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06:47<less_>I want to get list of all function calls in the order in which they were made in UML. Unfortunately, gprof gives list of function but it doesn't tell the order in which they occured
06:48<less_>is arrange them in order of time taken by them in processing, is there any way by which i can get the list of functions called in same order of their calling
06:49<peterz>sure, use the pre and post hooks and write your own instrumentation
06:50<less_>will it give me list of all "function" call or list of all "system" calls ?
06:51<less_>i was thinking that UML only captures system calls and not function calls...
06:51<less_>am I wrong there ?
06:51<peterz>it will run your instrumentation code at each function entry and function exit
06:51<peterz>then you can log whatever you fancy
06:51<less_>oh, thats gud..
06:52<peterz>its some gcc thingy
06:52<peterz>forgot what options you need to compile with though
06:52<less_>can i get little direction, where in source code, i can get these pre and post hooks ? I am using 1.6.19
06:52<less_>sorry, 2.6.19
06:53<peterz>look at the gcc documentation for that option
06:53<less_>thanx, let me check for it....
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09:16<jdike>Hi guys
09:17<kokoko1>bonjour jdike
09:18<infowolfe>mornin dj
09:19[~]infowolfe pokes jdike and asks if there's anything that needs testing
09:19<jdike>not yet, but I'll look at it today
09:20<infowolfe>lemme know if there's anything you need tested
09:20<jdike>I found the threads problem I was chasing since last week
09:20<infowolfe>if you need it, i've also got svm on my workstation and i can test locally :-)
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09:58[~]jdike sets up the new printer
09:58<jdike>delated geek christmas
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10:22<kokoko1>you got new printer :
10:30<jdike>yup, and it even works
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10:37<kokoko1>That's weird :)
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11:27<the_hydra>dgraves: ping
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12:11<the_hydra>wb jdike, kokoko1
12:11<kokoko1>the_hydra, hiya
12:11<kokoko1>what's up
12:12<the_hydra>just knocking at you, dude ;)
12:13<the_hydra>so how is pakistan these days
12:13<the_hydra>you president, musharaf, visited Indonesia couple days ago
12:14<kokoko1>the_hydra, pakistan is not good these days, we have 6 suicide bomb attacks in 20 days :(
12:14<the_hydra>oh s**t
12:14<the_hydra>some crazy militants?
12:14<kokoko1>Musharaf failed to stop all the shit
12:14<kokoko1>perhaps he is the main reason behind all this
12:15<the_hydra>so how does the parliament think?
12:15<kokoko1>the_hydra, I am not very political
12:15<the_hydra>they will impeach Musharaf?
12:15<the_hydra>same here
12:15<kokoko1>Parliment is in General hands :)
12:15<kokoko1>he got all his ppl in the partliment
12:15<the_hydra>i see
12:16<the_hydra>your president is briliant then
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12:16<the_hydra>reminds me to the retired Suharto...
12:16<kokoko1>heh yeah keeping the bosses happy all the time :)
12:16<kokoko1>Boss = bush
12:17<the_hydra>sure about that? i remember Musharaf critizise Bush many times
12:17<kokoko1>I am affraid jdike will kick me from room if i say bush must die :S
12:18<kokoko1>the_hydra, I told you we "the masses" duno much about what happening, why our country getting into deep day by day
12:19<kokoko1>All we know our country is not progressing but going backwards
12:19<the_hydra>kokoko1: I think you can take example on how we solve Aceh problem
12:19<kokoko1>we have nuke now, but what...
12:19<kokoko1>nuke can't feed empty stomachs
12:19<the_hydra>kokoko1: but yes, we haven't solved Poso case
12:20<kokoko1>we though our Militry hiding the nuke in there asses now
12:20<the_hydra>i think, if Pakistan to cooperate more with India, maybe you guys can step forward
12:20<kokoko1>this nuke gives more trouble then solving any problem
12:20<kokoko1>Exactly the_hydra
12:20<kokoko1>but ....
12:21<kokoko1>our Army dont want to solve problem with our aggressive neighbourt
12:21<kokoko1>If India Pakistan become friend you know... they have to short list lot of fucking troops
12:22<the_hydra>you guys (.pk and .in) are on the same root, i believe it's not that hard to solve
12:22<kokoko1>Kashmir and other isssues is lika Oxygen for our Army
12:22<kokoko1>No, we never like Indians :)
12:22<the_hydra>kashmir, I rememeber since my youth day, it's always Kashmir and Kashmir problem again
12:23<kokoko1>I am not from North West province "Pushtoon"
12:23<kokoko1>I am*
12:23<kokoko1>and i am not like Indians :P
12:23<the_hydra>i see
12:23<kokoko1>we are close to Afghans
12:23<the_hydra>i see
12:24<jdike>isn't there a #south-asia-politics somewhere?
12:24<the_hydra>oh sorry jeff
12:24<jdike>if not, you two can make one :-)
12:24[~]kokoko1 disappear
12:24<kokoko1>jdike, sorry, it was the_hydra started all this poli :P
12:24[~]kokoko1 hides from the_hydra
12:24<the_hydra>hey, don't stare at me :)!
12:28<kokoko1>I don't have time to update it :(
12:28<the_hydra>kokoko1: shall we go to #offtopic?
12:28<kokoko1>the_hydra, later atm i am getting busy :)
12:28<kokoko1>damn mysql replication is broken
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14:26<kokoko1>see ya time to sleep
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