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04:16<whirm>Is there 2.6.12+ uml kernel that runs fine?
04:17<whirm>ok, I think I found it
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04:27<aceofbase12>anyody around?
04:28<aceofbase12>greeting whirm
04:29<aceofbase12>i am having some problems seting up uml on FC3 , can u help?
04:30<whirm>I don't think so, but Ill try :-/
04:30<whirm>whirm@hydra:~/src/kernel/linux-2.6.12-bb10-skas0$ ./linux
04:30<whirm>Checking for /proc/mm...not found
04:30<whirm>Checking for the skas3 patch in the host...not found
04:30<whirm>UML running in SKAS0 mode
04:30<whirm>Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
04:31<whirm>why does uml hang here?
04:31<aceofbase12>thanks so here i go
04:31<whirm>consuming all the cpu time?
04:32<aceofbase12>host kernel version is 2.6.9-1.667
04:32<aceofbase12>trying to build for UML ( ARCH=uml ) does not even compile
04:33<aceofbase12>so i got the
04:33<whirm>try ARCH=um
04:33<aceofbase12>compiled for ARCH=uml
04:33<aceofbase12>and it generated the binary
04:34<aceofbase12>but now it says Checking for /proc/mm .. not found
04:34<aceofbase12>whops i actually did ARCH=um , just typo here
04:34<aceofbase12>then it says
04:36<whirm>I think you must enable CONFIG_MMAPPER=y in .config
04:37<aceofbase12>ahaan and how to do that
04:37<aceofbase12>BTW i have not applied any patches to thehost or guest kernel
04:37<aceofbase12>are they even required with guest version
04:38<whirm>stayong in source dir: echo CONFIG_MMAPPER=y >> .config
04:38<whirm>and then make
04:39<aceofbase12>should i do a make mrproper ARCH=um before making again?
04:41<aceofbase12>BTW the complete error is
04:41<aceofbase12>> > Checking for /proc/mm...not found
04:41<aceofbase12>> > Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
04:41<aceofbase12>> > tracing thread pid = 5086
04:41<aceofbase12>> > Segmentation fault
04:41<whirm>nope, make ARCH=um
04:42<whirm>umh, my uml hangs in Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK :-(
04:43<aceofbase12>hmm cant help u with it i am a novice myself
04:43<aceofbase12>lemme see and make again
04:44<aceofbase12>hey whirm , my .config file already contains this entry
04:44<aceofbase12>CONFIG_MMAPER=y i.e.
04:45<whirm>aha, well, try to use linux-2.6.12-bb10-skas0 it does not crash, but for me it hangs...
04:46<whirm>you can get the patch here:
04:47<aceofbase12>what is ur host version?
04:47<whirm>If you manage to get it running say something! ^_^
04:48<aceofbase12>my host is 2.6.9-1.667 , do u think it is fine or shud i update it?
04:48<aceofbase12>cud that be a problem?
04:48<whirm>no idea, but I don't think so
04:50<aceofbase12>why is the patching required
04:51<whirm>updates to the uml code
04:53<aceofbase12>so that means the stable kenrel code like 2.6.9 , which has inbuilt support for compiling into UML binary also , does not always generatte good UML code , and hence the UML code needs to be corrected out of band witht he kernel with which it was released?
04:56<whirm>those patches arent on the official tree, so until they accept them, you must apply them manually
04:58<aceofbase12>hmm but i mean if a kernel stable release has been released like 2.6.9
04:59<aceofbase12>with which there is UML support as well , then compiling a UML binary with that code shud be expected to work , shudnt it?
05:02<whirm>I supose, but as you can see it does not run
05:03<aceofbase12>what file system are u using?
05:09<whirm>oh! I managed to compile and run the uml!
05:09<whirm>now I must do a root file system
05:10<whirm>what filesystem? host or guest?
05:11<aceofbase12>how did u do it , what mistake were u making?
05:15<whirm>I removed .config , and make oldconfig ARCH=um, answering the default in every question
05:16<whirm>in guest ext3, but it does not find the root_fs, so now I must read docs ^_^
05:17<aceofbase12>btw what is the most enlightening document on UML for a novice that u have come across yet
05:25<whirm>the only one I read: Documentation/uml/UserModeLinux-HOWTO.txt in your kernel source tree
05:30<aceofbase12>hey man cool now mine uml wors too
05:30<aceofbase12>it goes far beyond the initial crash
05:30<aceofbase12>i did make oldconfig ARCH=um
05:30<aceofbase12>then make linux ARCH=um
05:31<aceofbase12>so it was due to wrong configuration options manually selected in both of our cases ?
05:35<whirm>I think so
05:35<whirm>now you must activate virtual block devices in block devices
05:35<whirm>to be able to mount the root_fs
05:36<aceofbase12>ic, i.e. regenerate .config file with all defaults but activating virtual block devices
05:37<whirm>make menuconfig ARCH=um
05:37<whirm>block devices->[*] Virtual block device
05:38<aceofbase12>before that shuid i delete the previous .config file generated as a result of make oldconfig ARCH=um?
