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07:36<jjkola>what should I do when I'm getting Out of memory error when trying to halt uml?
07:36<jjkola>I can't even issue halt or reboot command as I'm gettting that error
07:37<jjkola>is there a way to increase the memory amount of uml while it's running?
07:37<peterz>nafaik, but to be honest, I never run halt I usually run: killall -9 linux; killall port-helper ;)
07:38<jjkola>I first tried running shutdown script but it didn't run
07:46<jjkola>well, I killed the processes which belonged to that uml
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10:58<jdike>Hi guys
11:00<kokoko1>mosio jdike
11:00<jdike>hm, a language I don't recognize
11:15<kokoko1>hehe same here :S
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12:31<kokoko1>jdike, I am wondering howto make http response faster for one of your php portal running on UML
12:31<kokoko1>this uml have 256M ram, number of user accessing it not more then 5 atm
12:32<kokoko1>https response is very poor
12:34<jdike>where's the time being spent?
12:42<kokoko1>I duno jdike :S
12:43<jdike>well, that would be the thing to find out
12:43<kokoko1>Its our php developer who is developing this portal for comapny
12:43<kokoko1>and we have recently moved it from a real machine (where its response was also slow) to a UML
12:44<jdike>get timestamps from the various stages of a request being handled
12:44<kokoko1>at that real machine it sometime make httpd dead and unresponsive, then we have to restart the httpd
12:44<jdike>and also see if there are system-level problems like swapping
12:45<kokoko1>no swaping at all
12:45<kokoko1>this what i have confirmed first
12:45<kokoko1>uml swap is 0% used
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13:19<jjkola>kokoko1: are you sure it isn't php code which causes the unresponsiveness?
13:20<kokoko1>jjkola, not unresponsiveness but slow response
13:21<kokoko1>well the php programmers may know better about his code :S
13:24<jjkola>it could be very well problem with php code as it's quite easy to write inefficient code
13:25<jjkola>s/very well/easily/
13:25<jjkola>I have done that myself many times
13:28<kokoko1>hmm i will ask the programmer to look into his code, coz i don't see any system-level problem
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