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10:00<jdike>Hi guys
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10:11<kokoko1>bonjour jdike
10:11<jdike>back to french, I see
10:11<jdike>that other language wasn't working out?
10:12<kokoko1>yeah, you can understand this french :)
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10:20<dgraves>hey guys. :)
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10:34<kokoko1>hiya dgraves
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11:49<dgraves>Ohio, kokoko1!
11:50<kokoko1>omg, it take you too long :S
11:50<kokoko1>i was sleeping man
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11:51<kokoko1>hold on!
11:51<dgraves>kits okay, kokoko1.
11:51<dgraves>i was at lunch.
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