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03:16<rasix>hi all .. i get problem and now try to use blaisorblade suggestion
03:16<rasix>Use a 32-bit UML kernel, 64bit ones do not support (yet) emulation for 32bit
03:17<rasix>guest binaries.
03:17[~]rasix noob
03:17<rasix>and how can i do that when i want to compile from source
03:18<rasix>thereis no option for it when i type make menuconfig ARCH=um
03:20<rasix>does it mean that i need my host kernel 32bit?
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06:55<Lemy>i have debian 2.6.8 installed , and don't get the skas patch running, so that my uml uses skas3
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08:52<LemyDanger>the site is down. Is there another address to get the patches ?
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09:33<LemyDanger>is there a mirror for ?
09:33<LemyDanger>the server doesnt answer
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10:17<mnky>good day!
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10:27<mnky>have a lil problem setting up a bridge to have internet access in my uml, i've done everyting like its described over here but i only could ping my host but nothing out there .. resolv.conf is also the same as in the host
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10:32<mnky>does anybody have a clue whats goin wrong? i think its a problem in the host caus i could ping the host from the uml client ..
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10:58<jdike>Hi guys
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10:58<LemyDanger>jeff dike ?
10:59<LemyDanger>i am the guy from germany with happy new year and so on :)
11:00<jdike>Ah, yes
11:01<LemyDanger>i am trying to get the uml running in skas3 mode, patching the host kernel is hard for me, but when it runs i will install steam again and if the gameserver doesnt run then, i will do the strace
11:02<LemyDanger>and send you an email
11:02<jdike>People do run CS servers under UML
11:03<LemyDanger>i read it to, but after 2 weeks i was really down, but now the energy is back
11:03<LemyDanger>thx to your email :)
11:03<jdike>also the egg nog wore off
11:03<jdike>that can be nasty stuff
11:04<LemyDanger>i tried it with the debian skas patch , that doesnt work, now i do it manually
11:05<LemyDanger>i can tell in half an hour wether it runs
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11:19<mnky>lil problem setting up a bridge for internet access in uml, i've done everyting like its described at but i only could ping my host (resolv.conf is the same as host) .. btw thanks jeff for your great work =)
11:22<jdike>packet forwarding on?
11:22<jdike>on the host
11:22<mnky>"brctl setfd uml-bridge 0" .. i was wondering too .. thats it ?
11:25<jdike>sorry, with bridging, forwarding isn't needed
11:26<mnky>no problem, dont wanna waste your time with my noobish problems, i'll find a way i'm just new in this
11:28<LemyDanger>here is a site that worked for me
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11:28<LemyDanger>for bridging
11:28<jdike>what does your bridge look like?
11:30<mnky>mine? like this
11:30<jdike>brctl show
11:32<mnky>bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
11:32<mnky>uml-bridge 8000.000c766ab81e no eth0
11:32<mnky> uml-conn0
11:33<jdike>if you tcpdump eth0, do you see pings going out/
11:33<jdike>if you can tcpdump it, if not, then use uml-bridge
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11:34<mnky>mh i setup eth1 cuz i'm not using eth0 for network .. strange maybe thats the mistake
11:34<mnky>how do i see if any of my uml-pings go out ?
11:35<jdike>tcpdump the outgoing interface
11:39<mnky>i think it its my mistake in setup the bridge
11:40<mnky>don't have time now but thanks for your time jeff, i'll try it again later
11:41<mnky>bye jeff, bye everyone
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11:45<LemyDanger>ok, the uml still runs in skas0 mode, do I have to make some "Y" in the menuconfig or is it enough to do the patch?
11:46<LemyDanger>i have to eat now, cu later
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12:08<LemyDanger>back again
12:09<jdike>UML autodetects the skas patch
12:10<LemyDanger>i get 3 times not found :(
12:10<LemyDanger>and i really dont understand it
12:10<LemyDanger>so i will reinstall all, hehe
12:12<jdike>Are you sure you need it?
