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11:24<jdike>Hi guys
11:26<kokoko1>bonjour jdike long time no see :)
11:26<jdike>Intel meeting last week
11:29<caker>any bunny suits?
11:42<jdike>heh, no
11:43<kokoko1>what's bunny suit ? :)
11:44<jdike>the head-to-toe covering you need to wear in a fab in order not to ruin $10000000 worth of chips
11:49[~]peterz instantly tough of the playboy mansion instead
11:50<peterz>thought even
11:52<jdike>that would have been an improvement
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11:54<the_hydra>jdike: hi jeff
11:55<the_hydra>jdike: busy last week?
11:55<jdike>Intel meeting all last week
11:55<the_hydra>pgstudy: hi tzahi
11:55<the_hydra>jdike: no wonder I didn't see for several days last week in #uml
11:57<pgstudy>the_hydra: hi
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12:03<dgraves>the_hydra: hey, i forwarded your vita to some folks at redhat...
12:03<dgraves>they said you looked good, but you should search their jobs and let them know if you want to be fast tracked or something.
12:03<the_hydra>dgraves: thanks, I really appreciate your help
12:04<the_hydra>dgraves: I'll try to check the available remote job available
12:04<the_hydra>actually, just getting into redhat magazine is a nice opportunity right now
12:05[~]jdike has written for them
12:05<the_hydra>I read that :)
12:06<the_hydra>so far no luck for me there, so maybe I just need to keep trying
12:07<dgraves>get jdike to forward your article to them. :)
12:07<the_hydra>I appreciate that :)
12:09<kokoko1>jdike, yeah please do it :)
12:09<kokoko1>three votes now :D
12:09<jdike>let me dig up my RHM contact
12:10<the_hydra>kokoko1: thanks habibi
12:13<dgraves>we'll make you as famous as jdike someday, the_hydra !
12:14<the_hydra>as long as that help me to get a date with more chicks, why not? :)
12:14<jdike>just so you don't get your hopes up
12:14<the_hydra>jeff is too famous, I can't really match that
12:15<jdike>my wife is extremely unimpressed that I am this famous Linux hacker
12:15[~]kokoko1 is more famoous his city, every polic station got his pic ;)
12:15<the_hydra>now that needs to be Oprah-ed
12:16<jdike>it may work better with girls in bars, but it hasn't done me a lot of good
12:16<the_hydra>jdike: and you're not alone, sometimes I date chicks and I said I write things... and she just stared at me for minutes
12:17<the_hydra>not sure what she really thought
12:17<the_hydra>i hope that wasn't a sign of a high degree of h***ny
12:18<kokoko1>jdike, btw you really want to impress your wife with this "linux kernel hacker" ?
12:18<kokoko1>I wonders :)
12:18<jdike>it'd be nice
12:18<the_hydra>I think it's about who impress who, I believe jeff hacks Linux long before he met his wife
12:18<kokoko1>My wife not even know wtf my work is
12:18<the_hydra>i mean "it's not"
12:19<kokoko1>she is not computer literate
12:19<the_hydra>kokoko1: that's good i think
12:19<the_hydra>kokoko1: so at least she doesn;t hog you with another bug()
12:19<kokoko1>ahahah you bet
12:19<kokoko1>she bug me with lot of other tension "married life"
12:20<the_hydra>something like "i wrote this code and it is segfaulted, can you fix it for me, dear?"
12:20<kokoko1>atm me buging fedora-dev
12:20<the_hydra>imagine getting that after you struggled with bedazzling kernel bugs all day long
12:20<kokoko1>they are shipping bugy postfix.src.
12:21<kokoko1>now see there reply
12:21<kokoko1>The current upstream maintainer claims that '%' is no longer a valid
12:21<kokoko1>range specification in ed-0.3/0.4 and that 1,$ should be used instead.
12:21<kokoko1>I'm trying to convince him that breaking existing scripts isn't
12:21<kokoko1>such a good idea
12:21<kokoko1>its all about ed-0.3
12:21<kokoko1>i have to fix my postfix build to install ed-0.2
12:22<the_hydra>uegh, buggy postfix?
12:22<kokoko1>bugy ed :)
12:22<the_hydra>oh i see
12:22<kokoko1>postfix build requires ed
12:22<the_hydra>hm ok
12:22<dgraves>kokoko1: but fixing my wife's bugs gets me laid... (or would if she wrote code... )
12:23<the_hydra>dgraves: what your wife say about your day work on Oracle?
12:23<the_hydra>cool? not so cool? so so?
12:23[~]kokoko1 to work
12:26<dgraves>the_hydra: long as it brings a paycheck. :)
12:27<the_hydra>hehehee :)
12:27<dgraves>she makes an effort, but she doesn't really understand what i do... probably cause i don't understand it. :)
12:27<dgraves>long as i fix her pda and email, she's happy.
12:27<dgraves>and i like it when she's happy. :-P
12:27<jdike>dgraves, does the name Tammy Fox ring a bell?
12:27<dgraves>jdike: should it?
12:27<jdike>Red Hat Magazine
12:28<dgraves>jdike: nope. never read it or wrote for it.
12:28<the_hydra>jdike: it rings, for me
12:28<the_hydra>you gave me her email address months ago
12:28<dgraves>jdike: but amazon says she wrote a few books. :)
12:28<jdike>well, you did say you sent hydra's vita off to someone
12:28<dgraves>jdike: oh, no, someone in redhat. he works for the performance group, and i thought maybe he could use a technical documenter.
12:29<dgraves>actually, the_hydra, you should consider writing a book about stuff.
12:29<jdike>Ah, performance
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12:29<dgraves>sorry! :)
12:29<jdike>he started talking about RHM right after, so I thought there was a connection
12:29<the_hydra>jdike: sorry for the confusion
12:30[~]dgraves is always confused anyway. :)
12:30<the_hydra>jdike: it was me who was talking about red hat magazine
12:30<the_hydra>jdike: i did mail tammy months ago, but no reply
12:30<the_hydra>jdike: so I think she just drops my mail or just too busy
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12:42<the_hydra>jdike: jeff, may I hog you with oprofile related question?
12:43<jdike>I'm not too familiar with it, though
12:44<the_hydra>i wonder, what the "count" really means when we are sampling events such as TLBmiss
12:45<jdike>this is one of the counters which generates an interrupt every nth time it is incremented?
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12:46<the_hydra>so that's the number of non maskable interrupt it will generate in a second?
12:46<jdike>don't think so
12:47<jdike>it should be the number of interrupts * n
12:48<the_hydra>pfff, i missed this part, the doc explain it as The counter reset value
12:50<jdike>OK, so that would be n, I guess
12:51[~]the_hydra wonders where the hell john levon is
12:52<dgraves>the_hydra: with the chicks, i guess.
12:53<the_hydra>dgraves: in that case, he needs CHICKS_I_HUG counter :)
12:58[~]jdike tries to kill processes by their VSZ
12:59<jdike>that doesn't work for some reason
12:59<the_hydra>OOM killer?
13:00<jdike>no, just picking the wrong numbers from ps output
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13:00<the_hydra>hmm ok
13:00<the_hydra>now that's jeff killing himself, I think
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13:01<the_hydra>wb jeff
13:01<jdike>and killing an xterm kills whatever you were running in that xterm
13:01<jdike>include xchat
13:01<the_hydra>oh gee
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13:04<kokoko1>need to got the dude busy with some paid work , or he willl lost his touch :-S
13:09<dgraves>jdike: not if you detach it first. :)
13:09<jdike>yeah yeah
13:09<jdike>it was just hung, so I killed it
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15:07<kokoko1>see ya
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