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04:59<peter1139>Corr, 790 carolies already
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05:08<andythenorth>how many calories in coffee?
05:11<andythenorth>hmm beach time
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05:12<Wolf01>How many carolies 8 biscuit sandwiches with nutella?
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08:11<peter1139>probably a lot
08:11<peter1139>coffee, pretty much none, until you add milk & sugar.
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08:32<andythenorth_>how many calories in 1/4 of a small camembert?
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09:21<peter1139>If he's having a 1/4 of it, it's probably not small :D
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11:43<andythenorth_>how many calories in a can of coke?
11:44<andythenorth_>139kcal apparently
11:44<+glx>7 sugars IIRC
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13:22<Nicd>I'm trying to move good from Heinälä West to Heinälä, but they just accumulate there and don't pay any money, even though the station accepts them. What's the issue? Running 1.9.1, has something changed since 1.7?
13:23<nielsm>check the contents of the train
13:24<nielsm>if it isn't loaded with goods _from_ Heinälä (not west)
13:24<Nicd>none of my trains have goods carriages
13:25<nielsm>trucks then
13:25<Nicd>only goods trucks are those between Heinälä and Heinälä West
13:26<Nicd>I set them to "unload and return empty" at Heinälä, but the stuff is just left there and I get no money
13:26<nielsm>but heinälä also receives goods from the sawmill
13:26<nielsm>huh hmm
13:26<Nicd>ohh because it's so close?
13:26<Nicd>ah because of the railway station
13:26<Nicd>I'm so silly
13:27<nielsm>well my question boils down to: are the trucks empty when they arrive at West?
13:28<Nicd>oh dear I was just too fast in coming here because now they started to make money
13:29<Nicd>though now I have goods in Heinälä too to take care of, or will they go away if I never pick them up?
13:29<nielsm>yeah if you never pick it up it'll disappear eventually
13:30<Nicd>ok thanks and sorry for the silly question
13:30<Nicd>and thanks to all OpenTTD devs <3
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13:38<Samu>round 28 finished
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14:20<Wolf01|Phone>So... Video card broke :|
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14:22<Wolf01|Phone>Now I must decide between a NVidia 1060 or something like it
14:22<andythenorth>join me
14:22<andythenorth>in the land of Intel Iris
14:22<Wolf01|Phone>I play games, you know
14:23<andythenorth>I play WoT Blitz
14:23<andythenorth>on settings that have to be lower than last year's iPad
14:23<andythenorth>in fact, iPad outperforms my laptop on lots of scores :P
14:24<andythenorth>much lolz
14:24<V453000>the performance of ipads is completely retarded, considering there aren't really applications to actually do serious stuff on it
14:25*V453000 has ipad pro
14:25<Wolf01|Phone>I could steal the old NVidia 240 from the old pc and see if the other hardware has problems, but it should just be the video card
14:25<V453000>I heard Factorio runs ok on 1080Ti Wolf :P
14:26<Wolf01|Phone>Yes but isn't available on Amazon, just checked 😋
14:29<Wolf01|Phone>At least not under 1500€
14:29<Wolf01|Phone>And there's only one
14:29<V453000>wtf 1500 for it is completely retarded
14:29<V453000>I guess people buy them because fuck RTX
14:29<@LordAro>bitcoin on the up again?
14:29<Wolf01|Phone>I'm going to spend not more than 400€
14:34<Wolf01|Phone>And some adapters because my TVs are dvi
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14:44<Wolf01>Let's see if it works, or I need some other config
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14:46<Wolf01>I don't usually query nickserv to identify
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15:44<@LordAro>hmm, DorpsGek_II died again
15:45<Wolf01>Poor thing
15:59<peter1139>1080s disappeared about a week after the 2080 became available.
15:59<peter1139>I missed out on a 1080Ti for £600 :(
16:00<peter1139>That fact that sounds 'cheap' is ridiculous...
16:05<Wolf01>So what do you suggest? Even a 1050 should be better than my defunct 780 gtx
16:08<peter1139>1650 is the current 'low-end' stuff.
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16:16<@LordAro>so anyone think dev post is worth writing?
16:16<@LordAro>i'm not sure what's happened this month, tbh
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16:38<Wolf01>Write that nothing happened 😜
16:40<snail_UES_>are railtype labels case sensitive?
