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08:54<jjkola>if I run sbcl through detachtty my system starts to be unresponsive, it affects even host
08:54<jjkola>if I run only one of them, all is well
08:55<jjkola>for example if I do execute `ls`, it takes quite long time
08:56<jjkola>but next time when the result is in memory, it's nearly instanteous
08:56<jjkola>any ideas what should I try?
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10:15<jjkola>should I send an email to list about my problem?
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15:30<jjkola>does anybody know if there is a patch for kernel which could prevent one program to drain access to hard drives?
15:37<caker>jjkola: yes, my token-limiter patch --
15:48<jjkola>thanks, it seems like it could help me
15:52<jjkola>which version should I use? v4?
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15:56<dilbert>i am getting the usual Please append a correct "root=" boot option
15:56<dilbert>[42949373.820000] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
15:56<dilbert>i am out of my wits as what have i missed out
15:57<dilbert>i have root_fs in cwd
15:57<dilbert>and have ext3 built in the kernel
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16:39<dilbert>cant start my linux binary
16:40<dilbert>getting the error Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
16:40<dilbert>any hlp here?
16:47<dilbert>anyone alve here?
16:48<caker>dilbert: what
16:48<caker>dilbert: what's your command line look like?
16:52<caker>17:52 <dilbert> ./linux ubd0=uml.ext3
16:52<caker>(PMs aren't necessary)
16:52<caker>what does "file uml.ext3" say?
16:53<dilbert>its a pre built filesystem
16:53<dilbert>worked using it ealier
16:53<dilbert>cant seem to figure out wht have i missed
16:53<caker>please run: file uml.ext3
16:53<dilbert>root_fs1: Linux rev 1.0 ext3 filesystem data
16:53<caker>and, ./linux --showconfig | grep EXT3 ?
16:53<dilbert>just changed the name to root_fs1
16:53<dilbert>was trying some other pre-built filesystem
16:55<caker>what guest kernel is this?
16:56<caker>hmm .. btw, you really should use ubda, ubdb, etc, rather than ubd0, ubd1
16:56<caker>try adding "devfs=nomount" to your command line
16:56<dilbert>but tht shudnt create trouble.. rite?
16:56<dilbert>nah.. same trouble
16:57<jjkola>hmm, I have to apply that token limiter pach by hand : /
16:59<dilbert>do i have to do any fiddling with the host kernel?
16:59<jjkola>only two hunks out of nine hunks succeeded when applying to
17:00<caker>jjkola: one sec
17:00<caker>I have a recent diff
17:00<jjkola>that would be nice
17:01<dilbert>do u think tht inclusion of ACls might ne playing foul?
17:02<caker>jjkola: v5 up -- against 2.6.16 (sorry :)
17:02<jjkola>caker: np
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17:07<dilbert>Checking for /proc/mm...not found
17:07<dilbert>Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
17:07<dilbert>just noticed tht these are the first two lines while exec-ing ./linux
17:08<jjkola>caker: thanks for the new patch, now I got only one failed hunk
17:12<jjkola>ok, that hunk failed because "int io_count = 0;" had changed to "static int io_count = 0;"
17:21<dilbert>still cant figure out the problem
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17:40<dilbert>caker; any further pointers?
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19:07<jjkola>caker: your patch did the trick
19:07<jjkola>thanks for providing me the patch
19:07<caker>dilbert: sorry, none
19:08<caker>jjkola: np -- glad it works for you -- I like it :)
19:13<jjkola>hmm, maybe I should make a copy of uml kernel for every uml which I have
19:14<jjkola>now I have only one kernel and every time I want to update kernel I have to bring all umls down at the same time to be able to update it
19:16<caker>you can rename the one in-use
19:16<jjkola>I can?
19:17<jjkola>that never occured to me
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