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06:40<pgstudy>how can i use kprobes with uml?
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07:21<Lathiat>howdy guys, just wondering with UML in 2.6.20 these days without devfs what device comes up as the primary console and should be in inittab? (haven't touched uml for a while, used to be ttys/0 :)
07:24<Lathiat>hrm, nm, tty0 apparently :)
07:25<DeHackEd>I thought it was /dev/console. I think it might be init-dependent.
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11:29<jdike>Hi guys
11:30<jdike>So, the noisy fan on my desktop finally died
11:31<jdike>and it is much quieter in here
11:31<DeHackEd>but how much hotter is the hardware?
11:32<jdike>it's still running
11:33<jdike>I need a new box anyway
11:33<jdike>this thing is 7 years old
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13:41<pgstudy>anyone here knows if kprobes can work in uml?
13:42<jdike>probably there needs to be architecture support
13:42<jdike>but you can always gdb it
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13:44<pgstudy>jdike: what do u mean gdb it? for debugging purposes? yes i know. however, i was thinking more of the line of using it to attach my function to a kernel function while developing
13:44<jdike>yeah, OK
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13:48<kokoko1>jdike, need one minute from you :-S
13:49<kokoko1>we are running kernel on all our UMLsl, do you thinks its time to upgrade the UML kernels?
13:49<kokoko1>Yes we have no issue wth this kernel
13:49<jdike>how do you determine whether you want to upgrade?
13:51<kokoko1>jdike, I don't know that's why I am asking, actaully i am moving all uml + hosts to FC6 i thinks may be it would be better if i upgrade uml kernel too?
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13:51<jdike>if you have no problems, why upgrade?
13:51<jdike>there are bug fixes, but you don't seem to be hitting them
13:52<kokoko1>hmm yes
13:52<kokoko1>Right, thanks for your time :)
13:53[~]kokoko1 back to blackstar UML, its kinda pita
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13:55<jeroenh>Is Paolo aka Blaisorblade here by any chance?
14:00<kokoko1>!seen bb
14:00<linbot>kokoko1: bb was last seen in #uml 35 weeks, 1 day, 22 hours, 16 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <BB> for me it was only a problem that the remote end seemed to be ignoring the mss and icmp to tell it to fragment
14:02<kokoko1>I wonders if he run away with money ? :)
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14:07<jdike>he's active on the lists, just not here
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15:17<mode2_>SaLuT A tOuS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15:18<mode2_>bon personne d'interessant j'me casse
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16:51<er>hi all
16:54<er>i'm trying to insert some code in the UML kernel to monitor the host-memory utilization of processes, and certain library functions
16:55<er>so every time a physical page gets mapped into a UML process, i'd like my code to kick in
16:56<er>is the SEGV handler a good place to do this?
16:58<DeHackEd>I think that handles cases where a userspace app would fault.
16:58<er>DeHackEd, that's what I need
16:59<er>when a UML process faults because it just touched a page for the first time
17:02<DeHackEd>I guess I don't know enough about the technical operations to be of assistance
17:03<jdike>er, the segfault path is a good place for that code
17:03<er>DeHackEd, that's OK:) I was thinking out aloud...
17:03<er>jdike, thanks.
17:04<DeHackEd>and to the best of my knowledge, the UML's memory usage is fixed and not all that freeable (short of going into swap)
17:04<jdike>of course on a fork, the child is populated immediately
17:04<jdike>and on an exec, it is depopulated
17:05<jdike>the segfault path won't notice those
17:09<er>jdike, that makes sense
17:09<er>on the other hand, fork should populate as COW, so i should still be able to get away with watching segfalts for writes
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17:10<jdike>the COWed pages, yes
17:10<jdike>but non-COWed pages are still there but you won't see them
17:11<er>i basically care about the heap and stack
17:11<er>can there be non-cows in there?
17:13<jdike>probably not
17:13<jdike>non-cows will be readonly stuff and MAP_SHARED writeable stuff
17:14<er>right, and they stay the same size in physical memory anyway
17:15<jdike>same size?
17:15<er>in the sense, that they're not copied, so the amount of physical memory used stays the same
17:16<er>but thanks for this, i was looking for corner cases like this
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