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09:31<jdike>Hi guys
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10:10<kokoko1>bonjour jdike
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11:21<Lemy>hello , i have a problem installing postfix
11:23<Lemy>I get the message
11:23<Lemy>Couldn't reopen stdin(/dev/tty): Kein passendes Gerät bzw. keine passende Adresse gefunden at /usr/sbin/update-inetd line 29.
11:23<Lemy>Couldn't reopen stdin(/dev/tty): Kein passendes Gerät bzw. keine passende Adresse gefunden at /usr/sbin/update-inetd line 29.
11:23<Lemy>any idea?
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12:23<jdike>what does that say in English?
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13:09<kokoko1>jdike, :)
13:27<SNy>jdike: "No matching device or address found."
13:28<jdike>Lemy seems quiet, but the next thing to do would be strace that script to see exactly what system call is failing
13:50<Lemy>hi jdike
13:50<Lemy>i solved the problem, by using ssh
13:51<Lemy>normally i start the uml and administer the uml via the console
13:53<Lemy>i commented out all tty's in inittab ,started the uml and connected via ssh
13:53<Lemy>that did it :)
13:55<Lemy>and the /dev/tty wasn't blocked
13:56<SNy>[01:23] < uroboros> | Please, tell jdike that I did not see any problems after testing the UML with his patch. Thanks.
13:56<SNy>[x] Done.
13:56<jdike>I was here at 1:23 unless that was AM
13:57<jdike>and who knows what time zone that is
13:57<SNy>That would have been 01:23, CET.
13:57<SNy>IE, about 19 and a half hours ago.
13:59<SNy>I wonder if it was at 01:23:45. d;
14:01<SNy>Hm, linode's logs don't show seconds, either.
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14:11<infowolfe_>jdike, i've given up on uml
14:12<infowolfe_>you said that everything was fine, and yet when i attempted to boot umlmail via (with skas0 in the commandline) after waiting 5 minutes for it to actually boot (which is a horribly long time) i found it was just easier to kill it off and use something with substatially more overhead (vmware)
14:13<infowolfe_>ie, 5 minutes of wait-time for me, and it hadn't even started sysvinit yet :-\
14:14<jdike>when I booted it, it was up in probably under a minute
14:15<infowolfe_>uml isn't supposed to be slower in operation than something like vmware ;-)
14:15<infowolfe_>it certainly wasn't in the past
14:15<infowolfe_>up meaning you could ssh to it?
14:15<jdike>show it to me actually happening and I'll have something I can work with
14:15<jdike>I didn't ssh to it
14:15<jdike>just logged in on the console
14:16<infowolfe_>i couldn't get into a console either
14:16<infowolfe_>were you launching as root or as umlmail?
14:16<jdike>root, but it shouldn't matter
14:18<infowolfe_>and yet the result is the same, it does matter when attempting to launch as user umlmail... since the uml doesn't fully boot and i lose patience :-p
14:18<jdike>is it different when you run as root?
14:19<infowolfe_>just stops here: [42949374.930000] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c
14:20[~]infowolfe_ taps fingers waiting for it to do something
14:20<infowolfe_>i'll check back in 10 minutes or so
14:20<jdike>don't bother
14:20<jdike>just boot the other fs - a 64 bit one - which I downloaded onto your box
14:20<infowolfe_>it's taking 48% of my cpu and doing nothing
14:21<infowolfe_>the fc5 one?
14:22<infowolfe_>this one hangs on starting udev
14:22<infowolfe_>and moves forward slowly
14:23<infowolfe_>it shouldn't matter what the root_fs is
14:23<infowolfe_>it should boot in a reasonable amount of time, which it doesn't imho
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14:23<infowolfe_>which is why i was asking for skas3 on x86_64
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14:24<jdike>skas3 wouldn't have helped that other fs
14:25<infowolfe_>so uml built for x86_64 isn't capable of running straight 386 code?
14:25<jdike>there's no 32-bit compatibility code yet
14:26<infowolfe_>well, if you need a box to do testing on, i can give you a vmware vm all to yourself
14:26<jdike>well, if you have performance problems, I'd need the same environment that you're using
14:27<infowolfe_>i'm not using uml anymore, but if you need an x86_64 box to test with, i'll give you a VM which shouldn't act altogether any worse than the host
14:27<jdike>well, I've got 64-bit boxes here
14:27<jdike>if you're seeing especially bad peformance on a particular box, I'd need access to it
14:27<infowolfe_>basically, this machine needed to be in production 2 weeks ago, and i can't afford to wait any longer
14:28<infowolfe_>the lack of 32-bit compat is an issue, since i won't put redhat in production, i'll never forgive them for gcc 2.96, and debian doesn't have a mainline stable x86_64 tree
14:29<infowolfe_>you can got 64-bit if you don't mind unstable/testing, but zimbra will throw fits on either of those
14:29<jdike>Have you tried a 32-bit UML?
14:29<jdike>that'll obviously do 32-bit code fine
14:30<infowolfe_>refuses to build
14:30<jdike>build on an x86 and copy it over
14:30<infowolfe_>that's well and good, but i don't have an x86 box that i'm comfortable compiling a kernel on :-p
14:30<jdike>I can't get the build to work either, I get crazy crap from inside libc
14:30<infowolfe_>the only one i've got is a p3 1ghz
14:30<jdike>crazy errors
15:06<kokoko1>night jdike
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16:12<Lemy>jdike are you there?
16:17<Lemy>i have now everything installed and running, thx for your help
16:18<jdike>although I don't remember helping very much
16:18<Lemy>i am a webdesigner, programmer and want to contribute to your project
16:19<jdike>well, the web site sucks
16:19<Lemy>you helped me with cpuinfo and the knowledge not to be alone on the large linux planet
16:19<Lemy>i think so too :(
16:21<Lemy>At the moment I'm very busy with old projects to finish, but in 2-3 weeks I can start to Design for you a new homepage
16:22<jdike>that would be awesome
16:23<Lemy>i am an awesome designer, and when the time will come and its getting concrete I will message to you
16:24<Lemy>cu in 2-3 weeks
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17:36<ousado>hi, I'm testing a new kernel feature (kevent by Evgeniy Polyakov) in UML, but it's not included into kernel yet, so I have to use direct syscalls in the test-apps. gcc complains about various includes, are there any special hints for compiling user-space apps using direct syscalls in UML?
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18:35<uroboros>What do you think about Rusty Russel's Lquest? I do not want to use it at all, but want to know some opinions from advanced UML users/developers...
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18:49<Zack323>Does anyone know level2 by chance?
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