05:42<aceofbase12>what guest filesystem are u using?
05:42<aceofbase12>generated ur own or using a prebuilt oine from usermodelinux website?
05:43<whirm>generated by me
05:45<whirm>have it running!
05:45<whirm>do you want the config file, linux binary or something?
05:46<aceofbase12>yeah if u cud pls gimme the linux binary , config file and filesystem if it is not too large
05:49<whirm>I'm making a new filesystem, but will be about 500Megs
05:49<aceofbase12>wuhoo thats too large
05:49<aceofbase12>i'll just use the TomFS on usermodeklinux site then
05:50<aceofbase12>it is about 2 meg
05:50<whirm>where must I send linux and .config?
05:51<aceofbase12>can u email it to me at
05:51<aceofbase12>now i enabled virtual block devices
05:51<aceofbase12>it has mounted the FS
05:52<aceofbase12>but does not come to the prompt for username
05:52<aceofbase12>instead it is spewing some function cal stack cojntinuously which apprently are coming from the INIT process inside UML
05:53<whirm>oh :-/
05:53<whirm>try my config file and if it runs correctly look for differences
05:54<aceofbase12>that seems fine
05:54<whirm>I sent the files
05:57<aceofbase12>hey man how to exit from linux ?
05:58<aceofbase12>UML i.e.
06:04<whirm>from inside with halt
06:04<whirm>from outside with kill ^_^
06:05<aceofbase12>ok :) btw reieved themail thanks
06:08<whirm>is nothing
06:17<whirm>does it run?
06:19<aceofbase12>just abt to see that
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07:03<aceofbase12>whirm are u there
07:03<aceofbase12>i tried your linux binary with my file system but it hangs
07:04<aceofbase12>Its hangs at the time of saying INIT : entering level : 5
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07:26<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDGKBTYPE called
07:26<whirm>I making changes so it runs better, I managed to boot, but it prints lots of:
07:26<whirm>woops, reversed lines
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07:34<joefso>I have some issues with UML.
07:34<joefso>dev_ip_addr - device not assigned an IP address
07:34<joefso>execvp of 'uml_net' failed - errno = 2
07:34<joefso>I installed usermode-linux as on the host and on the uml image
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08:07<whirm>aceofbase12: do you managed to boot without the "ine_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDGKBTYPE called" called?
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08:17<joefso>dev_ip_addr - device not assigned an IP address
08:17<joefso>Failed to open /dev/net/tun, err = 13
08:17<joefso>SIOCSIFFLAGS: Permission denied
08:17<joefso>Could someone help me out
08:31<aceofbase12>whirm , my boto sequence output does not contain the line u mentioned , so in my case that ioctl is not called at boot time
08:31<aceofbase12>boot sequence*
08:47<joefso>No working leases in persistent database - sleeping. This is what I get when I invoke dhclient eth0 on my uml
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09:38<whirm>aceofbase12: are u using the linux I sent you?
09:38<whirm>qhat command line are u using?
09:43<aceofbase12>whirm: your linux hangs on my file system
09:44<aceofbase12>i am using my own linux with the file system from usermodelinux website
09:45<aceofbase12>the commandline i am using is ./linux ubd0=root_fs_toms1.7.205
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09:48<joefso>What is the exact error message that occourse?
09:48<joefso>Just a hang?
09:50<aceofbase12>this is the error message
09:50<aceofbase12>INIT: Id "c1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5
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10:11<aceofbase12>what is your opinion
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10:29<joefso>Mayb it's that agetty has trouble with console on serial ports that aren't really live
10:29<joefso>maybe you should check inittab
10:29<aceofbase12>looks like so
10:29<aceofbase12>how to rectify it then
10:30<joefso>try to comment out the c* section in /etc/inittab
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10:38<the_hydra>a bit quite here...anyway, what is the recommended UML version? 2.6.11-bs7?
10:39<aceofbase12>me a novice too , cant say for sure but the latest bs patch you can get hold of shud be good
10:44<aceofbase12>sorry that wasmeant for the browser , wrong window
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11:02<whirm>does ./linux con0=xterm suffice to use an xterm as terminal?
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11:53<jdike>hi guys
11:54<mikegrb>hi jdike
12:01<caker>hello Jeff
12:02<jdike>caker, good to see your email, make sure you get a full copy of the oops next time, even if it's a photo of the screen
12:02<whirm>I'm going crazy trying to compile 2.6.12-bb10-skas0, someone has a config file that works?
12:03<jdike>whirm, arch/um/defconfig
12:07<whirm>jdike: will try, thanks
12:07[~]caker waits for another host to panic
12:08<caker>come on, panic already!!
12:09[~]mikegrb screams in panic
12:22<whirm>compiling after defconfig: cannot set up thread-local storage: cannot set up LDT for thread-local storage
12:22<whirm>I must deactivate skas to be able to boot uml
12:23<jdike>whirm: some of the patches on deal with that
12:24<whirm>they are for the host OS?
