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09:11<jdike>Hi guys
09:14<peterz>hey Jeff
09:15<jdike>peterz, non-linear VMAs aren't in mainline, correct?
09:16<peterz>they are
09:16<jdike>since when?
09:16<peterz>just not the vm_prot changes you need I guess
09:16<jdike>Oh, OK
09:16<jdike>yeah, those are kind of important
09:17<peterz>figured as much
09:17<peterz>but only after full reading the remap_file_pages manpage and noting that prot must be 0
09:18<peterz>but you'd be using it on a ramfs thingy, right?
09:24[~]jdike stares fondly at his brand-new desktop box
09:24<jdike>which unfortunately I'm not going to have time to install today
09:25<jdike>ought to be a huge improvement over my current 7-year old box
09:26<peterz>you got something like what arjan has?
09:27<jdike>what does he have?
09:27<peterz>2x4core xeon thingy
09:27<jdike>$900 core duo from Dell
09:28<peterz>aww, not even 64bit?
09:28<jdike>actually, it is
09:28<peterz>core 2 duo then
09:28<jdike>according to the BIOS anyway
09:28<peterz>ah, yeah, that are nice boxen
09:28<jdike>I thought the core2 were all 32-bit and the Xeons were the 64-bit ones
09:29<jdike>little do I know
09:29<peterz>heh not paying attention when the company presents its new goodies, he
09:29<jdike>but I think there's general agreement that the naming is non-optimal
09:30<peterz>but nobody dared tell the marketing department?
09:30<jdike>esp when figuring out whether you're looking at a 32 or 64-bit box
09:30<peterz>yeah, they got that real confusing
09:31<peterz>same thing with VT
09:31<jdike>and to make it worse, some OEMs disable VT
09:32<jdike>so you really have no idea what you're getting
09:32<peterz>yeah, zwane actually considered 'patching' his bios image to fix that
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10:25<jdike>who know how to use yum to get source?
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10:41<kokoko1>jdike, you mean source rpm?
10:41<jdike>or to get the source RPM
10:42<jdike>I just did it anyway - found it by hand, but I thought there was a yum way to do it
10:42<kokoko1>Use yumdownloader in yum-utils
10:43<jdike>Ooh, didn't know about that
10:43<kokoko1>eg, something like this yumdownloader --source yum
10:44<kokoko1>I am glad I of some help to you :)
10:44<jdike>I'm debugging threads problems on x86_64 and need to look at bind/pthreads source
10:47<kokoko1>jdike, then you have to do ; fedora-buildrpmtree ; rpm -ivh packagname ; cd ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES :)
10:48<jdike>I've done the first one, and rpm -i seems to be happy dropping stuff in there
10:48<kokoko1>yes yes -vh on give some eye candy :-S
10:49<jdike>that's important
10:50<jdike> really sucks todayt
10:51<kokoko1>Yes, looks they need sponser to upgrade there setup machines, bandwidth etc :)
10:51<kokoko1>its not working here
10:51<kokoko1>jdike, I have upgraded all our hosts + UMLs to FC6
10:52<jdike> is getting hammered by git
10:59<peterz>korg is very unresponsive
11:00<peterz>I guess we're all not nice to zeus2
11:00<peterz>even though we were asked to be
11:06<kokoko1>if a host reboot and one of UML providing samba shares and it boot after other uml then other umls fails to mount the smb shares
11:06<jdike>just managed to load the main page, and that request was two days ago
11:07<jdike>guess things aren't going according to plan
11:07<peterz>your browser kept up for 2 days?
11:07<peterz>persistent little bugger
11:07<jdike>just noticing dates
11:08<jdike>Mar 5, 2007: Zeus1 will be offline starting Mar 6, 2007 ...
11:08<jdike>OK, so that was starting yesterday
11:08<kokoko1>I am wondering how to tell UML mouting the share to sleep for sometime
11:08<kokoko1>i have this entry in /etc/fstab
11:08<kokoko1>/KARMA-H/samba/karma-b /var/mrsmonclient cifs username=karma-b,password=xxxxxxxx 0 0
11:08<kokoko1>I am looking for solution something like this ...
