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04:37<Aaron_Mason>hey all
04:39<Aaron_Mason>anyone here have experience with uml_switch? I've got two UML vms communicating with each other, how can I get them communicating with the host and the rest of the world?
04:39<Aaron_Mason>i've got the daemon connecting up with a tap device
04:56<Aaron_Mason>do I need to give the tap device an IP address?
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05:16<Aaron_Mason>ok, heres the deal - I have a uml machine, with ip address, and another with ip address - they are connected to a uml_switch connected to a tap device with an IP address of, ip_forward has been turned on, but only the UML machines can communicate - any extra config that I need to do?
05:24<Aaron_Mason>well dont everyone jump in at once now ;)
05:45<Aaron_Mason>ah, is supposed to be
05:47<mjf>I do not use UML switch personally at all.
05:48<mjf>If you stay here until evening, I will help you, but now now. I am at work. :(
05:50<kokoko1>Aaron_Mason, you have to wait few hours to get response :)
05:51<kokoko1>pls ask later after few hours when you see jdike online
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11:33<DeHackEd>hypothetically, would a slower clock speed in UML benefit performance? ie. setting HZ to something less than 100? 50 maybe?
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11:36<the_hydra>for UML guest right?
11:36<the_hydra>or the host?
11:37<the_hydra>for the guest, it could make the load slightly lower
11:37<the_hydra>for the host, I think it doesn't matter
11:37<DeHackEd>for the guest. context change time is more expensive there.
11:38<the_hydra>yes, already guess that
11:38<the_hydra>100 is OK IMHO
11:39<DeHackEd>or hell, even dyntick support. that was a really nice patch when it lasted
11:40<the_hydra>yeah dyntick is nice ...
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11:46<dgraves>the_hydra: there's an interesting experiment for your hz article. :)
11:47<the_hydra>dgraves: yes, actually I had done similar thing with Qemu....
11:48<dgraves>how'd it work?
11:48<the_hydra>dgraves: and since Qemu (without kqemu) is more expensive when managing such events, I saw 4% increase of used CPU time
11:48<the_hydra>simply by changing HZ=100 to HZ=1000
11:48<the_hydra>on the guest
11:49<the_hydra>but when I use kqemu, things went quite bit calm
11:49<dgraves>yeah. that's cause its using the cpu really.
11:49<the_hydra>user time
11:49<the_hydra>since it is all done in user space in emulation context
11:49<the_hydra>a.k.a ping-pong
11:50<the_hydra>interrupt trigger, signal delivered, context switch to new process, processed
11:50<the_hydra>and so forth
11:50<the_hydra>happen HZ times in a second
11:51<the_hydra>I left that part (thinking about UML case actually) and moving to real hard part (at least for me)....sound processing
11:52<the_hydra>btw, did you get my email last time?
11:53<the_hydra>dgraves: btw, did you get my email last time?
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12:05<dgraves>sorry, the_hydra. i screwed that up.
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16:39<Aaron_Mason>hey all... ok, here's the dish - I have a host system with an ip address in subnet, and two UML systems, and, in subnet i have these communicating through a uml_switch on a tap device with IP address on the UML subnet... but these still won't communicate outside the box, I've got ip_forward set to 1,...
16:39<Aaron_Mason>...what else do I need to do?
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17:31<DeHackEd>the uml_switch is connected to a tuntap interface?
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20:44<mistik1>hey guys
20:44<mistik1>Is there a way to find out who owns a tap? device?
20:47<mistik1>I think i'll just make tap devs with the username easier to track
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23:16<delsid><-uml :)
23:17<delsid>no sound yet though
23:18<delsid>Question: i have ubda and ubdb when i look at /proc/partitions
23:18<delsid>but no ubda and ubdb in /dev
23:19<delsid>also no /dev/udb0 in /dev
23:19<caker> <-- cd /dev/; run that script
23:19<delsid>but i have root mounted on /dev/ubd0
23:19<delsid>/dev/ubd0 on / type ext3 (rw)
23:19<caker>you really should use ubda, ubdb, etc
23:19<delsid>i tried running MAKEDEV and that created my /dev/snd, mixer etc
23:19<delsid>ok ty
23:20<delsid>but it's odd, no?
23:20<delsid>i am low on memory so i want to mkswap
23:21<delsid>so maybe i need to mknod by hand
23:21<delsid>ohh thanks
23:32<delsid>have you used sound under uml caker?
23:33<delsid>i started with dsp=/dev/dsp and i have dsp and mixer entries in UML under /dev
23:34<delsid>haven't been able to find how to enable sound within the UML system yet (after websearch)
23:34<delsid>running debian sid in the UML
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23:38<delsid>i suppose everybody who gets UML running first comes in here and cheers about how cool it is... :)
23:44<delsid>i still can't find answers to the sound issue
23:44<delsid>1) do i need to install alsa or oss?
23:44<delsid>2) do i need to config modules in modprobe?
23:44<delsid>any help appreciated. thanks
23:46<delsid>aumix says "error opening mixer"
23:47<delsid> arch/um/drivers/hostaudio_kern.c
23:47<delsid>ok not a module thing
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