12:24<whirm>are they for the host OS?
12:25<caker>whirm: no, UML kernel
12:30<whirm>ok, thanks will try to aplly them
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12:37<whirm>whirm@hydra:~/src/kernel/linux-2.6.12-bb10-skas0$ for f in `cat ../patches-uml/patches/series`; do patch -p1 -s --dry-run < ../patches-uml/patches/$f; done
12:37<whirm>2 out of 6 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file arch/um/drivers/ubd_kern.c.rej
12:37<whirm>Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
12:41<jdike>whirm: you're patching 2.6.12-mm2?
12:49<whirm>nope, was trying with linux-2.6.12-bb10-skas0
12:49<whirm>now Ill download mm2
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12:52<aceofbase12>hey folks , is devfs compiled into the kernel by default?
12:52<aceofbase12>UML kenrel i.e.
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12:56<jdike>aceofbase12: no
12:57<aceofbase12>is it required for UML ?
12:57<aceofbase12>from the Howto in UML doc , it seems it is required??
12:59<whirm>aplying skas0-clone to a clean 2.6.12-mm2 tree ti tries to patch arch/um/include/sysdep-i386/stub.h but it does not exist
12:59<jdike>whirm, what kernel version is listed on the patches page?
13:00<jdike>whirm, are you applying them in the order in the series file?
13:00<jdike>whirm, OK, just making sure I remembered right
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13:00<whirm>yes, in the same order: for f in `cat ../patches-uml/patches/series`; do echo "------>"$f ; patch -p1 -s --dry-run < ../patches-uml/patches/$f; done
13:00<whirm>oh, I'm idiot
13:01<whirm>If I make dry-run....
13:01[~]jdike does that all the time
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13:04<whirm>well, now is compiling
13:12<whirm>ok, it boots, but: INIT: "Id "X" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes", where X is 1 to 6 and : "INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel"
13:13<aceofbase12>cool whirm , i am getting the exact same messsage :)
13:13<whirm>ok, will see if I find the solution... :-)
13:13<aceofbase12>somebody suggested to try to comment out the c* section in /etc/inittab
13:13<aceofbase12>u cvould try that
13:15<aceofbase12>if u solve that pls let me know too
13:16<aceofbase12>in the meantime i am reading the howto afterall :)
13:23<whirm>ca:12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t1 -a -r now ->> this?
13:25<aceofbase12>from what i get , we would need to modify the agetty lines
13:26<whirm>already tied it
13:27<aceofbase12>i.e. the lines undet eh comment #Run gettys in standard runlevels
13:27<whirm>now I'm waiting
13:27<aceofbase12>u already tried that?
13:27<aceofbase12>what exactly did u try?
13:27<whirm>comment every getty but the first
13:27<whirm>same behaviour
13:27<aceofbase12>i am stuck at this plce as well
13:29<whirm>lowered speed to 9000 to see if it helps
13:29<whirm>what does this mean?:
13:29<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x541e
13:29<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603
13:29<aceofbase12>u gettign tihs as ULM output at boot time?
13:30<aceofbase12>looks like some ioctl code it does not recogsnise
13:30<aceofbase12>havent seen this though
13:30<whirm>just after :
13:30<whirm>INIT: version 2.86 booting
13:30<whirm>udev requires hotplug support, not started.
13:30<aceofbase12>u got this after lowering speed?
13:30<whirm>I got that everytime
13:30<whirm>lowering the speed does not help
13:32<aceofbase12>whirm , are u on the uml-user mailing list?
13:32<aceofbase12>i got an email there that suggests a solution to this problem , i am forwarding it to you
13:32<whirm>ok, thanks
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13:33<bodo>Hi all
13:34<aceofbase12>whirm , i just sent the email to you on the same address from which u sent me the mail
13:34<aceofbase12>hi bodo , welcome onboard
13:34<bodo>Hi, here a message from my UML:
13:34<bodo>sles9s390:~ # uname -a
13:34<bodo>Linux sles9s390 2.6.13-rc5 #5 Thu Aug 11 14:10:02 CEST 2005 s390 s390 s390 GNU/Linux
13:34<bodo>sles9s390:~ # cat /proc/cpuinfo
13:34<bodo>processor : 0
13:34<bodo>vendor_id : User Mode Linux
13:34<bodo>model name : UML
13:34<bodo>mode : skas
13:34<bodo>host : Linux s170lin2 2.4.21-fsc.11-highmem #1 SMP Mon May 9 16:31:10 CEST 2005 s390
13:34<bodo>bogomips : 878.18
13:34<bodo>sles9s390:~ #
13:36<bodo>Its running fine in skas0 and skas3, but not tt
13:40<whirm>aceofbase12: ok, I'm reading it
13:40<aceofbase12>whirm: ok , let me know if it helps , i will try it once i am done with the complete reading of the Howto
13:41[~]jdike watches bodo show off
13:41<jdike>bodo, nice!
