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10:49<the_hydra>albertito: hi
10:55<dgraves>the_hydra: heya!
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10:55<dgraves>hrm. where is jdike?
10:55<the_hydra>dunno allan
10:55<the_hydra>maybe in sauna room?
10:56<the_hydra>how about you allan?
10:56<the_hydra>goin' to any sauna lately?
10:56<dgraves>pretty good.
10:56<dgraves>trying to wrap up stuff at work by end of month.
10:56<dgraves>yeah, my apt.
10:56<dgraves>its like 90.
10:56<dgraves>freaking 3rd floor and physics of heat.
10:57<the_hydra>oh wow
10:57<dgraves>that's *with* the window open.
10:57<the_hydra>anyway allan, could you recommend any linux centric publication that has the most respected reputation?
10:57<dgraves>love physics, yes? :)
10:58<the_hydra>oh wow (again)
10:58<the_hydra>me? nahhhh :)
10:58<dgraves>the_hydra: unfortunately no. I'm not a regular linux reader. There's a linux journal, isn't there?
10:58<the_hydra>yes sir!
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10:59<dgraves>the_hydra: that's the one i always hear about, i think.
10:59<the_hydra>ok2x, thanks allan
11:00<dgraves>sorry i wasn't more helpful. :)
11:00<dgraves>you trying to branch out?
11:00<the_hydra>branch out from where?
11:00<the_hydra>i didn't get what you were saying...
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11:02<the_hydra>hi jjkola
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11:43<dgraves>the_hydra: branch out to other magazines.
11:43<the_hydra>well not really, so far I don't hook myself into a single publication
11:45<the_hydra>maybe if you have time, I do hope you can read some of my articles and kindly give me feedback or opinion
11:49<dgraves>the_hydra: sure. i just have to find them. :)
11:50<the_hydra>there, my latest one, on O'Reilly's
11:53<dgraves>the_hydra: that's very nicely done.
11:53<dgraves>really, the only comment i have is to work on your english.
11:53<dgraves>Its a *tiny* bit stilted in places.
11:53<the_hydra>the editor helps me the final editing, so credit goes to him too
11:54<the_hydra>yes, I am aware of that
11:54<the_hydra>kindly show one example of that "stilted"?
11:54<dgraves>otherwise, its a very clearly written peace.
11:54<dgraves>very well explained.
11:54<dgraves>hang on.
11:55<the_hydra>will wait
11:57<dgraves>sorry, phone.
11:58<the_hydra>np allan
12:04<dgraves>the_hydra: your first 2 paragraphs are very grammatically correct.
12:04<dgraves>however, there's something just a bit too stilted\unnatural about them.
12:05<dgraves>and you're good enough that its just a hint, a slight sort of very correct grammer, or off-style.
12:05<the_hydra>ok let me check
12:07<dgraves>for instance, instead of:
12:07<the_hydra>ok I think I understand the problem you're trying to point here
12:07<dgraves>At the bottom of this problem lie other questions:
12:07<dgraves>i might have said, 2 basic questions must be answered... or something like that.
12:08<dgraves>the_hydra: and to be totally fair, you've got a great explanation. very readable, and understandable.
12:08<dgraves>far better than lots of people i know.
12:09<the_hydra>thanks, the feedback is really helpful for me
12:09<the_hydra>really, it's hard to get a good feedback these days
12:09<the_hydra>and you may laugh, I asked every man I know on Indonesia and they just mumblings
12:09<the_hydra>when I asked their opinion
12:09<the_hydra>wonder what that means...
12:10<the_hydra>you remind me to mr. Don Marti, ex LinuxJournal editor in chief
12:11<the_hydra>who said like this when I tried to submit a draft years ago to LJ
12:11<the_hydra>"your writing is like 4th grade elementary school student who tried to write"
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12:17<the_hydra>kos_tom: hi thomas
12:25<dgraves>the_hydra: that's pretty funny.
12:26<the_hydra>but it brought me a very valuable lesson too
12:28[~]the_hydra drink a glass of tea
12:30<dgraves>the_hydra: that tea makes a good writer?
12:30<the_hydra>could be
12:30<the_hydra>i drink it many times :)
12:31<the_hydra>need to switch to FC2
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13:20<the_hydra>dgraves: back
13:21<dgraves>btw, feel free to pm me anytime.
13:22<dgraves>so is FC2 better? :)
13:23<the_hydra>well, just testing my timidity installation
13:23<the_hydra>trying to hook it up with JACK
13:23<the_hydra>but I found it was compiled within FC5
13:24<the_hydra>so I switch to FC5
13:33<dgraves>timidity rocks.
13:33<dgraves>i've been doing a lot with the new rosegarden.
13:34<the_hydra>wait2x, need to discuss that with you
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16:05<das_deniz>/echo hello
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