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03:56<@peter1138>Hmm, can't convert a Trackdir to a TrackdirByte.
03:56<@peter1138>Which is odd, cos I could earlier.
04:08<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] Gabda87 updated pull request #7047: Add #6887: Highlight tiles within local authority of towns
04:11<@peter1138>Ah, I can assign a Trackdir to a TrackdirByte *, but not directly. Hmm.
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04:44<@peter1138>andythenorth will know.
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04:53<@peter1138>I see.
05:19<@peter1138>Mmm, white chocolate covered oreo biscuit.
05:19<@peter1138>Well, "snow" covered they called them.
05:20<@peter1138>Fortunately it's not snow, because then I'd have a soggy biscuit.
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06:09<@peter1138>TrackdirByte a = pNode->GetTrackdir() does not work;
06:09<@peter1138>TrackdirByte a; a = pNode->GetTrackdir() does work.
06:09<@peter1138>. . . . .
06:11<@peter1138>And it's not because of the method. TrackdirByte a = TRACKDIR_X_NE; also does not compile.
06:13<@peter1138>Have I got a compile bug here? :p
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06:45<+michi_cc>peter1138: TinyEnumT has an assignment operator for the enum type, but not a constructor.
06:51<@peter1138>Ah. Adding it breaks compilation too, elsewhere :D
07:12<Eddi|zuHause>sounds like you're having fun
07:15<@peter1138>I can settle for assignment, just looks a bit weird.
07:18<LordAro>that is sad
07:18<LordAro>TinyEnumT can be replaced with c++11 enums now, i think
07:40<Eddi|zuHause>i know, let's completely rewrite openttd in a MODERN language
07:45<Eddi|zuHause>the most hyped and vivid language of the decade!
07:45<@peter1138>It was RAD! Rapid Application Developmenet!
08:11<@peter1138>But spelled correctly.
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08:54<@peter1138>^ this guy again, lol
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09:07<@planetmaker>well, at least he knows some stuff. And it's not the worst of ideas. But tmwftlb IMHO
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09:09<@peter1138>Not sure it's the same guy, as this one offer to put something together, instead of ... well...
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09:10<@peter1138>Hmm, how close are we to nightlies? And are they a good thing? We seem to have more active contributors at the moment... :p
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09:14<@planetmaker>that guy is also here on IRC and on github and yesterday(?) made the PR which started with a one spelling fix (but changed it to more fixes)
09:15<@peter1138>Ah, different guy then, phew.
09:20<LordAro>the regression tests are woeful, it must be said
09:20<LordAro>it's difficult to make unit tests for gamea
09:20<LordAro>just because of the amount of global state
09:26<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, what constitutes a "unit"?
09:27<Eddi|zuHause>it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to force "unit" tests on a thing that wasn't designed with "units" in mind
09:46<Samu>initial tests with 90 degrees for opf makes it less cpu intensive
09:46<Samu>and dumber
09:51<Samu>i have a savegame with locks and aqueducts, wanna test it?
09:52<Samu>your cache for ships testing?
09:52<Samu>and buoys and yapf and forbid 90 deg
09:52<Samu>played by a human
09:57<@peter1138>No because my cache is only for YAPF.
09:57<@peter1138>OPF is dead.
09:57<@peter1138>Legacy code.
09:57<Samu>it's yapf
10:02<Eddi|zuHause>ok: first "unit" test: code marked as "legacy" shall not be changed
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10:06<@peter1138>I'm not interested in its performance.
10:07<@peter1138>But I misunderstood Samu, he has a savegame for me to test, not his 90 degrees stuff.
10:08<Samu>it's old, but it's played by a human, on a multiplayer server
10:09<Samu>ignore the problem being reported, i think it was already taken care of, what matters is that it got aqueducts, buoys, yapf, 90 deg
10:10<Samu>and locks
10:16<Samu>hmm, i think i just deleted a table from opf
10:16<Samu>it apparently isn't necessary
10:18<Samu>instead of DiagDirection, I am making it use Trackdir, which is more precise, allows me to add support to forbidden 90 degrees, and a bonus of removing a table :)
10:19<Samu>win win win
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10:24<Samu>waiting for asserts
10:24<Samu>if i don't get an assert, i'm gonna pr
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10:34<stefino>hi, is possible to add sounds for industry?
