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10:14<jdike>Hi guys
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10:56<jdike>you're back!
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11:16<kokoko1>jdike, yes :)
11:17<kokoko1>heh, I installed kernel-xen updates yesterday on one of our host, guess what...bugy kernel from Fedora folks
11:18<kokoko1>No way out but to fallback to previous working kernel :-S
11:18<kokoko1>I duno why fedora folks rush for releasing updates, I am already fadeup updating vms and hosts
11:20<kokoko1>jdike, how you doing ?
11:21<jdike>pretty good
11:21<kokoko1>Anything new ? :)
11:21<kokoko1>tell you what you were the missing one :)
11:22<jdike>out yesterday checking out a car that I bought
11:22<kokoko1>cool, upload pics somewhere :)
11:22<jdike>looks just like the old car that I wrecked
11:23<kokoko1>Still i am interesting in pics coz i did't saw you old one :D
11:23<jdike>it's not very interesting, hold on
11:23<kokoko1>wrecked <-- you would donate it to me :-S
11:24<jdike>I had to donate it to the insurance company
11:25<kokoko1>ahahah oki :)
11:29<kokoko1>Nice car
11:29<jdike>it gets me where I'm going
11:29<jdike>especially when it's snowing
11:35<kokoko1>Hmm where are you doing .ca :)
11:36<kokoko1>Canada, just kidding :)
11:37<kokoko1>i am wondering where you will facing lot of snow
11:37<jdike>we get plenty here
11:40<kokoko1>Right, how's the weather these days in your place? here its begining of hot summer after a pleasant spring
11:41<jdike>spring is starting
11:41<jdike>the snow is melting
11:41<jdike>there's water everywhere
11:41<kokoko1>wow, you must be enjoying spring
11:42<jdike>it's nice after the cold snap we had last month and Jan
11:42<jdike>probably almost a month of well below freezing
11:44<kokoko1>jdike, do you got kids?
11:45<kokoko1>hmm same here, but trust me i am not doing in control
11:45<kokoko1>what about you :)
11:47<kokoko1>shinu darling not behaving good, going into swapping :-S
11:48<kokoko1>i have give her 512M ram and 1G swap but still its kinda hungry for ram and going swapping
11:48<kokoko1>shinu (UML) running httpd + mysql for our RT (Request Tracker)
11:49<kokoko1>28858 mysql 15 0 265m 132m 3048 S 1.0 26.5 0:52.34 mysqld
11:49<kokoko1>from top
11:49<kokoko1>its mysql eating lot of ram
11:54<kokoko1>jdike, we have a policy to of control rebooting our host after 30 days :)
11:55<kokoko1>tell me do you have any tip for mysql so that it become less hungry for memory
11:55<kokoko1>we are tired of service mysqld stop and start to get rid of swap alerts
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12:18<kokoko1>I'm calling in someone who knows what they're doing - you're history buddy.
12:18<kokoko1>I'm afraid boss will definitely say this to me :-S
12:21<jdike>you can tune the amount of cache it uses
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14:05<kokoko1>Its hot in here
14:12<the_hydra>yeah here too
14:14<jdike>not here
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14:17[~]kokoko1 pokes the_hydra
14:18<kokoko1>heh guess who got this car in this #
14:18<the_hydra>kokoko1: gee, you poke me! :)
14:19<jdike>man, that link isn't going to die
14:19<kokoko1>the_hydra, its jdike new car
14:20<kokoko1>hey we don't have any female in this # :-S ?
14:21<the_hydra>wow, new car :)
14:21<kokoko1>I want to chat/talk with a chick
14:21<jdike>kokoko1, you're married, remember :-)
14:21<the_hydra>kokoko1: female? in #uml? :)
14:21<kokoko1>jdike, please don't remind it :(
14:23<kokoko1>the_hydra, i am sure you can bring someone to this channel , imean hot chick :P?
14:23<the_hydra>kokoko1: sadly no :)
14:24[~]kokoko1 looks around
14:25<the_hydra>kokoko1: just call your wife..
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14:40<the_hydra>jdike: jeff, are you going to participate in Google SoC as mentor?
14:40<jdike>I've never thought about SoC
14:42<the_hydra>i just thought that could drag students to inviolve more with UML...
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15:53<caker>jdike: ready for me to test smp-uml yet? :)
15:53<jdike>heh, no
15:53<jdike>I've been busy squashing bugs
15:53[~]caker snaps
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15:54<jdike>and I just found an I/O hang which I'm trying to track down
15:54<caker>yeah, I see that. Some of those are older bugs that you squased a while ago.... did they miss your first submission or something?
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15:54<jdike>well, some are going to -stable
15:54<caker>ie, the emergency pool one
15:55<jdike>which have been in 2.6.21-rc for a while
15:55<jdike>yeah, that one is a bit old
15:55<caker>you guys ever settle on a bugtracker?
15:55<jdike>plus I'm going to send some bb patches tomorrow
15:55<caker>I think it would be useful for everyone...
15:55<jdike>the kernel bugzilla works
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16:07<jdike>time for some serious bisection
16:19[~]kokoko1 sit back
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16:33<jdike>first I have to (re)learn git
16:37<kokoko1>git = some sort of Version Control System ?
16:40<jdike>the kernel version control system
16:41<kokoko1>ah right
16:41[~]kokoko1 goes to sleep mode again
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