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11:23<jeroenh>I'm having some problems with UML and its mac adresses
11:23<jeroenh>I downloaded a uml kernel from somewhere (can't remember where :( ), and that one assigns MAC adresses based on the ip adress
11:24<jeroenh>but when I compile 2.6.20 myself from source, it picks a random one
11:25<jeroenh>and the problem is, it's not very random, it really uses the same numbers for the same interfaces on each uml
11:25<jeroenh>so eth0 has the same everywhere
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11:37<strontian>you can set the mac address on boot time
11:38<strontian>it is the third value to the ethN parameter
11:38<the_hydra>jeff, are you there?
11:39<the_hydra>are you guys sure 2.6.16-bs2 is bb latest patchset?
11:39<the_hydra>I remember seeing 2.6.17 something on his website
11:43<kokoko1>hi the_hydra
11:45<the_hydra>yo kokoko1
11:45<kokoko1>the_hydra, you are talking about skas patches?
11:46<the_hydra>no, the blaisor blade patchset
11:46<the_hydra>a.k.a -bb and -bs
11:47<the_hydra>blaisor, a.k.a Paolo Gialarusso
11:52<kokoko1>the_hydra, check this
11:52<kokoko1>The article about UML is submitted by me :)
11:53<kokoko1>lol I am sharing with you coz its my first submission :)
11:53<the_hydra>np, I welcome any qualified reading
11:53<kokoko1>How to run Linux inside Linux with User Mode Linux
11:53<kokoko1>Well this is not mine, just submitted it after reading it on :S
11:54<kokoko1>I am not good at writing
11:54<the_hydra>i suggest next time, you should try to make one
11:55<the_hydra>maybe that would look bad 1st time, but it will also improbe your me
11:55<jeroenh>strontian: I know you can set the MAC adress, but I don't want to on every instance
11:55<jeroenh>I know that other versions automatically set it based on the assigned IP adress
11:56<jeroenh>so I want to know what broke that feature
11:56<jeroenh>or how to enable it
11:57<strontian>ah, ok
11:58<strontian>don't know about that, I haven't actually even compiled uml with the latest kernels
11:59<strontian>where do you assign the IPs?
11:59<jeroenh>in init.d/rcS
11:59<jeroenh>so after boot
12:00<strontian>ok, so couldn't you assign MACs at the same time? or write a simple script to do that according the IP
12:00<jeroenh>I can, but I have a whole set of scripts and I don't want to rebuild them all
12:01<strontian>yeah, understandable
12:02<jeroenh>even worse: I have a kernel downloaded from somewhere, without HOSTFS, which works, but I can't build a myself :(
12:03<strontian>what's the problem with building it yourself?
12:04<jeroenh>JB_PC' undeclared (first use in this function)
12:04<jeroenh>and more stuff like that
12:04<jeroenh>seems I should use the -bb patch
12:05<strontian>actually, there is another patch that should take care of that issue
12:05<jeroenh>oh, where is that ?
12:06<strontian>trying to remember...
12:08<jeroenh> ?
12:10<strontian>yeah, that's one possibility
12:11<strontian>but tthere is another, which uses klibc's setjmp/longjmp
12:11<strontian>but can't seem to find it online now
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12:13<strontian>ah, found it:
12:13<strontian>I've been using the latter to compile uml kernels, works nicely
12:14<strontian>or 2.6.18 at least
12:16<jeroenh>okay, I just got a compiled using the patch I mentioned, but that still has the MAC address issue
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12:23<strontian>ok, I just browsed through some mail archives and I think I found the patch that does the randomization:
12:24<strontian>so you might want to try reverse that patch to get the functionality you want
12:25<jeroenh>kinda weird that I have two's with different behavior :(
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12:28<jeroenh>plus, it doesn't seem that contains that randomization patch
12:28<strontian>oh, even weirder
12:29<jeroenh>there Jeff is talking about completely random mac's, while I get mac's that are based on the ip
12:30<strontian>well, I'm afraid I'm running out of ideas
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12:34<jeroenh>turns out the script I was testing with didn't really use the proper kernel :(
12:34<jeroenh>back to the drawing board
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13:06<jeroenh>strontian: thanks for your help, I've got it working now
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13:53<jdike>Hi guys
13:53<kokoko1>bonjour jdike
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13:59<strontian>jeroenh: good to hear
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14:22<jdike>caker, how's your power doing?
