lot with narrow gauge
18:02-!-Wormnest [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:37<supermop_>hmm idk what I am supposed to do for the random trigger callback
18:39<supermop_>random_trigger: <the name of my lowest random switch>?
18:58<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, something like that
19:02-!-Gja [] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
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19:05<supermop_>ok... my tiny electric tram motor
19:05<supermop_>looks exactly like one of andy's heqs
19:05<supermop_>and I drew it from scratch
19:11<supermop_>that can't be comfortable for those 9 passengers in the crate
19:12<supermop_>nor can it be good for the wagons to have the wheels totally separated like that
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