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10:26<jdike>Hi guys
10:26<kokoko1>habibi jdike
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10:27<the_hydra>hi all
10:27<kokoko1>habibi the_hydra
10:28<the_hydra>hello kokoko1
10:28<the_hydra>why do you call me habibi?
10:28<kokoko1>habibi = friend
10:28<kokoko1>if you thinks not then i take it back
10:28<jdike>so he sayd
10:29<the_hydra>oh ok, sorry, I don't know that
10:29<the_hydra>kokoko1: ok habibi, how do you do today?
10:31<kokoko1>fine thanks
10:31<kokoko1>I have submitted your OOM article to rootpromt, hoping lot of ppl read it :)
10:31<the_hydra>thanks, I always welcome criticism
10:31<the_hydra>the more the better
10:32<kokoko1>Its now in the bottom of main page
10:32<the_hydra>I've seen that website, quite nice IMO
10:32<kokoko1>First one is also submitted my koko = Askar
10:32<the_hydra>ah ok
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11:04<DeHackEd>good article. fyi, newer kernels have a file, /proc/`pidof app`/smaps which provides maps information but a bit easier for a human to read.
11:04<the_hydra>DeHackEd: thanks... I was a bit late to be aware of that...
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11:07<DeHackEd>another thing is the mallopt() function isn't really documented, which is a shame because it's been a real life-saver for me (indirectly)
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11:07<the_hydra>DeHackEd: hmm.... maybe you're right
11:08<the_hydra>DeHackEd: I knew things about allocator from phrack's articles... a place that is a bit weird to get a lesson about glibc allocator :)
11:09<the_hydra>DeHackEd: pm me for further discussion
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11:32<the_hydra>hi pgstudy
11:33<pgstudy>hi the_hydra
11:33<the_hydra>pgstudy: hi, any hack today?
11:34<pgstudy>the_hydra: i am playing with block_dump in order to learn more about kernel programming. also reading ldd4
11:34<the_hydra>jdike: you know about LDD4, jeff?
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11:58<DeHackEd>a few seconds too late...
11:59<DeHackEd>I sit down just to see the chat window terminate
11:59<the_hydra>oh sorry
11:59<the_hydra>I thought you were permanently leaving
12:06<the_hydra>jdike: jeff, mind for an off topic pm?
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13:17<the_hydra>gtg jeff
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14:36<DeHackEd>this is funny. all my processes indicate a start date of 1979... except the really early ones which say 1939
14:47<jdike>what's the system time?
14:47<jdike>and UML version?
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15:08<DeHackEd>2.6.20 clean. the host time and guest time as reported by 'date' are correct...
15:10<DeHackEd>need to find the format of this 'stat' entry..
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16:57<Aaron_Mason>hey all... or any
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17:01<Aaron_Mason>hey all... trying to insert a SKAS patch for my host kernel, but its saying it cant fint a file to patch... any ideas? pasted output at
17:03<Aaron_Mason>nm, got one that actually suits my kernel version
17:09<Aaron_Mason>anybody alive?
17:22[~]caker plays dead
17:28[~]DeHackEd hides under the couch.
17:29<Aaron_Mason>ah good... i'm compiling 2.6.20 for uml, but I can't seem to be able to find an option to enable /proc/mm anywhere
17:29<DeHackEd>you need the patch for it
17:34<Aaron_Mason>but theres a UML Specific menu in the config... do I still need to get a patch?
17:35<DeHackEd>oh, that's for the guest. SKAS3 will work. /proc/mm is for the host
17:36<Aaron_Mason>yeah, I'm compiling a guest kernel
17:37<DeHackEd>then you need not do anything
18:13<Aaron_Mason>ok, new problem... i got one of the sample systems, and when it finishes booting, it does this:
18:17<Aaron_Mason>ok, did a search on the wiki and it came right up
18:18<DeHackEd>sorry, playing tetris. and pastebin is slow.
18:18<Aaron_Mason>its ok... i actually tried looking for it, and a funny thing happened - i found something
18:38<Aaron_Mason>sweet... got uml running :D
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18:56<Aaron_Mason>now to get it communicating with the outside world...
19:06<Aaron_Mason>ok, I can ping myself... but I can't ping anything else (other than lo)
19:07<Aaron_Mason>using mcast
19:07<DeHackEd>probably need to make the host function as a router. usually as easy as echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward please configure your firewall if free routing is an issue
19:08<DeHackEd>mcast... not used that one
19:14<Aaron_Mason>yet another kernel compile to enable tun/tap in the host... -.-
19:14<Aaron_Mason>... lunch time.
19:15<DeHackEd>use your current kernel source, make it a module and install it. takes about 1 minute.
19:15<DeHackEd>there are other ways. I think slip is nice, except for the use of a setuid app.
19:15<DeHackEd>(personal opinion)
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19:40<Aaron_Mason>ok, now that I'm trying to use tuntap... it wont bring the eth0 interface up period
19:41<DeHackEd>does the UML user have access to /dev/net/tun ?
19:41<Aaron_Mason>nope... changing
19:44<Aaron_Mason>ok, heres the error message I'm getting...
19:46<DeHackEd>the UML utilities are installed with the setuid root uml_net ?
19:49<Aaron_Mason>uh... what?
19:50<DeHackEd>there's a collection of programs for UML. One of them is a setuid helper so that the guest kernel can make network devices on the host.
19:50<Aaron_Mason>yes, i've installed those
19:51<Aaron_Mason>i didnt install them in their standard locations though
19:51<DeHackEd>well, the kernel needs to find them...
19:52<DeHackEd>alternatively, you can use tuntap in pre-creation mode.
19:53<Aaron_Mason>ok, the tools are in place, but /etc/init.d/network still fails
20:26<Aaron_Mason>ok... got a preconfigured tap device... eth0 initialises but a phantom IP address,, keeps appearing
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