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07:20<jeroenh>Is there anyone who has used uml_switch2 ?
07:52[~]delsid_ stares at his feet
07:58[~]kokoko1 stares delsid_
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08:10<delsid_>i still think a command line hostfs mountpoint is a good idea
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08:32<delsid>is it possible to free up memory in /dev/shm? or prevent it from getting consumed during disc writes?
08:32<delsid>tmpfs 524288 194012 330276 38% /dev/shm
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08:52<delsid>sorry i see now, it has stopped increasing
08:52<delsid>" A UML's consumption of this space will asymptotically approach its physical memory size"
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09:44<delsid>"to the batmobile!"
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10:49<the_hydra>hi delsid
10:49<the_hydra>first timer here?
11:00<delsid>wanted to do UML for years but finally got around to it
11:01<the_hydra>congratulation...and welcome aboard
11:01<delsid>i like the idea of setting up uml servers for services
11:01<delsid>and having them be very portable, not relying on vt in cpus
11:02<the_hydra>well, the choice is always yours, so if UML suits your need, then go with it
11:03<delsid>what is your role/history with uml?
11:03<the_hydra>I usually use UML for personal experiment
11:04<the_hydra>e.g what happen if I do this..... but I don't want to screw up my real machine
11:05<delsid>do you run SKAS3 or SKAS0?
11:05<the_hydra>but sometimes I still use tt mode
11:05<the_hydra>but I rarely use UML these days
11:06<delsid>the sid .deb of UML seems to run SKAS0
11:06<delsid>i am doing all my web browsing and media-viewing in it
11:06<delsid>since i've been rootkitted twice in the last month
11:07<the_hydra>oh gee, no kidding?
11:07<the_hydra>root kitted?
11:07<the_hydra>even if you browse using non root account?
11:07<delsid>well something was opening connections, scanning nfs shares
11:07<delsid>and not visible to userland
11:08<the_hydra> sorry to hear that...rootkitted twice sounds real bad
11:08<delsid>i'm not a security expert by any means, but i have 10 years experience with linux and 20 years with unix
11:09<delsid>cheers m8
11:09<the_hydra>you get my respect!
11:10<delsid>i'm just old, that's all
11:10<the_hydra>excuse me, may I know how old are you?
11:11<the_hydra>-> 28
11:11<delsid>feeling like you're on top of your game?
11:11<the_hydra>me? nahhh
11:12<the_hydra>i am just an average skilled person
11:12<delsid>good. i've always tried to explain to my father that computer programmers/admins
11:13<delsid>don't need to be computer scientists, they're more like craftsmen
11:13<delsid>watchmakers, engineers, etc
11:13<delsid>at least most.
11:14<the_hydra>I also share the same view like yours
11:14<the_hydra>we don't need to be a super geek
11:14<the_hydra>just because we are on computer field
11:15<delsid>wow Jakarta
11:15<the_hydra>you got my IP :)
11:15<the_hydra>that surprised you?
11:16<delsid>only met one other person from indonesia
11:16<the_hydra>actually I live on East Java
11:16<the_hydra>mind to tell me what's your name and where you live?
11:16<delsid>yes and no
11:16<delsid>xxx, germany
11:17<the_hydra>ok, np
11:17<the_hydra>i'm Mulyadi
11:17<the_hydra>so, where did you meet this other Indonesian?
11:17<delsid>#politics @freenode irc
11:18<delsid>he hates* arabs :)
11:18<delsid>but this is not the place for politics
11:19<the_hydra>np, was just asking
11:19<HuK0B>I have got problem with all old umls on ext2 when I have host kernel >=2.6.18
11:19<HuK0B> ubda: unknown partition table
11:19<HuK0B> ubdb: unknown partition table
11:19<HuK0B> ubdc: unknown partition table
11:19<HuK0B>VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
11:19<HuK0B>if I try it on 2.6.17 everything is ok
11:19<delsid>it starts up readonly, then changes to rw?
11:19<delsid>i get the unknown partition table too, but the system works
11:19<HuK0B>just stuck
11:20<HuK0B>VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
11:20<the_hydra>HuK0B: not really helping, have you reported it directly to jeff via e-mail?
11:21<HuK0B>I w8 him to become online in irc
11:21<the_hydra>HuK0B: ok
11:22<delsid>what guest uml kernel versions HuK0B ?
11:22<HuK0B>do I have to change it?
11:22<the_hydra>and the host is 2.6.18?
11:22<delsid>no i was just googling
11:22<HuK0B>everything is fine with ext3 file system
11:22<HuK0B>yes I tryed on host 2.6.18 and
11:23<HuK0B>both stuck
11:23<HuK0B>on 2.6.17 or less it work fine
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11:24<delsid>on 2.6.20 kernel i get unknown partition table at startup always
11:25<delsid>then VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.
11:25<HuK0B>in ext3 I don't have problems but ext2...
11:25<delsid>then i can write... hmm
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11:26<delsid>where does it get 'stuck'?
11:27<the_hydra>HuK0B: or better, could you hook gdb to this UML and get a backtrace?
11:27<the_hydra>that could help jeff better
11:27<HuK0B>ok I will try
11:28<the_hydra>good luck
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13:18<caker>delsid: there's a patch for that
13:20<delsid>patch for HuKOB's problem? or for the partition table warning?
13:20<delsid>or for adding a non-changeable hostfs mountpoint?
13:21<caker>fix for the hang at " VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly."
13:21<caker>(I didn't read all the scrollback, sorry if it's out of context)
13:21<delsid>ok.. it doesn't hang here
13:21<caker>for future reference, it's:
13:22<delsid><- all fun, no problems :)
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