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02:26<dihedral>hey ho
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02:50<LordAro>ho hey
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05:13<TrueBrain>hi andythenorth :)
05:14<andythenorth>yo TrueBrain
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06:56<TrueBrain>okay ... I now have a GitHub App that works, and Runners that can execute the CI/CD commands ... now I just have to make the commands ... work :D
07:42<dihedral>we know you are good at that
08:38<@planetmaker>that's why it's 'brain' in the nick, and not 'pudding'. I suppose :P
08:38*planetmaker greets and quickly hides
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10:06<TruePudding>tnx planetmaker
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10:17<@planetmaker>hihi :)
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10:39<andythenorth>it's the trac from HEQS :)
10:39<andythenorth>HEQS realisms
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13:31<andythenorth>sulphur sulphur sulphur mine
13:34<Wolf01>Got almost half of the parts of the bucket wheel excavator, which is nice
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13:37<andythenorth>I've bought it for next christmas
13:37<andythenorth>it's in a cupboard
13:37<andythenorth>was on discount
13:38<Wolf01>I stole.. ehm, bought it with the same discount from, and it's on the "whan I'll have space and time I'll build it"
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13:59<LordAro>it's coming home, etc
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14:00<Eddi|zuHause>well, is it really?
14:10<TruePudding>yippie, this somewhat starts to get shape ...
14:10<TruePudding>it is now talking to a runner to execute specific things :D
14:10<TruePudding>now I just have to make him do that .. and start a bunch of dockers :P
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14:11<LordAro>dockers all the way down
14:11<TruePudding>they arent turtles you silly
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14:13<debdog>they are shoes, ain't they?
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14:16<TruePudding>LordAro: if you are interested,
14:17<TruePudding>its a pull requests against the one you already looked at
14:17<TruePudding>it is huge
14:17<TruePudding>and complex
14:17<TruePudding>any feedback and suggestions are highly welcome
14:17<TruePudding>and I know for sure many things can be done easier/smoother/nicer, etc
14:17<TruePudding>but I first worked towards getting it functional :D
14:18<TruePudding>it also lacks tons of comments etc
14:18<TruePudding>sorry about that
14:19<TruePudding>well, looking over the end result, it is not really that complex .. which is nice I guess
14:19<TruePudding>I do have to split configuration from execution .. that is now all in the Job class, which is weird
14:21<TruePudding>the idea behind it is, that there are runners in every env .. like there is a 'build' env, which are empty dockers where you can build dockers in. They reset every time, etc
14:21<TruePudding>there is 'staging' runner, which is connected to the cluster maintaining all staged versions of all the software
14:21<TruePudding>and 'production'
14:21<TruePudding>the staging/production runner can start/stop dockers in their pool
14:21<TruePudding>so if you do a deploy to production, the runnern in production picks that up, and makes it happen
14:23<LordAro>you shouls put that in the PR :p
14:24<TruePudding>its a WIP, so not yet
14:24<TruePudding>first I want opinions
14:24<TruePudding>that is why I am telling you now :)
14:24<TruePudding>(documenting something that might not stay as it is, is annoying :P)
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15:55<andythenorth>I guess I should look up Apple policy on this
15:56<TruePudding>or just ask him for a reference
15:56<andythenorth>apps installing system wide stuff is a problem for me
15:56<TruePudding>it is a bit random comment in this way :D
15:56<TruePudding>don't forget you can put others to work too :D
15:56<andythenorth>it causes infosec compliance headaches
15:56<andythenorth>games should stay in the user dir
15:56<nielsm>he does suggest putting it in the user dir
15:56<nielsm>that's the ~ at the beginning
15:57<nielsm>the problem is putting configuration files and more in Documents, which I believe should be the user's domain (don't put files or folders there the user didn't explicitly name themselves)
15:58<nielsm>(at least microsoft has a policy like that for the desktop etc. in their own platform guidelines)
15:59<+glx>and many still don't follow it
15:59<andythenorth>oh yeah, I missed the ~
16:00<andythenorth>all is well then
16:00<andythenorth>useful clarification :D
16:01<+glx>mainly because it depends on windows version
16:05<nielsm>I for one don't like ottd putting config files into Documents
16:05<nielsm>on windows
16:06<Wolf01>Or savegames too
16:06<nielsm>(it would select the correct folder on windows 9x, but not sure about 2k, and definitely not on xp forward)
16:06<Wolf01>There's the AppData for that, which is even hidden
16:07<nielsm>there's also the Saved Games folder
16:07<nielsm>but nothing ever used that
16:07<Wolf01>But that's in the documents
16:07<+glx>and My Games too in documents
16:07<Wolf01>I have 4 different folders for games in documents
16:08<Wolf01>Because every developer use it's own
16:08<Wolf01>And a lot of sparse ones
16:09<+glx>many games just add a folder in mydocs
16:10<Wolf01>Games, MyGames, SavedGames, EA Games, WB Games, $gamename, $softwarehouse and some in AppData
16:10<TruePudding>yes, Pudding. You have issues with that Wolf01? :D
16:11<Wolf01>Nope, I was just wondering why :P
16:11<TruePudding>ask planetmaker!
16:15<Wolf01>planetmaker: why pudding?
16:17<nielsm>that name "TruePudding" reminds me of Hatoful Boyfriend
16:17<+glx>okkosan ?
16:18<nielsm>it's a japanese dating game where you're a human girl going to school with and dating pigeons
16:18<nielsm>very good story, actually
16:18<+glx>many unexpected endings
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16:47<frosch123>the dating sim part is only the tutorial part to introduce the character
16:47<frosch123>the actual game follows after
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16:52<@planetmaker>Wolf01, because TrueBrain doesn't believe in himself :P
16:52<@planetmaker>hi also :)
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17:21<Eddi|zuHause>so, did it actually come home?
17:21<andythenorth>if home is Paris, yes
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17:31<TruePudding>hmm .. my clipboard to IRC no longer works
17:31<TruePudding>annoying :D
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17:32<TrueBrain>LordAro: specially for you!
17:32<andythenorth>docs eh
17:36<TrueBrain>better URL:
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19:28<TrueBrain>okay, heavily extended the document
19:28<TrueBrain>guess that will have to do :D
19:28<TrueBrain>guess it is a manifesto now :D
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