10:35<stefino>cause basic industries has a sounds but I can't find any callback or somethink like that like in vehicles
10:36<Eddi|zuHause>what about ?
10:37<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick opened pull request #7070: Feature: Forbid 90 degrees for OPF
10:37<stefino>Eddi|zuHause: mmm, this looks good but is it possible for NML too?
10:38<Eddi|zuHause>dunno, never tried to use it
10:39<stefino>it is only idea ho to make our industry set better
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10:41<Eddi|zuHause>in nml/regression there's a sounds.nml file which has lines like: param[0] = sound("beef.wav", 80);
10:43<Eddi|zuHause>where i assume "param[0]" would then contain the ID of that sound
10:44<@peter1138>Ah, SlList is actually a SlRefList.
10:46<stefino>Eddi|zuHause: uh :D o.o ¨
10:46<Eddi|zuHause>stefino: i can't find it on the nml wiki
10:47<stefino>mmm, I ll ty to ask on forum if somebody has experience with this
10:48<stefino>but if you're right, it's good that it is possible :)
10:54<Samu>i see opf reversing in situations where it looks ugly
10:54<Samu>but that's another matter
10:54<Samu>not related to what i've done now
10:57<@peter1138>Well it compiled, let's ship :p
11:02<Samu>yes plz
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11:08<LordAro>peter1138: pun unintended?
11:14<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] gregcarlin updated pull request #7003: Feature #6918: Add option to adjust font size separately from GUI size.
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11:45<Samu>next goal: let's make OPF not reverse
11:45<Samu>in very much all situations where there's tracks ahead
11:45<Samu>let's see
11:51<Samu>so basically, cut in half the cpu usage needed
11:51<Samu>sounds too good to be true if it works
12:01<Samu>this means the skiptile isn't needed anymore
12:01<Samu>less code
12:03<Samu>which also means, the structure can be reduced in size
12:03<Samu>bird dist are also not important
12:04<Samu>lenght also not
12:04<Samu>less structure!
12:05<Samu>oh no, i actually need bird dist and length
12:05<Samu>i almost could see a way not requiring it
12:05<Samu>but... will see about it, later
12:10<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on pull request #7070: Feature: Forbid 90 degrees for OPF
12:11<Samu>i dont need to return a bird dist however, only the track
12:14<Samu>it's not dead, it's in the game :(
12:15<Samu>some servers still use it
12:22<Samu>it doesn't really cut cpu usage in half, but cuts about 1/3
12:22<Samu>not bad
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12:22<Samu>because it doesn't need to pathfind to decide whether it's better to reverse
12:23<Samu>if it actually needs to reverse, then it's because the track ahead is non-existant, not because of a bird_dist being lower on reverse
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12:26<Samu>did u change something about mouse pointer?
12:26<Samu>i can't sell large ships properly
12:27<Samu>well I can, but drag and drop feels like it's on the right part of the ship instead of middle
12:27<Samu>i started dragging from the middle
12:39<Eddi|zuHause>didn't we want to go the opposite direction? allowing 90° for the other ones?
12:40<Samu>I'm too biased to answer
12:42<Samu>the only situation where it's better to reverse is when leaving depot
12:43*peter1138 returns.
12:43<Samu>it points the ship direction towards north, and sometimes that's not the best direction
12:44<Samu>what can I do to avoid calling the pathfinder here?
12:52<@peter1138>Yay, it crashes.
12:53<Samu>what crashed? my stuff?
12:54<@peter1138>No, mine.
12:55<Samu>how do I detect the vehicle just poped out of depot
12:55<Samu>the ship, in this case
13:02<Samu>...// OPF always allows reversing
13:14<Samu>hmm ok, gonna let opf pathfind twice when v->state == BIT_TRACK_DEPOT
13:15<Samu>reverting some code :(
13:15<@peter1138>Foiled again, I need runtime template parameters :p
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13:33<Samu>i'm changing OPF to allow reversing only when leaving depot
13:33<Samu>it's still about 1/3 less cpu usage
13:34<Samu>is there any other situations where it's better for opf to reverse?
