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02:17<andythenorth>Pikka: bridge grf? :P
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02:33<Pikka>sounds plausible!
02:33<Pikka>just need to find someone to plan, draw and code it :)
02:48<andythenorth>usually it turns out to be me :P
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06:33<@peter1138>Is it lunch?
06:46<Eddi|zuHause>it better be
07:14<Arveen>i hope so
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07:40<andythenorth>I tried a coffee experiment
07:41<andythenorth>I have not drunk enough :P
07:42<andythenorth>on balance, it's gone badly
07:42<Pikka>experiments often do
07:43<Pikka>but it's how we learn or sommat
07:51<Pikka>so, no coffee?
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08:03*andythenorth made coffee
08:43<@peter1138>I had lunch.
08:43<@peter1138>But no coffee.
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08:45<andythenorth>sacro is lost for words :P
08:50<Sacro>Something like that yes
09:13<@peter1138>I might have a coffee.
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11:41<SimYouLater> Help?
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13:02<@planetmaker>hm... just stumbled over it: :)
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13:15<TrueBrain>Finding ancient stuff are you? :)
13:15<TrueBrain>I spotted some dust on that Avi :p
13:21<frosch123>i am sure you are missing the old homepage
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14:42<nielsm>accessing the high voltage section of an electric loco is rather involved:
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14:58<andythenorth>reminds me of
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16:00<firewire1394>FLHerne: ping
16:02<firewire1394>FLHerne: need to wait till i get 1.9.3 on archlinux
16:07<TrueBrain>meh; proxying UDP is annoying as ... well, especially with the OpenTTD UDP protocol ... sometimes it replies 1 message, sometimes 2, and sometimes none ... and a proxy wants to know what it can expect :P
16:07<TrueBrain>good days :D
16:08<+glx>and UDP has no guarantee on delivery either
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16:10<TrueBrain>this is rather annoying :D
16:10<TrueBrain>glx: well, that funny enough is not really an issue on modern internet
16:10<TrueBrain>but yeah, it can happen
16:11<+glx>basically the proxy should not expect anything
16:11<TrueBrain>those don't exist, sadly
16:11<TrueBrain>well, only nginx really does UDP proxying
16:14<TrueBrain>and I don't want to build something myself, as the whole point is using off-the-shelve stuff so things are less dependent on me :P
16:20<+glx>yeah the goal is to simplify maintenance
16:28<andythenorth>in a python
16:29<TrueBrain>I spotted an anti-pattern :D
16:29<andythenorth>is it wrong to write actual algorithmic code (not just assignments)
16:29<TrueBrain>1) the name is wrong
16:29<TrueBrain>2) yes, very wrong
16:29<TrueBrain>changing the name could change that answer :D
16:29<+glx>global_stuff ?
16:29<TrueBrain>"global" constants should not really have a meaning in the world of Python :)
16:29<TrueBrain>you either import the module, or you don't
16:30<TrueBrain>you refer to it by module .. so "global" is weird :P
16:30<andythenorth>it's cargo culted
16:30<andythenorth>oh it's called
16:30<TrueBrain>so make
16:30<andythenorth>but that's bikeshedding :P
16:30<TrueBrain>yes :D
16:30<TrueBrain>it needs to be golden!
16:30<LordAro>sky blue!
16:30<TrueBrain>(like asking where to place code is not bikeshedding :D)
16:31<andythenorth>as long as I know it's wrong before I do it anyway
16:31<TrueBrain>I always start with putting everything in a single file, and move things out from there after :P
16:31<andythenorth>being definitely wrong reduces anxiety
16:31<TrueBrain>I now have a master implementation of 100 lines of Python ... and 400 lines to make sure it can run :P
16:31<TrueBrain>s/master/master server/
16:32<TrueBrain>47 lines of code, 60 lines of comments ...
16:32<TrueBrain>I think our protocol needs too much explaining :D
16:32<+glx>you like comments ;)
16:34<FLHerne>(I ran into the same problem yesterday...)
16:34<firewire1394>FLHerne: i'm scared and kinda lazy to compile myself :D
16:34<firewire1394>i guess it just takes some more days hmm
16:34<+glx>it's really easy to compile
16:34<FLHerne>firewire1394: That's a compiled pkg
16:34<FLHerne>(but also that)
16:35<firewire1394>FLHerne: for archlinux?
16:35<firewire1394>you're an arch user as well? :)
16:35<TrueBrain>we should frame this. The two arch users found each other on #openttd
16:35<TrueBrain>this is world news :)
16:35*andythenorth regrets things
16:35<firewire1394>FLHerne: nice! :)
16:35<FLHerne>TrueBrain: It's, like, the third-most-popular distro or something?
16:36<TrueBrain>I was just mocking you :)
16:36<TrueBrain>I am sorry :)
16:36<TrueBrain>it was such an easy score :P
16:36<FLHerne>Oh, ok
16:36<Samu>my ai, viewed by others:
16:36<firewire1394>FLHerne: do you use i3wm?
16:37<FLHerne>No, dwm, I found i3 annoyingly opinionated
16:37<LordAro>well aren't you both complete stereotypes?
16:37<FLHerne>(and xmonad annoyingly haskelly)
16:37<FLHerne>LordAro: Yep
16:37*LordAro says, as an Arch & i3 user
16:38<+glx>Samu: sign spam ?
16:39<firewire1394>FLHerne: i tried to get into dwm, but it feels weird as i already got used to i3wm, though most of the features no one really needs
16:42<FLHerne>There's definitely a diminishing-returns point
16:43<FLHerne>If you're happy with something and know how to use it, scrapping it to use the latest supposedly-slightly-better alternative is silly
16:43<FLHerne>(an idea that I think the frontend JS industry has yet to learn...)
16:45<nnyby>yes. xmonad is basically unchanged in 10 years. there's nothing else to be done: it's perfect :P
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16:45<firewire1394>FLHerne: i wish js people would think the same
16:47<FLHerne>Of course, this is the channel for a 20-odd-year-old game, so it would be odd if we weren't likeminded
16:47<FLHerne>(and for a FOSS project, so it would be odd if half of us weren't using tiling WMs on Arch)
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16:53<Samu>no, it's just underperforming
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17:19<super_spooky>nnyby: I was about to make the same argument about TWM but looks like it got a release last year
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19:56<Eddi|zuHause>dear youtube, wtf made you think i wanted to watch a collection of origami videos?
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23:39<ToBeFree>people who like OpenTTD also like...
23:40<ToBeFree>apparently Origami. The algorithm can't be wrong
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