13:41<jdike>device names in /etc/inittab have to exist in /dev
13:41<bodo>jdike: did you receive my mails about ldt ?
13:42<jdike>i.e. devfs/non-devfs must be consistent
13:42<jdike>bodo, yup
13:42<bodo>jdike: OK
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13:42<jdike>bodo, when do us mere mortals get to see your code?
13:42<aceofbase12>jdike , can u pls explain a bit
13:42<bodo>jdike: I came back to office this evening to review s390 sources (copyrights etc.), and then sent it to you
13:43<jdike>bodo, feel free to send it straight to mainline/-mm if you want
13:43<bodo>jdike: that will be the ladst thing to do for a while, as I'll have loooooong hollidays :-)
13:43<jdike>bodo, or does it depend on patches sitting in my queue?
13:44<bodo>jdike: yes, it does, and it again needs some aditional patches.
13:44<jdike>bodo, OK
13:44<bodo>jdike: I'll send them all together
13:44<jdike>bodo, fine
13:44<bodo>jdike: to you and to uml-devel
13:45<jdike>aceofbase12, if the console lines in inttab talk about tty*, then /dev/tty* must exist
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13:47<aceofbase12>jdike , ok but if the corresponding /dev/tty* do not exit , then what to do , how to make it ?
13:47<jdike>aceofbase12, mknod
13:47<jdike>aceofbase12, or loopmount the fs and copy them from the host
13:47<aceofbase12>i.e. to add a device node entry
13:48<aceofbase12>jdike , i am a mere mortal novice some of what u say sounds Greek :)
13:57<whirm>in my case they exist (udev creates them at boot time), but there is no way, I suspect it has something to do with:
13:57<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDSIGACCEPT called
13:57<whirm>INIT: version 2.86 booting
13:57<whirm>Mounting a tmpfs over /dev...done.
13:57<whirm>Creating initial device nodes...done.
13:57<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x541e
13:57<whirm>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603
13:57<jdike>whirm, those are harmless
13:58<whirm>oh :-(, i'm desesperating....
13:58<aceofbase12>whirm , did u try out the stuff in that email?
13:59<whirm>the device nodes are there, is a system that boots with no problems with a kernel
14:01<jdike>whirm, boot it single-user and check
14:03<whirm>uml:~# ls -l /dev/tty?
14:03<whirm>crw-rw---- 1 root root 4, 0 Aug 11 19:02 /dev/tty0
14:03<whirm>crw-rw---- 1 root root 4, 1 Aug 11 19:02 /dev/tty1
14:04<whirm>from 0 to 9
14:06<jdike>whirm, what's in inittab
14:09<whirm>1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 9000 tty1
14:09<whirm>this is the only uncommented getty
14:10<jdike>whirm, add a similar one for tty0
14:13<whirm>added: 0:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty0
14:13<whirm>\xBF? it works!
14:15<mikegrb>why couldn't it?
14:16<aceofbase12>whirm u didnt do a mknod or anything ? jdike might explain why this worked?
14:16<aceofbase12>jdike , u r the guy who built the uml project?
14:17<whirm>I don't understand why using tty[1-6] doesn't work but using tty[0-5] it does
14:17<mikegrb>because uml uses tty0 not tty1
14:18<whirm>and if I don't open tty0 i cannot open tty1?
14:21<jdike>aceofbase12, yup
14:22<jdike>whirm, it's an old mistake, I didn't realize that tty0 is special, so I made that the main UML console rather than tty1
14:22<jdike>whirm, also, you could have logged on to tty1 all the time probably
14:23<whirm>uh... and changing that would break something?
14:23<jdike>whirm, changing it back?
14:23<whirm>yes, making tty1 the first one
14:24<whirm>or adding an option to be able to select that
14:27<jdike>whirm, possibly, haven't thought about it
14:28<whirm>where should I search in the kernel source to modify that? I need that uml to boot systems that later will be converted to a live-cd, so if i can boot it without touching every /etc/inittab it would be great
14:30<jdike>whirm, arch/um/drivers/stdio_console.c
14:30<jdike>whirm, line 65
14:30<jdike> .minor_start = 0,
14:30<whirm>ok, many thanks for all the help!
14:30<jdike>change that 0 to 1
14:31<jdike>should do the trick
14:33<aceofbase12>guys i might soudn liek an idiot , but i cannot find a way to copy all the chat form an IRC channel window in mirc
14:33<aceofbase12>do u guys know how to do it , since i want to save this chat
14:33<jdike>aceofbase12, this channel is logged
14:34<aceofbase12>cool, where can we see the log of this channel , is it public?
14:35<whirm>oooh! it works!
14:35<whirm>many thanks!!!
14:35<whirm>now I must go, else my girlfriend will killme
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14:37<jdike>it's not in /topic any more
14:37<jdike>caker, could you put it back?