13:34<Samu>that I'm not aware atm
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13:45<@peter1138>Hmm, have I actually got std::deque saveload working? o_O
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13:47<Samu>running along an aqueduct
13:47<Samu>cannot reverse
13:47<Samu>in any of the pf's
13:48<Samu>which is fine for me
13:48<Samu>running along a lock, only opf reverses, but i changed it to not reverse
13:48<Samu>what else
13:49<Eddi|zuHause><peter1138> Foiled again, I need runtime template parameters :p <-- you mean, like, normal parameters? :p
13:50<Samu>following a canal line, and skipping an order to go to a dock located in the opposite direction, yapf and opf behave ugly, npf behaves best, but displays ship is lost
13:51<@peter1138>Eddi|zuHause, nope.
13:52<@peter1138>I settled for a switch block to decide which template to use.
13:53<Samu>perhaps the intention is to "behave ugly" because there is actually a track on the sides which are used to reverse and reduce distance
13:54<Samu>that could mean npf, while "behaving pretty", is bugged
13:55<@peter1138>They aren't meant to behave the same. They are different pathfinders.
13:56<Samu>well, i know, but i'm just trying to achieve some consistency
14:12<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick opened pull request #7071: Change: Make OPF check reverse only when exiting depot
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14:18<andythenorth>electro-diesel pax train for Horse? o_O
14:18<@peter1138>electro-diesel horses.
14:18<Wolf01>So, andythenorth, save money for upcoming summer sets or waste what I have in the wallet for... anything I can grab now?
14:18<andythenorth>peter1138: turbo horse
14:18<Heiki>hydrogen horses!
14:19<andythenorth>Wolf01: how much room have you got?
14:19*andythenorth has way too much Lego
14:19<andythenorth>I'm going to give some to my kids school
14:19<andythenorth>tto get rid
14:19<Wolf01>Meh, I forgot about the room
14:19<andythenorth>you don't have everything 2018 already?
14:20<andythenorth>big blue tow truck?
14:20<Wolf01>Yes, I have that
14:20<andythenorth>it's got a wolf sticker
14:20<andythenorth>it's crap
14:20<andythenorth>but my kids like it
14:20<Wolf01>Still MISB
14:21<andythenorth>forest machine is crap
14:22<andythenorth>volvo zeux is weird
14:22<andythenorth>rally car is blah blah
14:22<Wolf01>I purchased 2 EV3, a full sets of motors, cables, battery, sensors, and the entire overwatch series, so I should wait a bit for purchases
14:22<andythenorth>there's nothing there I'd buy
14:22<Wolf01>Forest machine is on the living room, waiting to become the next part donor
14:23<andythenorth>it's crap
14:23<andythenorth>real shame, it looks quite boss
14:23<andythenorth>and is fun to drive
14:25<Wolf01>BTW I'll go only for big sets, mid sets as parts donors, maybe 1 or 2 small sets if I really like them
14:25<andythenorth>it's all a bit blah blah to me
14:26<Wolf01>But for the next year I'll go full microscale
14:29<andythenorth>eh loads of github notifications
14:29<andythenorth>$someone was busy
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14:38<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on pull request #7071: Change: Make OPF check reverse only when exiting depot
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14:54<Samu>hmm got an assert, have to test this better
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14:59<Samu>ah, i see
15:00<Samu>i get an assert when testing with both changes combined
15:00<Samu>but when testing in separate, no asserts occur
15:00<Samu>hmm, how to solve
15:06<m1cr0man>I just discovered the caca renderer, and I am so impressed :D
15:06<m1cr0man>quick question though, uh, how do I exit it? XD
15:06<+glx>use the menu ;)
15:06<+glx>alt-F4 may work
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16:16<Samu>yes, i made it! forbid 90 deg + dont check reverse combined
16:18<Samu>results in about 50% less cpu usage
16:18<Samu>@calc 40/90
16:18<@DorpsGek>Samu: 0.444444444444
16:18<Samu>55% then
16:18<andythenorth>is your proposal to replace YAPF with OPF?
16:19<Samu>keep them all
16:21<@peter1138>I need grid lines on water tiles :p
16:27<andythenorth>such why?
