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13:08<jdike>Hi guys
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14:02<peterz>hey Jeff
14:12<dgraves>bye jdike !
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14:16[~]jdike loves dealing with used-car salesmen
14:19<peterz>you bought yourself a used car?
14:20<peterz>I'm so trying to write a OLS'07 paper,.. and have so little time left...
14:23<jdike>buying one
14:25[~]peterz just knows used-car-salemen by movie rep
14:25<peterz>they'd sell their mother if it'd make a profit
14:26[~]dgraves didn't know you could buy a used car salesman...
14:27<peterz>the way they operate, it wouldn't surprise me
14:27<peterz>jdike: US or an un-patriotic car?
14:31<peterz>aren't non-US cars small in comparison to the US cars?
14:31<jdike>not really
14:31<peterz>or have they adapted their models to US standards?
14:31<jdike>pretty much
14:32<peterz>here in good olde europe US cars are large, and almost impossible to drive in the big cities
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14:53<waldner>I get a strange problem: I built a 64-bit guest from source, using vanilla
14:54<waldner>using this filesystem:
14:54<waldner>if I start a single guest instance, everything is fine
14:54<waldner>if I start > 1 instance together, every sort of strange things happen
14:54<waldner>lots of segfaults, etc.
14:54<peterz>waldner: surely they don't share the root image?
14:55<waldner>yes, they do, but I use a cow file
14:55<peterz>a, ok
14:55<waldner>isn't that supposed to work?
14:55<peterz>it is afaik
14:55<waldner>I always used it
14:57<waldner>And using the prebuilt 64-bit from gives the same problem
14:58<waldner>host is 64-bit 2.6.19
15:00<waldner>I noticed that the problem is more likely to happen if all the instances start at the same time
15:00<waldner>if I let one load, then start another, etc. things seem to work better
15:12<jdike>no problems at all if they start sequentially?
15:12<waldner>none so far
15:12<waldner>but I have to let each reach the login prompt before starting another
15:13<jdike>show me a sample of the problems?
15:13<jdike>on pastebin or something?
15:14<waldner>ok, just a moment
15:20<waldner>this is when starting 3 at the same time
15:21<waldner>the first link is what happens to the 2nd instance, and the second link is what happens to the 3rd instance
15:22<waldner>but it's totally random
15:23<waldner>things always seem to screw up after a segfaul
15:23<jdike>what's the host running?
15:23<waldner>64-bit 2.6.19
15:24<jdike>Any chance you could try 2.6.21-rc4?
15:24<waldner>as a host or as a guest?
15:24<jdike>this smells like a host bug, and I fixed something that could have caused things like this
15:24<waldner>Not now, but I will during next days
15:25<waldner>many thanks for your help
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17:02<baroni>Hi all. Does anybody here have debbuging modules?
17:04<baroni>I'm getting error message when trying to read the memory location of mod->module_core
17:04<baroni>(at gdb)
17:04<baroni>(in sys_init_module)
17:04<baroni>to after that, add-symbol-file /path/to/module <such_addr>
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17:35<ZaJe>1 123123 bcd
17:35<ZaJe>2 2323233 bcd
17:35<ZaJe>how can i grep only 123123 and 2323233
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