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07:22<mjf>Hi all :)
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09:10<extazy_>in guest OS on UML there are all devices that real OS uses? like local apic, hpet, acpi and others?
09:11<extazy_>they are virtualized?
09:11<peterz>uhm, also no
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09:13<extazy_>and what happens?
09:13[~]peterz fails to understand the question
09:15<extazy_>I wanna debug steb by step the time_init for check if some vars are set, and i've thought UML
09:16<peterz>uml doesn't have access to hardware
09:16<peterz>try qemu with the build in gdbserver
09:18<extazy_>ok i try
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12:16<extazy_>there isn't a version of uml for x86_64 ?
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12:27<peterz>extazy_: yeah, uml work son x86_64
12:30<extazy_>i've found only 2.6.8 and it doesn't have Makefile-os-x86_64
12:32<peterz>just build from the sources
12:33<peterz>if you do: make ARCH=um on a x86_64 host, you'll end up with a x86_64 uml
12:33<extazy_>yes, but make linux gives me an error
12:33<extazy_>make linux ARCH=um
12:33<extazy_>and doesn't compile
12:34<peterz>which version?
12:34<peterz>do use something released this decade :-)
12:36<peterz>just download 2.6.20 sources
12:36<peterz>no need to patch
12:37<extazy_>well i download linux-2.6.20 then!
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13:01<jdike>Hi guys
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13:48<jdike>swapped in my brand-new fast desktop
13:48<the_hydra>so, what do you get now?
13:49<jdike>P3 -> Core 2
13:49<jdike>white backgrounds are flickering at me
13:49<jdike>same display
13:49<the_hydra>oh...I thought you already have p4
13:50<the_hydra>so, congratulations...I hope you can be more productive
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13:52[~]the_hydra compares his own productivity level with jeff when he used P3...
13:52[~]the_hydra the result is....shame on me
13:54<jdike>actually, my real work was done on my laptop
13:55<jdike>a decent box
13:55<the_hydra>let me guess, core 2 duo too?
13:55<the_hydra>or , at least pentium M somewhere around 1.7 GHz?
13:55<jdike>the second
13:56<jdike>1.6, I think
13:56<the_hydra>need to jump into #storage..brb
14:08<the_hydra>jdike: jeff, are you familiar with tools such as reaim or bonnie++?
14:32<extazy_>can't I print in uml running on gdb the crX regs?
14:32<the_hydra>cr3, for instance?
14:33<the_hydra>i am not sure, it might need supervisor privilege... have you tried simply doing mov cr3, something and then print?
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14:34<extazy_>i can make it with a lkm
14:34<extazy_>i wanna it in gdb :)
14:34<jdike>in other words, gdb doesn't show you the cr registers?
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14:45<caker>jdike: woohoo -- VT support on your desktop now :)
14:45<caker>are you a laptop person, also?
14:45<jdike>and 20x more memory
14:45[~]caker <3's his MacBook Pro
14:45<jdike>my laptop is (or maybe was) my work box
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14:45<jdike>16x actually
14:46<extazy_>damn uml doesn't support PATA ?
14:46<jdike>you would expect it to?
14:47<extazy_>i select it in menuconfig
14:47<jdike>where oh where is the login screen splash image?
14:47<extazy_>after make linux ARCH=m
14:47<extazy_>and the pata driver is deleted from config
14:47<jdike>what would that mean?
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14:48<jdike>that UML can directly access hardware behind the back of the host kernel?
14:52<extazy_>hmmm.. the guest kernel goes in kernel panic VFS unable to mount root...
14:54<peterz>extazy_: please, use qemu for this, UML does not have hardware access, not does it emulate hardware, it emulates a kernel.
14:54<extazy_>i see :(
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14:57<the_hydra>plenty of choice I guess, qemu, bochs, vbox and so on
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15:13<the_hydra>gtg all
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18:54<Spanska>Is there a way to bridge a virtual interface in a guest with a host's interface? I tried so with brctl but it doesn't seem to work :\
19:03<Spanska>Even without an IP?
19:03<caker>yeah, one sec
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19:19<Spanska>it definitely doesn't work as I thought
19:19<Spanska>I don't see packets not destined to my host
19:22<Spanska>actually, I only see a few, that's even more problematic
19:23<Spanska>How come I don't see them?
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19:35<Spanska>When I use "eth1=pcap,eth1,promisc" I don't see any interface at all. What could be the problem?
19:37<netcrusher88>my distro no longer provides user.h and page.h in the linux headers, and UML won't compile - is there a workaround for this?
19:37<netcrusher88>Spanska: does doing "ifconfig eth1 up" from inside the UML do anything?
19:38<Spanska>it spits an error telling that interface doesn't exist
19:39<Spanska>wow, now I cannot boot anymore, the partition looks corrupted.. NICE
19:39<Spanska>I guess I'll keep working directly on my kernel and keep freezing my machine...
19:41<Spanska>netcrusher88: any ideas?
19:41<Spanska>root@darkstar:~# ifconfig eth1 up
19:41<Spanska>eth1: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
19:41<Spanska>root@darkstar:~# ifconfig eth0 up
19:41<Spanska>eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
19:42<netcrusher88>Spanska: no idea, unfortunately
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