16:29<Samu>5000 ships + opf + forbid 90 deg + no reverse game speed factor is still below x1.00
16:30<Samu>unsure where else to improve
16:30<Samu>it's at 0.70x
16:30<@peter1138>andythenorth, for easy counting of tiles moved.
16:30<andythenorth>when we delete OPF, game speed factor with it will be ∞
16:31<andythenorth>peter1138: bulldoze altternating squares :P
16:32<+glx>put signs
16:33<andythenorth>redraw an entire base set? o_O
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16:34<@peter1138>Well, just 1 tile...
16:37<@peter1138>Hmm, when I follow the ships path to the end, it stops differently at docks.
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16:38<@peter1138>If I ignore the last trackdir of the path, the ship reaches the end, does a new pathfind, and stops as it does without the cache.
16:38<@peter1138>Am I missing some special casing? :/
16:38<@peter1138>I'm only fiddling inside ChooseShipTrack() so anything special in the controller will still happen.
16:38<@peter1138>Hmm, path costs maybe.
16:39<Samu>destination being the same as where the ship is?
16:40<@peter1138>Oh, yeah. Hmm.
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16:40<andythenorth>Samu is now our best pathfinder expert :)
16:41<@peter1138>/* handle special case - when next tile is destination tile */
16:41<@peter1138>it's even in the comments :p
16:41*Wolf01 booked a fly for Billund
16:45<m1cr0man>Is there a way to default vehicle cloning to share orders?
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16:47<@peter1138>With that 'fix' the savegame runs quite a bit slower :(
16:47<@peter1138>No longer realtime.
16:49<Samu>which fix?
16:49<@peter1138>I just pop the last trackdir off the stack
16:50<@peter1138>Oooh got it!
16:50<@peter1138>Back to realtime.
16:53<@peter1138>16ms instead of 30ms, wow
16:54<@peter1138>Oh, and that's 16ms instead of 60ms without any path cache
16:54<Samu>woah, impressive gains
16:55<andythenorth>Wolf01: legoland? o_O
16:57<andythenorth>super duper
16:57<andythenorth>5000 ships?
16:57<Samu>which savegame is that?
16:57<@peter1138>That 5000 ship one you gave me with the dodgy AI.
16:57<@peter1138>Lots of blocked routes.
16:57<Samu>that's 1000~ ships
16:58<@peter1138>nocab v499 (y), 1.6.1-rc1.sav
16:59<Wolf01><andythenorth> Wolf01: legoland? o_O <- yup
16:59<Wolf01>Lego house + legoland
16:59<@peter1138>the nonocab one drops to 2.3ms per tick
17:00<Samu>have you tested the otvi?
17:00<Samu>otvi with npf, switch it to yapf, should be the slowest of the pack i got here
17:00<Samu>and only 1000~ships
17:00<@peter1138>nonocab drops from 3.85ms to 2.9ms,
17:00<@peter1138>an improvement but not struggling to start with
17:01<@peter1138>Can you link it again?
17:01<Samu>letme find it in the forum
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17:02<frosch123>hmm, eints repo does not include a copy of the gpl
17:02<@peter1138>I probably ought to test path blockages again.
17:03<Samu>it's the one named OtviAI v418 (N), 1.6.1
17:03<Samu>it's NPF, so don't forget to switch to yapf
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17:04<@peter1138>That runs much faster than the one I'm testing.
17:05<@peter1138>It spikes without the cache, but is still usuable.
17:05<@peter1138>7.5ms without cache
17:05<@peter1138>0.9ms with cache
17:05<Samu>well then :(
17:05<@peter1138>that's... actually very impressive.
17:05<Samu>i guess there's no worse than nocab :(
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17:06<@peter1138>nocab suffers because of the blockages. no route is basically the worst possible outcome.
17:06<@peter1138>K, I gotta make this PR-able.
17:06<@peter1138>Cos this little experiment turns out to work really well.
17:09<Samu>make it check if there are tracks at the destination tile
17:09<@peter1138>It does.
17:09<Samu>and prevent pathfinding? hmm probably not a good idea
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17:10<@peter1138>Hmm? No, if there are no tracks it abandons the cache and pathfinds again.
17:10<@peter1138>That should only happen if terrain is changed under the path.