14:37<caker>jdike: sure
14:39|-|[caker] changed the topic of #uml: Welcome to #UML - current releases: 2.4.27-um1 | 2.4.24-um1 (rock solid) | 2.6.12-bs9 | (Mainpage) | (communitypage) | (SKAS/guest -bb and -bs patches) | (Wiki page for documentation) | (#uml channel logs and stats)
14:40<caker>also: /whois VS_ChanLog
14:40<jdike>caker, tx
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14:41<caker>jdike asks a lot of questions ? 2069
14:41<caker>jdike likes /me command 570
14:41<caker>bodo yells a lot ! 167
14:42<caker>nothing like two years+ worth of stats
14:43<mikegrb>caker is the 7th most used word
14:43<mikegrb>because everyone likes cake
14:43<mikegrb>caker posts many urls
14:43<mikegrb>Newsome doesn't know wether to stay or quit 1406 <-- so true
14:43[~]mikegrb runs
14:51<aceofbase12>folks , i have made the uml binary from the src of kernel version of , my purpose is to get started in leariing abotu this
14:52<aceofbase12>what i want to know is that shud it work fine for my purpose or do i need to get the latest patches or stuff?
14:56<jdike>aceofbase12, it should be fine
14:57<aceofbase12>jdike , thanks , i thought the same but needed the reassurance
15:07|-|Shaun [] has joined #uml
15:14<caker>Shaun: had any of your hosts crash?
15:25|-|TwoSchubert [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:34<Shaun>not since that ebtables fix
15:35<Shaun>i'm running on a couple of them
15:36<Shaun>so far uptime on one of them is 49 days
15:39<aceofbase12>folks , pardon the possibly stupid question , but i cannot find any inittab file in the guest source
15:39<aceofbase12>it only exists in teh host kernel
15:40<aceofbase12>so jdike , the discussion with whirm about changing inittab entries , which inittab file was he changing?
15:40|-|hfb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:41<jdike>aceofbase12, /etc/inittab ?
15:41<aceofbase12>it exists in the host kernel only
15:42<jdike>aceofbase12, it doesn't exist in any kernel
15:43<aceofbase12>jdike , i mean it is in the file system of the host kernel so it dictates the settings of the INIT process of host kernel so how to manipulate the INIK p[rocess of guest kernel the way u were tellign whirm?
15:43<jdike>aceofbase12, in the guest filesystem
15:45<aceofbase12>jdike , oh ic , i am using the guest filesystem of the file root_fs_toms1.7.205 from usermodelinuix website , do u have an idea on what its inittab settings are?
15:50|-|hfb [] has joined #uml
15:51|-|hfb [] has quit [Quit: ]
15:56<aceofbase12>jdike , oh ic , i am using the guest filesystem of the file root_fs_toms1.7.205 from usermodelinuix website , do u have an idea on what its inittab settings are?./lin
15:56<aceofbase12>sorry for the typo ,
15:57<jdike>aceofbase12, does toms have an /etc/inittab?
15:58<aceofbase12>jdike , since i cannot get the UML running so am not able to see that , kinda chicken and egg issue
16:00<aceofbase12>now i am booting it with command line init=/bin/sh to see the inittab file
16:01|-|lilo [] has quit [Quit: bbiab]
16:01<caker>jdike: !
16:02<caker>jdike: That panic came across my remote syslog!!
16:03<jdike>caker, the whole thing?
16:03<caker>jdike: ya :)
16:04<jdike>caker, send it
16:07<caker>jdike: sent
16:07<jdike>caker, tx
16:07<jdike>caker, same kernel tree as yesterday?
16:08<caker>jdike: Yes, same instance
16:09[~]jdike pulls again since I blew it away after looking at it
16:10<aceofbase12>jdike , the inittab of tomfs contains the following
16:10<aceofbase12>ca::ctrlaltdel:/bin/shutdown -t5 -rfn now "CtlAltDel"
16:10<aceofbase12>c1:5:respawn:/usr/bin/agetty 38400 ttys/0
16:10<jdike>aceofbase12, change ttys/0 to tty0
16:12[~]caker looks for more
16:12<aceofbase12>jdike , if i change from within this login session , the change won't persist , right? somehow i will have to change in the oringial file of guest tomfs filesystem how to do that?
16:12<caker>I'm an idiot for not looking at these
16:13<caker>jdike: found three more, all the same -- but different call traces than the one you're looking at
16:13<caker>[<c0106fd7>] do_syscall_trace+0x97/0x10e
16:13<caker>[<c0102639>] syscall_trace_entry+0x11/0x2a
16:14<caker>ok, only difference is the call to math_state_restore
16:14<jdike>caker, I didn't think that was real anyway
16:22<aceofbase12>jdike , how do i alter the inittab file in the guest filesystem
16:22<caker>aceofbase12: loop mount the filesystem, make changes, unmount
16:23<caker>aceofbase12: mount -o loop file.fs /path/to/mount/point
16:23<aceofbase12>caker , thanks , will try it now
16:24<jdike>aceofbase12, how were you reading it in the first place?
