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04:10<Aaron_Mason>i tried running Linux From Scratch under UML, and i got messages trying to open xterms... how do I prevent this from happening?
04:11<Aaron_Mason>heres the paste:
04:17<apic>i have a shell (non-root, but i know the admin, so tun/tap etc. won't be a problem) and want to run uml
04:18<apic>what do i need to do in order to get network running? the box has multiple ips
04:18<apic>and i get 3 of them
04:18<apic>is there any good howto?
04:21<Aaron_Mason>there's a few around... i intend to write one up for using the daemon method - have a look at the wiki, theres some good info there
04:40<Aaron_Mason>does anybody know how I can prevent uml from trying to open xterms?
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05:06<motp>Aaron_Mason, just set the consoles to something else. e.g. con=pty con0=null,fd:2 con1=fd:0,fd:1
05:07<Aaron_Mason>sweet, cheers for that'
05:08<Aaron_Mason>wonderful... for some reason I can't log in... i type in 'root' and it just gives me the login prompt again
05:22<Aaron_Mason>yeah... i type "root" and after a couple of seconds it just gives me the login prompt again
05:26<motp>This works for me like: /kernel_vmlinuz umid=foo ubd0=/rootfs.ext3 ubd1=/swap mem=64M con=pty con0=null,fd:2 con1=fd:0,fd:1 eth0=daemon,c0:ff:ee:01:01:00,unix,/uml_switch.ctl uml_dir=/uml_dir
05:26<motp>The only difference is, that my machines run inside a chroot environment
05:34<Aaron_Mason>hehe... c0:ff:ee
05:35<motp>this is very useful
05:36<motp>you can see, if it is a UML or real hardware right away :-)
05:40<Aaron_Mason>how do you create your root fs's? do you do it by hand or use a script?
05:49<mjf>Aaron_Mason: dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/file bs=1M count=1 seek=1024 ; mkfs.ext3 /path/to/file ; mount -o loop,rw /path/to/file mount-point
05:49<Aaron_Mason>i mean the whole system, not just the loop fs
05:51<Aaron_Mason>ah... so thats why so many UML server mobs use debian
05:54<Aaron_Mason>i made a package for LFS that contained all of the packages I needed, as well as a file with some data on how to extract the packages and where the network config file went... then made a script to generate the root fs and swap files, unpack and set up the packages and do the configuration needed
06:09<peterz>LSF should be trivial to install in an image, its normally install in a linux from linux fashion anyway, right?
06:10<peterz>I mostly use gentoo for my images, same thing
06:13<Aaron_Mason>peterz: yeah, its just a setup for other distros
06:13<Aaron_Mason>testing with lfs first cos its the most available to me atm
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09:17<jdike>Hi guys
09:17<mikegrb>hi jeff
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12:19[~]jdike is afraid
12:20<kokoko1>Its word FUCK explained by indian teacher
12:20<kokoko1>don't be afraid :)
12:21<jdike>actually, the first comment says it's a rip-off of a George Carlin sketch
12:21<kokoko1>Yep :)
12:23<kokoko1>gimme your choice from youtube ? :)
12:28<kokoko1>Mine choice is - Shakira hips never lies :D
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