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05:04<Timberwolf>I'm wondering what the oldest save game files I still have are.
05:05<Timberwolf>I found a tranche of Roller Coaster Tycoon saves from 1999 a little while ago.
05:05<Timberwolf>Also some Duke Nukem 3D maps from 1996-1997, although are those really "save games"?
05:48<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] fsimonis updated pull request #9405: Reduce allocations in string handling
05:57<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] fsimonis commented on pull request #9405: Reduce allocations in string handling
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06:09<Borg>hoooi.. any BaNaNaS operator around?
06:14<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] ldpl commented on pull request #9405: Reduce allocations in string handling
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06:42<LordAro>@topic get 3
06:42<@DorpsGek>LordAro: Don't ask to ask, just ask
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06:51<Borg>After BaNaNas migration to github I cannot update my GRF anymore..
06:51<Borg>can someone remove it from BaNaNas for me please?
06:57<LordAro>update & remove are very different things
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06:57<LordAro>what do you actually want to do?
06:57<LordAro>has your user account been migrated?
07:27<Borg>I would like to get my GRF removed from BaNaNas
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07:51<FLHerne>TrueBrain is BaNaNaS guy; policy is that you can hide a grf from the list but not remove it as such; it'll always be available for clients that ask for a specific checksum/id because it's used in a save (in the same way as superseded versions)
07:58<Borg>hmm.. ok
07:58<Borg>so let it be that way
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09:30<Samu>i think #9393 is fine to merge. Looking at it closely, DC_EXEC | DC_QUERY_COST are supposedly never together
09:32<TrueBrain>FLHerne: I haven't done any administrative BaNaNaS task (not really anyway) since the migration to GitHub ;) As anyone can now make a Pull Request!
09:32<TrueBrain>so feel free to pick things up if needed :)
09:39<Samu>they can be together if there's a refit with subflags, but then the code sorts itself out with flags != subflags
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09:43<LordAro>TrueBrain: not if they don't have a GH account, and that's precisely why they want their stuff removed ;)
09:43<TrueBrain>LordAro: not the "anyone" I was referring to
09:44<TrueBrain>you can do it, FLHerne can do it, anyone can do it
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09:45<TrueBrain>in fact, the set of "everyone with a GH account or who wants to create a GH account" - TrueBrain can do it! :P
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09:45<TrueBrain>but mostly, I meant developers and cohorts :)
09:47<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #9017: Feature: play easier together with friends from behind home routers
09:47<+glx>hardest part being to find the files to edit ;)
09:48<TrueBrain>well, hardest part we had so far is validating the user requesting something is in fact the user who uploaded it :P
09:48<+glx>that too
09:48<TrueBrain>that is why for migrations we have this lovely dance :)
09:52<TrueBrain>but most of all what I tried to say: please stop thinking as me as the guy that can only do BaNaNaS mutations, and please start thinking that all developers + cohorts can do BaNaNaS mutations :)
09:52<+glx>yeah the database is public :)
09:52<TrueBrain>(it was one of the stronger motivation to stop using databases where only a very few people have access to :P)
09:52<+glx>and in plain text
09:53<TrueBrain>we basically did "bus_factor++" a few times :P
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10:09<+glx>regarding #9405, I just check something, and GetString() itself (well all the string system) is not thread safe :)
10:10<LordAro>someone redo the string system pls
10:10<LordAro>it's horrible as it is
10:10<+glx>string parameters are in a global
10:14<TrueBrain>technical debt in OpenTTD?! NEVAH
10:14<@peter1138>I don't think that justifies the change though :)
10:15<TrueBrain>he since also figured out he was reading the tool report wrong :)
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10:28<Samu>lets see if my ai can make 5000 ships
10:28<+glx>game will be slow
10:29<Samu>on a 256x256 map it ends with about 130 ships :o
10:30<Samu>i have so much to fine tune yet
10:30<Samu>it's far from ready
10:38<Samu>then i also have to enable the other transportation types, working together with road veh and aircraft
10:39<Samu>i will have 2 pathfinders working against each other
10:39<Samu>road vs ship, and will have to deal with conflicts somehow
10:42<Samu>will also need to work on placing buoys and using them
10:56<Samu>reached 2000 ships, with a "current usage: 62%", not bad
10:56<Samu>3000 to go
10:58<Samu>considering im not using buoys yet, that's mighty impressivge
10:59<Samu>i already see tons of lost ships, trying to reach depots
10:59<Samu>arf... :(
11:03<Taschi>i do not trust any form of transportation that can go wherever it wants
11:11<@peter1138>Silly planes.
11:22<LordAro>no, those are flies
11:22<Samu>1500 ships to go
11:23<Samu>i have about 25 lost ships
11:23<Samu>out of 3500
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11:58<Samu>5000 ships!
12:01<Samu>37 real lost ships
12:02<Samu>54% current usage, that's not too bad
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12:29<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] JGRennison opened issue #9407: [Bug]: CmdFoundTown may cause multiplayer desyncs due to not initialising Town::stations_near
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14:53<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
14:53<@DorpsGek> - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
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15:14<andythenorth>is cat?
15:19<andythenorth>not cat then
15:23<TrueBrain>cat went missing
15:23<TrueBrain>put down candies?
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22:19<@DorpsGek>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on pull request #9017: Feature: play easier together with friends from behind home routers
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