16:26<aceofbase12>jdike , i booted the UML with init=/bin/sh added to command line and it gave me shell access at boot time , then i did a cat /etc/inittab | more to see the file , since vi was not working at that point
16:26<jdike>aceofbase12, well, just edit it there, if there's any sort of editor available
16:27<jdike>aceofbase12, and cat > /etc/inittab, plus cut'n'paste makes a passable editor
16:28<aceofbase12>jdike : that is the problem , both vi and ex in there are unhappy and say "Can't create temp file .. Does directory "/tmp" exist? "
16:28<jdike>aceofbase12, might be a readonly /
16:28<jdike>aceofbase12, easy to fix
16:29<aceofbase12>jdike : what might be ro? also cat > /etc/inittab is ok for ppending but i need to del soem chars form file as well
16:30<jdike>aceofbase12, cat > /etc/inittab doesn't append
16:31<aceofbase12>jdike : correct , my wrong , however ur suspect was correct , it is a read only file system , what to do in this case?
16:32<jdike>aceofbase12, mount / -o remount,rw
16:33<caker>jdike: <-- more of the same
16:33<aceofbase12>jdike : tx , will try now
16:37<jdike>caker, host kernel?
16:38<caker>jdike: all but one of thos panics is
16:39<jdike>caker, URL to skas3-v8? :-)
16:41<jdike>caker, 404
16:42<caker>linbot: no, skas-2.6 is
16:42<linbot>Got it!
16:47<bodo>caker: do your guest use sysemu?
16:47<caker>bodo: yes
16:48<bodo>caker: did you test without it?
16:48<caker>bodo: this is so random, it would be a difficult test to use to prove anything...
16:48<caker>bodo: machines stay up between a few days and a month or more, then die
16:48<bodo>caker: Oh
17:11|-|aceofbase12 [MAGICMAN@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:14<jdike>caker, your stable boxes are running 2.6.11?
17:15<caker>jdike: which of the stable ones? Some of them are running that very kernel but haven't died yet, and the really long uptime ones are on ancient kernels
17:16<caker>jdike: what were you asking? :)
17:16<jdike>caker, wondering whether you're seeing a ptrace bug
17:20<caker>jdike: just sent you an email -- per host kernel version and uptime
17:21|-|aceofbase12 [MAGICMAN@] has joined #uml
17:27|-|mcr [] has left #uml []
17:32<bodo>Patches for s390 are sent.
17:36<jdike>bodo, excellen
17:38<bodo>Oh, Oh, my tarball is too big:
17:39<jdike>bodo, I'll approve it
17:39<bodo>jdike: thank you, should better have gzipped
17:44<aceofbase12>jdike: i did change the inttab file and booted it moved ahead till the login prompt but then when i tried to login , it says
17:44<aceofbase12>"ile: unable to allocate pty/tty pair"
17:46|-|aceofbase12 [MAGICMAN@] has left #uml []
17:46|-|aceofbase12 [MAGICMAN@] has joined #uml
17:49<jdike>aceofbase12, is devfs mounted?
17:50<aceofbase12>jdike: i dont think so cause i just built using default settings and by default devfs is not built ito the kernel i suppose
17:51<aceofbase12>jdike: but how can i check
17:54|-|lilo [] has joined #uml
17:55<aceofbase12>jdike: i even tried passing a devfs=nomount to the UML at boottim and that does not help either
18:02<aceofbase12>also these spews at boot time might tell u something
18:02<aceofbase12>EXT2-fs warning: feature flags set on rev 0 fs,
18:02<aceofbase12>running e2fsck is recommended
18:02<aceofbase12>VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
18:02<aceofbase12>line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDSIGACCEPT called
18:02<aceofbase12>Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context
18:02<aceofbase12>at include/asm/arch/semaphore.h:102
18:02<aceofbase12>spin_lock(arch/um/drivers/line.c:a0255758) already
18:02<aceofbase12>locked by arch/um/drivers/line.c/474
18:02<aceofbase12>in_atomic():0, irqs_disabled():1
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7a20: [<a002e65b>] __might_sleep+0x9b/0xb8
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7a50: [<a0021ff5>] unregister_winch+0x15/0xa0
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7a70: [<a0021859>] line_close+0x145/0x174
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7a80: [<a0021726>] line_close+0x12/0x174
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7a90: [<a0121431>] release_dev+0x5fd/0x930
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7ac0: [<a00178d9>] get_signals+0x15/0x4c
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7ad0: [<a00178e7>] get_signals+0x23/0x4c
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7b60: [<a0121e00>] tty_release+0xc/0x14
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7b80: [<a008f18b>] __fput+0x103/0x140
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7bb0: [<a008d235>] filp_close+0x41/0x7c
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7bc0: [<a00a059b>] putname+0x2f/0x40
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7bd0: [<a008d34c>] sys_close+0xdc/0x1c4
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7be0: [<a008d1c1>] sys_open+0x55/0x6c
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7c00: [<a001c361>] execute_syscall_tt+0xc5/0xd8
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7c80: [<a001c397>] syscall_handler_tt+0x23/0x40
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7ca0: [<a001d323>]
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7cb0: [<a001d315>]
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7d00: [<a0027252>] sig_handler+0x1e/0x38
18:02<aceofbase12>a08a7d20: [<a01c12f8>] __restore+0x0/0x8
18:02<aceofbase12>spin_unlock(arch/um/drivers/line.c:a0255758) not
18:02<aceofbase12>INIT: version 2.84 booting
18:02<aceofbase12>EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck
18:02<aceofbase12>is recommended
18:02<aceofbase12>INIT: Entering runlevel: 5
18:06<aceofbase12>jdike: could this also be because the file system is mounted as read only?
