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08:34<jeroen_>hmm, I want to run UML with a second console as PTY, and I'm giving the option con1=pty, but the dmesg is not reporting any PTY
08:45<jeroen_>it is taking one, but it just doesn't report it
08:51<jeroen_>from I gather that it has to be configured in the root fs
08:51<jeroen_>does anyone know how ?
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09:18<jeroen_>found it...should be con1=pts
09:19<jeroen_>then the question becomes in how reliable can you find that message after boot time..because it may come before or after the prompt
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10:32<jdike>Hi guys
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13:51<rlb>Does uml_switch pay attention to an ip address assigned to the tap interface?
13:54<jdike>it only cares about ethernet MACs
13:57<rlb>jdike: ok, thanks. This may well be a naive question, but why does the tap interface (say when using uml_switch) appear to need its own ip address (in addition to the uml guest's address)? i.e. why isn't a host route from the uml host to the uml guest's address enough?
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15:35<jdike>The tap device doesn't need a private IP - it can reuse the host's eth0 IP
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16:16<rlb>jdike: OK, thanks again. I had been playing with just not giving tun0 an address at all. That didn't work (no traffic to host).
16:17<jdike>yeah, but I'm not exactly sure why
16:18<rlb>No problem -- using the host address is just fine, and I hadn't thought of it.
16:18<jdike>you could do device routing on the host, and that seems like it doesn't require an IP address on the tap device
16:18<jdike>and the switch will throw all packets it doesn't know about to all ports
16:18<jdike>so they will end up in the host
16:20<rlb>OK, I don't think I'll need it, but do you know offhand where I would look if I wanted further info on device routing?
16:20<jdike>man route
16:21<rlb>Heh, I suppose that makes sense.
16:21<jdike>you say "dev <interface>" instead of <IP address>
16:21<rlb>Hmm, at least for some of my testing, I was using "route ... dev X", though I was also specifying addresses.
16:22<jdike>route dev X aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd?
16:23<jdike>I suppose
16:24<rlb>I'm not sure (looking) -- actually I was setting up a host route: route add -host W.X.Y.Z dev tap0
16:24<jdike>if you have more than one device that can reach the gateway, that makes sense
16:24<jdike>that's just a device route
16:25<rlb>Basically I tried setting up tap0 with no address, setting up a host route to the uml guest IP (via the above), and then giving tap0 to uml_switch.
16:26<rlb>If tap0 had an IP address, I could ping the guest. If not, I couldn't. (Assuming I didn't make some other mistakes.) However, it's not a big deal. Re-using the host IP should be just fine.
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