12:12<jdike>skas0 isn't too different, usually
12:13<LemyDanger>but my hope is that then everything is running
12:14<jdike>I would figure out what's going on rather than randomly fiddle things and hope they make the problem go away
12:14<LemyDanger>but my linux knowledge isnt that great
12:15<jdike>then why are you patching kernels?
12:15<jdike>running strace is more your speed
12:15<LemyDanger>because i want best performance, security and all that
12:17<jdike>skas0 isn't too different, speedwise, from skas3
12:17<jdike>at this point, you're just mixing problems together
12:17<jdike>get CS running, then get skas3 running
12:18<LemyDanger>ok. then strace :)
12:19<LemyDanger>how long do you stay here?
12:20<jdike>all day (us/eastern)
12:20<LemyDanger>hihi, ok
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14:47<jdike>you strace the server inside UML
14:50<LemyDanger>yes i did
14:50<LemyDanger>it was in a loop
14:50<LemyDanger>i stopped it with killall linux
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14:51<jdike>what version of UML?
14:51<LemyDanger>there was no .log
14:51<jdike>can you try something more modern?
14:51<LemyDanger>what ? :)
14:53<jdike>like maybe 2.6.19?
14:55<LemyDanger>it is Linux version
14:55<LemyDanger>steam complains about the cpu frequency
14:56<LemyDanger>then it goes in a loop
14:56<LemyDanger>and restarts the server
14:57<LemyDanger>i found this in the internet :
14:57<LemyDanger>The binary also makes use of /proc. As I've already explained,
14:57<LemyDanger>if you look at the output properly, even though the script
14:57<LemyDanger>throws some warnings the binary is still run.
14:57<LemyDanger>The binary then failed due to lack of proper support for
14:57<LemyDanger>timing purposes.
14:57<LemyDanger>I believe source uses a number of methods to determine CPU
14:57<LemyDanger>speed but the only really reliable one seems to be /proc.
14:57<LemyDanger>Without it you will end up with the server being unable
14:57<LemyDanger>start some of the time at least.
14:58<LemyDanger>does it help you?
14:59<jdike>you can map the host's /proc into UML
14:59<jdike>a UML filesystem, hppfs
15:00<LemyDanger>ok google "hppfs"
15:05<LemyDanger>is it something similar to hostfs?
15:06<LemyDanger>honeypot proc fs
15:08<LemyDanger>i havve no hppfs, ill get it
15:08<jdike>it'll be handy to know what the server looks at
15:08<jdike>actually, hppfs is too general for what you want
15:08<LemyDanger>i have no information
15:08<jdike>if you can figure out what it's looking at, you can just bind mount fake files into /proc
15:10<LemyDanger>like cpuinfo?
15:10<jdike>copy it into UML somewhere, then mount --bind fake-cpuinfo /proc/cpuinfo
15:11<LemyDanger>ok 5 minutes
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15:19<LemyDanger>now I will try to play
15:19<LemyDanger>but it looks good
15:21<LemyDanger>now, i'm really going crazy
15:21<LemyDanger>wonderful, thank you so much man, i cant tell
15:22<LemyDanger>you are relly godlike
15:22<LemyDanger>im only laughing
15:22<LemyDanger>i have a latency of 1
15:23<LemyDanger>and it runs like hell
15:23<LemyDanger>im so glad
15:23<LemyDanger>i have read another thing in the internet now i can show it to you
15:23<LemyDanger>im looking for it
15:26<LemyDanger>Not sure if u saw my earlier email but if your running on
15:27<LemyDanger>Not sure if u saw my earlier email but if your running on a linux node aka user mode linux, then just forget it the servers not gonna run.
15:27<LemyDanger>found in valvesoftware/mailman/listinfo/hlds linux
15:28<LemyDanger>these are people with my knowledge and not yours , hahahah
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18:02<richardw_>i have a problem with opensuse 10.2 as uml guest. (host kernel, guest kernel after mounting the root filesystem init writes "INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes". is this the "vdso_compat-problem"?
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