18:07<jdike>aceofbase12, no
18:07<jdike>aceofbase12, at least I don't think so
18:08<jdike>aceofbase12, I think this one requires devfs
18:08<aceofbase12>jdike: hmm , any ideas what might it be
18:08<jdike>aceofbase12, so make some /dev/ptypx /dev/ttypx pairs
18:08<aceofbase12>jdike: oh u mean i will have to compile with devfs built into UML?
18:08<jdike>aceofbase12, just make the devices
18:09<aceofbase12>jdike: sorry for the ignorance , but how shud i make these devices?
18:11<caker>jdike: a ptrace bug that you know about, or a new one?
18:12<jdike>caker, just hypothesizing
18:12<caker>jdike: gotcha ...
18:13<jdike>caker, we seemed to have crashed coming out of ptrace_stop, and there's no skas/sysemu involvement there at all
18:14<caker>jdike: ok... I don't remember ever running 2.6.8 for very long. 2.6.7 for me has huge uptimes. 2.6.9 had the the bug which prevented UML from existing properly, and around 2.6.10 is when I started having this problem
18:15<caker>jdike: does the fact that this occurs only on my more recent hardware point to any particular scenario?
18:15<caker>jdike: a race of some sort?
18:16<jdike>caker, obviously a race
18:16<caker>jdike: nod
18:16<jdike>since it doesn't happen every time
18:16<jdike>in a very busy code path
18:17<aceofbase12>jdike: i mounted the filesystem and in its /dev dir there are follying tty and pty files
18:17<aceofbase12>EXT2-fs warning: feature flags set on rev 0 fs,
18:17<aceofbase12>running e2fsck is recommended
18:17<aceofbase12>VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
18:17<aceofbase12>line_ioctl: tty0: ioctl KDSIGACCEPT called
18:17<aceofbase12>Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context
18:17<aceofbase12>at include/asm/arch/semaphore.h:102
18:17<aceofbase12>spin_lock(arch/um/drivers/line.c:a0255758) already
18:17<aceofbase12>locked by arch/um/drivers/line.c/474
18:17<aceofbase12>in_atomic():0, irqs_disabled():1
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7a20: [<a002e65b>] __might_sleep+0x9b/0xb8
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7a50: [<a0021ff5>] unregister_winch+0x15/0xa0
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7a70: [<a0021859>] line_close+0x145/0x174
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7a80: [<a0021726>] line_close+0x12/0x174
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7a90: [<a0121431>] release_dev+0x5fd/0x930
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7ac0: [<a00178d9>] get_signals+0x15/0x4c
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7ad0: [<a00178e7>] get_signals+0x23/0x4c
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7b60: [<a0121e00>] tty_release+0xc/0x14
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7b80: [<a008f18b>] __fput+0x103/0x140
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7bb0: [<a008d235>] filp_close+0x41/0x7c
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7bc0: [<a00a059b>] putname+0x2f/0x40
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7bd0: [<a008d34c>] sys_close+0xdc/0x1c4
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7be0: [<a008d1c1>] sys_open+0x55/0x6c
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7c00: [<a001c361>] execute_syscall_tt+0xc5/0xd8
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7c80: [<a001c397>] syscall_handler_tt+0x23/0x40
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7ca0: [<a001d323>]
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7cb0: [<a001d315>]
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7d00: [<a0027252>] sig_handler+0x1e/0x38
18:17<aceofbase12>a08a7d20: [<a01c12f8>] __restore+0x0/0x8
18:17<aceofbase12>spin_unlock(arch/um/drivers/line.c:a0255758) not
18:17<aceofbase12>INIT: version 2.84 booting
18:17<aceofbase12>EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck
18:17<aceofbase12>is recommended
18:17<aceofbase12>INIT: Entering runlevel: 5
18:17<aceofbase12>sorry here they go
18:17<caker>aceofbase12: next time: <-------
18:17<aceofbase12>[root@labhat dev]# ls -l *tty*
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 5, 0 May 8 1999 tty
18:17<aceofbase12>crw--w--w- 1 root root 4, 0 Aug 13 02:53 tty0
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 1 May 8 1999 tty1
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 2 May 8 1999 tty2
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 3 May 8 1999 tty3
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 4 May 8 1999 tty4
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 5 May 8 1999 tty5
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 6 May 8 1999 tty6
18:17<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 7 May 8 1999 tty7
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 8 May 8 1999 tty8
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 0 Jun 28 2000 ttyp0