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17:14<@peter1138>Hmm, can I reorder commits...
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17:16<@peter1138>Yes, just fiddle in git rebase -i :0
17:17<nielsm>today's even dumber project: installed openwatcom and wrote a C program to control the TTD DOS music driver
17:17<nielsm>current challenge: timing
17:18<nielsm>(the built-in delay() function doesn't have 1 ms resolution as they suggest, it's much slower)
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17:31<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] PeterN opened pull request #7072: Change: Add path cache for ships
17:36<@peter1138>^ Maybe Samu will implement the cache for OPF :p
17:39<@peter1138>Doesn't help with Wentbourne Transport save.
17:40<@peter1138>Train and RV ticks outnumber ships massively in that.
17:41<Samu>eh, i doubt it'll help that much
17:41<Samu>most of the time opf doesn't reach destination
17:41<@peter1138>Even with no trains *running* it uses 20ms per tick for trains.
17:42<@peter1138>4833 trains.
17:43<@peter1138>Okay, maybe it needs a 'cache' of train heads, instead of iterating all ... however many vehicles there are.
17:44<@peter1138>Yeah, with that all paused, ship ticks drops from 3.4ms to 2ms. Significant but no impact.
17:48<@peter1138>nielsm, hmm... this framerate window...
17:49<nielsm>it rates your frames
17:49<@peter1138>I removed the performance counter for train ticks, and ... it's a massive difference :(
17:50<@peter1138>game loop total average with 135ms, average without 92ms. That's just removing it for trains.
17:50<@peter1138>8 fps -> 12 fps
17:51<@peter1138>Still not playable but better.
17:51<nielsm>okay yeah
17:51<@peter1138>Maybe it needs to be turn-off-able
17:52<nielsm>if vehicle processing was grouped so it first did all trains, then all rvs, then all ships, etc
17:52<@peter1138>Yeah, I know.
17:52<nielsm>the individual vehicle counting wouldn't be needed
17:52<@peter1138>Ok, RVs is not a problem.
17:52<@peter1138>It's because it's running even for *non-head* trains.
17:53<nielsm>building lists of vehicles that actually need to be processed would be a good idea I think
17:54<@peter1138>Okay, only counting ticks of train heads improves it massively.
17:54<@peter1138>It's basically the same as not counting it.
17:54<@peter1138>95ms average
17:55<@peter1138>of course train ticks is then slightly wrong, but it's not skewing it massively like before.
17:55<@peter1138>I wonder, is it reasonable to stop performance counting if the gui is not open?
17:57<nielsm>imo not
17:57<nielsm>part of the idea was also to let you run it on headless servers
17:57<nielsm>(there is a console command)
17:57<@peter1138>Well you could add a command to enable/disable it.
17:59<nielsm>I'd rather optimize the game so it doesn't need to accumulate thousands of individual calls
18:00<nielsm>but can do with a single call that covers all vehicles of each type
18:03-!-Wormnest [~Wormnest@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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18:07<Samu>how do i merge branches without putting one on the other, but on a new one
18:09<Samu>bah, how to undo a commit without commiting a reverse commit
18:09<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] michicc approved pull request #7072: Change: Add path cache for ships
18:09<Samu>rebase without the reverse commit, right? gonna try
18:10<Samu>actually... recycle bin
18:13<Samu>is there a force fetch or something like that so that I don't get to use recycle bin everytime this happens?
18:13<Samu>i want to revert something that I've done, back to the state I have currently online
18:14<Samu>eh... well forget it, recycle bin it is
18:15-!-Thedarkb-X40 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:20-!-nielsm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:29<Samu>I did it
18:29<Samu>a branch with the 2 branches merged
18:29<Samu>it's complicated
18:30-!-Flygon [] has joined #openttd
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18:33<milek7>Samu: >bah, how to undo a commit without commiting a reverse commit
18:34<milek7>git reset --hard commitid
18:35<Samu>too late
18:35<Samu>but thx
18:36<milek7>(commitid is what you want to reset to, not what you want to revert)
18:39<milek7>(and if you change mind you can just reset back again to newer commit. history is available in git reflog)
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19:22<Samu>Authentication failed. You may not have permission to access the repository
19:22<Samu>can't push to someone's repository?
