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00:58<SiegeX>hi, i was reading a UML howto and it said that UML is included in the vanilla kernel after 2.6.9, is this true because I tried grepping through my 2.6.18 .config for anything UML related and came up with nada
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09:26<jdike>Hi guys
09:26<peterz>hey jeff
09:48<jdike>time to figure out why Apache crashes
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17:46<baroni>hi all. I'm getting "ptrace: Operation not permitted." message when trying to attach an uml-linux to a gdb session. Google answers didn't give the solution. Somebody know something about?
17:51<caker>baroni: help at all? (search for your error)
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17:55<baroni>thanks caker ! I'm looking that :)
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18:56<baroni>I'm not getting to attach a gdb session to uml
18:56<baroni>Loaded symbols for /lib/
18:56<baroni>Failed to read a valid object file image from memory.
18:56<baroni>0xb7f35410 in ?? ()
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19:31<baroni>CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL=y em .config ..
19:32<jdike>baroni, that's one I don't understand
19:32<jdike>it looks like a gdb problem more than anything
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19:59<fghj>if I control the host and the uml machine and security is not a big concern; what is the highest bandwidth way to transer file in/out of the uml machine? (saving to fs; halting uml is not an option; everything has to be running real time)
20:01<jdike>the network is pretty good
20:01<jdike>hostfs is another option
20:02<jdike>or plug a file in as a block device and dd the data to it
20:02<fghj>from reading your uml book; I got the impression taht for hostfs I had to freeze the uml machine; mount the device loopback; read/write to it; then resume the uml machine?
20:03<jdike>that's the online backup scheme
20:03<fghj>oh; with hostfs I just give uml read/write access to subset of my host system
20:03<fghj>and use that as a comunication channel?
20:04<fghj>while ur here; let me ask a more important question
20:05<fghj>I'm running a uml-ized machine; it has no network connection; and only talks to host via fd0 and fd1
20:05<fghj>is ther ea way I can "freeze" the uml machine to a file; then resume it later? (staying just in memory is NOT okay; will shut down host machien too)
20:06<fghj>can you offer some insights on what makes this hard?
20:06<jdike>nothing, really
20:07<jdike>that's been on the todo list for a long time, but no time to spend on it
20:07<fghj>okay; so just that no one has taken the time to do it?
20:08<fghj>what would be the background requirement for htis project? (how much knowledge of the linux kernel, how processes work on linux, etc ...)
20:11<jdike>basic understanding of UML's relationship to the host
20:11<jdike>i.e. ptrace relationships, what processes need to be recreated, what files need re-opening, etc
20:12<fghj>recreated/re-opened at the host/UML layer, not the progs inside uml / uml layer right?
20:12<jdike>it would probably be good to plug this into the swsusp infrastructure, so an understanding of how that process works would be good
20:13<jdike>the processes inside UML exist automatically as soon as you restore the memory image and recreate the host state
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20:35<baroni>oh, thanks jdike ! :) (btw hi :)
20:35<jdike>np, sorry I can't be more helpful
20:37<baroni>you are always helpful anyway :) hehe. i'm trying to figure out that .. let's see
20:38<jdike>that's a spectacularly non-useful error message
20:39<baroni>happens the same when I try to attach a binary that wasn't compiled with -g , but CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL=y in its .config ..
20:40<baroni> /attach a/attach to a/
20:43<jdike>i.e. no CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO?
20:44<jdike>that makes it work?
21:01<baroni>oh, nice bidings in gdbinit :)
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23:12<baroni>[42949373.730000] winch_thread : new_tty_pgrp failed, err = 1
23:13<baroni>seems to be from here this:
23:14<baroni>i've set tty to another xterminal in gdb and in such terminal it gives this error message
23:40<baroni>maybe some problem with err = os_new_tty_pgrp(pty_fd, os_getpid()); ?
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