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01:29<delsid>hello again. the debian sid uml binary may not have sound enabled. at least i see no sound messages during startup
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01:41[~]delsid waves to motp
01:42<delsid>this is much nicer than running qemu
01:57[~]motp waves back
02:02<delsid>are you using the debian sid UML kernel?
02:03<delsid>Version: 2.6.18-1um-2
02:03<delsid>mine doesn't seem to have sound
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02:17<delsid>one nice thing is disabling networking on the host OS
02:17<delsid>only giving access to the UML machine
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02:52<delsid>skas0 is insecure, yes?
02:57[~]delsid hopes irssi is solid :/
03:09<delsid>A bus error propably means you ran out of diskspace.
03:09<delsid>hmm hostfs unstable?
03:25<delsid>could be a problem with large files
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04:37[~]delsid ponders how to mount nfs
04:44<delsid> Or you can also try the SKAS0 patch, which allows to have secure guests without having to patch the host kernel like
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10:56<the_hydra>caker: hi there
11:08<the_hydra>kokoko1: hello
11:08[~]kokoko1 building rpm for his custom scripts :-S
11:09<the_hydra>kokoko1: UML scripts?
11:10<kokoko1>the_hydra, no actually its work related scripts, eg today i code one to monitor openldap replication
11:10<kokoko1>we have to convert all our scripts to rpms and then have to make them available in our local repo
11:10<kokoko1>easy to install and easy to update :)
11:11<the_hydra>kokoko1: thumbs up for your innovation!
11:11<kokoko1>mv: `/etc/cron.d/ldap_replication.cron' and `/etc/cron.d/ldap_replication.cron' are the same file
11:11<kokoko1>error: %post( scriptlet failed, exit status 1
11:11<kokoko1>heh, got this error while tries to install one of my rpm :-S
11:11<kokoko1>need to fix the .spec file now
11:12[~]caker goofs off and watches a video of himself riding motorcylces ( )
11:26<the_hydra>OOT, anybody has tried to merge UML with something like openMosix or kerrighed?
11:27<kokoko1>not me
11:27<the_hydra>kokoko1: ok
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11:59<tanachi>uml newbie here
12:00<the_hydra>hi tanachi
12:01<tanachi>my host system SuSE 10.0 i386
12:01<tanachi>i've download linux-2.6.19-rc5 and FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs
12:02<tanachi>i can login
12:02<tanachi>but the problem i cant set my network
12:03<tanachi>should i compile my host kernel to make it right?
12:03<the_hydra>precisely, what have you tried to set the network?
12:03<the_hydra>and more important, how did you start the UML instance
12:03<tanachi>i cant get eth0
12:03<tanachi>./linux-2.6.19-rc5 ubda=FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs mem=128M
12:03<the_hydra>eth0? hmm? not tap?
12:04<tanachi> eth0=ethertap,tap0,fe:fd:0:0:0:1,
12:04<tanachi>but after ifconfig
12:04<tanachi>only loop
12:04<tanachi>no eth0
12:05<the_hydra>what did ifconfig -a say?
12:05<the_hydra>did you see eth0 there?
12:05<the_hydra>and have you loaded tap/tun kernel modules on the host?
12:08<tanachi>lo Link encap:Local Loopback
12:08<tanachi> inet addr: Mask:
12:08<tanachi> UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MTU:16436 Metric:1
12:08<tanachi> RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
12:08<tanachi> TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
12:08<tanachi> collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
12:08<tanachi> RX bytes:0 (0.0 b) TX bytes:0 (0.0 b)
12:10<the_hydra>maybe you missed something in the UML kernel...
12:11<tanachi>what should i do?
12:11<the_hydra>first, try to load tap/tun kernel modules on the host
12:11<the_hydra>e.g : modprobe tun
12:11<the_hydra>or modprobe tap
12:11<the_hydra>i forgot which one is the correct one
12:12<the_hydra>second, could you paste the UML kernel config somewhere? maybe in pastebin?
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12:31<tanachi>still same
12:31<tanachi>only "lo"
12:31<the_hydra>second, could you paste the UML kernel config somewhere? maybe in pastebin?
12:31<tanachi>modprobe tun
12:32<the_hydra>URL pls
12:32<tanachi>i make ln -s kernel /usr/bin/chika
12:32<the_hydra>what's that chika?
12:32<tanachi>just link
12:33<tanachi>to locate the kernel
12:34<tanachi>i locate my kernelXXX on /share/uml
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12:34<tanachi>then i make ln -s /share/uml/kernelXXX /usr/bin/chika
12:34<tanachi>then i call
12:34<tanachi>chika ubda=XX_root_fs mem=128M
12:35<tanachi>then the uml work
12:35<tanachi>but still same result if ifconfig -a
12:35<the_hydra>hm ok
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12:35<the_hydra>so it still doesn't work?