19:23<Samu>can i fork forks?
19:24<Samu>how do i make a fork of someone's into my own fork?
19:24<Samu>in a branch that is
19:24<Samu>bah i fail at explaining
19:24<@peter1138>Add their fork as a remote, then checkout the branch.
19:26<Samu>no comprendo
19:28<Samu>i created a repository of nielsm on my system, but when i try to push stuff to it, i get authentication failed
19:28<Samu>no permission bla bla
19:28<@peter1138>yes you need to push to your own repo
19:29<Samu>hmm but it's on my system? this is so confusing
19:29<Samu>how to push it to mine then?
19:31-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:34<milek7>(you could do either way, add somebody fork as remote to your repo dir, or add your remote and push to it in somebody repo dir)
19:38<Samu>i miss svn patches
19:38<Samu>it was so much simple
19:39<Samu>gonna copy paste nielsm openttd files into mine
19:39<Samu>should do what i want
19:39<Samu>then i just have to create a branch
19:40<@peter1138>adding a remote is very simple.
19:40<Samu>ok, hope i dont ruin my own git bash here
19:41<Samu>do i git bash nielsm's or mine?
19:41<Samu>git bash here
19:42<Samu>before doing the remote
19:42<@peter1138>you only need one.
19:42<@peter1138>use the one you normally work in
19:45<Samu>git remote add origin
19:45<Samu>like this?
19:46<@peter1138>not quite
19:46<@peter1138>replace "origin" with some other identifier
19:46<@peter1138>that is your name for the remote
19:46<@peter1138>git remote add nielsm ... would make sense
19:47<Samu>but the branches, am i gonna get all his crap on mine? :(
19:47<Samu>im only interested in ship-depot-pathfinding
19:48<@peter1138>you only get what you checkout
19:49<Samu>git remote add nielsmh
19:51<Samu>i dont know what's a checkout
19:51-!-HerzogDeXtEr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:51<Samu>does this look good?
19:52<@peter1138>git fetch nielsmh
19:52<@peter1138>git checkout nielsmh/whatever
19:59<Samu>Failed to delete the branch from the remote repository. See the Output window for more details.
19:59<Samu>was trying to delete the branches i'm not interested in
19:59<@peter1138>you can't, they're his branches
20:02<Samu>remote: Permission to nielsmh/OpenTTD.git denied to SamuXarick.
20:02<Samu>fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403
20:02<Samu>i fail at this
20:04<Samu>isn't it on my repository now?
20:04<Samu>what was the point of git remote add then, :|
20:04<+glx>the remote is to get the data on your local copy
20:05<milek7>you need to explictly push branch to your remote
20:08<Samu>right click, New Local Branch From... ?
20:08<Samu>gonna try
20:09<Samu>A branch with the name "ship-depot-pathfinding" already exists.
20:10<milek7>git push origin
20:10<milek7>if origin is your own remote
20:12<Samu>$ git push --force
20:12<Samu>fatal: The current branch ship-depot-pathfinding2 has no upstream branch.
20:12<Samu>To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use
20:12<Samu> git push --set-upstream origin ship-depot-pathfinding2
20:13<milek7>do it
20:17<Samu>does this look ok?
20:21<Samu>it's my branch
20:22<Samu>i can edit stuff in it now
20:25<@peter1138>You don't need to push it to github to edit it locally, of course
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21:02<Samu>error C2440: 'initializing': cannot convert from 'FindDepotData' to 'const Depot *'
21:03<Samu>can't combine nielsmh code with mine
21:07<Samu>how do I "convert"
21:28<Samu>const Depot *depot = (const Depot *)GetDepotIndex(FindClosestShipDepot(v, 0, &failed_depots).tile);
21:37<Samu>nope, doesn't work
21:37-!-snail_UES_ [] has quit [Quit: snail_UES_]
21:41<Samu>const Depot *depot = Depot::GetByTile(FindClosestShipDepot(v, 0, &failed_depots).tile);
21:49-!-glx [] has quit []
21:57<Samu>how do I delete the remote now?
21:57<Samu>no longer need it
22:02<Samu>aha, it's gone, thx
22:13-!-snail_UES_ [] has joined #openttd
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