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14:51<pgstudy>hi. I am having trouble loading uml. i am running ./linux and the file root_fs is there but it says: "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(98,0)"
15:11<jdike>grep UBD .config
15:15<pgstudy># CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD is not set
15:15<pgstudy>jdike:# CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD is not set
15:17<jdike>that would be why
15:17<jdike>start over with a defconfig
15:18<kokoko1>see ya
15:18[~]kokoko1 crawl to bed
15:20<pgstudy>jdike: cool, will do.
15:21<kokoko1>jdike, :)
15:21<jdike>heh, cool
15:22<kokoko1>I want UML famous, let me know what can i do for it :)
15:22<kokoko1>I must sleep now its been 12+ hours infront to computer now
15:27<uroboros_>kokoko1: 12 hours only? :( You are lucky man, oh really... :(
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15:45<uroboros_>May I ask a thing? Why there is no SELinux when doing make ARCH=um defconfig && make ARCH=um menuconfig ??
15:45<uroboros_>Kernel 2.6.20.
15:46<uroboros_>I could not find it under security options in menuconfig...
15:46<orionrobots>I am experiencing an issue when trying to mount swap/ When I swapon, then issue a top or swap -s, the host cpu max's out, and the guest kernel stops with the message "BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!".
15:48<orionrobots>I am using the vmlinux- kernel with the startup command as follows: "./vmlinux- ubd0=./root_fs ubd1=./swap eth0=tuntap,,, mem=256M". It is using an Ubuntu root fs created with debootstrap. Please does anyone here have any ideas?
15:51<jdike>uroboros_, no one added it to the UML kconfig
15:53<jdike>orionrobots, the softlockup isn't really a hang
15:53<jdike>what's happening on the UML when you add swap?
15:53<orionrobots>I end up having to kill -9 the UML.
15:53<jdike>lots of stuff needing to swap?
15:54<orionrobots>Umm - there is no swap. When I boot it does not mount it.
15:54<jdike>you ran swapon
15:54<orionrobots>So it is the first time I try to manually bring it on. The swapon itself does not hang it, but if I then run top or swap -s, then I get an immediate cpu max out.
15:54<jdike>yeah, but memory pressure when you run swapon?
15:54<orionrobots>Umm - good point - hold on..
15:55<orionrobots>Let me try it.
15:55<jdike>top does it?
15:55<orionrobots>top following swapon will definitely do it.
15:56<orionrobots>I also see this during boot - I dont know if it is related - but just seems unexpected " * Filesystem type 'usbfs' is not supported. Skipping mount.
15:56<jdike>not a problem
15:56<jdike>take it out of your fstab
15:56<uroboros_>jdike: whyso? How can I enable it now?
15:57<uroboros_>jdike: Is it a good idea to enable SELinux in UML? Will it work properly?
15:57<jdike>sure, there shouldn't be any problem with it
15:57<orionrobots>So top run without swap - I get 201800k free mem, and 254532k total, 0k swap.
15:58<orionrobots>The swap file was created with dd, and mkswap. I used count not seek to ensure it was not a "sparse" file.
16:00<orionrobots>I wander why the kernel is clocking the swap entry (or one of the others) as usbfs..
16:04<orionrobots>Hmm spotted something possibly at fault - my fstab - had dump 1 and pass 0 - which should have been the other way for my root_fs.
16:09<orionrobots>Bingo - that actually sorted it - no worries.
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16:24<pgstudy>i am using the rootfs from the site: and it says INIT: Id "0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
16:24<pgstudy>i have not yet added the modules since i wanted to use hostfs
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