12:35<the_hydra>please read what I ask above
12:36<tanachi>what question?
12:36<the_hydra>-->could you paste the UML kernel config somewhere? maybe in pastebin?
12:37<tanachi>you mean the executable one?
12:37<tanachi>executable kernel ?
12:37<the_hydra>no, did you file named .config in the kernel source tree?
12:38<the_hydra>the place where you build the UML kernel...
12:38<the_hydra>"did you see", I mean
12:38<tanachi>:-P nope
12:38<the_hydra>hm, but you compiled the UML kernel by yourself?
12:39<tanachi>my kernel source host
12:39<tanachi>nope i use pre compiled just i say first time
12:39<tanachi>i download it
12:40<tanachi>my SuSE also give me the rpm
12:40<tanachi>i have try it
12:40<tanachi>but worse
12:40<tanachi>don't prompt me the login
12:40<the_hydra>this is the part that I really dont know, maybe you also need to do something inside the guest too
12:41<tanachi>any one help me:(
12:42<tanachi>UML running in SKAS3 mode
12:42<tanachi>Linux version 2.6.19-rc5 ( (gcc version 4.1.1 20060525 (Red Hat 4.1.1-1)) #24 Wed Nov 8 12:05:48 EST 2006
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12:42<the_hydra>tanachi: check the wiki
12:43<the_hydra>tanachi: maybe the hint is written there
12:43<tanachi>btw anyone has the email that i posted
12:45<tanachi>btw thank you hydra
12:45<tanachi>for ur help
12:45<the_hydra>I can't really help, because I usually use UML for kernel analysis
12:45<the_hydra>if you ask that for Qemu env, then I can give better hints
12:46<tanachi>is Qemu more powerful than uml? o
12:47<tanachi>is more easy to costumizable than uml
12:47<tanachi>actually i have vmware server
12:47<tanachi>it works
12:48<the_hydra>that depends on your need
12:48<the_hydra>some people find UML suits their need, other uses Qemu, other uses Virtual Box and etc
12:49<tanachi>actually i want master the linux networking
12:49<tanachi>is qemu more reliable than vmware
12:50<DeHackEd>uml is nice because the kernel knows it's being virtualized, and can do a few creative things as such. vmware might do better for heavy IO work though.
12:50<the_hydra>i can't really tell, but IMHO both are usable for networking simulation
12:50[~]kokoko1 hands tanachi sysadmins magazine
12:50[~]kokoko1 disappears
12:51<tanachi>less resource is preferable
12:52<tanachi>kokoko1 what do you mean?
12:55<the_hydra>gtg all
12:55<kokoko1>see ya
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12:56[~]kokoko1 back to work
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16:52<Aaron_Mason>hey all... i'm trying to get swap on my uml, but when the system tries to activate it, it says "No such device or address..." the cmd line is ./linux-2.6.20 ubd0=mdk82-root ubd1=mdk82-swap eth0=daemon umid=mdk82
16:53<caker>Aaron_Mason: ubda, ubdb instead of ubd0 ubd1
16:54<caker>Aaron_Mason: also, you should mount your UML's filesystem (or boot it) and cd /dev/ and run this script:
16:56<DeHackEd>no, ubd1 is correct
16:57<Aaron_Mason>they both do the same thing it seems
16:57<DeHackEd>oh good
16:57<DeHackEd>gah, bloody mozilla can't be told to open documents in its own window
16:59<Aaron_Mason>this is the full message I was getting: swapon: /dev/ubd/1: No such device or address
16:59<Aaron_Mason>it was a mdk 8.2 image i'd downloaded for testing
17:00<DeHackEd>I don't use devfs or udev. I make device nodes myself. ubd1 is block major 98 minor 16.
17:00<DeHackEd>though internally it's usually called /dev/ubdb
17:04<Aaron_Mason>sweet... we got swap
17:05<Aaron_Mason>now to fix the fstab
17:06<Aaron_Mason>test reboot
17:07<Aaron_Mason>sweet, we're on our way
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17:24<caker>DeHackEd: using ubd0 ubd1 will only lead to trouble (although on the command line, they do the same thing)
17:24<caker>it's device nodes that cause issues for people
17:24<DeHackEd>you mean confusing ubd1 for ubda1 ?
17:25<caker>Oh, yeah -- exactly
17:25<caker>whatever offset the minors are
17:25<caker>(been a while)
17:25<DeHackEd>16 (same as SCSI driver)
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21:01<Spanska>I'm developping a kernel module and my machine keeps freezing so I thought about using UML but I don't know if it will suit my needs, could anyone help me to figure out?
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