16:41<@LordAro>iirc the labels are just strings of bytes internally, so yes
16:41<@LordAro>s/strings/an array/
16:42<snail_UES_>has something changed lately? my trackset defines 10 railtypes. They all appear in the OTTD version I compiled about a year ago
16:42<snail_UES_>however, today I just re-downloaded OTTD from github and compiled it… on this version, using the same NewGRF, one railtype has disappeared
16:43<@LordAro>railtypes have been fiddled about with in recent months
16:43<@LordAro>perhaps not since 1.9 though?
16:46<snail_UES_>possible. My last-but-one version of OTTD was compiled 1 year ago
16:47<snail_UES_>is there any changelog anywhere? I’d like to understand why my railtype has disappeared
16:53<@LordAro>1.9 changelog is in the usual place
16:53<@LordAro>i'd be surprised if anything was *supposed* to have disappeared
16:53<@LordAro>purely depending on the grf, of course
16:56<snail_UES_>LordAro: why would a railtype be supposed to disappear?
16:56<@LordAro>probably needs a peter1139 to look into the detail
16:56<@LordAro>a bug report may be required
16:58<andythenorth>does it happen in 1.91 binary?
16:58<andythenorth>1.9.1 *
17:00<snail_UES_>it happens in the version I just downloaded and compiled from github
17:00<@LordAro>that's not an answer
17:00<snail_UES_>unfortunately, after I compiled, the title on my window shows “OpenTTD norev000”, no idea why
17:00<@LordAro>because for some reason you downloaded a copy of the source code, without any version information
17:00<snail_UES_>it has always done this, but this is the first time I see the isse with the disappearing railtype
17:01<@LordAro>rather than checking out the git version
17:01<@LordAro>or an actual release
17:01<@LordAro> start here
17:01<@LordAro>report back
17:01<snail_UES_>I went to “ “ and clicked on “Clone or download"
17:02<@LordAro>you very very rarely want to do that
17:02<@LordAro>download an actual release, or learn how to do a git checkout
17:02<@LordAro>norev000 is utterly useless to us
17:03<snail_UES_>ok, let me try 1.9.1 from your link
17:03<snail_UES_>nope, the problem persists
17:04<snail_UES_>that railtype is still missing from the list (version 1.9.1)
17:04<@LordAro>right, please file a bug report please:
17:04<snail_UES_>ok, will do
17:04<@LordAro>screenshots and links to grf and everything
17:08<andythenorth>thanks snail_UES_
17:09<snail_UES_>ok, I think I got it...
17:10<snail_UES_>some time ago, michi_cc did some work to add a flag to always allow/disallow 90-degree curves
17:10<snail_UES_>I think the same bit he used, was later re-used for another feature (hiding railtypes from the list)
17:10<snail_UES_>and my code still had that bit set from michi’s tests
17:11<@LordAro>that'd do it
17:11<peter1139>You better update it :p
17:11<snail_UES_>yep :) so no bug report needed
17:11<snail_UES_>was the feature allowing/disallowing 90-degree curves deprecated?
17:15<@LordAro> ?
17:15<@LordAro>just moved, i think?
17:16<peter1139>It was never a feature, until it was actually added later.
17:18<andythenorth>snail_UES_: do you have any railtypes using curve speed bonus?
17:22<snail_UES_>andythenorth: nope, because my NG trains are so slow anyway :D
17:22*andythenorth waits for snail to TGV :P
17:22<snail_UES_>the quickest one goes at a whopping 100 km/h and is released in 2010… earlier than that max speed is 90
17:23<snail_UES_>long wait :) but they will eventually be doe
17:23<andythenorth>I couldn't see any result from setting curve speed bonus, but I didn't trust my tests
17:23<andythenorth>was hoping for someone to show it working :P
17:23<snail_UES_>I think you’d see results only with truly high-speed trains
17:23<snail_UES_>as for my vehicles, they’re hardly slowed down by curves at all, given their low max speed
17:24<snail_UES_>LordAro: thanks for the link, got it now
17:25<snail_UES_>I think I’ll always allow 90-degrees curves for all NG tracks except for the later “high-speed” ones, to give them an advantage over SG in games
17:25<snail_UES_>since their min curve radius is significantly narrower in real life
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20:06<Samu>round 29 finished
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