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 1 Jun 28 2000 ttyp1
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 2 Jun 28 2000 ttyp2
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 3 Jun 28 2000 ttyp3
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 4 Jun 28 2000 ttyp4
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 5 Jun 28 2000 ttyp5
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 6 Jun 28 2000 ttyp6
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 7 Jun 28 2000 ttyp7
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 8 Jun 28 2000 ttyp8
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 3, 9 Jun 28 2000 ttyp9
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-rw-r-- 1 root root 4, 64 Mar 1 1998 ttyS0
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 4, 65 Apr 28 1999 ttyS1
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 4, 66 May 7 1999 ttyS2
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-rw-r-- 1 root root 4, 67 May 8 1999 ttyS3
18:18<aceofbase12>[root@labhat dev]# ls -l *pty*
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 0 Jun 28 2000 ptyp0
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 1 Jun 28 2000 ptyp1
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 2 Jun 28 2000 ptyp2
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 3 Jun 28 2000 ptyp3
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 4 Jun 28 2000 ptyp4
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 5 Jun 28 2000 ptyp5
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 6 Jun 28 2000 ptyp6
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 7 Jun 28 2000 ptyp7
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 8 Jun 28 2000 ptyp8
18:18<aceofbase12>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 2, 9 Jun 28 2000 ptyp9
18:18<caker>aceofbase12: next time: <------- *please*
18:18<aceofbase12>caker: ok but whats that
18:19<caker>aceofbase12: paste your crap into it, it gives you an URL, which you paste here (just the URL)
18:19<caker>aceofbase12: that way, you don't spam the entire channel
18:19<aceofbase12>caker: cool , that is nice i'll use it from now on
18:19<caker>aceofbase12: thank you :)
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18:30<jdike>aceofbase12, what does your inittab look like? (disappeared from my scrollback)
18:30|-|lilo [] has joined #uml
18:32<aceofbase12>jdike : here is my inittab
18:34<jdike>aceofbase12, looks right
18:34<jdike>aceofbase12, this has an easy fix, I just don't remember what
18:34<jdike>aceofbase12, try devfs and see what happens
18:35<aceofbase12>jdike: Tom has mentioned this problem with 2.2.2. kernel and his "startup" linux disk off which i believe tomfs filesystem was made
18:36<aceofbase12>eventhough it is not UML specific and kernel is old , but seems this is coming into play
18:36<aceofbase12>i will however try withdevfs also
18:38<aceofbase12>jdike: which prebuilt guest filesystem would you recommend the newbies like me to play with?
18:44<bodo>jdike: haven't received a copy of my mail yet. Maybe it's lost?
18:47|-|lilo_ [] has joined #uml
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18:50<aceofbase12>jdike: thanks for all the help!
18:50|-|aceofbase12 [MAGICMAN@] has left #uml []
19:03<bodo>jdike: your enhancement of aio seems to work. I'm not absolutely sure, as the host now has faster
19:04<bodo>jdike: disks. But on 2.6.13-rc5 we could successfully work with YaST
19:04<bodo>jdike: on 2.6.12-rc4, that always freezed
19:22<jdike>bodo: I just haven't approved it yet
19:23<jdike>bodo, haven't received the nag mail from the list yet
19:23<jdike>bodo, I reduced the amount of data travelling through the pipe, but the deadlock possibility is still there, I think
19:24<bodo>jdike: I think so, but at least it seems to work better now :-)
19:24<bodo>jdike: I'll go off business and off net for a while now,
19:25<bodo>jdike: so I wanted to be sure, that the mail isn't lost.
19:25<jdike>User-mode-linux-devel post from requires
19:25<jdike> approval
19:25<jdike>hmmm, sounds like a spammer to me...
19:25<bodo>jdike: yeah. Bad guy, that german ...
19:26<jdike>FJ is a known nest of them
19:26<bodo>jdike: yeah, and they also have a bit of japanese blood ...
19:27<jdike>OK, approved, you should be seeing it soon
19:27<bodo>jdike: fine. Thank you.
19:27<jdike>bodo, thanks for all the nice work
19:27|-|jdike [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:28|-|bodo [~bo@] has left #uml [Verlassend]
19:30|-|xafilac [] has joined #uml
19:35<xafilac>hi - I'm fiddling around with the kernel and the skas-2.6.12-v8.2 patch
19:35<xafilac>I got the system to boot the kernel but an error occurs:
19:35<xafilac>"unable to open an initial console"
19:35<xafilac>What's wrong?
19:36<xafilac>any idea?
19:44|-|lilo_ changed nick to lilo
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