11:08<kokoko1>while (mount_samba()==unsuccessful) { sleep(5) }
11:09<jdike>that password doesn't look too secure :-)
11:09<kokoko1>np :)
11:09<jdike>while [ ! mount -a -t samba ]; do sleep 5; done
11:09<kokoko1>which script need to check on samba client UML which mount fstab fs
11:10<kokoko1>nice, but where to stick it :)
11:11<jdike>% yum list "*glibc*"
11:11<jdike>glibc.x86_64 2.4-11 installed
11:11<jdike>So I have a glibc.x86_64
11:11<kokoko1>cool, :)
11:11<peterz>but a rather old one
11:11<jdike>% yumdownloader --source glibc.x86_64
11:11<jdike>No Match for argument glibc.x86_64
11:12<jdike>but yumdownloader is clueless
11:12<peterz>yum is clueless in general
11:12<kokoko1>jdike, yum provides blah ?
11:13<jdike>it's FC5, so not that old
11:13<jdike>kokoko1, say that again?
11:14<kokoko1>yum provides somefile (give you package which have this file)
11:14<kokoko1>English :)
11:14<jdike>Oh, yeah
11:15<jdike>it's glibc
11:15<jdike>well, I did rpm -q -f /lib/
11:15<jdike>which told me glibc
11:15<kokoko1>rpm -qf is good if you have package already installeld
11:16<jdike>glibc is hard to avoid
11:16<kokoko1>now i am wondering where in init stage put the samba checking loop :-S
11:18<peterz>I'm sure you guys love that ;-)
11:18<jdike>it knows about libc, just not source
11:26<kokoko1>jdike, what source you are looking for let me find you?
11:27<jdike>the exact version probably doesn't matter too much
11:27<kokoko1> <-- will not work?
11:28<jdike>probably will
11:33<jdike>OK, tx
11:34<kokoko1>Your welcome
11:43<kokoko1>How do i print a list of program names currently running(only the program names, not PID's,etc)?
11:43<kokoko1>please don't tell me read 'man ps' :_S
11:44<jdike>man awkj
11:45<kokoko1>heh :)
11:46<peterz>ps -deo cmd
11:47<kokoko1>peterz, thanks
11:51<kokoko1>peterz, ps -deo comm , is cool :)
11:51<peterz>hmm that seems to truncate some though, but yeah, much more readable
11:55<jdike>you gotta wonder how much functionality these things need, though
11:55<jdike>is that really a huge improvement over ps | awk '{print $4}'?
11:57<peterz>not sure, its less typing though
11:58<jdike>not less reading of man pages
11:58<peterz>I've even see ppl use awk on top
11:58<peterz>it sorts you know
11:59<peterz>anyway, once upon a time I read a 1000 page unix reference manual
11:59<peterz>and ever since some really weird things stuck
12:00<kokoko1>ps | awk '{print $4}' , will not give you all command running
12:00<jdike>but the fact that it's writing to a pipe should confuse the nice terminal stuff
12:01<jdike>ps -ax | awk '{print $5}'
12:02<jdike>does, and it doesn't truncate
12:02<kokoko1>oh yeah :)
12:06[~]jdike fixes the x86_64 threads problem
12:07[~]jdike waits for the thunderous applause
12:07<jdike>see if I ever fix another bug
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12:27[~]kokoko1 goes to read rsync manual
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13:23[~]jdike disappears again until Tuesday
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21:28<Aaron_Mason>hey all
21:34<Aaron_Mason>i found out why uml tries to bring xterms up
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21:51<Aaron_Mason>to stop UML from producing xterms, turn off "xterm channel support" under "Character devices"
21:51<Aaron_Mason>even if noone's here to read that, at least it'll get indexed by google eventually
21:52<Aaron_Mason>oh, and change "Default console channel initialization" to tty
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