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04:17<mjf>Hello. :)
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09:49<jdike>Hi guys
10:24<peterz>mornin' jdike
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13:09[~]jdike fixes the apache segfault
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15:12<husus>hello..when booting my uml I constantly recieve several messages like "Using a channel type which is configured out of UML" .. although I adapted /etc/inittab properly .. any ideas? :)
15:21<husus>even with "con0=fd:0,fd:1" so it'll use stdin/stdout these messages appear
15:22<jdike>it's a UML configuration thing
15:22<jdike>you turned off some of the options
15:22<jdike>and it's using them for some of the other consoles
15:24<husus>hmm could you be more precise when it comes to "it's a configuration thing"? Since I did not configure anything but the kernel, which I could not find anything in particular at and the usual command like arguments which are ubd0=rootfs and devfs=nomount + the console redirection I already pasted above
15:29<jdike>linux --showconfig | grep CHAN
15:30<jdike>do a defconfig before anything else, and you'll get them all
15:31<jdike>In order not to use anything but stdin/stdout, you'll need "con=none ssl=none" on the command line as well as the con0 thing you already have
15:32<husus>hmm seems as if I am missing some character devices
15:32<jdike>so you turned everything off except stdin/stdout
15:33<jdike>which can't be turned off because people did, and then complained about no output
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15:35<husus>so enabling the missing character devices and recompiling should do the trick?
15:36<jdike>they're not devices, BTW
15:36<husus>well true
15:36<jdike>they are communication channels to the host
15:36<husus>but listed in the "character devices" section of the kernel ;)
15:36<jdike>the easiest way to get them back is with a defconfig
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15:45<husus>right .. thanks for attendance :)
15:45<husus>working now
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20:25<PenguinOfDoom>I vaguely remember someone who used nickname "susman". Was he involved with UML somehow?
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23:18<baroni>Hi all. Does anybody have debugging kernel modules ?
23:20<baroni>I got set the breakpoint to sys_init_module, gdb> add-symbol-file module.ko addr, and after that, set a breakpoint to module.c:init , but gdb is not stopping at there (module.c:init)
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