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01:17<crazy_penguin>good morning (hopefully)
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10:12<crazy_penguin>good afternoon
10:22<dgraves>afternoon to you.
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10:29<jdike>Hi guys
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10:31<dgraves>please sir, may i have another?
10:32<jdike>Did I accidentally end up in a Dickens novel
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10:45<the_hydra>jdike: hi, how are you?
10:46<jdike>pretty well
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12:54<peterz>jdike: what arch's support uml
13:10<jdike>i386 and x86_64
13:10<jdike>and s390, but that has bit-rotted
13:24<peterz>ah, ok, then my build script isn't missing much
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13:42<dilbert>do u need devfs in the host kernel to run uml?
13:42<dilbert>is thr any otehr alternative?
13:44<jdike>you don't
13:46<dilbert>im unable to mount my root filesystem. checkin the messages i noticed
13:46<dilbert>Checking for /dev/anon on the host...Not available (open failed with errno 2)
13:46<dilbert>wondoring what could be missing?
13:49<jdike>that's harmless
13:49<jdike>and an old UML
13:49<dilbert>i am patching a 2.6.11 kernel
13:49<dilbert>for the guest that is
13:50<jdike>very old
13:50<dilbert>what is.. the message?
13:50<jdike>the UML
13:51<jdike>and the message
13:51<dilbert>so.. i need not worry.. rite?
13:52<jdike>not about that
13:52<jdike>I'd worry about not mounting the rootfs
13:53<jdike>and I'd try with a modern UML
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14:07<dilbert>by modern UML u mean using a fresher kernel?
14:08<dilbert>unfortunately thats not possible as my project is working on this kernel version for a proof of concept
14:08<dilbert>porting will take some time
14:08<jdike>yeah, 2.6.20 or something similar
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14:17<rlb>Is there an easy way to set up uml with a single console, one which appears on stdin/stdout?
14:19<rlb>If you configure inittab with a single tty1 it looks like you'll still need two "channels" -- one for the boot console, and one for tty1.
14:19<rlb>I was hoping to set it up so that stdio behaves like the traditional linux vc1 (i.e. boot messages and the first getty login go there).
14:20<jdike>configure it with tty0
14:22<rlb>Oh, right -- that worked perfectly. Thanks.
14:32<rlb>(also needed to adjust securetty)
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16:16<crazy_penguin>good night/noapte buna
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16:57<caker>jdike: hello
16:57<caker>jdike: have fun at linux conf au?
16:58<caker>jdike: need anyone to test the -smp patches (hint hint)
17:27<jdike>they're kinda nasty right now
17:27<jdike>but I'll keep you in mind
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17:29<caker>good good ..
17:29<caker>anything new?
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18:41<jdike>not too much
18:41<jdike>chasing the UML won't run on host X bugs
18:42<jdike>killed one today
18:43<caker>is that the same one we've been seeing (ubuntu 6 on any host > 2.6.16)?
18:43<jdike>it's x86_64
18:43<jdike>although I haven't checked whether there's an equivalent bug on i386
18:44<jdike>the potential is certainly there
18:44<jdike>it was gentoo, BTW
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