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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-03-19

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12:57<jdike>Hi guys
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13:35<dgraves>morning jdike.
13:35<dgraves>looks like a slow morning, eh?
13:35<jdike>just got back from CT
13:36<dgraves>another "business meeting"?
13:36<dgraves>apaprently everyone ran away from you. and forgot to send me the memo.
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14:55<jdike>this one is cfq
14:56<jdike>how many times have you seen that?
14:56<caker>still running your weeks-long tests?
14:56<caker>This is the first one that I've been made aware of -- could be others
14:56[~]caker really needs to make a script that saves off console logs if they contain BUG
14:56<caker>that would make reporting UML bugs a lot easier/better for you, too -- no?
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18:44<fghj>what's the best comprenehsize documentation of uml's performance overheads? (just curious what types of applications I can expect to use it for)
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