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06:38<Samu>is this gonna do what I think? (cargoWaiting1 > cargoWaiting2 ? cargoWaiting1 : cargoWaiting2) -= engine_capacity;
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06:54<Samu>can't assign expression
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07:49<peter1139>LordAro is a machine
07:54<LordAro>peter1139: it hurts, it hurts
07:54<peter1139>I bet
07:54<LordAro>easily the hardest 100k i've ever done
07:54<peter1139>I had to take a day off, I need to stop commuting so hard :/
07:54<peter1139>My legs are knackered.
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09:02<Samu>naming stations is difficult
09:02<Samu>erm, i meant groups
09:02<Samu>always too long
09:30<Samu>i want to put station name 1 + station name 2 + distance of route, just not possible
09:30<Samu>sometimes only names doesn't even fit
09:42<Samu>@calc 4096x4096
09:42<@DorpsGek>Samu: Error: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
09:42<Samu>@calc 4096*4096
09:42<@DorpsGek>Samu: 16777216
09:43<Samu>@calc 5+8+3+8
09:43<@DorpsGek>Samu: 24
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09:58<SpComb^>I use 3-4 latter abbreviations for stations
09:58<SpComb^>you can easily fit 4-5 station names for a route
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10:06<Samu>recessions could last longer
10:07<Samu>1 year hardly affects AIs
10:07<Samu>it affects just a little bit
10:19<+glx>only if AI started way before it
10:20<+glx>basically economy changes barely affect anything except when you start after them
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12:05<Samu>full load is starting to show its weakness
12:12<Samu>default load started building statues
12:13<Samu>the conditional "load at least 1 cargo" is already done building statues
12:13<Samu>it's doing advertising campaigns
12:14<Samu>albeit rarely, the stations are so well rated
12:14<Samu>it's impressive
12:15<Samu>the last phase of the AI is founding towns
12:15<Samu>oh it's not allowed on this game
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12:37<Samu>wait wait... new engine model, foster bus
12:37<Samu>full load still has something to say against default load
12:40<Samu>full load is orange
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13:28<Samu>it didn't last
13:29<Samu>full load is falling into 3rd place again
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15:10<Samu>god damn it, someone turned off the computer
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17:01<Samu>AIVehicle should have AutoreplaceAllVehiclesInDepot function
17:01<Samu>or better
17:02<Samu>autoreplace vehicle, returning the new id of the vehicle
17:02<Samu>for better control of the vehicles
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